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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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Yaban Anjerika
Avenger | Dragon Queen
Yaban's Mask
Name Yaban Anjerika
Kanji 人類のアンジェリカ
Romaji Anjerika Yaban
Alias Fallen Angel (墮天使, Impure Spirit)
Empress of Dragon (皇后の竜, Kōgō no ryū, Monarch of Dragon)
Dragon God (竜神, Ryūjin)
Hannya of Kirigakure (きりがくれのはんにゃ, Kirigakure no hannya)
Tengu God (天狗神, Tengujin)
Amanozako (天逆毎, "heaven opposing everything")
Black Dragon Sage (黒龍仙人, Kokuryū Sennin)
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius December 1
Age Part I:22
Part II:38
Status Alive
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 129.54 cm
Weight 79.83 kg
Blood Type O
Affiliation Kirigakure (Sigma) Symbol Kirigakure (Defect)
The Yomi Symbol The Yomi
Land of Fangs Symbol Land of Fangs
Glacier Divine Symbol Glacier Divine
Konohagakure (Raishun) Symbol Konoha Orphanage
Order of Keshin Akuzura Empire
Shimogakure Symbol Shimogakure
Hanabiragakure Symbol Hanabiragakure
Land of Fangs Symbol Land of Fangs
Black Dragon Cove Symbol Black Dragon Cove
Occupation Leader of Kindachi
Daimyō of Hanabiragakure
Head of the Anjerika Family
Head of Hōzuki Clan (Formerly)
Ruler of Glacier Divine
Ruler of the Coiled Dragons
Ruler of Black Dragon Cove
Team Team Anākī
Kindachi Symbol Kindachi
Partner Yuigon Fukyū
Black Dragon Sage (Sensei) †
Rize Tsukemen
Yui (Pupil)
Clan Anjerika Symbol Anjerika Family
Hōzuki Symbol Hōzuki Clan
Family Gengetsu Hōzuki (Great-Great Grandfather)
Hirohito (Brother)
Kanashimi (Distant Cousin)
Yuigon Fukyuu (Adopted Brother)
Rize Tsukemen (Wife)
Uemora (Adopted Niece)
Yui (Adopted Son)
Ameyuri Anjerika (Daughter)
Hime Anjerika (Daughter)
Ninja Rank
Rank SSS-Rank
Classification Kirawa
Ninja Registration 5hn1901
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Ice Ice Release
Nature Icon Clear Clear Release
Nature Icon Storm Storm Release
Nature Icon Lava Lava Release
Unique Trait(s) Cryokinesis

Can see Souls and Konkaku
Radiated Pathokinesis
Passively absorbs Konkaku from living things

Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release (Affinity)

Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Earth Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release

Jutsu Acrobat
Beast Tearing Palm
Beast Tearing Gale Palm
Black Ice Wings
Certain-Kill Ice Spears
Clear Release: Incarnate Flames
Clear Release: Purgatory of the Burning Pits
Clear Release: Majestic Fox Flame Technique
Dark Ice
Dance of the Yuki Flower
Decapitating Airwaves
Extreme Decapitating Airwaves
Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals
Electrocution Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Hiding in Mist Technique
Hurricane Thunderclap — Majestic Attire Sword Stroke
Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard
Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Ice Release Secret Technique: Ancient Dragon of the Frosted Plains
Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm
Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Ice Sword Technique
Ice Ball
Ice Clone Technique
Ice Release: Frozen Heaven Hundred Flower Funeral
Ice Release: Ice Dragon's Feast
Ice Release: Ice-Style Rampart
Ice Shield Technique
Konkaku Fission
Lightning Release: Thunder Hammer
Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique
Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique
Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique
Memory Erasing Technique
Multiple Ice Clone Technique
Regeneration Ability
Scorch Release: Hurricane Jet Black Dragon Style Fang
Sage Mode
Scorch Release: Kagutsuchi
Sage Transformation
Sage Art: Scattered Stars
Sage Art: Sun Comet
Sage Art: Winter Dragon Solstice
Secret Technique: Mist Rain
Secret Technique: Ninja Art of the Cursed Sword Dance
Self-Corruption: Soul Manifestation
Silent Killing
Soul: Hanta
Soul: Hishō
Summoning Technique (Jūjigun, Coiled Dragons)
TimeーSpace Technique: World of Six Reincarnations
Truth-Seeking Ball
Six Paths Void of Oblivion
Water Gun Technique
Water Gun: Two Guns
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
Tools Futо̄: Shibariyoku
Yо̄tо̄: Shibariyoku
Gōtō: Kairyū Keshin
Explosive Tag
Explosive Tag Ball
Fūma Shuriken

"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away
-Revelation 21:4

"Someone i loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift"
Yaban Anjerika

Wrath of the Fallen One

Yaban Anjerika (人類のアンジェリカ, Anjerika Yaban) is a Missing-nin of Kirigakure known as the notorious Fallen Angel (墮天使, Impure Spirit) and a surviving member of the once legendary Anjerika Family. Having been orphaned right after birth, Yaban was looked after by her elder brother. However, Yaban was born with an uncontrollable nature and murdered him. Yaban would go on to become a wanderer, her time as wanderer has led Yaban deep into darkness. Within her burned an insatiable desire for vengeance and unadulterated hatred torwards those who rejected her. But after falling in love with the woman of her dreams and the birth of her children has given yaban a choice in her universe.


