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"I will revenge my injuries"

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Wall Phase
Wall Phase.gif
Kanji 万物怪門
Rōmaji Banbutsu Kaimon
Literal English Strange Gate of All Things
English TV Wall Phase
Classification Ninjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu
Nature Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release
Rank C-Rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short Range
Hand Seals Touch Surface
Other Info
Parent Jutsu Yin Release: Void Fist
Related Jutsu Yin Release: Warehouse Dimension

Yin Release: Void Barrier
Hiding in Surface Technique


Tsubaki Serizawa

Technique Description

The Yin Release: Wall Phase technique is a supplementary, space-time ninjutsu that allows the user to pass through almost any surface and emerge from the other side. Through Yin Release, the imagination of the user is manipulated in order to project their will onto reality, making the constructs of their mind take form in the real world. In doing so, they create a pocket of space-time which takes the place of the object they're touching at any location their body touches it. After touching the desired surface, the user can slip through the surface by entering the space-time pocket and emerge from the other side, upon which the surface will return back to it's original state.

This technique does not result in the user becoming intangible, allowing them to slip through any surface, but rather it results in the object of specification becoming intangible wherever the user touches. Because the surface or object is now intangible at any points of contact, the user is able to slip into the object while still retaining their tangibility. It should be noted that this technique cannot work on creatures or people. It doesn't make the user intangible, so they're not invincible, but rather making the surface they touch intangible for whatever area of their body enters it. Thus, the user can still be attacked, but can go through the surface without impediment, while others cannot.

This technique allows the user to bypass barrier ninjutsu, as they can slip right through and emerge from the other side. That being said, this doesn't allow the user to break the barrier.

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