The World Teacher
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Hydra (妖蛇, Yōja)

  • Incarnation of Calamity (災害 権現, Saigai Gongen)
  • World Ending Serpent (世間終結大蛇, Sekenshūketsu Orochi)
  • God of Destruction (破壊神, Hakaishin)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Species Legendary Serpent
Kekkei Genkai
Affiliation Land of Demons Symbol.svg Land of Demons
Team Shuten Dōji
Nature Type
Unique Traits

"The battle of good versus evil is the oldest and most re-occurring story tale in the book of life. It never ends because no matter how you cut off the tail of evil, it will always grow back again and again. This old story will always continue into infinity until we closely examine our past errors to prevent giving the snake a new head in the future."
The World Teacher

Hydra L.pngWorld's Wicked Ideals Hydra R.png

~Theme of the Hydra (Reign of Doom)

The Yōja (妖蛇ヨウジャ, Literally meaning: Calamity Serpent) is a legendary entity residing within The Divine Mirror wielded by none other than the Purveyor of the Devil's Brew (悪魔醸造物の御用達, Akuma no Kamosu-tsukuri-motsu no Go-mochiiru-tatsu), Shuten Dōji. Neither in myth or legend has a creature of such profound strength subsisted as a catalyst for the world’s ruin. From the antiquated words of Shuten Dōji, "The Yōja gives us the impression as if it was born from the worlds wicked desires though, it can hardly be considered from this world". Legends state that innumerable warriors tested their mettle and stood up against the colossal serpent only to be slaughtered but to live on in their nation's history as fearless combatants. As valiant as the warriors were, many thought that their self-proclaimed gallantry was an act of thoughtless imprudence and that their deaths were attributed to the world cleansing itself of filth. The foreboding appellation, World Ending Serpent (世間終結大蛇, Sekenshūketsu Orochi) serves as a reminder for those whom thought that the Yōja was lost to the annals of time. It was said that when each of the eight heads of the Yōja would awaken, catastrophic events would materialize throughout the world thereby signifying the end.

The title Incarnation of Calamity (災害 権現, Saigai Gongen) was brought on by inconceivable perversion of power and reasoning. Innumerable efforts to save any dimension that the Yōja had appeared in has ended in catastrophe. The extradimensional entity known as the Yōja has been known as a highly intelligent titan of destruction. It is capable of endlessly reviving itself and even passing this ability on to its summoner however, Shuten Dōji does not have any desire for such an ability. Merely existing in the shinobi world causes a natural degradation in the flow of natural energy within the world. It’s the essential anchor for the earth’s flow and a necessity in the world’s will. It is safe to say that the Yōja is a flight beyond the reach of human understanding.


The breadth of the Yōja's existence has tormented the very essence of those whom realms he has appeared in. Unscrupulous methods of reasoning and madness were common side effects in response to its loathsome power. The Yōja was created through culmination of humanity's arrogance and the Earth's own desire to purge humanity. The deceitful ambition of both sides created an influx of a seething passion to simply destroy. During this time, ages ago, a group under the name of Twenty-Eight Constellations (二十八宿, Nijūhasshuku)


It's arrogance can only described as an immense and careless prodigality. For many whom heard of the legendary serpents lore, the hydra was merely a creature composed of an ineffable sensation of perplexities. Those who sought to understand the Yōja were only met with vast unpenetrated mysteries and desired to understand as to why the Yōja existed. As eager as the warriors were to find out the Yōja’s origin, a seed of doubt was planted deep within their minds as the thought of “Could we even fathom what they would eventually come to learn?”. As the embodiment of the world’s ruin, the Yōja is devoid of selfishness and acts according to the wishes of the world it resides in. This loyalty also stems to its summoner Shuten Dōji. The contract between them is not one of merely blood, but a covenant formed through mutual respect for one another’s power. This appears as a symbiotic relationship to most as the Yōja protects Shuten Dōji at all cost and can even call itself to return to the Divine Mirror. As the will of the wicked earth, the legendary Yōja appears to move in accents of menace and wrath and is even unpredictable in all instances. Much like the Ten-Tails, the Yōja is unintentionally misunderstood due to people viewing it's destructive ways as pure evil even though it acts on behalf of the Shuten Dōji's will.