Born on December 1, Yaban was to be born in her own home on the outskirts of Kirigakure. Yaban's father had returned from a mission, only to be assualted by several Kirigakure shinobi. He was interrogated by the men before being murdered in cold blood by his own team. When Yaban's mother had gone into labor, a foul chakra filled the village. One similar to that of a demon who had killed off countless shinobi. Alarmed at this, the Mizukage had ordered that the Anjerika family be exterminated, before the child could be born. The family's happiness at the birth of a new child was to be short lived. The shock of the evil chakra coming from the unborn child, along with the attack of several Kiri ANBU was too much for Yaban's mother to bear. Crying out as she witnessed her family die, her adrenaline took over, and she rushed out of the house, despite being in labor.

Yaban's mother escaped from the shinobi, and was able to give birth to a baby girl. Covered in blood, she smiled at her child. But her happiness was cut short by a blade that had torn through her chest. As Yaban's mother fell, she whispered words of love to her child before dying. The man who had killed her made a move on the screaming child, but was killed by Yaban's elder brother. Taking his sister in his arms, the prodigious eleven year-old boy fled Kirigakure. After arriving at a distant mountain village, he found a nurse for his sister, and named her Yaban.

The first, long six year period of Yaban's life with her brother were rough for a girl her age. Her brother often kept her isolated in their small shack, away from the rest of the villagers. Yaban, being a little girl, wanted to explore the world. But her six-year old mind couldn't understand that she was feared for the demonic presence inside of her. Yaban slipped away into depression, wishing that she could have friends.

One night Yaban was unable stand staying in the shack alone with her brother. She waited until her brother went out to get more wood for their small stove and snuck out the window into the village. Yaban was both excited and nervous upon arriving outside, she started to observe all that went on within the village. The laughter and joy of little children could be felt as she watched them running and playing in the snow while their parents watch from afar. Feeling that same sense of joy fill her being, Yaban shyly stepped into the streets and mixed up with the children and started playing with them. She began throw snowballs, and finally let out a first laugh that seemed to make Yaban more happy then ever.

Her joy was short lived, however, for the adults seized weapons at the first hint of her foul chakra. Having been excited, her chakra began to move about inside of her, alerting even non-shinobi with its disgusting feel. Frightened by the danger she was in, Yaban tried to run. But she was grabbed and dragged to the center of village where they began beating, clubbing, and cutting the six year old nearly to death. Until suddenly, her body unleashed a fiendish aura that wildly spiraled out of control. Then, in a blink of a eye, Yaban found herself covered in both her own, and others' blood. This, along with the numerous corpses of children and adults alike, scared Yaban and prompted her to run home to her brother. He was quite shocked after seeing his little sister covered in blood. He took her inside, and after cleaning her up, he sealed off all recollection of what happened. And the two resumed their night together as if nothing had happened.

After the incident, Yaban was put under a strict curfew after moving to a another region far from any human in which not even her brother could sense life besides the wild animals that roamed the area. Confused and upset about why her brother would put his younger sister under such strict rules, Yaban was rather confused. But all was forgotten when her brother kept her mind occupied for the remainders of their stay.

For the next year four years, Yaban and her brother began training to learn how to handle chakra instead of her demonic energies. Excited, yet tired of the constant training made the two siblings bond more. understand that she was different, gifted in a way that no one could understand except them. Yaban felt her heart speed up with passion from spending time with her loving elder brother. To such a point to where she would go with him during hunts and help him catch game to bring back to their humble home, filling their bellies with such meat.

One day, all of that changed for the better in Yaban's eyes. For one day, she saw a boy, a human boy with white and green hair, pale white skin with scratches and cuts on him. His face held the expression of a child that she had seen before; the smile of a child who had happily played in the snow with no common sense. Feeling a familiar emotion rise out of her, Yaban's body was lured to the ten year old boy who smiled randomly, curious of why he smiled, and with a light giggle, Yaban stares back at the boy. He giggled again and told her that she looked cute. Cute? A funny thing to hear from someone so young. Yet, Yaban started to felt giddy and happy that day. The two would secretly play together while her brother went out to get supplies from a distant village, allowing the two to tighten their friendship.

On one such night, Yaban and the boy sat under a dying tree, she was feeling nervous. having developed such feelings too complex for a girl her age to fully grasp. But it did not stop Yaban. With a deep, shaky breath Yaban reached out to the boy and hugged him, expressing her feelings as best as she could. Having been overflowed with emotions, her demonic energy began stirring within her and the surrounding animals around them scurried away, feeling endangered by her. The boy, however, ignored it. And for the rest of the day Yaban and the boy played, laughing together. This wonderful friendship lasted for three years.

