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Name Yūgetsu
Kanji 勇月
Romanji Hōzuki Yūgetsu (鬼灯勇月)
Nagano (長の, Eternal)
Personal Status
Birthdate June 1
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 kg
Blood Type O
Hometown Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Home Country Land of Water Symbol Land of Water
Clan Hōzuki Symbol Hōzuki Clan
Occupation Hunter-nin
Affiliation Amegakure Symbol Amegakure
Previous Affiliation Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Land of Water Symbol Land of Water
Rank A-Rank~Presumed
Classification Hunter-nin
Academy Prom. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
Jōnin Prom. Age 14
Hiden Techniques Hydrification Technique
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Absolute Darkness Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Chakra Transfer Technique
Chakra Flow
Chakra Absorption Technique
Chakra Suppression Technique
Clone Technique
Demonic Illusion: Beast Tamer Technique
Demonic Illusion: Spike Trap
False Surroundings Technique
Genjutsu: Senses Manipulation
Glimpse of Horror Technique
Heavenly Illusion: Kneel in Fear
Hiding in Mist Technique
Infinite Demise Technique
Killing Intent
Melody of Deception
Steaming Danger Tyranny
Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Water Clone Technique
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Wild Water Wave
Water Release: Water Mirror Technique
Water Release: Water-Heavens Convergence
Water Release: Water Formation Wall
Water Release: Gunshot
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Sensing
Water Purification Technique
White Marsh Technique
Mirage Genjutsu
Silent Killing
Secret Technique: Mist Rain
Mind's Eye of the Kagura
Weapons Kunai
Flash Bomb
Scent Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Flute of Fukyū

Yūgetsu Hōzuki (Hōzuki Yūgetsu, 鬼灯勇月) a shinobi born and raised in Kirigakure (霧隠れの里, Kirigakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Mist"). The village is infamously known as "Village of the Bloody Mist" (血霧の里, Chigiri no Sato) due to its past that's consumed with blood and massacres. Yūgetsu was born in the Hōzuki clan (鬼灯一族, Hōzuki Ichizoku), a clan known for possessing the hiden technique denominated as the Hydrification Technique (水化の術, Suika no Jutsu). The technique is known to turn the user into water, preventing them from taking physical damage, while suffering a weakness to fire release and lightning release. As the clan seizes a hiden technique, it acquired the status of nobility in Kirigakure as the village greatly respected those who possessed hiden techniques. Not to mention their immense connection to the Mizukage. Proceeding the fourth shinobi war, Kirigakure made large expansions in their territory. The Hōzuki clan resided in a large castle off the coast of the third island thanks to their prestigious position in Kirigakure.

Yūgetsu is the son of one of the higher-ups in the Hōzuki clan, which effortlessly granted him a crucial position in the clan as well as insurance to have an essential role in the clan's future. His father expected him to lead the Hōzuki clan one day. Yūgetsu's name was appointed by his mother to him. "Yū" posing as the sign of his bravery and gracefulness and "Getsu" was included in his name as a habit of the Hōzuki clan. He was raised in a large house. It was said that the blood of the Hōzuki clan ran deep in his vessels. It was believed that he had great affinity to the element of water as well. He was able to use the hydrification technique at the age of four years old, which was a great achievement considering that the hiden itself is very rare. Yūgetsu was a child with special features. He was born with natural violet hair and wide eyes, his eyes were sapphire blue and he had a well-shaped body compared to those his age. He was lectured by his father to be loyal to his clan and family. As a child, he was quite, he never played around like children did. Despite being born in a rich family, Yūgetsu was a very greedy child, always seeking what he doesn't have.

In spite of being a child, Yūgetsu showed great intelligence and brilliance. He entered the Kirigakure ninja academy at the age of nine years old. He was taught many lessons in the academy, his favorite class was the Genjutsu class as he was intrigued by it. He graduated the academy at the age of ten years old and became a Genin, he was relatively young to be a Genin, the clan took that as a positive sign and as significance of his brilliance as a shinobi. He was assigned to a four-man squad, yet he didn't last long there as he was promoted to Chūnin a year after. Spending three years as Chūnin, he was promoted to Jōnin afterwards. Thanks to his stealth skills and proficiency in silent killing, he was assigned to be a Hunter-nin due to his supreme sensory and tracking skills. No matter how far he went, it was never satisfactory, he always sought more strength and political importance as well as raw power. His greed blinded him in a sense where he would never be satisfied. Nevertheless, he acquired a great position in the clan, being one of the higher-ups of the clan as well as one of the strongest members, which was astounding considering the position of the Hōzuki clan under the ruling of Fuyuki. They gained great recognition, being able to shine as a member of a clan full of geniuses is simply astonishing. Yet after all his achievements, he never reached his goal, which was to fill the void inside of him, that created by his greed. Sadly, he always felt like he was lacking something, yet he didn't know what it was.


Yūgetsu was born in Kirigakure (霧隠れの里, Kirigakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Mist"). The village is infamously known as "Village of the Bloody Mist" (血霧の里, Chigiri no Sato) due to its bloody murderous past. Kirigakure was known for its massacres and thirst for blood. One of its most famous massacres was the Kaguya clan's massacre. The Kaguya put an end to themselves thanks to their irrational thirst for blood. The Kaguya clan launched an attack on Kirigakure in order to display their strength and immense power. Being able to crush a hidden village would certainly grant them recognition. They were blinded by their thirst for blood and engaged the battle without even the slightest of planning or determination of tactics. They rushed in to battle like fools that wished their own death, empowered by their irrational desire to kill and crush their foes. It was a foolish decision and it was costly for the clan. Kirigakure managed to annihilate the clan to the point of complete extinction with the exception of Kimimaro who later died from disease and illness as he pushed his body to the limit. Even when surrounded, the clan refused to back down and chose death over retreat. They did it for the sake of "fun" and showing off their strength, which led to the extinction of a famous clan with a rare bloodline. The massacres in Kirigakure did not stop at just a single extinction of a clan, it was only the beginning.

Kirigakure were known for their rather "insane" academy graduation exam that was issued in the time of Yagura. The graduation exam was simply leaving all the academy students to fight each other for their lives, the survivor graduates and becomes a Genin, the others are already taken care off. This system produced ruthless fighters and beasts as the beast himself, Zabuza. He was known for his ruthlessness and lack of human emotions, which got him the title of the "Beast". He was a signature of the perfect Kirigakure shinobi at that era as he was acknowledged for his proficiency in Silent Killing and his ferociousness, these were the qualities needed to be a Kirigakure shinobi. Despite the Kaguya clan's massacre and the merciless graduation exam, the bloody mist village got more bloody. Kirigakure didn't annihilate a single clan, it erased many clans from existence. All bloodline limits known as Kekkei Genkai wielders deserted the village as it was a threat to their lives. Kirigakure killed any bloodline wielder from their village and caused the extinction of the Yuki Clan. The village was filled with corruption and bloodbaths. It was the village that forged ruthless monsters and shinobi that were used as weapons, never recognized as human beings, it was the reason behind the name of "Bloody Mist Village"

Despite the murders and blood that obscured the village as a cocoon around the worm, the village changed after the falling of its Mizukage, Yagura. A new Mizukage was assigned to take care of the village, she was known as Mei Terumī. Mei was a wielder of two Kekkei Genkai, which contradicted the previous policy of the village that was killing any Kekkei Genkai user on sight. She strived for erasing the title of "Bloody Mist Village". Yet, her efforts were in vain as the village's title was soon retrieved after the death of Mei and the ruling of the sixth Mizukage and one of the most feared shinobi in history, a bandit leader known as Fuyuki. Despising Kekkei Genkai, Fuyuki decided to annihilate any Kekkei Genkai user on sight. He hated them, despised them and the village followed its Mizukage. As was the case with most of the previous Mizukage, they were followed by the shinobi of the village, obeying every order without question. The title of Mizukage was an honorable title to bare.

