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Nature Icon Hametsugan.svg
Kanji 杳眼
Rōmaji Yōgan
English Dark Eye
Clan Musubi Symbol.png Musubi Clan
Classification Dōjutsu
Known Wielders
Amaya Uchiha
Kanami Musubi
Enmei Musubi
Tamako Uchiha
Aggregation of All Rain Technique

Amalgamation of the Inconsistent World
Asura Clone Technique
Chakra Corruption Technique
Corruption of All Life Technique
Degradation of the Woven World
Enslavement of All Stone Technique
Heretical God: Nativity of a World's End
Heretical Path
Kumotsu Banshō
Melody of All Thunder Technique
Mutability of All Senses Technique
Permutation of the Myriad World
Screams of All Storms Technique
Serenity of All Flames Technique
Skybreaker Technique

Yōgan (杳眼,Dark Eye) is a unique dōjutsu and genetic mutation that awoke in the eye of the Amaya Uchiha, inherited by her daughter and passed on to her descendants. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu" of Shizenhōjōkai, the others being the Yuraigan and the Monomōra. Due to the nature of the eyes, it is often called the Eyes of Calamity (Sanka no Me, 惨禍の目) and the Light Eating Eye:.


Stated by her father Kōen Uchiha , after being banished from the Uchiha Clan for his experiments and the death of his wife at the hands of a Hyūga. Due to his ever-growing hatred for the clans, he sought for a way to surpass the two. With years of studying the two clans and how one awakens the Sharingan. He developed a theory that the special form of chakra that caused a user to develop the Sharingan, would cause a mutation of a different dōjutsu. Combining the powers and giving birth to something new. Using his Mangekō Sharingan, he enslaved a pregnant Hyūga and upon her giving birth, he took the child and killed the Hyūga. Returning to his lab, he took the eyes of the child and transplanted them into his infant daughter. Before disposing of the infant Hyūga, he sealed its chakra and a portion of its blood into his child. Before he could see the fruits of his labor, he was kill by Madara Uchiha who had awakened a new tier of power. Before being able to kill the infant, an implanted jutsu activated, warping the child away.


The Yōgan, like the two powers it was born from allows for the visualization of chakra, granting the user sensory like abilities. Through this a user is able to track a target and lock in their chakra signature, allowing them to easily locate them from a group at anytime. A unique feature the Yōgan grants is the ability for a user to see the weakness in an object, often visualized as cracks. With this aspect a user is able to influence them to breakdown an objects by infusing their chakra into it. In contrast to this ability, it can take a while to find weak point for less experience users. True to one of its name the Yōgan is able to consume the "light" from other dōjustu once each generation to increases its power and awaken new techniques, which are passed on to successors; more often corrupting the taken technique or ability. Through its thieving light, taking from another dōjustu, the Yōgan grants the user the ability to rob the lifeforce of others, which can be used to heal others or increase their own lifespan.

The Yōgan would see an increase in its abilities after the influx of heretical chakra from the transmigrated and reborn individual. Now granting the user the ability to utilize and master the five nature transformations, sense, manipulate and consume Negative Emotions. One of the notable changes is the ability it gives the user to produce and wield dark chakra, while having a resistance to its negative effects as long as they posses the eyes. This can be done regardless if it is active or not. In addtion to the changes from the transmigration, the Yōgan possess access to some of previous Rinnegan and Sharingan techniques used by Kanami.


  • The name for this dōjutsu is a play on the Byakugan which it originates from.
  • According to Kanami, the light consuming ability does not work on the Yuraigan. With her attributing it due to it not working on itself and the two having same relative origins.
  • Thanks to Void for the help.

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