By the age thirteen Yaban and the boy became close, being inseparable for many days at a time, thanks to Yaban having being successful in keeping their secret safe from her brother.

During the following nights as her brother would be sleeping, Yaban would sneak out and meet the boy under the same tree. The two would embrace eachother much like any couple would in romance novels. Being first-timers to this newfound love, the two would often walk through the forest together holding hands. Or climb mountains and scream at their hearts contents, and sneak loving kisses to each other and even the occasional cuddle would be involved. But one dreadful night, Yaban decided to show her love the power of chakra in her own way. Meeting the boy at the same tree, the two felt nervous, hearts thumping heavily in their chest. And with a shaky breath Yaban began concentrating her chakra through her body into the surrounding snow until it began to respond to her hand's movement.

Feeling giddy as her power surged made the young thirteen year old dance within the snow's beautiful ice show which amazed the boy. The boy laughed, and ran in and dance with her. However, he soon became fearful of his sweetheart as her demonic aura began leaking out of her body to such an extent, that it even began to scare Yaban. She pushed the boy away and told him to run. Puzzled and scared, he tried to reach out to her, but Yaban's demonic energy began lashing out and swirling into a mini typhoon of snow. For a moment, she was hidden from him. But when the snow dropped, a Yaban with her long hair widly swaying was revealed. Her eyes glowing red, with teeth and nails sharp like a dog's.

Now afraid of her Kirawa form, the boy began to run as fast he could. But alas, her speed was proven to be incredibly fast. Feeling Yaban's nails dig into his side, the boy wailed in agony as blood rushed up his throat. As he began puking out blood onto the snowy ground, Yaban was already above him, ready to deliver a fatal blow. But her brother appeared trapping Yaban within an ice prison. Aware of the fact that it wouldn't hold her long, her brother began healing the barely conscious boy. Scooping him up, he began to run away from his younger sister. But Yaban broke through her prison and tackled her brother from behind. The boy flew from her brother's hands as he fell to the ground with Yaban on top of him. She began to claw and scratch her brother, screaming for help through her subconscious laughter as she did. The boy she loved bravely shoved Yaban off of her brother, and she went tumbling through the snow.

Angered and craving slaughter, Yaban rushed attempted to pass the boy and impale her brother, but only found her hand through the chest of the boy she loved. Yaban's bloodlust suddenly disappeared after hearing his screams. After seeing the lights within the boy's eyes slowly leave him, Yaban began to cry. He slowly mustered what power was left in him and told Yaban how much he loved her, telling her that many will not understand her, but only he can, and will always will before dying from his wounds. Crying as she held her the boy close to her body, unaware that her demonic energy was still wildly leaking out, she began mourning. And in a fit of rage, Yaban crystalized her love's body in a block of ice before going on a rampage. She would wildly run about, killing anything and everything in her path. Her brother, chased after her, and the two would constantly clash at different points for the next year.

Such battles resulted in massive forest fires, countless animals dead and half a village nearly destroyed. Within the village stood an exhausted, demonic Yaban and her brother clad in his icy chakra. The two were in a deadlock, simply staring eachother down. Within her heart, Yaban was still aching for the love she once knew, this emotion caused the young fourteen year old to emit an enraged roar. She lunged at her brother, who had brandished a Fūma Shuriken. The siblings clashed for hours, until Yaban's accidental power lead them to their final destination; The Yomi. Yaban had accidentally ripped open a portal that sent them into the dimension, and she resumed attacking her shocked brother. Their battle was so chaotic, that the souls within The Yomi began to flee for fear of this new demonic presence. Barely having any energy left, the two ran at eachother. When her brother neared her, Yaban ripped through his chest as she had done to her love a year before. And like that boy, he told Yaban he loved her, just before closing his eyes in death. Crying, Yaban fainted next to her brother's corpse. She would awake in the land of the living, and become a wanderer.


Yaban is a very beautiful girl. She has dark, purple hair styled in a bobbed fashion. Occasionally, she has been seen to grow her hair to her breasts, but she typically keeps it short. She has gorgeous, deep sapphire blue eyes. Her eyes' beauty is magnified in the darkness, when the only light shining is the light shine of the moon's beams. She has a fair, pale complexion. Her soft cheeks are like that of a baby's. Despite her nature, she is actually quite attractive. Her body is well-formed, having the appealing "figure eight" body style most men love.

  • Yaban's Original Attire
  • Yaban's Official Appearance
  • Yaban during the Hozuki Gang
  • "Amanozako's" Debut
  • "Amanozako" full appearance

Later yaban grew into a beautiful woman. Many shinobi's including Keshin have been left speechless by her attractive appearance but after losing her memory and getting take in yaban changed her hair color to snow white and her entire body is wrapped in bandages, with a tattered maroon cloak with cat ears attached to the hood, on the back of the cloak has the Amanojaku clan crest showing her affiliation and alignment.