Kirigakure played an important role in the fourth shinobi war as it provided several thousands of skilled shinobi being able to fight in extreme conditions, having the skill to change the tide of the battle completely and turn the tables on their opponents easily. They provided supreme support to the allied shinobi force, displaying great skill on the battlefield and great durability and resilience. Proceeding the fourth shinobi war, Kirigakure was far from wrecked. In fact, just the opposite. Kirigakure began expanding its territory bit by bit under the leadership of Fuyuki. They were able to expand their territory to almost three times more than their original size, which is a relatively large expansion considering the difficulty to expand after the war where the shinobi and the villages are in phases of recovery, but instead of laying around, Kirigakure tolerated the loss of men and resources and came back even stronger than before, which reflects the consistency of its shinobi and their determination to improve and aide their village by any means necessary. Kekkei Genkai users did not exist in the village, at least they were not known by the government. Some managed to escape, others were captured and brutally executed. On the contrary, hiden technique clans were treated with nothing less of nobility and royalty. One of the clans that gained a prestigious position both to the Mizukage and the villagers was the Hōzuki clan (鬼灯一族, Hōzuki Ichizoku). They were known to possess the hiden technique known as the Hydrification Technique, which made them resistant against physical attacks. Both the technique and the clan were well-known in Kirigakure.

The Hōzuki clan gained great respect in Kirigakure. It was the biggest and most acclaimed clan in Kirigakure. They were given a large castle on the coast of the third island. The Hōzuki clan were the upper-crust of the society and each Hōzuki member gained nothing less than the title of noble and royal, being recognized as someone with position higher than the ordinary civilians. Not to mention the skill of their shinobi, being very adept in the arts of combat and Ninjutsu. They gained the respect of the Mizukage as well as being on very good terms with him, which is an advantage to every clan. They were insured great position politically and socially claiming great respect from the villagers. The clan's head was nothing less than amazing and was said to rival the Mizukage himself in strength, which is something nearly impossible for ordinary shinobi. Despite its political and social expansions, Kirigakure didn't ignore the young upcoming shinobi as the Kirigakure ninja academy was nothing less than astonishing. The teaching was superb and it was known to produce all kinds of shinobi that were experienced in many fields in battle. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu even Kenjutsu was taught in the academy, which supplied the upcoming shinobi with great potential and chance to improve their skills. That led to assembling highly skilled Genin that would grow to be immensely strong shinobi and Kunoichi. Yūgetsu was born in that environment. He was provided great support by the village, which was concentrated in the academy that taught him many arts of combat, and the villagers that respected him for being a member of the Hōzuki clan, despite that being a relatively shallow way of judgement. He learned to adapt to his surroundings and most importantly, he learned how to survive. He managed to do so under the pressure of his parents and his father who was of great position in the village as he felt overshadowed by many aspects.


Yūgetsu was born in a hospital near the Hōzuki castle on the first of June. He is the son of two glorious shinobi. Their skills were well-known and talked about in the entire village. His father was one of the higher-ups of the clan, which was a great position to adopt especially since the Hōzuki clan was of great importance and occupied a prestigious position in the politics of the village. His father worked his way up to that position and he expected his sons to do the same. Yūgetsu wasn't the only child that the family had nor the first one either. He had two older brothers. He was born a few years proceeding the famous fourth shinobi war when the village was trying to expand its territory to occupy a greater position in the shinobi world. His father expected his sons to gain great positions as he did and to honor him and the Hōzuki clan. He set high standards for his sons as he believed that it was going to aide them and motivate them in order to get better results as he made it clear that being a common shinobi is certainly unacceptable. Their father was all about the titles and fame, he sought out these shallow achievements and titles as he believed it brought honor to the family and the clan. Their mother was the opposite of their father as she strived to lecture them about loyalty to Kirigakure and actual lectures about honor, not gaining a title as an indicator of recognition.

A year after Yūgetsu's birth, twins were born. He had two older brothers, one of the age of seven and the other the age of four and two younger twins that were newly born. The older brother was rather demanding of control, always trying to force his point of view across his younger brothers. He always strived to please his father and he wanted to become his "favorite" child, disregarding the safety of his brothers and only caring for his own gain. He wanted his father to become the head of the clan in order to grant him a great political position. In order for that to happen, he had to appeal to his father in many ways. Their father did not care for raw strength, he cared for the position of his children, he insisted on them joining the academy at a young age in order to become Genin at a relatively faster rate. Yūgetsu grew under these conditions where he noticed the foolishness of his brothers and the shallowness of his father. Despite it not being a healthy environment for a child to grow in, it taught Yūgetsu many lessons and formed his personality. Their father promised great positions to that who pleases him most, which formed a rivalry between the five brothers. At the age of four, Yūgetsu realized the situation and the conditions he was growing up in. He noticed the ignorance and selfishness of his older brother, this made him develop a feeling of distrust with most people. Being unable to trust one of the closest people to him, he realized that no one is completely trustworthy. It also developed a feeling of constant paranoia and the fear of being betrayed. He grew up alone as the five brothers were not joint. They were far from it. Yūgetsu forged emotions of distrust, paranoia and loneliness. It later on grew to become remarkable traits in his personality.

There were issues between him and his brothers as they were jealous of him, being able to use the clan's hiden at the youngest age, which was the age of six, while his brothers performed the technique at an older age. Especially since his father gave him great praise for it. Despite gaining the recognition of his father, the most attention was drifted to his older brother as he proved to be very skilled. Yūgetsu tried to impress his father, but his efforts were in vain. The competition was simply too much, being five brothers, the rivalry was too big for him to weight in. Yūgetsu always felt as if he lacked something, he always wanted more. That developed greed inside of him. He always felt that nothing was satisfactory as his father was always impressed with his big brother. No matter how much he tried to become stronger, he always lacked something, while in reality, he never lacked anything. He felt as if he did thanks to his father who payed more attention to his brother. He based his skill on his father's recognition, which was his first mistake and it developed greed. The conditions of his life helped in spawning greed, but it was initially forged due to his hexagram. Despite them being hardships, they formed Yūgetsu's personality.

