aka "Shonen," "Chico," or "Boy"

  • I live in World of the Living
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Human
  • I am M

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Gaara's pizza
Full Name ShonenChicoBoy
Alias SCB, "Shonen", (not "Shounen"), "Sho", "Chi Chi", "Dirty Mexican Ginger"
First Appearance Chat
Original Debut Dreamscape Project
Personal Info
Classification Guy who thinks he's funny
Ninja Rank Genin (but can still trash you in a fight dw)
Occupation Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Weapons and Abilities
Nature Type Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release (SCB)
Nature Icon Glass Glass Release (SCB)
Nature Release Ash Ash Release
Jutsu Wind Release: Flickering Lattice
Tools Chūgo Omu
Wakasa Momochi
Ryōhei Momochi
Ken Matsumune
Fūjin Amachi
Fūjiko Amachi

Yossu! I'm ShonenChicoBoy, and welcome to my profile page. This is the part where I try and say something interesting about myself, and where you find me non-interesting and go to do something better with your time. But it's all good. Leave me a message or check out some of my articles. If you happen to be searching for a certain pair of droids, these are not the ones you are looking for.

About Me

Hello there, friendly neighborhood jackass here. While I like to have fun, I do take knowledge seriously though, so the best way to piss me off is getting your facts wrong. I'll also inevitably piss you off for being a pedantic pissant as well, so deal with it (dattebayo).

I'm not actually a Naruto fan, and I've never finished Shippuden. That said, I'm here to RP, cause arguments wherever I go, and have fun. So if I seem like a troll to you, it's because I am. Mwah hah hah.


  • My hobbies include soccer, swing dancing, writing, drawing, and cooking.
  • Graduated with a degree in linguistics.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, and sarcasm. Less-fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, and French.

Role Plays

For Your Entertainment

Witch Doctor Naruto Style!

Witch Doctor Naruto Style!

Pretty much my view on the entire series, heh heh heh.

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