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"I will revenge my injuries"

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Void Fist
Void Fist.gif
Kanji 時空拳
Rōmaji Jikūken
Literal English Space-Time Fist
English TV Void Fist
Classification Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu, Fighting Style, Nintaijutsu
Nature Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Rank A-Rank
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short Range
Hand Seals Horse → Tiger → Boar → Dog → Snake
Other Info
Derived Jutsu Yin Release: Wall Phase
Related Jutsu Yin Release: Warehouse Dimension

Yin Release: Void Barrier
Heart Ripping Technique


Tsubaki Serizawa

Technique Description

Yin Release: Void Fist is a space-time ninjutsu technique that allows the user to create space-time portals on whatever they touch, enabling adept users to slip their hand into another's body and rip out their heart. Through Yin Release, the imagination of the user is manipulated in order to project their will onto reality, making the constructs of their mind (in this case, the portals) take form in the real world. After weaving the required hand seals, one of the user's hands (usually their dominant) begins to glow black and purple. Upon contact with a person or object, a space-time portal will be created, allowing the user to enter without affecting the matter they now occupy. The portal is only as wide as the user's hand, so they are likely only able to fit up to a single arm within the portal. As soon as their hand leaves the portal, the portal closes.

This jutsu requires a moderate amount of chakra to cast and a small amount of chakra to maintain. It can be canceled at any time, so long as the user's hand is not inside a portal; if their hand is inside the portal and they run out of chakra, the portal will close and their hand will be forever lost in a nameless space-time dimension. It should be noted that if the user doesn't wishes to grab onto or attack something, they can maintain the portal with the length of their arm and touch real-world objects with their hand.

This technique can be applied in several ways. For one, a user can reach through walls and barriers to grab things or to assassinate people. The primary way this technique is used is actually quite offensive. By creating a portal on an opponent's body, the user can slip their hand into said body, ignoring all the body matter in the way, and pull out organs and other body parts. Tsubaki Serizawa is notorious for combining this ninjutsu with the Heart Ripping Technique, in which she grab holds of and yanks the victim's heart out from their body, killing them instantly. Her entire fighting style revolves around this tactic.

It should be noted that, when used on people, the victim takes no damage and doesn't even feel the void fist entering their body. When the portal is closed, their body appears as normal; there are no injuries. However, this does not prevent the user from dragging body parts out of the victim, upon which they will suffer from the loss of such body parts.

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