Yūgetsu desired power in order to appeal to his father as his older brother. That pushed him into training and becoming a stronger shinobi. That was the bright side of the issue, it granted Yūgetsu motivation to train and improve.

Kirigakure Ninja Academy

It resides in an old castle at the feet of several mountains somewhere close to Akakabuto's southern coast. It's hidden between two gargantuan rock formations, which makes it hard to spot. Detecting the academy by mere sight would be an extremely difficult task to do for someone who didn't know its location. This formed a defense for the academy if the village was attacked. The old castle was massive as it belonged to the water Daimyō a long time before, which insured great architectural work. The academy trained the students in all forms of combat in hopes of making strong independent shinobi capable of surviving in the cruel ninja world. They had to forge a diverse collection of Genin every year. They had to train them in all types of combat necessary for a shinobi to learn. They were trained in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Shinobi theory and many others in order to build and develop them to be strong and capable Genin. The number of classes varied from one section to another. Taijutsu didn't have as many classes as Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Genjutsu seemed to be getting the least attention by the academy for an odd reason. They taught students about Generic and specific Genjutsu, but not the Genjutsu itself. They were taught and lectured many times of ways to counter or break out of Genjutsu, yet if someone wanted to learn about actual Genjutsu, they had to seek it out by themselves. It's not a bad policy considering that Genjutsu needs a specific level of skill that isn't existent in most academy level students making teaching them Genjutsu at their young age almost impossible.

Yūgetsu entered the Kirigakure Ninja Academy at the age of nine, it was a relatively young age for someone to enter the academy as their skills would most likely not have been developed by then. Yūgetsu was believed to have more potential and that's why he was chosen to enter the academy. He was able to use the Hydrification Technique technique at a young age, the youngest of his brothers, which was the reason for him to enter the academy at a young age, unlike his oldest brother who entered it when he was eleven years old. Yūgetsu was resolved to surpassing his brothers including his oldest brother who is the most skilled one of them all. That was natural since he had the greatest experience, but Yūgetsu believed he had the potential to surpass him. Yūgetsu desired everything in life. Wealth, fame, power, and his father's recognition. He was very greedy, desiring everything he doesn't have. Even when he got it, he never enjoyed it and he always sought out more. It was a curse. He could never be happy as he was never satisfied no matter how much he obtained, he felt that something was missing inside. He felt as if their was a "void" inside his heart. That feeling developed as soon as he began to understand the world around him, which was at a young age. He lived alone and learned to depend on himself rather than the others as his brothers never aided him. He never felt support from them, which resulted in him being more self-dependent. He rarely trusted people and if he did, it would be to a certain degree. He didn't trust anyone blindly and that was due to him not being able to trust his own brother.

Yūgetsu was the youngest student in the academy, something that was expected. Proceeding entering the academy, Yūgetsu decided to have specializations. As a child, his mind-set was getting a great quantity of something, which was a feeling created by his greed. He wanted to be a master of certain sections. He was able to master basic Ninjutsu trained in the academy such as Body Flicker Technique, Body Replacement Technique, Clone Technique and the famous Hiding in Mist Technique. He had no problem in the process of learning these techniques, in fact, he performed them with great deftness and proficiency. Most of his mentors were amazed by his progress as a nine year old in the academy. His potential was very clear, he was expected to be one of the most powerful shinobi to ever enter the academy. His skills were clear, he was simply a genius. There was no doubt that he had potential to surpass his older brother. Despite being very skilled in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, Yūgetsu was intrigued by Genjutsu the most. He was very interested in Genjutsu as he learned about its conception and ways of application in the academy. The idea of manipulating the opponent's mind appealed to him greatly. Yet, he wanted more Genjutsu as the academy did not provide him with Genjutsu training. His greed made him strive towards becoming more adept in Genjutsu as he saw it to be a mysterious art, with seemingly endless possibilities and ways of application as well as sneaky ways of dropping his opponent under his Genjutsu. His time at the academy was crucial in building him up for the next stages of his life as it determined his style of battle and his specialties. He was recognized in the academy as someone with great potential and a bright future in Kirigakure.

Realizing his ambition of becoming a Genjutsu master, one of the Chūnin in the academy decided to aide him in order to provide a shortcut to becoming a great Genjutsu user. The Chūnin mentor himself was fond of Genjutsu, he saw Yūgetsu's determination and decided to help him to achieve the level of skill that he desires as he was from the Hōzuki clan who was believed to be high-tier when it came to skill and political advantages. Yūgetsu's training consisted of training in chakra control, doing so by practicing walking on walls, which he managed to do easily. He then switched to walking on water, which was more difficult and it developed the chakra control as the water is an unstable surface making it hard to maintain balanced. This was crucial in practicing Genjutsu as the Genjutsu's efficiency depended on the chakra control of the user. Yūgetsu was able to master water walking in a short time, he started running on rivers, which were much unstable than still water. After a few weeks, he could run vertically in waterfalls. He then practiced lucid dreaming, which was essential for Genjutsu, being able to control his mind during his dreams gave him the ability to cast illusions more easily and to actually regain control when under a genjutsu as he can control his own thoughts and mind by applying Genjutsu on himself during his dreams. By the time of the graduation exam, Yūgetsu was able to perform basic Genjutsu and generic Genjutsu to a degree, which was astounding for a child who's ten years old to actually reach that level. He was helped by his mentor who was the first step into reaching his goal of mastering Genjutsu. Since his childhood, Yūgetsu was leaning towards stealthy approaches, many predicted that he was going to be a hunter-nin or a tracker due to his potential in that particular field.

Life as a Shinobi

Yūgetsu graduated the exam easily. It was a walk in the park as his skills were much more superior than their own. He graduated as he obtained many skills during his year in the academy. Yet, he felt like he achieved nothing. He was the strongest student amongst them, but he wanted more power. He was one of the youngest Genin in Kirigakure, yet he wanted more achievements. He was never satisfied. At the particular point, his goal in life was to fill the void in his heart. He wanted to feel satisfied, he wanted to feel as if he doesn't desire to obtain anymore. He never felt satisfaction in his life. He believed that he would reach satisfaction after reaching a certain point of achievements, wealth and fame. He was cursed.

The type of curse that he had to tolerate was hard. He needed to withstand sadness and dissatisfaction with himself and his gains. Despite his family owning great financial position, he felt as if he wanted more wealth. Despite being immensely powerful as a shinobi, he felt that he desired more power. The feeling of Greed was eating him away as he desired to stop it. Yet, he was wrong in his methods. He believed that he can stop his greed and fill the void in his heart by gaining more of everything in life that itself was false. It was an illusion that he made for himself in order to believe something that's not true. Although greed tortured him, it was one of the main reasons behind his power. His greed pushed him to obtaining more power, creating more fighting methods and becoming a more lethal shinobi overall. He was assigned to a four-man squad. Being one of three Genin, as they were accompanied by a Jōnin to guide them through their missions and to teach them and develop them more to become Chūnin. He was one of two shinobi, the third Genin was a Kunoichi. The other Genin shinobi was named "Kitsui" while the Kunoichi was named "Yasashī". The teacher was named "Mizuki". He was well-known Genjutsu master. He was known allover Kirigakure for his unique ways of applying Genjutsu through each of the five senses. He was exactly what Yūgetsu needed. Someone of his talent would certainly help Yūgetsu in his Genjutsu training. Not only that, but he was very skilled in nature transformation and Ninjutsu, an overall expert. Yūgetsu realized that it was his chance to shine, using his teacher as a method of improvement.

