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Older Yoshi
Name Yoshitsune
Japanese 義経
Rōmaji Yoshitsune
Titles Thousand Cherry Blossoms (千本桜, Senbonzakura)
Fierce Deity (鬼神, Kishin)
Sage of the Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼の仙人, Rinne Sharingan no Sennin)
Yoshitsune of the Nine-Tails (九尾の義経, Kyūbi no Yoshitsune)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio November 2
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 45
Status Alive
Height 184 cm
Weight 80 kg
Blood Type O
Classification Sage
Tailed Beast Kurama
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 329972
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 13
Kekkei Mōra Rinne Sharingan Rinne Sharingan
Nature Type Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin–Yang Release
Jutsu Amenominaka
Animal Path
Asura Attack
Asura Path
Banshō Ten'in
Black Receiver
Blocking Technique Absorption Seal
Chibaku Tensei
Demonic Statue Chains
Deva Path
Earth Release: Sandwich Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fusion: Frozen Breath of the North Technique
Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability
Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan
God: August Star of Heaven
God: Nativity of a World of Trees
Human Path
Lightning Echo Rasengan
Lightning Release: Whisper of the Gathering Clouds Technique
Naraka Path
Outer Path
Preta Path
Regeneration Ability
Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama
Shadow Clone Technique
Shinra Tensei
Six Paths Sage Mode
Six Paths Technique
Tailed Beast Ball
Truth-Seeking Ball
Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Yoshitsune (義経, Yoshitsune) is a powerful shinobi with ancient alien blood, being the child of one of the aliens to escape the clan. Yoshitsune possesses within him the great powers of the Six Paths chakra of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, which was bonded to his powerful, young body by the final actions of his celestial father. He was later taken to Konohagakure by Musashibō after the man saved him from death from a group of bandits and raised him as his own child. Yoshitsune would rise to the rank of jōnin while within the village. Despite his love for the village and what he owed to it, Yoshitsune would eventually leave the village due to learning the true darkness that lived in the village with the planned death of his best friend, becoming a wanderer in the shinobi world who is neutral to all villages as to be able to help all of them when need be.

Later in life, Yoshitsune would become a powerful sage with the usage of his Six Paths Sage Mode. With having the powers of the Sharingan, the Mangekyō Sharingan, the Rinnegan, and the Six Paths Sage Mode, some have said that Yoshitsune is on the same level of power as the Sage of Six Paths, perhaps even surpassing him. Yoshitsune's ocular abilities would later merge into a single ability, the Rinne Sharingan, when Yoshitsune got older, making Yoshitsune that much more powerful and revered in the shinobi world. The Rinne Sharingan was born from the light of the full moon interacting with the various different forms of chakra Yoshitsune had absorbed in life, including the chakra of several tailed beasts that he had encountered at various times, making his chakra that much more potent, dense, and powerful.

Throughout the shinobi world, many have joked that Yoshitsune has as many talents as the number of petals of the blossoms on a cherry tree, earning him the moniker of Thousand Cherry Blossoms (千本桜, Senbonzakura). After mastering the Six Paths and reading the history of the tablet hidden in the Naka Shrine, Yoshitsune would seek to fulfill Hagoromo's dream in his own way, and would set out to try and help bring not just peace to the world, but give it justice. Yoshitsune would go on to explain to the five kage that he wanted to be a free roaming shinobi with no ties to one village in particular and help better the shinobi villages. With the blessing of Naruto and the other Kage, he would be allowed this, and does various missions to help the great shinobi villages. After this, with his great power, defending of peace, and his willingness to kill for it, Yoshitsune became known to many as the Fierce Deity (鬼神, Kishin). Finally, due to his possession of the extremely rare and powerful Rinne Sharingan, and it's stronger and more unique nature in that it is the fully merged powers and abilities of his previously wielded Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, and Rinnegan in one, which makes the eye possess all of their respective powers, along with his powerful Six Paths Sage Mode, made Yoshitsune become known as the Sage of the Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼の仙人, Rinne Sharingan no Sennin). Also, after passing the trial of Kurama, Yoshitsune was gifted a portion of its chakra. This chakra was sealed into him to make Yoshitsune's become a pseudo-jinchūriki. Yoshitsune would become known as Yoshitsune of the Nine-Tails (九尾の義経, Kyūbi no Yoshitsune) for fusing this power with his Susanoo to incarnate into essentially a new tailed beast.


The human race was not alone in this universe. The mother of chakra, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, and a group of three men named Momoshiki, Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, and Urashiki Ōtsutsuki proved this with their alien origins. However, even beyond these four locked in some familial feud, more of their clan existed throughout space and time. Other aliens had been among them from their mighty Ōtsutsuki clan, from high ranking people like Kinshiki's master, to others so lowly that they are all but forgotten in the clan's history of spreading out amongst the stars. Among these groups, one found refuge on a planet relatively near the planet of the Shinobi and used it as a grove for new God Trees. The majority of this cell, unlike Momoshiki, actually got along with the local population and worked alongside them, albeit without granting them the power of chakra. To grow the trees, which consumed the blood of those who die, ritualistic sacrifices were put in place to use less intelligent creatures without the same capacity to think as the aliens and humanity, much like sheep. This would go on for a great deal of time until the ultimate return of Momoshiki, who was gathering the power he needed to make an assault on Earth and take the power of Kaguya for himself. When the local Ōtsutsuki cell proved that they not only didn't actively kill the host population but that they did not side with Momoshiki's ideals, he ravaged the planet and his traitorous clansmen. The blood of the dead soaked into the ground and was quickly consumed by the tree, had its fruit finally fully develop. The leader of the Ōtsutsuki splinter cell rushed to grab it and escape from Momoshiki. While he was injured by the far stronger alien, he was able to open a portal to a nearby planet, Earth, and escape Momoshiki, who was unaware of where he had gone.

