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Yakedo Itonami
Armour - Current - Shinto
Name Yakedo Itonami
Kanji 営み火傷
Romanji Itonami Yakedo
Alias Z-Blade (Z-刃, ゼッド-けん, Z-Yaiba)
First Ikikage (初代意気影, Shodai Ikikage)
Samurai (侍, Samurai)
Fusion Master (合同主君, Goudoushukun)
Bringer of Spring (春福助, Harufukusuke)
Eye Opener (眸子栓抜き, Boushisennuki)
Creator of Spring (春上帝, Harujoutei)
Monarch of the New Blooming Season (花時候初王者, Hanajikouhatsuouja)
Monarch of the Bloody Season (血塗れ時候王者, Chimamirejikououja)
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Birthdate Astrological Sign Virgo September 8
Age 700+
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 7'3"
Weight 284 lbs
Blood Type O-
Hometown Amegakure Symbol Amegakure
Country of
Land of Rain (Cherry) Symbol Land of Rain
Family Seikei (Ex-wife)
Sukinōka (Wife)
Saimin Itonami (Daughter/NPC)
Hana Itonami (Daughter)
Bakuro Iyou (Protégé)
Kusanagi (Reincarnation)
Partner Shinigami
Kusanagi (Reincarnation)
Occupation Kage of Ikigakure
Affiliation Land of Swamps Symbol Land of Swamps
Ikigakure Symbol Ikigakure
Previous Affiliation Amegakure Symbol Amegakure
Land of Iron Symbol Land of Iron
TreeHidden Mokugakure
Rank S-rank
Classification Shinto Spirit
Ninja Registration KON-009
Academy Prom. Age N/A
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Swift Swift Release
Tailed Beast Shinigami
Hiden Techniques Kenwaza Symbol Kenwaza
Bone Claws
Unique Traits -Utilizes Poison in combat
-Healing Factor
-Can absorb chakra
-Enhanced Reflexes
-'Armoured' Chakra
-Eidetic Memory
Nature Type Nature Icon Swift Swift Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Jutsu All Basic Techniques
One's Self
Bone Claws
Bermuda Triangle
Chakra Cannon
Formation of Chakra
Fist Slam
Sacred Storm
Vacuum Sword
Chakra Shockwave Slash
Samurai Sabre Technique
Dancing Blade Risk
Iai Beheading
Reflective Sight
Shadowed Moon
Visual Implosion
Demon's Touch
Oni Gas
Chaotic Helium
Soul Ripping
Samurai Intent
Realm of the Shinto
Spinning Mirror
Seal of the Yellow GodTBA
Weapons Genkou Blade
Seibutsukei Talisman
Tools Shuriken, Kunai, Scrolls, Poison


"I once asked Death, 'Why do people love life, but hate you?' To which Death responded, 'Cause life is a beautiful lie. And I'm the painful truth.'"
— Yakedo,recalling a conversation with his comrade.

"Ninja body, Samurai soul."

Yakedo Itonami (営み火傷, いとなみ やけど, Itonami Yakedo), also known as the Z-Blade (Z-刃, ゼッド-けん, Z-Yaiba), is an ancient shinobi, and was transformed into a spirit in times before that of the chaotic realm of war. Once a citizen of the original Hidden Rain Village, he was miraculously transformed into a being of power, able to forcefully fuse and possess others when needed. Yakedo travels across all realms, looking for a worthy permanent host.

Yakedo once travelled to the Land of Iron, where he would undergo a severe change. Already knowing the basics of chakra principles, he had to cast that aside as he focused on becoming a Kenjutsu master. He trained for most of life, two hundred years to be exact, and became one of the best Kenjutsu practitioners. Yakedo is known to wield blades with mastery, and has been joked to be able to engage in swordplay while fast asleep. Yakedo is known to engage combat when angered, his temper consistently getting the better of him.

Yakedo, as a spirit, is able to fuse with others, and acts as somewhat of a Tailed Beast. Once he has found himself a host, he fuses with them, and is sealed within a cage in his host's concious. Although Yakedo is easily able to persuade others into opening the cage, which lets him take over, he dislikes the cage that he is surrounded in, worried that he may encounter someone who will not hand the reins over to him.

Above all, Yakedo is a scholarly soul, consistently studying the various techniques of others, be it via a host or via his own perception, Yakedo is consistently intrigued by human nature, and the varying amounts of chakra amongst them all. Yakedo is known to kill any humans he finds powerful, and stores their DNA within a talisman he carries with himself, and is able to release any techniques found within his victims' DNA.

Yakedo eventually found his way to Mokugakure, a Hidden Village which had been recently founded. Despite its recent birth, the Village's statistics were quite better when compared to other villages. Yakedo soon became a shinobi of the village, and protected the village with all of his heart.

Mere months after joining Mokugakure, he left the village, in order to further 'discipline' himself. The disciplinary actions Yakedo took against himself including harsh training and many other dangerous feats. Soon after, Yakedo formed Ikigakure (意気隠れ, Ikigakure no Sato), a village in which he became the Kage of, and has lead the village through a multitude of wars; and won them all.



Born within the second week of September, Yakedo was brought into this plagued existence. He was one of the rare users of the near-extinct Swift Release, a bloodline limit which essentially granted the user of said bloodline to have speeds unheard of. Yakedo showed signs of this ability at a young age, occasionally appearing at spontaneous locations. He would go from the inside of his small hut into other huts, crib to outside, and many other seemingly spontaneous teleportations. This in fact was not a teleportation, but a techniques known as the Shadowless Flight, which allowed the user to move from one location to another at speeds which made it seem like the users shadow is nonexistent, and the movement resembles that of teleportation.

Upon the discovery of this bloodline dwelling within Yakedo, many were sent into a state of shock and disbelief, and they wondered how Yakedo's peasant parents had such a potent bloodline, and had passed it down to their child. The initial confusion eventually passed upon discovery that Yakedo's father was not his biological father, and Yakedo's birth was indeed the result of an affair between his biological mother and an unnamed traveller. This revelation did not sink in well with Yakedo's father, and his father slowly shifted into a drunken individual, with a heavy alcholic issue. This transformation occurred when the ever-so young Yakedo was merely six, and the change frightened him.

As Yakedo's father transformed into a drunken man, Yakedo found himself leaving his house more often, and observing the children of wealthier families attending a shinobi academy. He would observe their fights, seeing the taijutsu they utilized, the genjutsu, and the ninjutsu which the students utilized. On his own time, he would practise the techniques he had observed, eventually mastering these useful assets. However, as time went on, Yakedo soon found himself easily bored when he viewed the academy students, as he had already mastered the needed techniques.

