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  • Empty Soul
  • Flying Soul
Kanji 陰遁・翼霊の術
Rōmaji Inton: Yokurei no Jutsu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary

The Yin Release: Winged Soul Technique (陰遁・翼霊の術, Inton: Yokurei no Jutsu) is a technique exclusively practiced by Azusa Uchiha. An expression of her unique talents in the manipulation of spiritual energy, Azusa taps into her imagination and governs it to form the shape of butterflies. These butterflies, being formed out of her own chakra, are completely under her own will. They begin as completely black constructs with a complete dependence on Azusa, but may be advanced into a new state of being. These are the butterflies used by Azusa in order to reconnaissance around areas of interest.

  • Empty Soul (空霊, Kūrei): The first variation of this technique, and the most simple version. By expressing her chakra into a shape, Azusa may forge these butterflies with very little effort. Being possessed by her chakra, Azusa is capable of imposing commands onto them effortlessly, and they can relay any information back to Azusa. However, it isn't exactly clear information.
  • Flying Soul (飛霊, Hirei): The second variation of this technique. By channeling greater concentration, Azusa can create butterflies with unique patterns and colors. These can hold a specific task delegated to them, and are able to independently carry it out with the chakra they are made out of. They also possess a miniaturized version of the Sharingan, allowing her to record any information through them.
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