[nil edit]Yang Release: Raging Sky Raid 15px
Raging Sky Raid
Rōmaji Onmyōton: Dokuugeki
Literal English Reigning Sky Murder
Viz print media Infernal Sky Reign
English anime Heavens Purgatory
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range Long-range

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Once one of Raido's but has since become Terrax's and Saikurons most powerful and destructive technique. Thus jutsu has been forbidden by Fa' rao who himself after he himself witnessed the pure scale of destruction this technique unleashed. This jutsu is capable of doing inconcievible amounts of damage, leaving an entire village devoid of life. Terrax or Saikuron creates a large numbers of orbs create a large halo around his body and go up into the sky creating a massive Halo around the designated area from there they collect atmospheric energy combined with the Yin-yang chakra nature of Raidos. It is a time active delay as it can be fired after 5-10 mins 5 mins at half power and 10 at max power. At which they use the attack, which can not be used before 5 minute mark. Once release lasers will shot out at an immense rate leaving nothing behind but craters and chaos behind.. this move has been reffered to as destruction incarnate Though Raido no longer uses this move.. Terrax, and Saikuron have picked up on this moves.. and have used it for very destructive purposes.

This move was also used by the Ring Leader in the Death Circus Arc, however due to the being in a genjutsu and being able to manipulate the surrounding world he was able to skip the time limit on it and fire it out right directly.

5 Minute Mark

After 5 minutes the jutsu attack power is at half capacity, which still does considerable damage when released, to which that even Raido X was surprised to see how much it did in training. Saikuron often use it up to 5 minutes a demonstration of the power Tsuki no Ai possesses

10 minute Mark

After the full 10 mins the power is at full firing capacity, and at full power is capable of creating destruction and an inconceivable scale, completely decimating an entire village or area. This move is what Raido used on his second attack on Otogakure.. once it is allowed to obtain full power there is no way to end the technique


Besides the enormous amount of time needed to prepare the jutsu, there are many ways to disrupt the jutsu

The best way to halt this jutsu is to not let either have the time to prepare a jutsu of this caliber as it takes time to create.. and even more for them to gather up the full Yang Release chakra need to create the orbs.. the orbs can only be destroyed by Taijutsu as the absorb any ninjutsu based attacks used on them


  • This move has only be used once and that was in Otogakure 2nd great unraveling