One day, a group of Samurai came storming into Amegakure, and these warriors had soon herded most of the citizens to the town square. One of them, the one Yakedo presumed was the leader, began a speech. He spoke about the Samurai Creed, and their skills in the art of Kenjutsu. The speech enchanted the young Yakedo, and soon, he wished to become one of these skilled practitioners in the bladed art. After a display of their mastery in Kenjutsu, the young seven-year-old Yakedo was enchanted by the Samurai, and had made up his mind to become one of them.

The Samurai had announced that they would stay the night, and would occupy one of Amegakure's inns. Yakedo observed the Samurai as they entered their inn, leaving their carriage and valuables out in the open. Once it was midnight, Yakedo made his move. Yakedo packed up all of his belongings, spare clothes, and a small Tōnto. As he carefully exited his household, he had a moment of hesitation. Would he ever meet his mother again? The young Yakedo dismissed the thought and made his way over to the inn, where the Samurai had left all of their belongings. Yakedo carefully hopped into the back of a carriage, and covered himself in hay to disguise himself from being found. As he adjusted his body, he slowly began to doze off.

Yakedo woke to the impact of his body being thrown against a rough surface, before he face-planted into a white surface. He slowly stood up, unused to the cold, and was able to feel the snow against his feet. Yakedo looked up, and saw he was surrounded by a group of Samurai. They began to question him, asking him how Yakedo had made his way to a Land of Iron village. Yakedo answered all of their questions, telling them how he had snuck out of his home and how he made his way into the carriage. When Yakedo was asked why he had snuck into one of their carriages. Yakedo told them that he had done so as he wanted to master the art of Kenjutsu. The Samurai were at first confused at such an answer. They began to laugh, thinking that Yakedo was lying. Soon, they realized that the young child was not lying, and the Head Samurai began to scold Yakedo. Saying that Yakedo's request to join the exalted Samurai Creed was an insult to they stood for. As the leader was prepared to decapitate Yakedo, Yakedo pulled out a sack of gold coins, coins which he had stolen from home, begging for the samurai to teach him. Greed was much more powerful than the 'exalted' samurai creed, and the samurai decided to take Yakedo under his wing.

Yakedo's training began almost instantly. He was forced to practise a single sword slash a thousand times every hour if he wished to truly master the art of Kenjutsu. With every slash, thousands of mistakes were found. The angling, the speed, the power put into the swing were all factors in the failure of a young Yakedo. He trained constantly, often depriving himself of sleep in order to master the art at a quicker rate. After years upon years, Yakedo had improved, to such an extent where his sensei did not find faults in Yakedo’s technique. However, Yakedo began to find faults with his swordplay. He often blamed himself if he missed the target by a mere millimeter.

Yakedo kept training and training, until he was somewhat satisfied with his swordplay. The once seven-year-old Yakedo had now shifted into a twenty-seven year old, and was regarded as the best swordsmen in all of the Land of Iron. Yakedo however, was far to humble, and would still belittle his swordsmanship. Yakedo was soon made Head Samurai, following the death of his former sensei. At first overcome with grief, Yakedo was forced to endure the pain, and took on the responsibilities which came with being a Head Samurai.

A few months after Yakedo becoming the Head Samurai, he was informed of an incoming attack squad. An entire army worth of shinobi were heading their way. Yakedo was immediately sent into a state of worry, and he told his people to evacuate the village as soon as possible. He waited until everyone had left, before closing the gates to their village, locking Yakedo himself inside. The people were at first initially confused, and Yakedo simply told them to find shelter elsewhere. Hours seemed liked years as Yakedo awaited the attackers. Yakedo had completely prepared himself for the battle, both physically and mentally. Yakedo had donned his glorious armour, a set expertly forged at the perfect conditions. Yakedo had also remained calm throughout the waiting process, preparing himself for all the murders he would commit. As Yakedo closed his eyes, he heard the sound of gates being knocked down, and Yakedo snapped his eyes open, only to witness an army charging in. Yakedo charged in towards the army himself, beginning to slay everyone in his sight. The invasion began in waves. First ten men, then a hundred, then a thousand, then ten thousand and so on. Yakedo stood his ground, and slayed all that came his way. With every slash, the satisfying sound of a corpse collapsing into the fresh snow could easily be heard, the sound soothing Yakedo. Many wounds were inflicted upon Yakedo. Sword slashs, burns, stab wounds, object lodged in him, missing appendages, and many others were but the minor of wounds. Yakedo dismissed the pain, his mind only being driven by the need to allow time for his people to escape. Yakedo fought for seven days straight, not sleeping once, and eventually, he had defeated the army himself. He was overcome with pure and agonizing pain afterwards. The impacts of his many wounds came crashing upon him, combined with the sleep deprivation. The pain proved to be too much, and Yakedo collapsed, now dead.


Yakedo’s death was shortlived, as in the afterlife, he was soon greated by a Shinigami. Yakedo was at first shaken, confused about his location. Yakedo collected his thoughts, and confronted the Death God. The Shinigami began to chuckle after hearing Yakedo’s flurry of questions. The Shinigami explained to Yakedo that he was in a state of limbo, a state between life and death. Yakedo didn’t allow for the Shinigami to continue, and he asked the creature why he was here. The Shinigami answered with a bland tone, saying that the Shinigami was offering a chance for Yakedo to return to the realm of the living, as a being who could not die by aging. Yakedo was about to agree when the Shinigami resumed what it had been saying. It told that the ‘immortal’ life would be granted to Yakedo if he was to serve the Shinigami.

Yakedo was immediately confused. Serving the Shinigami? The mere thought was preposterous. Yakedo was prepared to deny the request, and allow for his soul to head to the realm of the dead when a thought came crashing upon him. If Yakedo was to serve the Shinigami, Yakedo would be granted ‘immortal’ life, and he could forever help his people. Before Yakedo would confirm his choice, Yakedo asked the Shinigami why it needed Yakedo, why not another mortal? The Shinigami told him that Yakedo was merely the first individual to come by his realm in a while, and stressed the point that Yakedo would be able to help his people. The loyalty towards his people within Yakedo overcame him, and Yakedo accepted the Shinigami's conditions.

The Shinigami grinned, and a new sensation of pure pain overcame the once powerful Yakedo. Yakedo felt as if his blood was boiling, as if liquid hot metal was being poured down his throat, as if Yakedo’s own bones were shattering within himself. The pain suddenly vanished, and Yakedo found himself where his body had collapsed. He looked around, and saw that his village had been decimated. Yakedo’s home for the last twenty-seven years of his life had been swept away. Yakedo stood up, and was beginning to make his way to his people when he suddenly collapsed. The Shinigami began to speak in Yakedo’s mind, ordering him to eliminate the leader of a distant village. Yakedo first objected against the order, until an unbearable pain overcame him. Yakedo yelled for the pain to stop and agreed with the Shinigami's plans to kill a village leader.