Team Mizuki

Team Mizuki was put together intentionally in order to get the best out of the three Genin. Mizuki was chosen to take care of Yūgetsu as he got the most attention being such a young Genin from the Hōzuki clan. Mizuki was chosen to get absolutely everything out of Yūgetsu in order to aide him to grow and one day become a fine shinobi. It was unfair that Yūgetsu was getting the most attention, yet it was how things went by in Kirigakure. It was inevitable, the Hōzuki got the most attention in the village. That's why a teacher with the skill of Mizuki was given the task of training Yūgetsu. Kitsui was a Taijutsu type who possessed great physical prowess, but he was very reckless, he never thought of his own move before making them. He engaged in battle without any plans, which often led to him regretting his actions in the end. Yasashī was a medic, she was extremely good in chakra control and possessed natural ability. The team overall was a good combination, they worked together very well and adapted to teamwork very quickly, yet Yūgetsu never truly trusted any of them. Yūgetsu wasn't going to give his life for them as he didn't form any kind of emotional bond with any of them. They formed an emotional bind with him, he acted as if he did the same, but in reality he couldn't care less about them. This was due to his fear of trusting others. He feared that he would be betrayed by a loved one thanks to his older brother implanting that emotion inside of him.

His phases of training during his time as a Genin was rather complicated. He mostly trained with Mizuki in the art of Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, concentrating slightly on Taijutsu and building up his physical prowess in order to edge over other shinobi in that area as well. His Genjutsu training composed of many phases and parts as he had to completely understand the concepts of Genjutsu and how it's applied as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Someone who practices Genjutsu needs to have a certain mentality, Mizuki tried to show that to Yūgetsu. He had to be deceptive and smart in performing stubble Genjutsu and to mask his Genjutsu with the environment in order for his opponent to completely be consumed in the Genjutsu. He learned the aspects of Genjutsu and its weaknesses as well as how to break it in order to counter Genjutsu effectively and prevent his opponents from escaping his own. He was trained for hours on applying generic Genjutsu and simple illusions and he learned many deadly specific Genjutsu in order to aide him in battle. He practiced lucid dreaming in order to get better control of his Genjutsu. He applied Genjutsu on himself whole he slept and tried to form any illusion he wished. He improved at doing so overtime. Months passed and he became better at Genjutsu each day. He learned to apply Genjutsu through each of the five senses using many different ways.

As for his Ninjutsu training, Mizuki taught him the "Aspects of The Water". Mizuki believed that if Yūgetsu could master all the aspects of the water, he could create any water technique. With that, Yūgetsu didn't have to spend much time training in many types of Ninjutsu as he could create any of them if he master all the aspects of the water. It was a simple, yet effective concept. Mizuki invented this idea by inspiration of Generic Genjutsu where the user had the freedom to do whatever they wanted. The aspects of the water were simply everything that made each water technique, divided into simple and small aspects. While depending solely on the aspects would be very difficult for someone who has not practiced Genjutsu. The user needs to be creative in order to create techniques in an instant without thinking, like the creativity it takes to forge illusions instantly. He believed that it would give him specialization in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu without wasting any time. If Yūgetsu would train on every aspect and master it to its full effect, he would be able to overcome most enemies as all of his Ninjutsu training would be concentrated in simple points.

The aspects of the water consists of many properties of the water including Pressure, Temperature, Shape, Density, Flow, Quantity, Manipulation, Release and Speed. These aspects were chosen in order to give Yūgetsu many options during battle. He learned how to control each aspect to a certain degree. Yūgetsu saw the point of his training while completely agreeing with it. He knew that he could apply these concepts to any water technique. At first, it took him some hand seals to control these aspects and his control wasn't the best, yet overtime, he got better. After a few months, he was able to perform each aspect with double the speed, using half the amount of hand seals. He practiced the aspects for five hours each day, while the rest was divided into Genjutsu and Taijutsu training as well as breaks.

When the Chūnin exams approached, Yūgetsu was ready. He had trained in many arts of combat while specializing in Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. Of course, he was able to pass the exams and become a Chūnin as he was going to begin a new stage of his life. He was the youngest Chūnin in Kirigakure. He was ready to begin his new life as a Chūnin. As always, he was never satisfied as he still wanted more power. He got his father recognition, which was what he had hoped for, yet he was surprise that he sought out more power.


Yūgetsu got promoted to a Chūnin at the age of eleven years old, spending exactly one year as a Genin. He had learned in this year many lessons and he was guided by Mizuki into the correct training methods. Even after he was promoted to Chūnin, Mizuki continued to train him and guide him in order for him to improve even more. Despite his position changing, Yūgetsu didn't change one bit. He still had distrust issues and he was cunning and manipulative. Years passed by and he succeeded in many missions. He was known allover the village and he actually managed to overshadow his brother at the age of fourteen when he was promoted to a Jōnin. Even after his promotion, he was still trained by Mizuki. He was approaching Mizuki's level in Genjutsu when he was fourteen. He began to delve into poisons and creating them as well as studying the biological structure of the human body in order to create effective poisons capable of killing his opponents. He could use poisons using his chakra, which was an advantage as he could use poisons at anytime. He changed the type of poison by changing the way the chakra is moulded and using different hand seals. By that time, he had mastered the aspects of the water to the point where he can rival Mizuki in Ninjutsu. He could fight only using the aspects of the water to create any technique he desires. After mastering them to a certain level, it wasn't required to perform hand seals in order to execute any of the aspect.

It was undoubtable that Yūgetsu reached a great level of proficiency in using water release and Genjutsu. He began switching his attention to his Taijutsu and hand to hand combat. Trying to augment his physical prowess in order to dominate the battle and turn the tables at any moment. The training consisted of push-ups and sit-ups as well as weight-lifting. Just like Rock Lee, he walked around using weights in order to enhance the strength of his muscles throughout the day. He improved the agility of his body and his balance, which was crucial for a Hunter-nin. He needed to be stealthy and light on his feet. Yūgetsu decided to practice an art that his village was known for. The famous Silent Killing. Kirigakure were masters of the aforementioned art. They produced experts that could slit the opponent's throat without making any sound. Zabuza Momochi was the most skilled with the art of silent killing in the previous generation. He was known allover the shinobi world for his talent in silent killing. He was feared by many. Yūgetsu was determined to become as famous as Zabuza in the art of silent killing. He had decided to be a Hunter-nin. He added many techniques to his arsenal during his time as a Chūnin, his favorite being Chakra Absorption Technique. It described his greed in a jutsu, his lust and hunger. He was surprisingly very good at it. It was astonishing. The speed that he could absorb one's chakra was amazing, it was beyond Chūnin level, it was even rare for a Jōnin to possess such ability. It was due to his hexagram that supported the technique. As soon as he became a Jōnin, he was surprised. He was still striving for more. No matter how much he got power, he still desired even more power. Same with everything else. He described it as a "gift in the form of a curse" as he described how his greed helped him become better.

