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"We're alike in more ways than you'd like to think."
— Vara to Kaname Soga

editVara Makino
Vara Queen
(王夜叉ヴァラ, Makino Vara)

  • Princess Vara (ヴァラ姫, Varahime)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 28
Height 178 cm
1.78 m
5.84 ft
70.079 in
Blood type B
Occupation Queen of the Land of Runes
Partner Kaname Soga
Clan Makino Symbol Makino Clan
Nature Type

Vara Makino (牧野ヴァラ, Makino Vara) is the current queen of the Land of Runes and a member of the Makino Clan. In an attempt to hide the Bind Runes, the Three Kings began sealing them within people. Vara was selected, making her the receptacle of the Hell Rune. After the death of the Three Kings, she became the sole leader of the Land of Runes and the kingdom of Yōike.



Vara Makino

Vara in her youth.

As a child, Vara received treatment befitting a princess. She was to become the receptacle of the Hell Rune as well as a symbol of the Land of Runes, making her a very important girl (besides being a daughter of the king). Her pampering would develop her into a very antisocial girl who could not properly communicate her feelings, as she didn't have to speak to get the things she wanted. Due to the dangers that the Land of Runes faced for their power, Vara wasn't allowed to roam her kingdom freely. She would be sent to the Rune Temple at an early age to undergo special training. Due to her Makino lineage, adapting to the rune seals would be no issue for her, as she possessed the ability to easily remember and decipher them. Her talents were comparable to her half-brother Anzenno, and the two shared an unhealthy rivalry. As a test to determine who was the strongest, Vara and Anzenno dueled under the watch of a Rune Master. She would lose and this later fueled her desire to get stronger.

Eventually she would be informed of the Hell Rune by her father and how it would be sealed into her. She was scared to receive such a thing but accepted it as part of her fate. The rune sealing ritual was a very delicate one that could kill the people involved if not handled carefully.




Rune Magic

Fire Release



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