Yakedo began his travels to the distant village, which would be a day’s distance by foot. His weary journey began, the blizzards in the mountains picking up. Yakedo’s armour had vanished, and he was clothed only by his golden kimono, which allowed for little warmth. His blade sheathed to his back, Yakedo kept walking into the distance. Yakedo eventually made his way to an inn known as the Green Dragonfly. Yakedo stumbled into the inn, exhausted. Yakedo made his way into the room he was assigned, and began to doze off.

The morning Yakedo woke, he was momentarily confused. Where was he? He soon collected his bearings and went over the incidents that had occurred recently, including both his death and resurrection. The idea temporarily disturbed him, until a thought even more disturbing struck him. Yakedo now served the Shinigami. The mere thought shook him to his core. How could he serve a creature that was so despicable? With no choice but to accomplish the task of the Shinigami, Yakedo left the inn, and resumed his distant journey.

Within a few hours of departing the inn, Yakedo soon arrived at the village. Yakedo grabbed his head in agony as the Shinigami began to speak. The Shinigami informed Yakedo that the leader was in the tallest building, at the highest floor. As soon as the Shinigami ceased to speak, the migraine that had overcome Yakedo faded away. Yakedo looked up at the building, realizing that the fastest way would be to perform a shadowless flight. Easily utilizing his bloodline’s technique, he manifested himself in the office of the leader. The leader quickly spotted Yakedo, and charged towards Yakedo.

As with any village in the Land of Iron, the leader was a highly skilled samurai. Yakedo quickly unsheathed his blade, parrying the incoming strike. The swords clashed once again, Yakedo using the force as a ‘pivot’ of sorts to rearrange his footing, and jumped over his opponent. Yakedo slashed his blade down the back of the opponent. The oppose groaned in agony, stumbling forwards. The man turned around, quickly slashing at Yakedo’s eye. The sharp edge came in contact with the eye, immediately blinding Yakedo. The pain reverberated throughout Yakedo, the immense agony flowing within. As Yakedo’s vision began to fade, the pain vanished, and his eye began to heal. Yakedo, at first confused, realized that this was a gift from the Shinigami. Shocked that he would be thanking the Shinigami, Yakedo resumed his battle, quickly disarming and murdering his opponent. As soon as the opponents corpse hit the wooden floor, Yakedo heard incoming footsteps. Yakedo quickly ‘flew’ out of the building, and until he was a good distance away from the village.

These shenanigans went on for some two hundred years. Yakedo, not being able to age, had been executing these tasks with no way to stop this murderous rampage. Yakedo was sick and tired of all the murdering, and he needed a way to end it. Yakedo found only one situation to end this rampage. An idea, which in theory was impossible, which would end all the unnecessary deaths. Yakedo realized that the only way to leave this horrendous fate would be to murder the Shinigami, so Yakedo could finally head off to the realm of the dead.


Yakedo knew that murdering the Shinigami would be close to impossible. Yakedo did not know of any way to murder his master, or how it would be possible to kill a being responsible for death itself. Yakedo had to create a plan which would be impossible to pull off, and only then would his plan have a chance of success. Yakedo made his way the Land of Iron’s National Library, where he studied for hours upon hours. Searching for a method which would contribute to his cause. After twenty-six hours, Yakedo came upon a potential way to kill the Shinigami. The Shinigami each had a special weapon unique to themselves. Yakedo would need to use that weapon against his master, and only then would the execution be successful.

Once again, Yakedo dwelled into his research, searching for a report of any kind on his Shinigami. After another three hours, Yakedo came upon a scroll, which displayed the thousands of Shinigamis which existed. He spent another hour searching for his, until he came upon a Shinigami similar in design to his master. Its name was ‘’’Saru’’’. This specific Shinigami had access to a large Odachi blade, similar in design to Yakedo’s own. Realizing that his own fate depended on a Sword Battle, Yakedo began to train. Yakedo spent another fifty years of his endless life refining his close to perfect Kenjutsu skills, going as far as to measure the exact angles at which he would swing at. This nitpicking of his own Kenjutsu skills would be Yakedo’s advantage in the upcoming fight.

The only issue now was a mere question. How would Yakedo return to Saru’s realm? The realm of the Shinigami? For the first time in Yakedo’s three hundred years of existence, he was stumped. He wasn’t sure if even his Shinto Spirit abilities would allow him to return to Saru’s Realm. The mere thought of it was impossible. Yakedo had to now find a way to return to this realm, and then fight against his opponent. Yakedo suddenly began to meditate, and would spend close to three hours meditating. This meditation would allow for him to understand his plan, analyse and elaborate on it more. Yakedo eventually deduced the best way to enter his Shinigami’s realm would be to be invited.

This was easier said than done, as Yakedo now had to figure out a way to be invited into the Shinigami’s realm. Yakedo would most likely have to perform a ritual to summon his Shinigami, and from there they would enter the Shinigami’s realm. Yakedo sat down once more, and began to research, his scholarly sould searching for an answer of any sort. He spent hours upon hours of researching, and eventually found a few scroll explaining the kinds of rituals used to summon a Shinigami. A ritual he assumed would be the most effective was to draw a Pentagram on a mirror, before breaking said mirror. Yakedo was somewhat nervous at first, wondering if this task should be followed through. Yakedo dismissed these feelings of nervousness, and made his way to a nearby inn.

The inn he went to produced an offsetting vibe itself, and caused for a chill to go down Yakedo’s spine. Yakedo dismissed the thought of fear from his mind before making his way in. Upon entering, Yakedo soon found out that the inn was abandoned, the most obvious clues leading to this conclusion being the shattered glass splayed all over the area, the furniture obviously completely run-down. Yakedo ignored the offsetting atmosphere produced by his location and instead went to the nearest restroom, located within the rundown inn. Upon discovery of a mirror, Yakedo pulled out a small bag, filled to the brim with human blood. Yakedo dipped his fingers within the blood, slowly drawing a pentagram upon the mirror. Once the pentagram had been produced, Yakedo pulled out a small rock he had hidden in his kimono. Yakedo then proceeded to launch the rock at the mirror, shattering it into multiple pieces. As the fragments fell to the ground, they began to vibrate, and they produced a blinding light. Once the light had cleared, Yakedo grimaced himself as he looked around, in a location he had been in only once before. He was in the Shinigami’s realm.

