Sōka Chibi

Walrus clan crest
(ワルラス, Warurasu, Literally meaning: Odobenus Rosmarus)
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Walrus (海象, Kaizō, Literally Meaning: Walrus) are a clan of powerful Marine Mammals that hale from the Land of Brine. They are the main summons for the Seiuchi Clan.

(large powerful group of mammals that lived in Hyōkaigakure for centuries much longer then the Arctic Foxes came to existence with their main leader as The Great Walrus Sage. The walruses are a powerful and foul mouth individuals that takes mighty pride in strength and intelligence which considers them to be much of a greater Ally and as a enemy in the Five Great Shinobi Countries. They is mostly known to be summons in the land of brine.|Framework)


The Walruses are (FRAMEWORK)

Known Walruses

Special Types


Elder Walrus's & Sage Lords

Kenryokuyoku (Elder Sage)