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Kanji 陰陽仙法・利口光輝有る木
Rōmaji Onmyō Senpō: Rikō Kōkiaruki
Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Related jutsu
Wood Release: Illumination of the Sacred Tree

Yin-Yang Sage Art: Wise Gleaming Tree (陰陽仙法・利口光輝有る木,Onmyō Senpō: Rikō Kōkiaruki) is a technique Kaname created after meeting Zenkichi Senju and learning about his jutsu. Like Zenkichi's this technique creates a massive tree that has the ability to gather and store natural energy, that Kaname is able to sypion it from to extend his length in Sage Mode. Using his abilities of Yin Release and Yang Release, Kaname was able to create two trees, one in his Kamui which he calls the "Wise Tree" and the other somewhere in Kakuzensho which he calls the "Gleaming Tree". The two tress are connect, as it is the tree in Kakuzensho that gathers the energy and transfers it to Wise Tree within the Kamui.