The realm itself was encased in pitch-black darkness, dimly lit by the spiritual flame within Yakedo. As Yakedo looked around within the realm, he noticed his master. The Shinigami stood mere meters away from Yakedo, almost taunting him. The Shinigami proceeded to ask Yakedo why he had come here, and how Yakedo had gotten here. Yakedo briefly answered the questions, by saying he had come to discuss matters with the Shinigami, and he had arrived here via a ritual. The Shinigami made a perplexed expression, something not often seen on the face of those creatures. Before the Shinigami could speak, Yakedo charged in, pulling out his Odachi. As Yakedo brought down his sword, swinging down at the Shinigami, it pulled out its own Odachi, and countered the incoming slash. The blades collided, and literal sparks flew. Yakedo ‘flew’ back to his original spot, cursing under his breath. The Shinigami must have had advanced reflexes, expected of a Death God. Yakedo ‘flew’ forward once more, bringing his blade down at the Shinigami again. The Shinigami sighed, obviously uninterested by the same attack from Yakedo. As the blades collided, Yakedo used the force created as a pivot of sorts, and pivoted where the blades met. Yakedo swung around, and his feet came in contact with the Shinigami’s jaw. The Shinigami was launched backwards, colliding it’s back against something not viewable due to the darkness.

The Shinigami floated back up to its original position, obviously angered. It roared in anger as it flew forward, slashing the blade down at Yakedo. Yakedo was at first shocked by the initial speed of which the Shinigami had attacked with. Yakedo began to solidify the chakra around his body, and eventually, his armour had formed. The Shinigami’s Odachi collided with the steel of Yakedo’s armour, the impact causing the Shinigami to stumble back. Yakedo’s armour had been formed of chakra, and would be unable to be pierced by any outside force. Yakedo threw himself forward, swinging his blade in a strange movement, moving the blade in an wave. The unorthodox attack confused the Shinigami. The Shinigami went to counter the incoming strike, causing for the blades to collide. However, due to the unorthodox slash, Yakedo’s blade twisted around the blade of the Shinigami, and made a slash against its chest. The creature stumbled back, dropping its blade as it grabbed its wound.

Yakedo sheathed his blade, causing a shockwave to be created. The wave moved together with Yakedo, and as Yakedo grabbed the Shinigami’s own blade, the Shinigami stumbled back, due to the shockwave launching it back. Yakedo thrust forward, impaling the Shinigami with its own blade. The Shinigami roared in utter agony, staggering backwards. The creature pulled out the blade from the stomach, and launched forward. Yakedo of course was confused. Why wasn’t the Shinigami dead? Was his research inaccurate? He had no time to elaborate on these thoughts as he quickly countered the incoming strike from the Shinigami. The force proved to be to great for Yakedo, and he fell to the ground, wounded. As the Shinigami went to kill Yakedo, an idea surged into Yakedo’s head. The idea would kill him, something he did desire, and allow for him to destroy the Shinigami. Yakedo ‘flew’ from his wounded position, activating a seal which immediately began effect. The Shinigami soared through the air, before colliding with Yakedo. The two fused, the Shinigami being sealed within Yakedo. As with any use of the Reaper Seal, the use of it killed Yakedo, which would kill the Shinigami.

This theory proved to be wrong, as by having the Shinigami within him, it brought Yakedo back to life once more. Yakedo despised his revival, angered. Yakedo soon returned to the realm of the living, now having the Shinigami sealed within him. Yakedo resumed his journeys, travelling across the lands, and perfecting his Kenjutsu.

Destructive Revival

Some three hundred years had passed since the sealing of the Shinigami. Yakedo had now travelled to almost every village, and had become the epitome of a Kenjutsu Master. Yakedo willingly settled down within a Land of Iron village, where he took upon a wife. Her name was ’’’Keisei’’’ (傾城, Keisei). She was his ultimate light to his never-ending darkness, and the two were regarded as the closest couple one could be. Yakedo soon became Head Samurai of a village once again, where he was treated as if he was royalty. He dealt with the politics, the wars, and even took time to teach children at the academy for Kenjutsu, one which he had formed. Yakedo was finally in a time of peace and joy. All of this was what Yakedo had wanted the world to be, a realm of peace and serenity.

Yakedo was in his office that fateful day. The day when war was declared. An opposing village had wanted a certain river which had fallen into Yakedo’s territory. Yakedo had denied their request to share the river, and now the same village wished to invade Yakedo’s own village. Déjà vu hit Yakedo like a truck as he realized that this may have the same outcome as it did hundreds of years ago. Not wanting this to happen once again, he decided to create an army of his strongest Samurai, hoping that his village could defend against the threat. The day was incoming, and Yakedo made sure that all of his troops, including Yakedo himself, were training as much as they could. He decided to train a few who had no affinity for the bladed arts some Ninjutsu, so they could defend the village while the army fought at the frontlines. Yakedo’s army trained for months, until that fateful day came.

Yakedo’s army waited, hiding within the snow-covered forests in the area, waiting for the enemy to appear. They waited for what seemed like days, until the enemy appeared. As soon as they saw a soldier, Yakedo’s entire army came charging out, unsheathing their blades. Yakedo’s unorthodox fighting style was most of the threat. By attacking by using wave-like motion attacks, the other Samurai were confused at the strikes, never having seen an attacker like Yakedo. Yakedo fought and fought, and after hours of pure malice and death, Yakedo’s army had slain the army. Yakedo was secretly relieved at their victory, glad history would not repeat itself. As Yakedo’s army began to cheer, a scout from the village came crashing through the bushes. The scout ran up to Yakedo and told him what had happened. The village had been invaded.

Yakedo and the army charged towards their home village as fast as they could, all of them worried beyond measure. As they began to approach the village, they could hear the screaming of children and women, and could smell the smoke from where the army was located. As the army got even closer, they saw the smoke, and the large amounts of slush in the area. The army finally appeared in the village, and they all ran towards their homes. Yakedo ran into his mansion, looking through the debris calling out his wives’ name. He ran around the entire mansion, until it began to collapse. Yakedo jumped out of the mansion, and the mansion itself collapsed into pieces. As soon as he could stand Yakedo began to examine the debris, searching for the corpse of his wife. He shoved multiple pieces of the wooden debris, until he saw something which shattered his heart. He saw the burnt corpse of a female, all of it black and crisp. Yakedo’s wife had died.