During a raid on Kirigakure, a fellow shinobi
  • Older and Peaceful Yaban
  • Yaban's Facial Appearance
  • Yaban As the Fallen Angel
was surprised to see a beautiful kunoichi far from home, She would change her hair allowing to grow down to her shoulder blades. Her bangs are much longer, reaching her chest and considerably bouncier than her previous bob haircut. Yaban switched to a more feminine style of clothing but still retain her Tom style of clothing. She wears a gothic vampire, part traditional Japanese. With layered ruffles, detailed design work and butterfly patterns cascading over the sleeves, this sultry red and black combination wide neck blouse with traditional geta sandal's along with a Joy Bridalc Yukata to go over her clothes and wears a headdress with the symbol Land of Primordial Demons. When yaban is not dressed for her duty as a daimyō she is the notorious criminal "Fallen Angel", she wears a fishnet that covers up her stomach, chest, and forearms while wearing a light pale blue shirt with snow flakes on it with a dark blue jacket. thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind her back along with her sword she keeps it tied to, black pants knee high shinobi sandals.


Yaban is a very obnoxious, hyperactive, and passionate person while with her friends. Those who understood her considered her a blessing. Yaban is happy and cheerful when she's having fun with her friends, or what's left of her family. But during her time as a wanderer, she closed off most of her emotions. She was too scared to let anyone close to her, for she feared they would end up like her brother and lover. This drove yaban to depression, which made it harder for her to hide, for her demonic energy would resonate every time she felt sorrow or hate but her hate for humanity soften over the years after rescuing and adopting Uemura as her niece and Yuigon as her brother whom she would cherish and love through countless conflicts.

And of course, like all Kirawa, Yaban was cursed with the demonic nature that separates a Kirawa from everyone else. Yaban hated her nature, she felt like it reduced her to the level of a mere animal. But what drove her mad, was the slaughter of Kirawa at the hands of humans. Yaban grew to despise the race she once wanted to become, and would kill without a second thought. The only people who truly understood Yaban were Yuigon Fukyū; a fabulous singer, Uemora; her Adopted niece, Sēramu; the old ruler and Rize; her lover, and a fellow Kirawa and her beloved wife.

Yaban's years of experience and battles she took part in has changed the kunoichi, wanting peace to exist for her kind and to those her loved one's live in she would try to seek out others that desire this ideal goal forming unions between people. Despite her best efforts in wanting peace she still despise the human race for they're reckless and destructive ways which would become noticed by many of her friends and family, her love for her children runs deeper than anything she ever felt, wanting nothing but what's best for her children.

Being a warrior by nature and a member of the Anjerika Family yaban has shown a very adequate taste for battle, loving the feeling and the sensation of a ongoing battle that would hopefully result in a long 24 hour death match, she seem to be more sassy and sarcastic when fighting opponents weaker than her showing she will not fight if the user cannot keep up with they're battle but when she sense and witness a certain opponent that seeks her interest taking every chance she could to fight the opponent she craves to combat with even when it came to Kanashimi she would constantly attack hee, advance on her with every opportunity she can get even her cousin displayed enormous amount of stamina and chakra to rival yaban in battle.


born as a Anjerika-Kirawa being with very powerful malevolent chakra and a reincarnation of Zenjin Ōtsutsuki, Yaban has massive reserves of strong chakra, six times greater than the five kages, and described by yuigon as "heavy and cold". Her chakra control over it was poor since she had no one to teach her proper control over her abilities till her late twenties, her control over both her chakra and demonic energy grew as she fought people that were twice as strong making yaban train hard till she was able to its release her power which managed to dispel strong Genjutsu and force some opponents back. possessing such enormous reserves enables her to fight and survive for four and a half days before collapsing, much like her battle with Kyoukou Uzumaki a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, her life force granted yaban extreme longevity, healing power, stamina, and vitality. She was able to survive a near death explosion up close even have her body cut in half allowed her to survive such harsh treatment, Many people make a mistake believing she is an ordinary kunoichi, this is because of she hides both her large reserves and amazing prowess in martial arts. Yaban has a nearly endless supply of energy, thanks to her ability to siphon Soul Energies from her opponents. Her chakra is so potent, that it seems to be visible to the naked eye. Yaban's chakra is also quite foul, as it can be distinguished and sensed over a dozen kilometers away, similar to Rize's, Keshin's and Homura's malignant chakra that many described as pure evil. Much more sinister than anything that could be sensed in other beings.

Chakra Prowess and Life Force

Yaban's chakra was remarkably strong, and so dense that it could visibly affect her surroundings when released. Her chakra control is advanced enough to perform various complex techniques simultaneously at once through various hand seals that are seen as blurs to others, her own ice clones even admitted that Kanashimi displayed a very similar skill and prowess believing that she could be Hanketsu's reincarnated host. Yaban's body was brimming with vitality, granting her considerable regenerative powers that could mend most injuries with no residual effects, an ability that only many people have tried fabricating and gain powerful chakra and her blood to barely come close to emulating.

