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(熔, )
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Todd Haberkorn Icon - Search
Japanese Tetsuya Kakihara Icon - Search
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 16
Blood type AB
Classification Missing-nin
Team Yamizuki
Nature Type

(熔,) is a Missing-nin from Takigakure who left the village and joned Yamizuki.


Yō was born into Takigakure, he joined the acemy and grauated at a vey young age. Later he met who taught him the hiden jutsu of the village. When Fū was captured he wanted to go and save her but the village did not allow it, saying that the village whould be better without her. After Fū's death he left th village and traveled to the Land of Origins he later met Tenken Hakutei who took and made him join Yamizuki.


Yō wears a dark blue sweat shrit with a yellow design in the front. He has short, spiky light blue hair thst he keeps in a pony tail in the back. He has fair skin and has banages wrapped around his arms and legs.


Much like his freind Fū, Yō is rather cheerful with a happy go-lucky and somewhat carefree personality. He is always seen smiling and never gets upset. He also seems to hae fun messing with people especially Tenken.


Yō can exhale a sparkling substance from his mouth that shines so brightly that it blinds his targets, creating an opening for himself, or his allies to attack. He is also very skilled in Kayakujutsu.

Nature Transformation

Yō is able to use three of the base chakra natures. He is highly skilled with Earth Release, Fire Release, and Wind Release. With his earth, he has been shown to be able to dig underground and drag his opponant underground. He is also able to shoot bullets of wind from his mouth and use the Wind Release: Air Bullets


Since his youth Yō is very skilled in Kayakujutsu being able to match and even surpass various dangerous opponents seemingly through the use of just an Explosive Tag.


  • (To ) "From now on were best friends."
  • (About Gingagakure) "I have to say this place is fun."
  • (To Jettoenjin) "I may nt look it, but I am use to battles of life and death."
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