Hello. This is a serious blog post unlike my last one and I would like for you all to read it seriously and hear my concerns about the current state of NF and why Artist would be a great mod and help it during its final frontier. First and foremost, Artist has been an integral part of Naruto Fanon's growth and has helped users far more than any other admin. The current age of NF admins have wrongfully stripped me of my privileges and has made me feel violated and harassed as all I did was write and I never bothered anyone, Artist has never done anything and he was wrongfully been banned numerous of times and his first ban was over a year. The entire point of NF was for authors to unleash their imagination and do what they deem proper yet you dare to rebuke their creativity on mere personal vendetta? I believe that EVERY NarutoFanon user represents one of these sins except lust because that is weird; Greed~PrinceHarris1993~Copyrights ideas that have been used thousands of times
Envy~PrinceHarris1993~Deleted all my articles for no reason
Sloth~All of them~They all are lazy
Wrath~PrinceHarris1993~Dude hates me and I did nothing to him
Pride~All~They all have an ego even though they are admins on a NF wiki and they are boomers anyway insert clown emoji

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