Yaban's prowess in Taijutsu is quite impressive. Being a true master in Taijutsu, Yaban perfected and improved her weakness and strength within this art. She moves in a series of graceful moves, allowing her foe to wear themselves out as she counters and overwhelm their every move with hers. She will then proceed to hammer them with a series of heavy and brutal assaults. A fast, hard beating summarizes Yaban's Taijutsu style. Usually enhancing her already incredible speed with her Ice Release techniques or empowering her body with her foul chakra, she leaves most opponents dead or near death. When fighting opponents that she has become frustrated with, however, she will fight like a wild animal with no restraint. This usually ends with her opponent being overwhelmed by her savage force. This alone could cause them to die, if she remains unrestrained for only a few seconds. Her wild, powerful movements are absurdly difficult to keep up with. Yaban is able to dispatch most foes with her enhanced physical prowess.


Yaban's intelligence in battle and in society alone is greater then any average shinobi alone. Being taught by the Black Dragon Sage, Yaban is able to outsmart almost any opponent she encounters. She can coordinate and calculate attacks with precision and is able analyze techniques and predict what the enemy would do next. Her ability to identify the weakness of certain techniques or people and exploit them is goes to show the depths of her perceptive abilities.

Yaban also possesses an extensive knowledge of Ninjutsu and Senjutsu, a gift passed down by the Dying Dragon Sage himself. Using this current knowledge, Yaban is able to predict how long others could utilize their own Sage Modes while Yaban is able to hone her mental state and physical abilities. When the fourth shinobi war approached yaban was focused on the Rinnegan since pains arrival to konoha, the Rinnegan marvels her to no end, her obsession with the Dōjutsu and its power drove yaban mad and wanted know more about its link between dimensional abilities that she even Challenged those who've wielded this powerful dōjutsu.

Yaban's extended knowledge about the world and outside the planet is out of the world displaying the ability to attain knowledge from all the previous reincarnated predecessors that inherited Zenjin Ōtsutsuki's through Chakra she even has knowledgeable belief that the Ōtsutsuki Clan isn't the only threat outside they're world even Galaxy.


Yaban is able to utilize three nature transformations even Yin-Yang Release with great mastery, being well versed in ninjutsu yaban can use jūinjutsu and finish effectively on people keeping the seal well hidden within the body or object of her desired target keeping them from getting damaged but still can be destroyed with the right precision, hide and simultaneously attack through an unorthodox use of Ice Clone Technique to take her place even faking her own death by using a solid ice clone.

Yaban is a very skilled edept sensory ninja who could literally sense others chakra from countries even across ocean distance distinguishing from the flavor or sensation of the chakra she is also able to tell by which clan, bloodline or the very source and nature of that person which is shown when yaban gotten excited when sensing her cousin when she came to Akuzura Empire. She also displayed a rare ability to see her enemies without the need of chakra just through the vibration or sound of her surroundings showed how well edept she is in battle even in senjutsu she displayed a much greater range of sensory processing by sensing every living thing on Earth. Yaban also possess the ability to utilize yin-yang to create unorthodox abilities and new techniques that aids her in combat but this is a pale comparison to her lovers abilities.

Ice Release

Yaban's ability in her family's kekkei genkai Ice Release is among the rarest prodigies in centuries of many that has displayed such fluidity in manipulating, controlling and altering the power of ice to such a degree that it's considered abnormal to possess such adaption and survival instincts that allow her to be bigger threat in the hidden mist village that classified her as an SS-Rank rouge. Ever since the Yuki clan's first prodigy Haku of the Ice Release (氷遁の白, Hyōton no Haku) yaban can utilize ice release to a near microscopic level from extracting any liquid substance from a living being down to the nearest insect and plant to manipulate it into any chosen weapons thought up, her natural battle prowess within the elements became legends as she able to utilize the Yuki clan's powerful techniques ever invented; Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death which can be created from a puddle or large source of water but yaban can manipulate the weather causing the area to snow with it she can create thousands upon thousands of frozen needles impaling her enemies killing them.


Being self taught years before the purge of Kirigakure Arc has taught her how to wield multiple weapons before, she has a high skill in wielding light to heavy weapons. Her first weapon she ever used was a Tanto before her brothers death, being inexperienced on how to wield she accidently cut herself and her brother's earlobe. practice that later becomes useful for her taijutsu, being able to deflect and attack enemies in battle improved her skills on wielding a sword.

Yaban begins using a sword after training with her friends, wielding it just as skillfully in either hand. She uses what she calls "Futо̄: Shibariyoku" a weapon she treasures and always carry with her, known to be her signature weapon yaban would cut down multiple opponents or civilian human in a quick swift move. She uses it defensively as well, blocking incoming attacks or holding off skilled swordsmen or opponents who is much greater in kenjutsu; By adulthood, Yaban is skilled enough to instantly wield it, control the power she channels through it and able switch between attacks.