Despite greed making him into a better shinobi, Yūgetsu wanted to get rid of it as he saw how potentially dangerous it could be. Nothing satisfied him, even when he gets what he desires. He described it as a void in his heart, each time it's filled, it reforms again.

Years went by, Yūgetsu improved each day. He became better and better until he surpassed his own master at the age of sixteen. Mizuki had nothing more to teach him, Yūgetsu had surpassed him. In that period, Yūgetsu managed to master silent killing. He was transferred to the Hunter-nin division thanks to his supreme sensory ability that would surely get him a place a a tracker. He could feel people over the distance of several kilometers as well as distinguish between chakra type, potentially locating any specific shinobi he wishes. He mastered the aspects of the water completely and pushed them to a greater level. And, he finally got his father's recognition. He managed to completely overshadow his brothers. Not to mention the amount of fame he gained in the village. He was known as "Water Bender" as he could perform many things using water and utilizing his aspects. His wealth kept raising alongside his power and he got everything he had wished for. As usual, none of that appealed to him. He was still hungry for more.

Melody of Love

One day, Yūgetsu was exploring the nature outside of Kirigakure. He was walking aimlessly trying to clear up his mind. He strayed a far distance away from Kirigakure as he suddenly started hearing a vivid sound created by what seemed to be a flute. He heard a melody, it was relaxing as he started to get drawn to the sound. The song was very beautiful consisting of soft relaxing tones that flowed into Yūgetsu's ear. He was attracted to the sound as he started to get closer to its source. As Yūgetsu heard this, a sudden feeling of happiness consumed his consciousness as he started smiling. The sound got stronger and stronger as he approached the source. He was in a forest with high trees and it was filled with green grass. Vines dropped down from trees. Giant rocks were placed allover the place. It was like a fantasy world. As Yūgetsu got close to the source of the melody, his vision was blocked by a wall of vines. He was certain that the sound was coming from the other side. He pushed the vines with his hand to see a shadow of a person sitting beside a river. He then approached that shadow to see that it was indeed a woman playing the flute. He got to know this woman, she told him her name was "Fukyū". Yūgetsu felt instant attraction towards the woman. She was beautiful. Her body was fit, she had white long hair and sapphire eyes. Yūgetsu fell in love with her from the first sight.

When he asked the woman about the song that she was playing, she told him that it was named "The Melody of Love". A song that she created. She was skilled in playing the flute. When he asked her about the place she was living in, she told him that she lived in a house near their location then. She came by the river every day at the same time and began to play the flute from sunset till dawn. She played different melodies, but the melody of love was her favorite. Yūgetsu requested her to resume her playing as he sat there and observed. He was drawn to the woman. He listened to her flute for hours until he accidentally slept only to wake up the next day inside the woman's house. He thanked her and took his leave back to Kirigakure. Every time he would have time to spend, he would go to her location and listen to her playing the flute. He knew her for a year. She had feelings towards him too. She felt attracted to him as he visited her everyday. She built this bond with him. Finally, one day he confessed his love for her. She confessed for him as well. He invited her to return to Kirigakure with him, but for some odd reason, she refused to go with him. It seemed like there was no way to convince her. She loved the place she lived in. Months passed since then, Fukyū taught Yūgetsu how to play the flute just like her. She taught him several melodies until he became very skilled in playing the instrument.

Yūgetsu loved Fukyū, he felt that he could actually trust her. She was the first one he built a bond with. He entrusted her with his deepest secrets and for some reason, he felt like he wants to tell her more. They bonded together for a year and a half. Each day they grew to love each other more. She made him question his previous beliefs of distrust and manipulation. It seemed like he had two different personalities. One was his old personality, which he treated people in his village with and the other was the personality that Fukyū was treated with, which was completely different. Yūgetsu wished to continue his whole life with Fukyū, he was sure that nothing would happen. Fukyū understood him quite well. She saw his greed and she told him something that he never forgot "Don't worry, you shall get rid of your greed. I'm sure you'll find the key to satisfaction. I hope that you find it before it's too late." these were the words that she told him when they were sitting by the river one day. He didn't know what she meant, and he didn't care. All he wanted was to listen to her music while watching her. However, he never looked deep into her words, he never took them seriously.

One day, he was assigned to kill a missing kunoichi by the name of "Ayako Kyōya" as she was said to have been a Kekkei Genkai user that escaped the village in hopes of not being executed. He accepted the mission. He was given the location that she was suspected to have been in. That was the same location of Fukyū's residence. Yūgetsu's first thought was to go ask Fukyū about her location, if she had seen this so called Ayako. When he went to her house and asked her, signs of fear and anxiety began appearing on her before she told him that she was indeed Ayako. Yūgetsu was shocked as he was staring at someone he was sent out to assassinate. Of course, he couldn't do it. His love for Fukyū or "Ayako" was too great for him to kill her. He couldn't carry out the mission. He needed to think of ways that he could spare her while not notifying the village. He said in the report that the mission was carried out and that the target was assassinated. No one dared to question him as he was one of the higher-ups of the village. No one was brave enough to ask for proof. Things went on as they were, Yūgetsu turned twenty after that incident with a week.

Melody of Death

Life went on, as it was. He went back to her each time he wasn't on a mission or training. Sometimes he trained alongside her. Ayako felt as if she was going to be discovered and that would lead to Yūgetsu's doom. She even told him to imprison her for the sake of not getting him in trouble with Kirigakure as they despised those who bared Kekkei Genkai. They were a little more than monsters to them. Yūgetsu was the same until he met Ayako. She managed to change him, transform him into a completely different person than the evil manipulative guy he once was. He was thankful to Ayako. Yet, she was certain that she was going to be found out and murdered. She told Yūgetsu words that he could never forget when they were by the river, yet Yūgetsu was sure that she was going to live. Little did he know, he was targeted by a certain man. Someone who despised the Hōzuki clan. He hated them for the amount of praise and attention that they got. He believed that they were overshadowing the others with no right as they had no special traits in his opinion. He saw them being treated better as an act of racism.