The Yōja is a fierce eight-headed serpent whose size surpasses that of Manda II and appearance reflects the epochs immemorial. As mentioned before, the Yōja represents the malicious will of the earth; a construct of unadulterated Evil Intent. It is covered in exquisite pattern of burnished black scales that covers the length of it’s massive body. The abdomen of the Yōja is a shade of brown that resembles that of ash and sand. Each of the eight heads crosses between an eastern dragon, Nose-horned viper and the Horned viper. The horns alludes to it’s antiquity and appear on both the upper-crown and on the snout.

In the air was a tang of ruin, the Yōja knows only destruction.

As a size comparison, the horns on the snout are about twice the height of an average adult male. The large horns are staggered and appear blackened but their density rivals that of tempered steel. Each of the heads possess their own consciousness and voice, and while the demon can disagree with itself, in a very odd way, it usually shares a single goal. It is something of a hive mind, for the heads cannot keep secrets from each other. What one sees, they all see, and yet, they all see separately, with the same red eyes. The augmented slit pupils of the Yōja are magnificently colored ranging from a lime green and transitioning to orange-red.

The slit pupils signify absconded strength and a nod to why the calamity serpent is still worshipped by secular shinobi organizations. The raven mane of the serpents thrusts out from directly behind the upper horns. The Yōja possesses ferocious curved fangs that are constantly secrete obscene amounts of toxic venom however, the fangs are not normally used for consumption but are instead used to display some form of primordial killing intent. The venom of the Yōja is of the most potent in the world. It was said that each of the different heads possessed a unique venom. The venom produced by the Yōja can cause respiratory paralysis, swelling, tissue necrosis and others instantly killed by restricting brain functions. Needless to say, the creatures breath is not that good. If you were to put the size of the Yōja in to perspective, it's massive body spans a total of eight large mountains and valleys. Due to it's sheer volume, the Yōja cannot be seen in it's completeness unless the opponent is preferably a great distance away.


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Just as the beasts anointed of time immemorial, the Yōja was regarded as an unyielding force that would leave even the most powerful shinobi of it's time breathless in fear. The Yōja held a power to beguile countless shinobi whom wanted to prove their own might. It was the solemn utterance of changing destiny that revealed the Yōja to the world. The Yōja has seen countless battles and even then a sort of stolid despairing acquiescence rung throughout the shinobi world as the Yōja was seemingly invincible. Even it’s summoner, Shuten Dōji was unable to completely defeat the calamitous serpent. Their battle lasted for more than several days as each entity pushed forward with their similitude power causing a plethora of perpetual stalemates. One the first day, the fight between the Yōja and Shuten Dōji caused an unnatural presence within the world. This presence resembled an incurable illness that lasted for several days, plant's withered, trees rotted and once sparkling water sources gleaming with life be dull and monotonous. On the final day of the fight, Shuten Dōji realized that he could not defeat the Yōja due to it's astounding regeneration abilities and resorted to use his Divine Mirror, a tool that predates the arrival of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki herself. Each head of the Yōja peered into the mirror perceiving it's own wretched reflection and thus sealed itself within the looking glass for all eternity. However, Shuten Dōji has began to understand the Yōja's wishes and unseals it from time to time due to the calamity it causes within the mirror.

Incarnation of the World's Will

The Yōja is the avatar of the world's seemingly wicked desires and maleficent abominations. This power stems from more than just mere desire, it appears as the true will and physical representation of pain, anger, sorrow and an implication of unbridled ferocity. With this understanding, comes the realization of an antithesis, one that involves our understanding of Natural Energy. The natural flow the earth courses through all forms of life, from the largest mammal to those of the microscopic universe and this flow is solely dependent on the earth itself. The legendary Yōja and this form of energy are symbiotic in nature and as from what the oni can tell, one cannot exist without the other. The Yōja is able to seamlessly harness this flow much like a Sage Mode user would harvest Natural Energy and uses it unconsciously to augment his abilities. It's mere existence puts an unfathomable amount of stress on the earth's flow and even the flow of energy beyond the earth's atmosphere. As a result, once the Yōja is released from it's containment, the sky hastily transitions into a murky crimson that spread as far as the eye can see. Though there lies the issue of vision, the Yōja causes a relatively localized Redshift which skews the eyesight of those around it. It is done by utilizing ambient dark natural energy from within the Yōja, and expelling at an exceedingly fast rate. The expulsion does not cause a literal force, but it causes an unnatural expansion is space between the opponent(s) and the Yōja. This makes the space between the Yōja and the opponent seem immeasurable as techniques utilized by them will take an incredibly long time to reach the Yōja.