She also could use Fūma Shurikens and senbons, she also demonstrated proficiency with wielding four extra blades sufficiently; Yо̄tо̄: Shibariyoku, Gōtō: Kairyū Keshin and Kireme along with her Fūto is proven to be a effective skill while fighting against other kenjutsu users even her cousin Kanashimi, who admitted she was able to hold her own against the mad woman.


Yaban later trained in senjutsu far away in a unknown country, the ordeal on mastering senjutsu was difficult due to Yaban's large Chakra reserves and her demonic energy making it harder for her to balance. Unlike Jiraiya or any other sage, she was able to perfectly balance natural energy with her chakra, and enter a complete Sage Mode, symbolised by the red pigmentation around her eyes that follow downwards forming a swirl in the center of her chest. Using Sage Mode made Yaban's techniques stronger, enhanced her physical parameters, and allowed her to utilize the dragon taijutsu style. Since yaban possess demonic essence she would be able to sustain herself from going berserk or die from a fatal injury. Having already possess near unimaginable healing factors yaban can instantly heal herself quickly utilizing Senjutsu, being able to take a beating from powerful opponent's such as Kakashi Hataki with his Kamui, Might Guy with his inner eight gates or several of the Tailed Beast's beating her around in sync along with other jinchūriki's to aid in they're combination attack. Yaban only obtained the power from the black dragon through inheriting and devouring the flesh of the great sage also given her greater mastery and understanding about senjutsu. Her master over Senjutsu was so great that even Chi Chi compliments how matched they is and how powerful she is and what honour to fight a strong opponent.

It is unknown if yaban can absorb more Senjutsu due to her bein Kirawa but she is able to store almost a large amount of it and release in a single or multiple burst. Yaban could perform complicated techniques with a single hand seal or none at all with little effort. She could also quickly absorb and synchronise senjutsu chakra with her own and therefore enter Sage Mode or could merge with a partner (animal sage) to perfect the sage transformation.

Radiated Pathokinesis

Blessed with the power inherited by her family yaban possess the ability to radiated her emotions at will. When yaban lost her adopted niece she became overwhelmed with sadness, she emitted a blue aura around her that induces the entire animal population with emotion causing them to wail out in agony. The induction is powerful enough to cause much powerful entities exposed to the aura to cry immediately unprovoked, her other ability is to control the persons emotions without even touching them simply by emitting a small wave of chakra to that person's brain making them vulnerable to her pathokinesis. This power can also invoke other kirawa's bloodthirsty rampages if focused upon hard enough by her pathokinetic powers but this power can also effect tailed beast or other creatures but mostly dragons, this ability displayed a dragon like lordship over most of dragon kind. This ability allows yaban to gain access to several of her predecessors memories through touching a piece of an artifact ot simply touching people who share similar bloodline even diluted bloodline shares the same connection allowing them to feel or see one another's past.

Blue Dragon Sage Form

The power of the Black Dragon Sage (ブラックドラゴンセージの力, Burakkudoragonsēji no chikara) with it being commonly known Ōgetsuhime-no-kami (大宜都比売神) or Amenotokotachi (天之常立神, Heaven The next generation of gods that followed was the Kamiyonanayo) is a very unique power that isn't easily obtained through sheer training or power bestowing from powerful dragons but it has been theorized by yaban as she studied the concept of this power through many days of training, concentrating and experimenting she
Yaban breaking out of her cacoon

Yaban breaking out her caccoon, Yaban is reborn

believed that only a chosen disciple must obtain the power of a dragon by devour his/her body before falling into a Suspended animation like yaban when she devoured her master's body she was left into a state of suspended animation within a sphere of pure chakra that hardens around to protect her body
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  • Yaban's Cataclysm Phase Two
  • Yaban's up close dragon form
from any harm remaining in hibernation within her "shell" her body would then develope over time, adapting to oxygen deficiency enabling her body to survive within the airless shell. Yaban and the black dragons organic biomass would take weeks or months to regulate and evolve into her DNA which will create new or attain abilities, traits, attributes and physiologies of the being the biomass was from.
Yaban's Full Body Dragon Form

Yaban in her complete form

Within the end cycle of yaban's Metamorphosis her body would possess the immense power of a pure black dragon laced into her own chakra coils, changing her chakra signature so quickly she became unrecognizable from any sensor nin a far distance. Yaban's body would possess the strength, speed, durability, enhanced spiritual energy even increasing her cells incredibly that her entire body is modified and enhanced to genetic level. her presence alone brought many of the Coiled Dragons to bowed and respected her as a true dragon queen.

Soul Visage

After entering The Yomi for the first time after her brothers death yaban's Soul Visage awakened, yaban developed a unique ability known as Soul Visage. It allowed her to view the souls presently in The Yomi and granted her a type of telepathic communication. Allowing her to speak with these specters that were bound to The Yomi. When activating this, her sclera are dyed glowing violet purple and her eyes shine an eerie red.