The pain was proven to be too much as Yakedo left the village, handing off the position of Head Samurai to another individual. Yakedo left the village, and decided to go to a location he thought he would never return to. Yakedo began his way home, his original home in Amegakure. The distance would obviously take a few days’ trip, so Yakedo decided to be hasty, and made his way as soon as he could, taking any shortcuts and vehicular rides when he could. On the second day of travelling, Yakedo came across a bandit, a bandit who began to rob innocent people. Yakedo’s internal sense arose, and he quickly took down the bandit, utilizing only his Taijutsu prowess. As soon as the bandit was disabled, Yakedo began to interrogate, asking the bandit why he had robbed these people. The robber was hasty in his answer, and responded by telling Yakedo that he had been hired by an outside source, a terrorist organization. Yakedo nodded before throwing the bandit into a cliffside, and the crack of bones could be heard. Yakedo’s journey home would take a while longer. Yakedo would first have to dismantle this terroritst organization.

The only question in Yakedo’s mind at the moment was ‘Where do I start?’. This question plagued the mind of Yakedo, causing him, to pick up the bandit which he had just recently abused. Yakedo began to interrogate the man once again, asking him where Yakedo could find the individual that had hired the bandit. The bandit quickly told Yakedo that the buyer would be somewhere in the mountains of Konohagakure, a three-day detour from Yakedo’s original destination. Yakedo cursed under his breath, before throwing the man back into the snow. Yakedo resumed his journey, taking the detour. The journey would take another three days from Yakedo’s current location. Yakedo managed to board an envoy heading to Konoha, which he was allowed on with some argument. Yakedo stayed silent throughout the journey, despite the fact that the other passengers attempted to speak with him.

The envoy was interrupted halfway through the journey to Konohagakure by a group of Rōnin. The Rōnin killed the driver, and the commotion alerted Yakedo. He stealthily debarked from the envoy, taking a look at the attackers. Yakedo saw a group of masked Rōnin, all of whom had two Odachi’s each, one per hand. Yaked ‘flew’ to behind the Rōnin, striking with his blade, suddenly executing one of them. As the Rōnin’s comrades’ corpse collapsed into the fresh snow, the Rōnin’s roared barbarically at Yakedo, before charging towards him. Yakedo smirked, and utilizing his bloodline, quickly avoided the incoming slashes. Once Yakedo was quite the distance away from them, Yakedo unsheathed all of three of his blades, grabbing two Odachi in his hands, and another in his mouth. As the Rōnin approached, Yakedo jumped into the air, moving his body as if he was one with the wind. The sheer speed at which Yakedo performed this was outstanding, but combined with the unorthodox movements, there was almost no counter to Yakedo’s attack. Yakedo came soaring down, decapitating the remaining three Rōnin. As Yakedo landed, the decapitated heads came crashing down into the snow, and were soon buried by said snow.

With the envoy dead, Yakedo would have to continue the journey from here himself. He resumed his journey through the harsh blizzards, encountering countless more challengers who recognised the legendary Samurai. He quickly dismissed of the, defeating them within mere minutes, and sometimes even less than a minute. Yakedo’s journey continued, until he began to notice the quantity of snow decreasing, signalling that he was most likely near a tropical region. As he continued down the path, Yakedo noticed the weather become warmer and warmer, until the weather itself became boiling. Yakedo now knew that he was in the Land of Wind, and most likely somewhere near its Hidden Village, Sunagakure.

Yakedo reached the village of Sunagakure, where he was immediately denied access to enter, as the current Kazekage would not allow for anyone, much less Yakedo, to enter the village at the time. Yakedo knew that he would shorten his journey if he went through the village, and instead told the Gate Guards that he was a mere performer. The guards were skeptical at first, before they allowed Yakedo to enter. As soon as Yakedo entered, he ‘flew’ towards the other end of Suna, before briefly being stopped by a Kunoichi. She demanded to know where Yakedo was going, until Yakedo remembered his original excuse, that he was a performer. He told the Kunoichi, and she relaxed. Suddenly, she grabbed Yakedo by the arm and dragged him towards an academy of student. She threw him in front of the class, and told the class that Yakedo was going to perform for them. Yakedo sighed before beginning to perform, using simple techniques to provide the illusion of a performance, where he would often make objects vanish, and make objects stop moving, and making something break in its place. After an hour of an impromptu performance, the Kunoichi thanked Yakedo for his show. Yakedo grinned as he began to make his way off, until he was stopped by the Kunoichi.

The Kunoichi asked Yakedo if he would stay for the next few days, and perform for the training students. Yakedo was originally going to deny, but for some unknown reason he agreed. The Kunoichi told Yakedo that he could stay at her abode, which Yakedo graciously accepted. Instead of spending a few days, Yakedo spent months at Sunagakure, living with the Kunoichi. Eventually, Yakedo did leave in the middle of one night, doing so with some regret. Unknowingly to Yakedo, the Kunoichi he had stayed with had become impregnated, and would soon produce Yakedo’s offspring.

Yakedo continued his journey once he left Sunagakure, knowing that the remaining journey would be only a day or two in length. As he made his way, he heard more and more information about the terrorist group, learning that they had destroyed a couple of smaller villages in the Land of Fire. Yakedo travelled without sleeping, his Shinto Spirit abilities allowing for this to occur. Yakedo had an instinctive compass which eventually guided him to the nation of Konohakagure, where he entered with stealth. Yakedo began his way to the eastern side of Konoha, where it was assumed the terrorist group would be located, when he was suddenly stopped by a man.

Hashirama Senju stood meters away from Yakedo, and asked Yakedo why he was here in Konohagakure. Yakedo decided to answer honestly after briefly sensing the potent chakra of Hashirama, chakra that would be quite useful. Yakedo told Hashirama that he was here after hearing about a terrorist group possibly being located within Konohagakure, and said that Yakedo would dismantle them himself. Hashirama was first reluctant to believe the claims of Yakedo, before he eventually accepted what Yakedo had said. Hashirama said that Yakedo would have his permission to search the village, to which Yakedo thanked the Hokage.

After the brief meeting with Hashirama, Yakedo continued his way to the eastern side of Konohagakure, where he would create shadow clones to help him investigate the area, searching for a potential hideout of the terrorist organization. As the original Yakedo was searching, a surge of memories burst into Yakedo’s head. The memories of his own shadow clone, being stabbed from behind. Yakedo smirked as he realized that the attacker was most likely a member of the terrorist group, and Yakedo ‘flew’ around Konohagakure, until he found the location where his clone had been defeated.

