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[nil edit]Yin-Yang Sword Technique 15px
Kanji 陰陽剣の術
Rōmaji In'yōken no Jutsu
English anime Shadow-Light Sword Jutsu
Alternative names Yin-Yang Blade Technique
Appears in Anime, Game, Manga, Movie, Novel
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Hand seals Snake

During his time in his second round of training with the wolverines, Daisuke Takamine created a technique similar to the Ice Sword Technique, but instead utilizes his Yin Release and Yang Release, but is not a form of Yin-Yang Release. The sword exists of physical energy and operates the same manner of a normal sword, but upon adding spiritual energy Daisuke formulates a way of winning without need of slaughter. Of course, he still can, but the purpose of the yin is to eat away and absorb the opponent's chakra. Whether it slice through the chakra flow or the person grabs hold of the energy-made weapon, their chakra levels drop and they are at risk if they don't move far away enough in time as Daisuke's speed is fast and his yin can span further than his yang. This is one of the ways he can successfully absorb chakra.

In Daisuke's case, he must hold the sword with both hands, as he projects yin on one hand and yang on another, and he must continue holding it at all times, otherwise he'll lose it. Once it's gone, unless he received a hefty amount of chakra, he's exhausted.

But possibly the worst part about this technique is the need for a hand seal. It must stay in use at all times. Because of the lightning-like effect of the yin, Daisuke uses the snake hand seal, which is often affiliated with Lightning Release.

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