"I am a Flame Haze, the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter. I am known by Shana!"

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Rōmaji Yochigan
Literal English Foresight Eye
Known Wielders


The Yochigan is a dōjutsu combination of the Sharingan and the Tenseigan. It has manifested in the three siblings of the Leaf: Ryo Hyuga, Teizen Uchiha, and Shiena Uchiha. This dōjutsu, once manifested, cannot be deactivated. This essentially erases the Tenseigan but not the Sharingan.


Clairvoyance Sage Mode

Ryo originally wanted to call it "Yochigan Chakra Mode", but since they kept the Truth-Seeking Balls he changed it to Yochigan Sage Mode or Clairvoyance Sage Mode. The color of its cloak is magenta. Using this mode grants everything Tenseigan Chakra Mode granted with some extra additions. For example, once their Mangekyō Sharingan awakens, they could summon an armor of Susanoo that strengthens both offense and defense. Also, the Susanoo could be double-layered meaning they could use the armor and the Susanoo surrounding the user.

Clairvoyance Burst Mode

Yochigan Burst Mode or Clairvoyance Burst Mode is a heightened version of Yochigan Sage Mode. It gets rid of the chakra cloak revealing a haori with magatama around the collar akin to the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. The eyes expel arcs of cyan green and red energy, akin to Teiōgan Burst Mode the components of the Tenseigan and the Sharingan. This can be combined with Six Paths Sage Mode. Nothing changes except the haori changes color to the iconic orange of Six Paths Sage Mode.


The Yochigan retains the jutsus of its parent dōjutsus. This dōjutsu grants the user the strongest barrier ninjutsu Six Paths: Ame-no-mihashira. Using this barrier is almost invincible since it traps the unlucky person in a parallel world where destruction is prevalent.

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