With this unique vision, she can not only see and communicate with the souls of the dead like keshin, but also absorb thier essence to utilize as energy. She can use this to imbue herself with otherworldly energy, enhancing her abilities. Or, she can view the souls of the living and siphon the essence of their spirit from them. Which she can then use as a source of power.

Another ability granted by this unique Soul Visage is the ability to absorb a dying soul and see the history that transpired within that soul, granting het knowledge that allows her to take a better view at life and the humans around her whom she despise the most.


Purge of Kirigakure Arc

"I know how it feels to lose something, to cry out to the heavens knowing that one in particular person is gone from your life, just gone and part of you can't seem to accept it, well I have"

The night was cold like any other, the streets filled with civilians and shinobi's alike but what they didn't know was that their mizukage was preparing for a dreadful night to come.

Yaban wondered the outskirts of kirigakure, watching the village she despised so much began amassing every anbu to the mizukage tower, Curious of what is going on yaban masked her chakra and hid within the crowd of civilians making her way to the location she was desperate to reach.

Yaban snuck into a alley way and waited for a anbu to come by the alley for her to surprise attack, this took only a few minutes before she was able to capture and kill the anbu taking his clothes and hid her own within a hole she made in the wall and was on her way. Once arriving yaban was greeted silently by other anbu members til they turned their attention to the mizukage; Yagura Karatachi. Yaban glared at the man who murdered her family with such hate she planned on murdering the man at the end of this day.

Yaban stood with the other anbu listening to the mizukage, learning about the kirigakure purge; his goal was to purge the village of any born or living kirawa without civilians or the daimyō knowing of this operation, enraged by finding out his plan yaban secret left after they were dismissed heading to certain areas where she first sensed a kirawa presence, upon arriving there she found the entire place destroyed with a little girl burned to a crisp and barely breathing judging by her appearwnce her chakra mingled with demonic energy showing she's what yaban been looking for.

Acting quickly yaban open a portal to the Yomi and sent the child there with Jūjigun to keep the girls body from dying off. Yaban then heard the first small explosion that echoed across the other side yaban hurries to the sight to a tall muscular man with his soul visage glowing crimson red in his eyes charge at the anbu who used a barrier to keep the man contained, observing from afar she took note that this man could become her new partner if he survived but alas the kirawa didn't live through the conflict for he was stabbed through the heart by a few anbu who restrained him using chakra enhanced chains. Yaban left the scene and flew across a few buildings before one in front of her blew up into flames, startled by the sudden flames she use a water release technique to put out the flames that was burning the building into cinder leaving barely anything damage from the blaze. Once yaban finished putting out the flames a mask ninja approached her startling the young woman but she quickly went on guard seeing the masked ninja before her, asking the masked ninja's identity but only gotten nothing in return so yaban ran and attacked but the being vanished out of thin air but that didn't make yaban feel any better as she just stood there for a moment trying ti track the figure only to sense demonic aura littering the place so yaban ran to the nearest kirawa and quickly hid within the chaos as she watch the anbu black ops drag out a small family quickly behead the two parents before grabbing ahold of the wailing infant with one hand wielding a kunai only to quickly lose his hand by her, dispatching the man before her she refused to let any Anbu to escape slaughtering them on the spot then left with the wailing infant, unable to do much but keep it quiet as she infiltrated and killed numerous Kiri Shinobi and civilian in sight bathing the streets in blood from both Kirawa and human alike.

The chaos last for a whole night with yaban to escape taking the infant towards a hidden cave at dawn with the trees keeping them hidden in the dark while she open the entrance up and seal it off upon entering, she would then wait for Yuigon to meet her at they're hideout but she sensed more hostiles nearby, she went to move but felt the hostiles chakra fade so she ventured out with the baby in hand she found her friend already there surrounded by dead shinobi's with missing heads. The two would hideout till the aftermath of the battle ended but more of Kiri's patrol kept getting closer to where they were hidden cave, yaban wanted to volunteer as the decoy so he and the child could escape but yuigon told her to leave with the baby and don't return to the land of water, he then left giving yaban a chance to escape as her closest person as a brother distracted them as she left the village, leaving her home, leaving her memories and broken family behind but when she left her home yaban took the nearest port out of the water country to Land in Fire Country where she would drop the infant off at the doorsteps of a orphanage outside of konoha, yaban painfully kiss the baby as if it was her own then told the child she'll return for him before departing from the wailing child disappearing into the night.

Three Eyed Owl Massacre Arc

Through the blizzard that smothered the frozen plains there hidden within the storm Shimogakure where the avenger sought refuge from the blistering cold. Arriving within the village walls the place looked nearly deserted with hardly any life in the streets so yaban walked through the village searching for life but by the afternoon she found no one that could help before finding a inn where she payed and stayed for the night, exhausted from her travels she quickly fell asleep for only three hours when a explosion blew yaban through the wall into a another room but she quickly gotten back up and went through the hole to see the village under attack by hundreds of masked men who were targeting the military shinobi's and officers stationed all over the place that were dropping quickly by the minute so with nothing else to do yaban sprung into action helping the civilians best she could while had to put down some she couldn't save but she didn't waver as she went after the mosty grouped hostiles as they went after a small group of scientists with a pregnant woman holding a small child.

