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Kanji 空歩きの術
Rōmaji Kūaruki no Jutsu
Literal English Sky-Walking Technique
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
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Water Surface Walking Practice

The Walking on Air Technique (空歩きの術, Kūaruki no Jutsu; Literally "Sky-Walking Technique") is a technique devised by Ruika Kishiraku as an extension of the Water Surface Walking Practice and her signature technique. Ruika initiates the technique by leaping into the air. Once doing so, she must maintain her concentration, collect water particles from the air to the bottom of her feet through Water Release and subsequently keep a steady flow of chakra emitting from her feet in order to create a repelling force that subsequently allows her to stand on the air. In doing so, Ruika maintains a significant advantage over her enemies as she can quickly, as well as effortlessly, maintain an aerial standing, thus overwhelming most enemies who would exploit such an opportunity to strike her down. It is for this reason she is named the "Flower on the Precipice", for her sudden retaliation from seemingly irreversible situations can be compared to a flower regaining its balance despite nearly falling off a cliff.