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Yajuu Clan
Symbol of Sumiyoshi village, Muko county
(野獣一族, Yajuu Ichizoku, Literally meaning: Beast Clan)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Clan Data
  • Land of Woods
Kekkei Genkai

The Yajuu Clan(野獣一族, Yajuu Ichizoku) is one of the five noble clans that hails form Hakkingakure. All members posses Ōzaru, a Kekkei Genkai that gives them the ability to transfrom there body into that of great apes.


The Yajuu clan originated form the Land of Woods the founder of the clan, Kebukai Yajuu lead the clan and taught them how to survive in the wilderness. It is said that Kebukai lived among apes and leaned how to harness the from known as Ōzaru. Six years after Kebukai's death the clan fell into war over the land with the ANBU group called the Prajñā Group, The clan decided to leave the land and moved to the Land of Sunshine, they later settled down into Hakkingakure.



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