Upon arrival, Yakedo switched his chakra into a sensory mode, searching for a large source of chakra. A surge of chakra hit him as he sensed a large accumulation of chakra beneath his feet, most likely the chakra of a large group of individuals. Yakedo pointed his palm down towards the ground, releasing a surge of chakra into the ground, causing the ground beneath Yakedo’s feet to cave in, revealing a structure, where the chakra Yakedo had sensed previously was located. Yakedo cursed under his breath, as the shinobi charged out of the structure, molding chakra. Yakedo quickly unsheathed his blade, flowing Swift Release chakra throughout his body, as well as the blade. Yakedo used his greatly enhanced speed to begin to massacre the attacker, Yakedo not toying around. He would often be able to redirect the others’ blades into their eyes of own guts, and Yakedo’s unorthodox style of fighting, and combined with Yakedo’s speed, proved to be too fatal for the attackers, and soon, Yakedo had slain them all.

The corpses provided a stench beyond putrid. The same stench began to plague the air, yet Yakedo was able to dispose of the corpses in a river outside of Konohagakure, which only left the stench in Konohagakure. Yakedo proceed to use his Wind Release to remove the stench from the village, and only then a sense of satisfaction filled Yakedo once again, as he now knew that he had rid the world of a plague, the terrorist organization. Yakedo ‘flew’ out of Konoha, with a new sense of pride surging through him. Yakedo decided to take it upon himself to search the world for more organization such as the one he had taken down, and to rid the world of these organizations.



Upon first viewing Yakedo, many assume him to be a female, his delicate features resembling that of a spoiled child, not of a being who has existed for over five hundred years, and has undergone the worst of tortures. Yakedo has oak brown hair, which he allowed to grow over time, resembling the hairstyles of one from the Yamanaka Clan. He has two bangs at the side of his face, which fall down past his cheekbones by a few millimeters. His oak brown eyes compliment the delicate features, the eyes are known to ‘stare into the souls of others’, an accomplishment which Yakedo holds dear. His head is also known to rarely adorn a golden headband

Yakedo dons a golden brown kimono, accented with a silver plating on the right sleeve. The kimono is covered in splatters of golden cherry blossom branches, the design outright stunning. Yakedo has always shown a love for the colour of gold, for reasons undisclosed. When he first lived with his parents, he was known to wear purple and white kimonos, which was a feat Yakedo disliked with a burning passion. As he grew, he began to abandon the violet and white colour scheme, completely dropping it when he was ten, during his third year of training as a Samurai. His kimono adopted the silver plating as a precaution when he became Head Samurai, under the pretense that he would always have some form of armour on his person at all times.

As he grew, his notable height of 7’3” allowed for him to tower over many individuals, often being able to send challengers running in fear at the mere sight of him. Almost all 284 pounds of him are pure muscle, his body having a perfect blend between both his muscle mass and body fat. Having a perfect blend of the two allows for him to have an attractive look when it comes to mere appearance, often using his attractiveness to collect information.

Yakedo is known to always have his blade by his side, the blade known as the Genkou Blade. A blade he created as he grew, from his research and intellect. This golden blade remains by his left waist, allowing for optimum amounts of time for him to unsheathe his blade. When Yakedo unsheathes his blade, the mere sight of it is able to send challengers off, making them cower in pure and utter fear. The blade has never been seen away from Yakedo’s person, and many wonder if he ever takes it away from his waist. Not only does Yakedo keep his signature blade, Yakedo carries an extra three blades, often using them in combat to display his mastery of the art. The other tool of which Yakedo carries at his person is his Seibutsukei Talisman. By keeping the talisman at his side, Yakedo is able to steal the DNA of others, and keep said DNA within his talisman, allowing for him to use them in the future.

His Samurai Armour was forged in the most perfect conditions, and is regarded to be a flawless armour. The gunmetal plating stands out in amongst other samurai, the gunmetal accented by the occasional golden plates. Not only that, a darker gunmetal colour can be seen throughout viewing of Yakedo’s armour. Yakedo shares black robes, which descend from his waistline, and go until his knees. The black robes put off a spiritual energy, of which Yakedo’s armour is composed of. The helm is a maroon-ish colour, and is adorned with horns of the same colour. The helm contains a scale-like design, resembling the outside of a dragon. The armour is able to be manifested when Yakedo ‘solidfies’ the chakra around him, creating the armour which surrounds him.


Yakedo is generally a quiet individual, and prefers to study and research all he can. Give him a topic, and he would proceed to give a speech on said topic, which shows his extensive knowledge on many subjects. Yakedo can often be found reading novels in his reasonably-sized hut in Mokugakure. Yakedo was a key factor in the idea of the Hidden Wood Village to create a library in the growing village. Yakedo’s own hut is littered with multiple research papers, many of which are in different and ancient dialect. Yakedo’s love for research is a prominent key in understanding this individual, as above all, he is a scholarly soul.

Yakedo is easily angered, his anger initiating when someone does something as mild as stepping on his research. This light state of anger causes him to often punch those who do so. His anger takes upon a whole new light when truly provoked, such as when others insult the Samurai Creed, or disrespect Mokugakure. Once angered, Yakedo’s Killing Intent rises to such a level, where highly weak shinobi collapse and fall into a coma due to it. When in this state, Yakedo will often dismiss the individual who has angered him by using a form of Kenjutsu which he finds to be easy to utilize, the art of Iai. Iai a style of swordsmanship which involves the user rapidly unsheathing his blade to slash the enemies, and then re-sheathing it after completing the attack. Although he only uses the style with his odachi. The speed and precision of his strikes are able to inflict a lethal blow on his opponent without staining the blade with blood. Yakedo learned this form of swordplay during his years of existence.

Yakedo’s personality takes a drastic change when it comes to taking a mission of any sorts. Yakedo’s personaility shifts into a more serious state of mind, taking almost everything literally in this regard. Yakedo is only assigned missions when he seems fit, due to his ranking in Mokugakure, acting as a secondary leader to the growing nation. This state of being literal often displeases those he works with, often angering those he works with in this regard.

However, as of recent, Yakedo's personality has been described as 'Bi-Polar', largely due to the fact that...



Unique Traits

Yakedo has quite the number of unique traits, all of which prove to be highly useful in his practical life. Yakedo uses a majority of these in combat, which only strengthens his combat capabilities by merging his unique traits with his Kenjutsu, which makes him the feared opponent.


Yakedo is one of the few users of poison in combat, and uses Poisons, toxins, and venoms, which are all intoxicating substance, and Yakedo can use many mediums to utilize his poison, such as liquid, gases, and using it via powders. These poisons come with a variety of effects, which when used correctly, is proven to be fatal.

One poison which Yakedo uses is the same form of poison utilized by Sasori. This poison, when introduced to the target’s bloodstream, the poison will initially paralyze them from three days, and after the duration of three days, the individual who was impacted will die. There has been no antidote created for this deadly poison.

