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Void Barrier
Void Barrier.jpg
Kanji 時空結界
Rōmaji Jikū Kekkai
Literal English Space-Time Barrier
English TV Void Barrier
Classification Ninjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Nature Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Rank B-Rank
Class Defensive
Range Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals Boar → Dog → Snake → Slam Surface
Other Info
Related Jutsu Yin Release: Warehouse Dimension

Yin Release: Void Fist
Yin Release: Wall Phase
Confinement Barrier


Tsubaki Serizawa

Technique Description

The Yin Release: Void Barrier technique is a defensive, space-time, barrier ninjutsu that creates a purple-colored, transparent dome around the user in a 3 meter radius; this jutsu is applied near the feet of the user by weaving the correct hand seals and then slamming the ground with one or more hands. Through Yin Release, the imagination of the user is manipulated in order to project their will onto reality, making the constructs of their mind take form in the real world. In doing so, they create this dome originating at the base of their feet. As a bubble of it's own space and time, the dome is nearly impervious to all forms of elemental ninjutsu and is completely invulnerable to sound-based ninjutsu; sound cannot pass through the dome in either direction. Advanced elemental natures and blunt force damage can crack or shatter the dome, potentially breaking it into fragments in a similar manner to glass or ice breaking.

Because the dome is it's own pocket of time and space, using ninjutsu such as the Hiding in Surface Technique doesn't allow one to go under the bubble and immerge from within the dome. Likewise, one cannot leave the dome using this type of jutsu either. Additionally, unless the barrier is broken, individuals outside the dome cannot enter it and individuals inside the dome cannot exit. As a result, it may work both as a shield or a prison depending on the user's needs. Of course, the user can return the barrier to its space-time at any given point, should they so choose to. The Yin Release: Wall Phase technique allows one to phase both in and out of this barrier.

The Void Barrier was heavily inspired by the "Ward of Dawn" ability from the video game: Destiny 2. In the game, the player summons a large, void-energy dome/bubble to protect themselves and their allies.

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