The village was a blazed with chaos as yaban followed the group till they winded up in the warehouse surrounded by the enemy but yaban managed to sneak inside and create a opening for them to escape while she killed off as many of them she could before getting herself surrounded but her sensationable lust for bloodshed took over causing yaban to become demonic and feral like a beast startling the masked men but that allowed yaban to pounce the man ripping his throat out with her own teeth a man went to attack her from behind but ended up getting impaled by one of her Konkaku appendage sticking out of her lower back like tail but this would entice them to try and kill her but yaban torn, slaughtered and devoured the masked men till there wasn't much to recognize them, her bloodbath would soon invite more masked rogues to come and fight the crazed kirawa but the more come, the bigger the blood and body pile become causing some to abandon they're plan so they escaped up to the mountains leaving they're comrades to die at yaban's feral wrath till she was restrained by anbu forces who managed to seal her inside gourd and place her in a chamber beneath the daimyō's tower.

"If your need of a weapon, I'll be that weapon let me be the sword you use to strike down your enemies in a time of need"
Yaban's offer to the Daimyō

For twelve days yaban was held prisoner within the gourd till she was brought out of the gourd to face the Frost Daimyō along side him is the council of hidden Frost whom argued over yaban's fate one side wanting her dead while one side wanting to keep her imprisoned till she dies but the deep voice of the daimyō silence them but he himself had no idea what to do with her only to offer her exile from the Land of Frost but yaban offered to be his weapon so she could destroy Three Eyed Owl Gang for nothing in return which marveled the man seeing a woman before him asking to be used for one purpose and one purpose only so the man agreed and sent yaban off and face the enemy alone. Yaban snuck into the hidden base buried deep beneath the

Hōzuki Tree Arc

Yaban and Uemura traveled the world for two years searching for an opportunity to reveal itself which didn’t till they arrived to a forgotten valley that consist of many relics and long decomposed corpses but an unknown genjutsu fog kept the two from leaving the area only to reveal it’s a base for an organization that been hiding since the founding villages, intrigued by the group yaban approached them who offered her power and protection from enemies which she thought about it for several days to give them an answer, uncertain if she could join an organization with eumura along could danger the little girls safety but agreed under the condition of keeping the girl out of danger and is kept away from any illegal or legal business involving the group which they agreed. Yaban and the group known known as Hōzuki Tree began they’re first conquest to iwagakure where they invaded and killed the jonin nin’s that patrolled the village following with stealing the village’s scrolls but a battle broke out during escape which resulted in many shinobi’s getting killed by the group with little casualties, yaban and the group’s leader Hōzuki Hoshigaki discussed a possible opportunity in stealing the seven swords of kirigakure, the task and planning lasted for several years with yaban constantly leaving off to her bloodlust rampage that would leave random small villages in ruin, Yaban’s lust for power went on for months causing the group to come wary of her actions and intentions which kept on till they operation began, yaban brutally slaughtered and injured many shinobi’s in the land of water keeping the majority of kiri’s forces on her while Hōzuki and his men snuck in to steal the weapons but was ambushed by the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist thus became a battle that resulted in the complete annihilation of the group leaving no survivors except yaban who was the only one that showed greater potential threat; the seven swordsmen critically injured the kirawa kunoichi but she was able to heal her wounds and escape with failure in stealing the swords although unknown to the group yaban plotted to killed the fourth mizukage; Yagura Karatachi but her troubles didn’t end there as she arrived back to the hidden valley only to find many of her comrades slaughtered with the base destroyed but finds eumura gone, enraged by finding out kiri forces kidnapped the girl so for many days yaban tracked down and killed many people affiliated with kiri for answers but only came empty handed after many leads till she found out that a group of kiri and taki shinobi’s gathering in a secret base hidden near the borders of an unknown village so yaban prepared for her departure leaving the third closest person in her heart.

Yaban's Vengeance Arc Part 1

Yaban found herself in Kuraigakure after hearing about its destruction she sought to collect any rare artifacts that has been left behind, upon entering the once beautiful tower of the yamikage yaban found rare scrolls of techniques and a few that are dated several decades ago before its ruin but was interrupted and ambushed by two shadowy figures with white and silver hair only to be forced out the ruined tower into the streets where she was constantly being tossed around and cut up from the claw marks on her body but she was able to quickly heal and catch her unknown off-guard smashing the hilt of her sword into one of her attackers sending them flying into a few buildings quickly following them in pursuit but one of them spew out flames that took shape of large, misshapen birds that shot out at her but she quickly weave her seals and blast the birds away with her wind technique, landing near her enemy yaban question them of they're intentions only to receive a metal bone blade stab through her shoulder from the ground then

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