He noticed that Yūgetsu disappeared from time to time. He followed him once, while suppressing his chakra in order to hide from his sensory ability. He sneaked on him and found out that he did not kill the Kekkei Genkai woman as he eavesdropped on their conversation. He then reported the news back to the village. It cause lots of ruckus in the village as they were surprised that their loved Yūgetsu of the honorable Hōzuki clan would do such an awful thing. Hunter-nin were send over to finish the woman off. Yūgetsu was away, he was doing an errand somewhere nearby and when he returned, he found Ayako laying in the river and blood came out of her stomach. He ran over to her and found out that he was quickly surrounded by Hunter-nin who awaited his return. In his rage, he managed to kill them and he went over to Ayako. She was dying, it was clear that she was taking her last breaths. He tried to help her, but the wounds were fatal. She asked for him to listen to her carefully as those were her last words for him. She said,

"Don't bother helping me now ... I'm half dead already. I don't want you to blame yourself, it was the inevitable fate. I wanted you to know that I love you, and I will always do. You should know that this isn't my death. I can live cough cough as long as you're alive. You're my immortality. As long as you keep playing the melody of love, I shall live on forever between the sounds emitted from your flute. These tunes carry a part of me, remember me and always play the Melody of Love. It was the reason for our meeting. Take my flute, it's specially crafted for me, it's priceless. Don't return back to the village, they will kill you if you do. You're helping a demon, heh. Just promise me to always remember me and always play the Melody of Love so that I can live forever. Promise me."

These were her words before he replied with "I promise". His response drew a smile on Ayako's face. She then slowly faded away, closing her eyes as she took her last breaths and finally died. Yūgetsu took her flute and played a brand new melody as he sat beside her body. It was a very sad melody, the agony could be felt from the way he played the flute. He called it "The Melody of Death". He named that place "The Vally of Fukyū". He named the river "The Red River" as her blood was spilt in it.


Yūgetsu was announced a criminal on the night that the Hunter-nin were found dead in that spot. He didn't only help a Kekkei Genkai user, but he betrayed his own comrades and killed them one by one, something that Kirigakure did not take lightly. They already despised Kekkei genkai users, for someone to help them, it was direct and clear treason of his home and his comrades. He was announced a criminal as his family abandoned him and cursed him. He never returned to Kirigakure and finally listened to Ayako for once. He had lost absolutely everything, things he found unsatisfactory. He never enjoyed his life, he always wanted more wealth and fame, after losing his wealth, fame, love by his comrades and villagers, and his first true love Ayako, he realized the values of these things that he didn't pay attention to at first. He realized their value after they were completely gone. He was a wreck of a shinobi who was once the most popular and loved shinobi in his village, he turned into a hated shinobi who was abandoned by his village and family. He lost everything he held dear, everything that he felt was unsatisfactory, he wishes for one day of his old life. He hopes that one day he could return to his village, yet he knows that it was impossible.

It formed a feeling of regret. He wanted his life back, but he couldn't do a thing about it. He was livid, yet he couldn't do anything to calm his rage. He wandered the streets in search, yet he never knew what he searched for. He heard Amgeakure accepted criminals, he instantly went over there. He took residence in the village whose sky weeps eternally. He is roamed the streets of Ame, trying to find anything of his past life, all that was left was his mask and Ayako's flute, which he named "Flute of Fukyū" as a signature for her eternity. After realizing that he lost everything that he held dear due to his greed, he embraced it, he accepted his fate. For Yūgetsu, their was a stage that proceeded his embracement of the truth, it was a stage of "Rebirth". Yūgetsu understood that he lost everything thanks to his greed, which caused him to despise himself as he also held himself responsible for Fukyū's death. He took a new name and started a new life, he even changed his personality. He wanted to erase everything about his old life, he wanted to forget it, everything except her. He took the name of "Nagano", which meant "eternal" as it was the same meaning that "Fukyū" had. He changed his former appearance and personality and tried to forget about his past, yet he couldn't as he remembered it twice a year. Each year he visits The Valley of Fukyū twice, he stays there from sunset to dawn, as Fukyū used to do everyday. He goes there on the day that they met and plays the Melody of Love for hours until dawn. He goes there for another time, which is on the anniversary of her death from sunset to dawn as he keeps playing ... he keeps playing the Melody of Death.


As his abilities, Yūgetsu's appearance is rather uncommon. He has been that way since his childhood where he shifted from one appearance to another. The changes were frequent as he never settled for a single appearance for a long period of time. He always transforms his shape. Alongside that, he possesses some unique features in general. Features that got him recognition by many people as his appearance was in sync with his persona. Being of a creative nature, he always attracted attention with his unique appearance. He was known amongst the women to be a handsome man. Many women chatted about his physique and appearance. He was the talk of the town thanks to his looks and his strange abilities, which was the reason behind him being a secret weapon of Kirigakure before abandoning it for the catastrophic events that occurred with him and the village after killing his loved one. He had a few gestures and habits that were known about him. He stood in a certain way and talked in a certain style, which was known to be hard to read. Meaning that the way he talks and looks makes it difficult to read his thoughts or emotions most of the time, If he keeps his composure, which he is very good at.


As a child, Yūgetsu bared very strange features that appeared like a viper. It was strange for a boy of his age to carry such a moniker, yet he did appear to have snake-like features. His hair was relatively soft and he brushed it forwards. He possessed short blond hair. It granted him a degree of attractiveness. He was called many names such as "cute" and "adorable" signifying his handsome features. His hair was a big part of his look. His eyes were big and wide, some say it reminded them of vipers and snakes. He had a unique eyes color, which some noted to change according to the lighting of the room or the area that he's present in giving him yet another unique feature. His skin was light and and soft. Possessing snow white skin gave him more of a snake-like look as there is the famous white snake, which was the signature for the great sannin Orochimaru. Many people commented and talked about his snake-like look as he was famous for it. His skin and eyes helped people recognize him as a snake, yet he had many more features that resembled snakes. One of those features were his fangs. He fangs were very clear and long for a child, which gave him the look of a vampire or a viper.

He was acclaimed for his looks. His physique as a child was decent as well. He was average when it came to height as he wasn't the tallest of the academy students, but he possessed a decent height and weight. His body was skinny, yet well toned as he exercised regularly maintaining his physical appearance and prowess. He was popular amongst the females even in his childhood as he managed to lure many of his academy classmates with his unique features and looks. Many regarded him as "cute" as he was the smallest child in the academy age wise. He was approached by many girls when he was young, but unlike the likes of Sasuke Uchiha, he didn't blow them off. He welcomed them as he became popular amongst the women. He knew what to say and when t say it, which was a unique feature in his personality that attracted them to him instantly after they talk to him.

As for his clothes, he was rather mysterious when it came to that. He wore different outfits and had many appearances as a child, he never liked routine and he always wished for a new appearance and a new beginning, this was similar to how a snake sheds his skin every while to appear with a brighter and more attractive appearance. He preferred certain clothes as jackets and hoddies as well as headwear. He used to mostly cover his head for some reason let it be with a hat or a hood. As a child, he had this chilled back look about him where he always seemed like he didn't care or was never scared. He could look a murderer right in the face without giving the slightest hint of anger or fright no matter how many fear and anxiety he carried inside of him. He was always calm and composed, which reflected on his appearance and looks. He always carried an uninterested or rather passive look on his face when he talked to his opponents and in various other situations. When it came to luring the females, he was very good as he gave them a rather hypnotic gaze. His gaze was the most noticeable feature that he possessed when he talked to girls as he could attract them with just eye contact. Many girls commented on his gaze as they described it as "dreamy". He was indeed similar to a viper, morally and in terms of his appearance.


