Xuanwu Hagoromo
Xuanwu Hagoromo
Kanji 玄武玄武
Title(s) Fallen God (神を倒す, Kami o taosu)
Tepes (テペス, Tepesu)
Nishiki (錦, Nishiki)
Age Part I: 12
Part II:19
Gender Female
Voice Actor
Professional Status
Hometown Otogakure
Affiliation The Yomi
Glacier Divine
Personal Status
Clan Hagoromo Symbol Hagoromo Clan
Rank SS-Rank
Classification Kirawa
First Appearance
Unique Traits Psuedo-Immortal
Can See Souls
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release

Nature Icon Yin Yin Release

Jutsu Acrobat

Xuanwu Hagoromo (玄武玄武, Hagoromo Xuanwu) is a international criminal who slaughtered half of the population of Otogakure for the revenge of her family's death. As a kirawa she was shunned and nearly killed as a orphan, xuanwu defected and became a wanderer like every kirawa that suffered eventually she was later adopted in Kojimo Clan.