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「 We learn little from victory, but much from defeat. So when life knocks you down, stand back up; what matters is not the bad that happened, but what one does after.」

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Snow Kanzaki
Painting of Woman.png
Name Snow Kanzaki
Kanji 神崎雪
Rōmaji Kanzaki Yuki
Biographical Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Clan Uchiha Clan
Yuki Clan
Professional Status
Rank S-Rank
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Voice Actors

Hi, the name's Snow Kanzaki or Snow for short, whichever one you prefer. I'm an aspiring romance writer, in the hopes of someday becoming a well known author like that of Nora Roberts or of Victoria Aveyard.

------ Things to know about me ------

Now, I have to say that I won't reveal too much about myself, as I do very much respect my own and other people's right to their own privacy.

  • I'm Bisexual
  • I identify as both She and Her
  • I have Anxiety and Depression
  • I'm a hardcore anime/manga fan
  • I have a bad habit of apologizing wayyyyy too much
  • I'm a weeb at heart and so is my best friend
  • My life can be a hot mess sometimes
  • Music means a LOT to me