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Rōmaji Mokuto Chakura Modo
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Nature Icon Wood Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
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The Wood Release Chakra Mode is a heightened physical state utilized by those with extreme mastery of the Wood Release.


The user energizes and covers their entire body with wood chakra, literally converting it into an active source of life. Due to the massively increased vitality provided by the users body itself, as well as the wood release chakra, the users life energy is exponentially increased, while granting the user a vastly heightened healing factor. The state itself allows the user to absorb and even suppress the chakra of others. Unlike other chakra modes, the users appearance and level of activation can very depending on the level of mastery, as some users show no changes at all while it is active.


This mode, when combined with taijutsu, allows the user to utilize Nintaijutsu. When active, the users can take on a plant-like appearance, though this doesn't hold true for all users. Because the users body is a source of immense life energy, the users body is able to radiate the energy, allowing them to generate, control and manipulate plant life from great distances. Because the Regeneration Ability is inherently linked to the Wood Release, users of this mode gain such a heightened healing factor that they can heal wounds instantaneously, going as far as regenerating any damaged part of their body beyond its previous state, allowing the user to reverse even techniques which compromises healing altogether. Depending on the level of mastery, the users own body can be converted into plant-like material, allowing for a variety of attributes. The user could mutate their own body to make itself harder, faster, stronger, as well as making themselves fire-proof, depending on the need. While this enhanced state doesn't provide the user with defense on par with that of the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, it does make the users defense high enough to handle a dense chakra construct such as a compressed Tailed Beast Ball with no damage. It also makes the user immune to chakra-absorption techniques while enabling them to absorb chakra from any part of their tree at will. Naomi Senju's absorption capabilities are boosted so drastically that she can instantly and harmlessly absorb attacks from great distances.

The user is able to control and even generate plants in areas where it would be hard for trees to grow, such as a desert or even an ocean, controlling them as an extension of their will. Using their control over these wood constructs, the user can mutate the wood to better withstand opposition and various environments. The user is also able to utilize wood release techniques remotely, like creating clones from already existing trees or even weaponize plantlife to act as allies.


  • The user got the initial idea from a picture of Poison Ivy, from the Batman comic series.
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