Unfortunately, the Naruto universe has no shortage of fodder ninja. There are chūnin and jōnin running around with basic swords and maybe a ninjutsu or two. Look at the ANBU, all they use are swords and sad ninja tools half the time. I get that all these fodder nin are probably super strong from an in-world perspective, but can't be bothered with during real-world writing, but there are still a few ninja (one in particular) who we do get to see quite often that seem under-powered for their rank.

As much as I love Iruka-sensei, how is this man (or was this man) a chūnin? Sakura needs to apprentice under Tsunade and become proficient in all sorts of high-level skills before she can become a chūnin and even then, it wasn't easy for her, or anyone else out of the konoha genin. Gaara just killed his way through the first exam, so obviously there are super strong genin that do kill. Granted Gaara was also a really special case, but I woudn't put it past some hidden rain tryhards to whip out the poison needle umbrellas against someone like Iruka.

Point is, how did Iruka even become a chūnin? Were the chūnin exams we saw particularly hard in comparison? I'm assuming it's just plot and writing, but I feel like if all these kekkei genkai or hiden jutsu clan kids are having such a hard time, someone like Iruka would never have been able to become chūnin (at least at his age).

Honestly, I'm just bored and wanted to post something, so take this article with a grain of salt. What do you think?

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