Ryūmyaku Chakra Control: The representation of the physical bond between the earth's wicked ideals and that of the Yōja can be described with the concept of the Ryūmyaku. The Dragon Veins inherit the idea of dualism in relation to natural energy. While natural exists within the atmosphere, plants and the earth's inhabitants, the Dragon Veins exists as the internal power source that fuels the earth. Every building, stone and planted tree was so placed into the landscape as to conform to the 'dragon currents' which flowed along these lines. The Yōja is able remotely access this source of energy solely due to the fact the Ryūmyaku all converge on his being. This is supported by the fact of the Ryūmyaku dissipation occurred during the exact moment of the Yōja's sealing. In truth, the Dragon Veins are used to connect the Yōja and the world it resides in, yet the ephemeral fleeting existence detract from their existence. The source of this unlimited energy is the bond between the earth and the Yōja. Those whom utilized the Ryūmyaku in order to replenish the depleting reserves unintentionally utilized the reserves of the Yōja which allows it to instinctively seek them out and reacquire his lost energy much like the Shinju and it's chakra.

The Yōja has the ability to corrupt these esoteric lines which causes a natural entropy akin to a rock being thrown into a still lake. In most instances, the imperious energy residing within the Dragon Veins appears as purple however, the ceaseless energy will appear as black as the Yōja's heart. This natural entropy is capable of degrading the internal chakra pathway networks of the bodies this energy inhabits. No matter how far away they are from the Yōja, the unique resonance between the veins and his material self that causes it to happen instantly. Not only does this affect his opponent(s) it affect the Yōja itself. As seen with Mukade harnessing this plasma chakra residing within the Dragon Veins, techniques such as the Ryūmyaku: Super Great Dragon Fire Technique appear as tinted purple due to the Ryūmyaku. However, with the Yōja, the attacks utilized by him are tinted a shade of black and their strength is amplified to nearly matchless levels. This includes the manifestation of Black Lightning, Black Flames, Black Rain and so on and so forth. Not only is it a cosmetic alteration, it is also a testament to the Yōja's primordial nature of destruction.

Tenpenchii: Another ability produced as a byproduct of his manifestation is the infamous Tenpenchii technique. The flow of the world is dictated by the forces of yin, yang and qi. As humans, we have the desire to understand the world by giving names to associate with what we have seen. The relationship between the two dictates a firm level of balance within the universe as one does not naturally override the other. Though on earth, the Yōja is able to shift the natural balance into a world of chaos. This is done by a mere natural energy induced roar which upsets the balance of yang within a wide area. This causes particular natural disasters such as Cyclonic storms, earthquakes, massive floods and thunderstorms that can be seen and felt from the other side of the globe.

Absolute mayhem, grim and shuddering in nature envelops the battlefield.

The disasters can stem from either hydrological disasters, geological disasters or meteorological disasters. Unlike the Ten-Tails usage of the technique, the Yōja's variation does lasts nearly three times as long but it lacks the standard mushroom cloud. Instead the Yōja goes uses the earth's will to produce simultaneous impact event and air burst that is equivalent to over 40,000 Mt which creates a crater with the Yōja at the center that is 13.6 km (8.5 mi) in diameter. The air burst mirrors the effect of an full powered Shinra Tensei and is capable of felling objects over four times the diameter of the crater. However, power does not come without a cost as the airburst even damages the Yōja itself and leaves it slightly exhausted. This technique can lasts for days on end due the connection of the Ryūmyaku and that of the Yōja. Normally, natural disasters dissipate over enough time but with the Yōja, nothing is certain as this technique eventually get's more powerful as time goes on. The range of it's Tenpenchii doubles every day that it is active. Normally, it is powerful enough to affect the entire Land of Fire in it's base state but after a few days, it becomes a global catastrophe.