Another deadly poison utilized by Yakedo is the poison from a Black Salamander. Yakedo has successfully been able to integrate the poison sac from a Black Salamander into his own body, allowing for him to produce this deadly toxin. This toxin is able to poison and render those temporary blindness, and enough of the venom can render the individual impacted dead.

Another poison not able to be created by humans, Yakedo uses the poison from an insect commonly used by those of the Aburame Clan, the Kochū bug. The Kochū bug produces a poison which paralyze the targeted individual, before killing them shortly after. Upon death, the poison vanishes from the system of the individual impacted, making this perfect for assassinations, and even brief encounters.

Yakedo, over his lengthy life has learnt how to use the Odourless Poison Mist often used by The Wandering Ninja Clan. This gas, when inhaled, slows down the reaction time and impacts the targets’ five senses, allowing for this gas to be used in perfect conjunction with almost any Kenjutsu technique.

Healing Factor

Yakedo Healing

The rate at which Yakedo heals.

Yakedo also has access to the ability to heal without forming Hand Seals, an unprecedented ability only seen before by Hashirama Senju. With this ability, Yakedo is able to heal wounds just as fast as they are created, and this healing process can lead to him being overly cocky in combat, an obvious disadvantage. This ability to heal in an ability often sought out by many others, and many have tried to kill him simply to be able to integrate Yakedo’s DNA into their own.

Enhanced Reflexes

Chakra Absorption

Eidetic Memory

Chakra Prowess

The chakra found within Yakedo is known to be one of the most potent to all shinobi-kind. Yakedo main source of chakra comes from himself, and this chakra is referred to as Eternal Chakra (不変チャクラ, ふへん, Fuhenchakura), as this chakra has made it so Yakedo has not been able to die by ageing. The most commonly accepted theory behind this is due to Yakedo's Shinto Spirit attributes, and Yakedo's chakra is theorized to never die out, and will eventually reform into another body. This, in theory, means that once Yakedo dies, his chakra will regenerate itself, creating a new body with the same chakra as Yakedo.

The other form of Chakra uses is the Shinigami Chakra (死神チャクラ, しにがみ, Shinigamichakura), and is accessible to him due to the Shinigami being sealed within him. This potent ability results in Yakedo's ability to produce his Bone Claws, however these claws are now directly associated with Yakedo's own chakra. This form of chakra acts in a similar manner as the chakra of a Tailed Beast, allowing for Yakedo to call upon said chakra in the direst of situation.


Shinto Spirit

Kekkei Genkai

Swift Release





An example of Yakedo's unorthodox fighting.

Yakedo is an individual who is considered the epitome of Kenjutsu. Having hundreds upon hundreds of years to master the art, Yakedo has developed his own style of Kenjutsu, all of which have roots within other well-established Kenjutsu styles. Kenjutsu is the form of combat which Yakedo employs most often, using his prodigious abilities to do so. The style of Kenjutsu Yakedo utilizes is widely regarded as Namiundoukiritateru (波運動切り立てる, Literally meaning: Wave Motion Slashes), a name which Yakedo has come to accept as his own. Many forms of Kenjutsu have been memorized by Yakedo due to his outstanding eidetic and muscle memory, which has allowed Yakedo to memorize the usage of multiple Kenjutsu forms, both Samurai and Shinobi versions.

As the name of Yakedo’s swordplay implies, the slashes usually spawned by Yakedo’s blades are performed in a wave-like motion, and Yakedo follows a certain ideology when it comes to his Kenjutsu. Yakedo states he follows the ‘Flowing Belief’, an ancient ideology of the bladed arts. The belief dictates that the blade is an extension of one’s self, and evolves over time, and should not be restricted to any given rhythm. This ideology is one not often followed by others, as Yakedo and a few others are the only practitioners of this belief. The belief also states that a user should flow chakra into the blade, to produce a ‘wave-like’ aura, and allows for smoother and hastier attacks. This wave-like belief often draw inspiration from utilizing the opponents Kenjutsu as well, and Yakedo is able to perfectly execute this due to his eidetic memory.


The brutality at which Yakedo fights.

Many styles of swordplay follow a sort of rhythm, and unlike others, Yakedo’s Wave Belief does not believe in being restricted to one form of Kenjutsu alone, and should instead utilize a variety of Kenjutsu as one continues to mature in the art of Kenjutsu. Now, as any true follower of Kenjutsu knows that many forms of Kenjutsu should follow a rhythm, which the form of combat follows depending on the speed, strength, timing, and type of Kenjutsu utilized. Due to Yakedo’s lack of a rhythm, almost all that have fought him have found trouble in finding a weak point in Yakedo’s defense, as his varying usage of Kenjutsu is almost impossible to pinpoint, and very few weaknesses have been found. It is due to the fact that Yakedo does not follow a certain form of Kenjutsu which allows him to fight against masters and be regarded as one. Practically every practitioner of Kenjutsu follows a certain form of Kenjutsu, and it is due to this lack of a certain form which has allowed Yakedo to defeat all of his challengers, as it has been proven next-to-impossible for one to adapt to Yakedo’s ever-changing flow.

Yakedo’s swordsmanship relies heavily on three aspects; speed, strength, and accuracy. Yakedo’s speed in Kenjutsu relies heavily on his Swift Release bloodline, which allows for him to move at speeds close to that of sound. When used in collaboration with the art of Iaidō, Yakedo has been noted to be able to decapitate an attacker before they can blink. Since the average individual blinks in within 300-400 milliseconds, Yakedo is known to be able to attack in less than one third of a second; a feat many envy. This speed is also revered more so in Yakedo’s combat when one considers he evasion speed. Yakedo is able to move brief milliseconds before an opponent’s blade strikes, Yakedo moving only by the bare minimum distance required. With this ideology, Yakedo often saves himself minor amounts of stamina, which are known to prove to be highly useful in the final stretch of combat. When it comes to strength, Yakedo is no pushover. Yakedo often says that speed is much stronger with the aspect of strength, and Yakedo’s application of such proves his statement true. His strength is comparable to that of Might Guy’s own strength when having opened two of the eight gates. The sheer amount of force Yakedo is able to apply is enough to shatter through blades made of weak quality, an occurrence which occurs more often than one would think. Yakedo’s strength comes with a price, which is the amount of stress it puts on Yakedo. Using all of his strength right off of the bat would drain him quickly, and thus Yakedo only uses his full strength when absolutely needed, and has only used his full capabilities in a death match with an old comrade. Practically every swordman requires the skill to have close to perfect abilities in accuracy, as if one is not accurate, there would have been no point in the training. Yakedo’s accuracy is close to perfect, largely due to the fact that Yakedo’s intelligence allows him to constantly be ten steps ahead of his opponent, and is often able to force an opponent to perform certain moves, based on what Yakedo believes would put him at an advantage. Yakedo is rarely known to miss an opponent and has only done so against users of Space-Time Ninjutsu, specifically against users of the Flying Thunder God Technique.

