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Eric Jimerson
Cursed devon terrel arthur.jpg
Professional Status
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
Height 5'11"
Relational Information
Occupation College student, volunteer
Hometown Midwest
Home Country United States
Clan Meiō Clan Symbol.jpg Meiō Clan
Bingo Information
Ninja Registration 7141
Ability Information
Unique Abilities The greatest person to exist since Jesus Christ
Bloodline Nature Icon Shikonmyaku.png Shikonmyaku
Natures Nature Icon Earth.svg Earth Release

Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release
Nature Icon Lava.svg Lava Release
Nature Icon Wood.svg Wood Release

I'm not really too sure what to say, other than hi.

I'm TheBlackKingArthur, or just Arthur, King, or King Arthur (or Eric if we're friends). This is my second second account, created a couple years back. My original account was created back in 2010, and I've more or less lurked around this Wiki for a couple years with only a couple pages to my name. After a hiatus, I ended up forgetting both my log in information, as well as the password for the email address I'd been using.

I'm african american, currently a college student, with a double major in Psychology and Journalism, and my end-goal is to become either a child psychiatrist or an investigative reporter. I'm also a regular volunteer: feeding the homeless around my city, helping with childcare around church, helping out with food pantries and various other things.

TheBlackKingArthur and Eric Jimerson are my general aliases that I use in online communities, so if you see me on another online platform, come say hi!

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