Chakra Prowess

Ever since it's artless introduction into the world, chakra has been as source of unrivaled arrogance and has ushered all forms of internal conceit. Eventually this arrogant haughtiness expanded into the far reaches of humanity and up until now, chakra has caused nothing but destruction in the world. Yet, to whom we owe this gratitude to? The creation of the Yōja and it's reason for existence ties into the destruction of man. The Yōja is supremely endowed with all those faculties that can make the world a hellish nightmare. As an entity whose chakra is comprised of an overburdening sense of magnitude, the Yōja has had little necessity of refined chakra control. Wasteful. Though what he loses in sloppiness is regained through the Ryūmyaku in any case and produces attack after attack. One of the traits the Yōja is known for is the affect its chakra has on the environment. It is utterly nonsensical but then again, the Yōja is known as the Serpent of Calamity and for good reason. When first encountered by the oni himself, the stated that the presence of the Yōja caused him to be “appalled in speechless disgust “. The Yōja's chakra imbalances the ratios of yin and yang within the world around it causing extreme levels of pandemonium and eventually decomposition will occur. He wondered why something like this would exist in the world and he would then examine himself and question the same thing. Eventually he concluded that the Yōja was created from the destruction and arrogance that chakra brought on and that it's own destruction will end with humanity. As long as humanity utilizes chakra the Yōja will exist. Perhaps Ninshū was the more appropriate action to take concerning the utilization of chakra but the subsequent events after the fact would change the worlds destiny. Due to the inability to focus its desire to cause havoc and ruin, the Yōja’s chakra manipulation would be considered by most shinobi as a tool to benefit them in the bleakest of moments.

Ultra-Fast Regeneration Technique: Unlike that of the Body Revival Technique, Creation Rebirth and the Regeneration Ability, the Ultra-Fast Regeneration Technique requires a tremendous amount of chakra which is often seen as a downside. However, the benefits gained surpass the former. An external chakra source known as the Ryūmyaku is required as a precursor to start the technique. Since the Yōja is one with the Ryūmyaku, this technique is active at all times and even surpasses that of the Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel's regenerating speeds. Any damage done to it is quickly restored into a pristine condition however, a pin-point attack can cause succinct damage that out paces the regeneration factor. No matter the brevity or breadth of the attack, the Yōja will become restored indefinitely. This is seen during it's use of Tenpenchii which causes a massive airburst that even partially destroys the Yōja's body as a testament to it's power. No matter the level of destruction, the Yōja will undoubtedly regenerate within mere moments. The limitless source of power grant's the Yōja nigh-immortality and as such, the only true method of defeating it is by a method sealing. Although, a constant stream of destruction will somewhat halt the Yōja's regeneration.

Nature Transformations

The preeminent Yōja has access to all basic nature transformations to include, Yin Release and Yang Release and even those thought to be only Kekkei Genkai related such as Dark Release, Lava Release, Scorch Release, Storm Release and the majestic Wood Release. His usage of the elements appears to be more on a primordial level as their power cannot simply go unwitnessed albeit unrefined. Along with exhausting the environment, the Yōja has the profound ability to produce multiple elements from each of it's massive heads. The production of Nature Transformations in each head remains constant. The main body of the Yōja produces unfathomable amounts of dark chakra and the inversion of Natural Energy which is used to amplify his Nature Transformations and gives them a shadowy, spectral appearance. It is able to produce each element simultaneously to perform powerful techniques such as the Five Release Great Combo Technique which produces powerful streams of earth, water, lightning, wind and fire chakra at highly pressurized volumes.


Though bestial in nature, the Hydra displays a fluid intelligence which allows it to communicate with other life forms by adapting to their language and customs. The Hydra also displays a bountiful knowledge of the flow and manipulation of Natural Energy.


  • The Hydra or rather the entity crudely named by the world as the Yōja is based off the dragon-serpent known as Yamata no Orochi ( 八岐遠呂智 or 八岐大虵) and the Lernaean Hydra.
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