Despite Yakedo’s ever-changing style of swordplay, most of Yakedo’s attacks and defenses are usually an amalgamation of two or more styles, and eventually each aspect of Yakedo’s Wave Motion Slashes’ roots can be traced down into many forms of Kenjutsu. These forms all have their weaknesses, but due to Yakedo’s usage of them by combining two or more forms of Kenjutsu, Yakedo more or less covers any weaknesses that could potentially lead to his own downfall. Two of the most commonly seen of Yakedo’s combinations is a combination of the Kashima Shinryū and Hokushin Ittō-ryū, two forms of koryū. The Kashima Shinryū form of Kenjutsu is largely kept at secret, not much information able to be found other than its history. However, Kashima Shinryū is seen to be focused on the swinging of blades towards the lower and lower-mid region. By using sheer speed, Yakedo is able to deliver multiple blows in a matter of seconds, a feat which causes heavy damage to those inflicted. Not only that, this form is known to utilized a ‘swinging’ motion, by never stopping the motion of the blade until it is forcefully stopped by the opponent. This swinging motion allows for attacks to gain more speed and momentum for stronger strikes. The other component of the combination is Hokushin Ittō-ryū. This form of Kenjutsu focuses on accuracy and defense. Yakedo is able to attack with almost perfect accuracy with every strike, and is able to block any incoming blades at a whims notice. Performing such a task is close to near impossible, yet skilled practitioners such as Yakedo himself are able to perform this at a whims notice, doing so as a second reflex of sorts.


The anger empowers his slashes.

Another known combination is a combination of Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryū and Enshin Ittō-ryū. Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryū essentially has Yakedo use horizontal strikes, movement of Yakedo’s lower body, and striking at the lower region. These three components make up a truly hidden form of Kenjutsu, and by combining Yakedo’s speed with horizontal strikes, Yakedo is able to easily disarm the opponent, as well as use his knees and elbows to inflict wounds alongside his legendary Kenjutsu. When striking at the lower region, Yakedo uses a combination of both his unmatched speed and his vigorous strength. By dealing multiple blows to the opponents’ legs and calves, Yakedo’s strength allows for the bruising of skins and bones, and given the right opportunity, Yakedo would be able to fracture the bones found within ones lower region. Not many weaknesses can be found with this form of Kenjutsu, as it also utilizes rapid defense, and Yakedo is able to quickly reposition his blade to intercept incoming strikes from above, even able to infuse his potent chakra into said blade to pierce through the incoming chakra attacks. The next component of this combination is the useful art of Enshin Ittō-ryū. This art is essentially focused on the user performing direct vertical slashes, holding the blade horizontally, and a rapid ‘spinning’ motion. Essentially, this allows for Yakedo to perform dominant vertical slashes of pure power, allowing for him to break through the greatest of defenses, an feat requiring complete strength. Yakedo’s vertical slashes also allows him to shatter blades of a decent build or weaker. Decently built blades are much more oftenly found, and many of the decent blades are regarded as the ‘ultimate’ blades, showing how far blacksmiths’ quality of work has gone down. By holding the blade in an unorthodox position of horizontal, this allows for brief strikes which are able to pierce the greatest of defenses, as the power put into each horizontal strike is much more powerful than one would originally think possible. The rapid ‘spinning’ motion found most often in practitioners of this Kenjutsu format is essentially the spinning of one’s body, applying the same principle as anothing ‘spinning’ motion-like form of Kenjutsu. Similar to the other form, by not stopping the strikes of a blade until absolutely necessary, one is able to gain more speed and power in every strike, creating a way to shatter defenses, or even fracture limbs. Yakedo often uses this combination with dual blades, allowing for much more powerful and more defense-like attributes in his attacks.

On a rare occasion, Yakedo will combine both of these original combinations, resulting in a four-way combination. This four-way combination utilizes three blades, with two Odachi in each hand, while a Tōnto is located in his mouth, held there by Yakedo’s teeth. Yakedo often moves around as if he is one with the ocean and wind, his body moving in a wave-like motion, resulting in his body moving in an unorthodox manner, resulting in almost zero ways to counter this four-way combination. Yakedo is known to only utilize this four-way combination against the greatest of opponents, only two opponents ever pushing him to such an extent.


Flowing Chakra into his blades.


An example of quickly stealing his opponents blade.


The speed at which Yakedo can counter incoming slashes.


Ninjutsu is an ability which Yakedo seldom uses, except when used in conjunction with his Kenjutsu. When Yakedo does use this chakra-consuming art, he is no slouch whatsoever when it comes to these set of arts. Yakedo is a user of the Swift Release bloodline limit, and allows for him to move at astonishing speeds, which are quite handy in his expertise art of Kenjutsu. Due to the fact that there is only one known technique of the Swift Release, not much else can be said, other than the fact that it allows for Yakedo to move at mach speeds. Yakedo does not only have his bloodline limit, but has two other nature transformations, Lightning Release and Wind Release.A majority of techniques of which Yakedo utilizes comes under one of these nature formats. Since Yakedo uses his Kenjutsu more often, only against a truly powerful opponent will Yakedo truly use his ability to utilize Ninjutsu in combat, and often results in a devastating form of combat.

The Chakra Displacement technique is a Chakra Flow technique created by Yakedo, and is a method where Yakedo displaces the chakra of his opponent to render them much weaker than their initial state. After using his Swift Release bloodline, Yakedo will launch forward, before slamming his palm onto the opponents chest. Upon contact, Yakedo forces his own chakra into the targets' body, which results in Yakedo's own potent chakra to shove out the chakra of his target, resulting in the displacement of the original chakra. Once the opponents' chakra has been displaced, Yakedo's own chakra returns to him, and the now weakened opponent often surrender then and there, or will faint, due to the sheer agony of having chakra forcefully being removed from an individual.





"You aren't my daughter. I refuse to believe it."
— Yakedo, to his daughter.

"So...this is what it feels like? It feels so...good."
— Yakedo, on his deathbed.


  • Yakedo is the author's main character.
  • 'Yakedo' means 'Scald', while 'Itonami' means life. Therefore, Yakedo's name can be interpreted as 'Scalding Life'.
  • Yakedo's Fairy Tail counterpart can be found at this link;

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