“Which crime has the female sex committed to be sentenced to the harsh necessity which consists of being locked up all life either as a prisoner or a slave? I call the nuns prisoners and the married women slaves.”

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Lady Y's Theme

Lady Y's Theme

Lady Y

  • Lady Y (女性のY, Josei no y, Noblewoman Y)
    Princess of the Waterfalls (滝の王女, Taki no ōjo, TV English: Princess of the Water Release)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer June 27
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 29
Height 172 cm
1.72 m
5.643 ft
67.717 in
Weight 68 kg
149.914 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai
Occupation Guardians of the Tailed Beast
Guardians of the Celestial Beast
Team X-Y Combo
Partner X
Clan House of Setsubi
Ninja Rank Kage
Ninja Registration 9gj3728
Academy Grad. Age 6
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
  • X (Wife)
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Can Genetically Fuse

Lady Y (女性のY) is a Noble kunoichi from Iwagakure's House of Setsubi and is the eternal partner and wife of X, She is rather famous for X-Y Combo and her skill in Kenjutsu and Senjutsu that given her the moniker Lady Y. Raised and trained together lady was designated to Inherite the position of head mistress but she fell in love with x and fled they're home to have a free life without any rules or consequences.


Lady Y was born on a warm June twenty-seventh with every member of the house of Setsubi to attend the grand day of her birth, being the first born of the family head the elders and most of the members within the family and outside desired the royal blood for power. Her father made sure she was protected by Iwagakure's Anbu gifted by the Tsuchikage protecting her from enemies who would wanted to slay the infant for revenge which driven the family head to become security-conscious and paranoid for his daughter's safety.

Y was visited by many royal members from other clans and families across the Great Shinobi Countries having her be called "Princess" (姫, Hime) throughout the Land of Stone which the news of the newborn's status gotten the attention of a enemy cult sending an assassin to assassinate the family head and his daughter, the assassin managed to kidnap her slipping pass Anbu guards but a young kunoichi intervened and distracted him long enough to get backup and finish off the assassin.

By six years old Y grew into gentle young flower but was taught by her parents through the old ways of the Setsubi House deadliest arts day in and day out molding her into a suitable leader, She was tested against multiple opponents to see if she would awaken her family's bloodline but showed no signs of its awakening much to her efforts they had to postpone the ritual for the new generation of Setsubi till Y was able to use her power. Her father assigned X an eleven year old member who was born without a partner to his daughter in hopes the two would invoke her abilities together but their failed attempts only made the clan leader sees his daughter as a failed disappointment to the family, hearing her own parents plan to have another child to inherit the position as princess pushed Y to try harder, train more gruesomely with her partner as they joined the academy making themselves a fearsome tag team. Lady Y and X mastered Ninjutsu and taijutsu in the academy marking them as the top classmates to exceed beyond their teachers and elders expectations, their reputation continue on during their time in the academy.


Lady Y is potrayed as a elegant woman who is seen more obsertive, quiet and polite when she's out by herself. She is a kind individual when she chooses to be towards people in general but speaking to village leaders or Daimyō's she would speak bluntly and call them by they're names instead using honourifics like "sensei" or "sama", something considered rude in the Japanese language which she's only seen calling her wife X "Kakka" (閣下, Lit Means:Excellency) showing great loyalty and respect to her partner and lover. Lady Y is shown to hide her true self that is boastful, vulgar and bluntly honest towards her friends but is very sexual and provocative towards her lover enjoying some "private lessons" alone or in public but on the road she is more open minded and spiritually connected towards her lover albeit she's always mature and takes things in stride. Her attitude shifts in more serious situation whenever facing a much more stronger opponent or more, very determined and tactical in combat analysing her enemy before striking but often let's her lover have fun by herself showing how connected and trusting the two are.


Lady Y is a beautiful pale skin woman, she is what everyone calls once of a life time beauty that hasn't been seen in the Great Shinobi Countries in centuries. Y has mid-back length pitch black hair that is styled in a Shimada hairstyle with a small bun, her eyes are a gorgeous Mercury silver with two piercings on both eyebrows and a rather sultry expression. She wears Black eye makeup and black lipstick, matching her hair, wears six black earrings on both ears. Y has a very tall voluptuous and slender figure, albeit her body is very unique out of any woman who possess beauty but lady y's body is categorize very radiant much greater than the "figure eight" body style most men love. Lady Y is very masculine and very riped into a strong kunoichi throughout her childhood, toned, flexible and a woman of stature topping off 8"14 height and noticeably very large breasts that stands out the most. which has beem noted by her clothes designer that they measure up to 105 centimetres;

Lady Y clad in a black Miho Matsuda jacket with ruffle-edged lapels, worn over a black bow top, and styled with bottom layers consisting of a short red plaid skirt with ruffled hems and bow accents, and a long plaid skirt with dog prints and a black buckled wide waist belt, both of which are vintage pieces. She wears mesh armour underneath her clothes leaving her arms and legs free of it but wears black fishnets on her left hand, black arm warmers on both forearms styling knee high kunoichi sandals, she wears her hidden stone Forehead Protector on her jacket not wanting to wear the headband.

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