As an adult, his features changed relatively while maintaining the general look of a cunning viper as well as his attractiveness. As he grew, his appearance changed greatly from the snake child to a grown man. His hair was golden and soft as silk. This was visible when wind blew and moved his silky hair in the gentle breeze. His hair was said to be his most attractive features as was mentioned by some of the women that he met. He always left his hair as it pointed forwards dropping down on his face, yet he occasionally pushed it backwards while dropping a bang along his forehead. He made many different hairstyles as he didn't fixate his mind on a single one as he despised routine. It was one of his most notable traits as he hated routine, yet it was ironic how he went every year to the Valley of Fukyū in memory of Ayako who lost her life on the hand of the hunter-nin of Kirigakure.

His eyes were blue as sapphires. He had wide eyes as he did when he was a child. His eyes changed colors according to the lighting as sometimes it appeared to be more of a green color. His skin was very light as it was mentioned many times in his face or as a joke with his comrades and friends. The women he knew also commented on it in a "flirty" manner as they saw it to be attractive. As for his physical appearance, he maintained a very well-toned body. While not having huge-sized muscles, he had a nice body. His muscles were highly visible as he had many arm muscles and muscles across his entire body including his back and abdomen where he possessed a very visible muscular structure, which was attractive to the women he knew. He possessed six packs as well as a muscular chest and back muscles. His biceps were large as well as very visible. He stood firmly and confidently. He still resembled a snake in his appearance as he possessed his long fangs and light skin.

As he did when he was a child, he could maintain his facial expressions to a very high degree where he could have an impassive look most of the time, despite what's happening around him. He always seemed composed and calm even in mentally wrecking situations. He used his abilities in interrogation and questioning of his targets as he could mentally wreck them with his cold looks and words as he studied human psychology. He always shoved his hands in his pockets and talked in a rather interrogative manner. As if he distrust the other person. As if the other person is hiding something from him, which originated from his sense of distrust and betrayal that was forged by his older brother.

As for his clothes, he wore many outfits when he was off duty. After becoming a hunter-nin, he had to remain in a single outfit for the course of his mission, which was composed of ordinary hunter-nin clothes as well as a mask that resembled a fox. The mask exposed his mouth as he expelled water from many body parts including his mouth so it was designed to aide him and keep his identity a mystery. He wore a purple jacket that wrapped around his entire torso, underneath it was a light blue shirt. He wore purple baggy pants that were similar to a certain shinobi as well as purple sandals. His outfit was decent looking at it was unique. It drew the eyes of those who witnessed it. It was designed by Yūgetsu himself. He also used accessories as necklaces. he wore two necklaces, one was long and was decorated with skulls and the other was small with three blue fang-like structures. His outfit was designed to reflect an attractive look as well as give him freedom in movement. It was composed of a special fabric that doesn't get in his way when he moved around giving him high mobility.


After immigrating to Amegakure proceeding the disastrous events that occurred in his life, Yūgetsu was shaken morally as he took on a new personality and he altered his appearance as well. He needed to adapt a new style as he wanted to forget his old self after the process of regret and mourning, he finally accepted his fate and realized how his old self drove him into diminishing everything that was important to him. He hated his old self and decided to change it. After going to Amegakure, his appearance was altered greatly. He let his golden silk hair grow to a decent length as he changed his haircut. He used to have his hair short. He changed his clothes, but it was not too drastic. He still wore Shinobi outfits, but from time to time he wore suits and ties as he very much liked his appearance in them. As for his physical features, they didn't change much. He still possessed a skinny, toned body. His eyes were blue as the color of the sky in the morning and he still resembled as viper in his overall appearance. After his alteration, one thing that didn't change was his attractiveness to the females as he still possessed his charm, which helped him to acquire new female mates.


"Greed ... an abhorrent trait to possess. I possessed the beast named "Greed" and it destroyed everything I held dear. Possessing Greed is just like having a void in your heart. That void is dreadful. It keeps demanding more and more, and when you obtain its demands, it keeps asking for more and more. It's and endless void. When I was young, I wanted my father's recognition. I wanted fame, wealth, everything that could come across my mind. I worked very hard to obtain these aspects. I obtained portions of them as I kept striving. Each time I obtained something, I found it unsatisfying no matter how great it was. The day my life changed was when I met her. Fukyū was the best thing that happened to me. I loved her, she changed me. I began to feel like the void in my heart was getting filled with her love. I began to finally enjoy my life. Yet, I never understood true satisfaction until that day. The day I lost everything I held dear, including Fukyū. After losing these things that I saw to be nothing, I realized their importance. I never felt them when they were in my hands, but after they vanished, I realized their preciousness in my heart. I finally got my answer to greed ... acceptance. If I had accepted the things that I already had and appreciated them for what they are, I would have never been a victim to greed. Fukyū foresaw this. She knew I would lose everything, then I would realize the cure for the curse called Greed."
— Yūgetsu explaining his suffering from Greed

Yūgetsu was raised in the Hōzuki household in Kirigakure. Being born in a place where only the nobles of Kirigakure lived, he was bound to be affected by his surrounding atmosphere considering his father who obtained a great position in Kirigakure as well as the Hōzuki clan. Yūgetsu wasn't born as a lonely child as he had two older brothers who seemed to dislike him. The condition that the family lived in was horrible despite their wealth and fame. Their father seemed to not have any time for them nor teaching them the principles of life. He never took the time to talk to them or spend time with them as they weren't raised like normal children. Teaching them positive traits and principles like loyalty and modesty never came across his mind as he was rather occupied with his social position, which consumed his time greatly resulting in him not having time for his children except on rare occasions.

Their mother tried to lecture them about loyalty and modesty in order to produce great shinobi that are capable of protecting the village and the clan with all their might. Never deceiving or betraying their comrades and friends, yet her personality was never strong as she rarely enforced anything upon her children. It was merely talking to them and giving them hints and advices that they soon forgot after they left the room and the area of the conversation as they never saw a true example of their mother's words. Yūgetsu and his brothers had to learn to treat and get along with others according to their instincts rather than the teaching of a grown-up. They had to see what did work and what did not meaning that their personalities were inspired of the situation around them at that time. This was dangerous as the atmosphere around them in the house wasn't healthy for children.

It was clear that their father was taking favorites, meaning that he treats some of them in a better way than he treats the others. This formed a sense of competition between the brothers as each of them sought their father's recognition and they wished to please their father in order to get better treatment and benefits from their father. Their father's judgement seemed to be dependent upon their skills in combat, but more importantly, their achievements. Their father was a man that sought success in any and every way possible. To him, a successful man was the one who achieved the greatest achievements. He neglected honor and loyalty and wanted success by any means even if it demanded illegal or wrong methods to achieve them. This was clear and it was transferred to his children. They saw their father and they imitated him and his unholy ways of reaching his goals. This grew a sense of distrust between the brothers.

They feared each other as they knew that there was no sense of trust between them. The brothers were aware that they could hurt each other at any given moment in order to achieve a certain goal. This forged and developed a sense of distrust in Yūgetsu's heart. They say a brother is someone who can give his life to you. If you can't trust your own brother, then you would have problems trusting others as well. If you can't trust someone who's that close to you, then it's impossible to trust others in the outside world. This caused a great change in Yūgetsu's life and personality. He never trusted others and always carried the possibility of betrayal. He always thought that others want to use him or that they hate him. He feared betrayal and always expected it. This occurred each time he made a friend or shook hands with someone or even looked someone in the eyes. He always had an issue trusting others, during the academy, and at his own home.

Distrust formed a paranoia, not only of betrayal, but to many other possibilities such as deceiving and trickery. He always drew a map of possibilities in his mind in order to determine the intentions of others. He always felt that others treated him in order to benefit from him somehow as he did that, which was due to his distrust of his brothers, which caused a feeling of fear and loneliness as well as insecurity. He always strived for true love. He wanted someone who loves him from their heart. A true friend, yet he thought there could never be such a person. He always viewed others as stepping stones in order to reach a certain goal or achievement rather than using them to help him through love and companionship. He had trouble trusting his teammates when he was put in the four-man squad. In other words, he never trusted them.

Despite them being his own teammates that went on missions with him, he never fully trusted them as he always thought that they would betray him in the mission or for their own good. He always thought of the possibility of their lives being threatened during a mission, he concluded that he wouldn't even risk his life in order to help them. As a child, he possessed a strange personality. He was always calm and composed even during dangers, yet he had this sick smile on his face. A smile that never parted his expressions, more of a smirk. That smirk was not normal. It was not a smirk that a child would emit, it was formed by the hardships he went through. He never trusted anyone and he had trouble making friends. That smirk was a signature of his confidence and sense of arrogance that he possessed. He mostly smirked in order to play with the minds of those around him even during the battle. He would smirk in front of his opponent even if he was in a disadvantage in order to play with the minds of his foes.

The sense of paranoia and distrust were troublesome for a child of his age. He had problems making friends and found himself alone without the support of even his family. Yet, it saved him lots of trouble when he grew up. It made him hard to deceive.

Since his childhood, Yūgetsu preferred to listen rather than talk. He rarely uttered a word in battle. He always listened carefully, analyzing each and every word his opponent says. Yūgetsu can be described as "concise". He doesn't need to say much in order to get his idea across as his words carry lots of meanings. Not only was he concise, he was very cold in many ways. He would keep an impassive look on his face even when he is in battle as he might reveal a slight smirk. He was calm and composed at all times making him a dangerous opponent to face as his true emotions are hidden. All that is seen is what he wants to be shown. Overall, Yūgetsu's personality resembles that of a cunning viper as it hunts its prey.


The Viper

Unyielding Willpower


"My goal is simple and easy to comprehend ... Eternity. Yet my comprehension of Eternity is far different than others. I adapted that mentality from her. Eternity to me is far from eternal life, everlasting existence and physical immortality. My understanding of eternity is recognition and the traces that one leaves after his death. For instance, some of the Kage attained the eternal status as they made changes that affect our lives to this very moment. Their achievements never died out and their names are still mentioned on the tongues of every citizen. The changes that followed their decisions are still visible to this day. As long as people mention a name and his work is visible and apparent in life, he obtains immortal and eternal status in my book. That is why I keep playing the melody of love as I can feel Fukyū's immortality and eternity each time I play it. That is my goal, yet I wish to perform it in a rather different manner. My change will not be merely getting my name mentioned around. I seek to change the cycle of the world to cause great, everlasting changes so that my work can remain alive for the rest of existence. The change that I shall make won't be singular, I shall alter the world greatly, then my work will remain on this world forever, then ... I will achieve eternity."
— Yūgetsu describing his goal


Yūgetsu is an odd shinobi by all standards. He possesses unusual traits, features and even skills. He was known in Kirigakure due to his excessive strength and capabilities especially when it came to Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. He was known to possess many abilities, yet no one knew any internal details about his skills or style. Most of the opponents that he faced have died, and the few who lived suffered from mental disturbance as his Genjutsu is known to be of the highest tier in Kirigakure and around the shinobi world similar to a certain Uchiha. His abilities surpassed even the Uchiha clan when it came to Genjutsu thanks to his natural trait of deceiving others and the art of manipulation as well as the great support he gained from his master who trained him to be a wonderful Genjutsu master at a young age. He managed to gain strength enough to defeat even tailed-beasts and drop Jinchūriki under Genjutsu. His Genjutsu is nearly impossible to break due to his supreme ability of maintaining control of the chakra in his opponent's brain even if the chakra is disturbed. He gained this ability through excessive training in chakra control at a very young age and his ability to strengthen his Genjutsu by transferring chakra to the sense that applied the Genjutsu.

Thanks to his diverse abilities, some noted him to be "immortal". It was said that he was "immune to Ninjutsu". Most of them said that he absorbed the chakra in the Ninjutsu, which lead to its deactivation. Others said that he was a demon that was immune to all sorts of fighting styles due to his resistance to Genjutsu and his ability to easily dodge any Physical attack. Some said he was unbeatable, others said he was very powerful, but conquerable. He was known for his blinding speed and fighting using illusions. He could create illusions instantly out of no where using his pure imagination and utilization of his Yin in order to forge an illusionary effect around the opponent, which tricked most of them in order to make them think that he's immortal, while he just portrayed himself to be through his potent illusions.

Yūgetsu was gifted with many natural abilities that supported him in his journey. One being creativity, which was the most essential and the primary source of his unyielding strength and defenses. Yūgetsu's skill set revolves around his creativity as he was creative since his childhood. It was a gift of his. He was very creative as he used to draw many pictures and create shapes and constructs using his water release. His gift supported him through every stage of his life as it was the primary reason for his potency in Genjutsu and his great efficiency in water release. His creativity helped him to create Genjutsu without even preparing the illusions that he was going to cast beforehand. He can make up and illusion he wants in an instant, illusions that can aid him in many situations in order to trick his opponent temporarily with illusionary effects that obscure their vision from the true image. For instance, he can find himself in a situation where he needs to get his opponent far from him, instantly he can create an illusion of a vortex charging towards his opponent.

Yūgetsu is gifted with others skills as well such as intelligence. He is one of the smartest shinobi and strategists that Amegakure possesses thanks to his perfect IQ and ability to foresee truths that are obscured by others. He was chosen to be a tracker thanks to his skills and abilities to lead others into the right direction by analyzing the surroundings and the clues in order to find intended targets and truths. In general, Yūgetsu excels in many styles of fighting, which got him to the position he used to have back in Kirigakure.

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