The alien came Earth to discover that Kaguya had not only consumed the planet's fruit, but that she had been defeated, sealed and the power of her chakra was spread amongst humanity. The leader considered consuming the fruit he had saved from Momoshiki, but he knew that his body was too damaged and weak to be able to contain its power. As such, he stored it away to keep it safe. The servant eventually found a town somewhere in the spacious land of the Land of Fire. Finding a woman descended from the dispersed Senju clan that he fell in love with, the former clan leader removed the horns that were a trademark of his people and he married the woman after some time. She would become pregnant, and life seemed to be looking up for the escaped alien. Despite this, old wounds still plagued his body. He would hold out until the birth of his son, happy to see that he lacked the physical features of his clan so that me may blend into the general human population. However, he knew his life was not going to last much longer. Holding out long enough for his son to be able to eat food besides his mother's milk, the alien turned the fruit from his former planet into a food his son could consume. This was done out of fear of what Momoshiki would do to this planet when he finally made his way there. In his mind, he was preparing the world with one who could defend it, not knowing that other saviors would step up far before his son would even be near such power. Due to age, the fruit has lost a significant portion of the power it could grant someone, but it was still able to empower his son greatly despite its withered state. Sensing his son's chakra levels heighten, he still as he finally died from complications associated with his old wounds. His wife, while heart broken from the loss, buried him and continued to care for their son.

She would leave this village, too heartbroken to maintain life there. As she travelled, she would find herself heading towards Konohagakure. She decided to make a life here for her own safety. While only a few miles from the village, she came across some bandits. The attacked the woman for any valuables she may possess and cut her with their blades for resisting them. The woman desperately clung to her son to try and defend him, but as she did, a former monk appeared. Quickly dispatching the bandits, the former monk, Musashibō, turned to the woman and checked on her. Knowing she was on the verge of death; he cursed his lack of medical ninjutsu and apologized profusely for not appearing sooner. The woman pushed her small son into the man's arms, begging him to take care of him in her place. Saying she would soon be with her husband again; she told the monk that the boy's name was Yoshitsune before passing. Sensing the chakra of the boy, Musashibō could feel he had an unusually high amount of chakra for a child. Further, it was like an uneven mixture of chakra from the great heroes of the Shinobi world, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Unbeknownst to him, it was actually the spirits of Kaguya's grandchildren within them, Asura and Indra Ōtsutsuki. This was due to the nature of the child consuming what would have been a complete chakra fruit but withered from age, sustained and viable only by the power of the chakra it contained.

From that point on it was Musashibō who raised the young child who quickly began getting stronger during his development into an individual. Musashibō would name the infant Yoshitsune, supposedly after his own father. Yoshitsune would grow into being a happy toddler and later child and was cared for greatly by Musashibō. Yoshitsune would be active in his care, helping his caretaker with various chores and tasks. Yoshitsune would extend this to others around the village, however, many feared him as a bad omen for the events that caused him to be in the village. Over time. Yoshitsune proved to the people of the village, both civilian and shinobi, that he was no omen of misfortune or a curse that caused those around him to die, but a kind and caring soul.

Yoshitsune would eventually go to the ninja academy and would meet a boy named Ninigi Senju, who would grow to become Yoshitsune's best friend and brother-figure. The two bonded quickly with their similar personalities and hearts, and Ninigi, as an orphan himself, would eventually be taken in by Musashibō and raised by him too, making Yoshitsune and Ninigi that much closer to being brothers. Being great in school, Yoshitsune and Ninigi together planned to allow their grades to reach a median as to allow them to be placed on the same team together for easily, much to Musashibō's exasperation over them not preforming as well as they could.

Graduating from the academy, he was placed on a genin team with Musashibō as the jōnin instructor, with Ninigi just as they had planned and an unknown female, which Yoshitsune remarks was a member of the Hyūga clan, as his teammates. Yoshitsune was put on various missions by Musashibō quickly, as he possessed strong faith in Yoshitsune and Ninigi. The team proved to be strong, as typical genin missions like retrieving lost pets or finding lost equipment soon proved to pose no challenge to them, and as such move up to higher rank missions. Taking care of large wild animals and younger rouge ninja, Yoshitsune and his team quickly proved to be a powerful force as these missions too flowed smoothly for them. All of this together made the group be called the strongest of the genin teams at the time.

When the chūnin exams rolled around, the team entered and were promoted to the rank of chūnin. During the exam, a new generation of ninja from Otogakure who wanted to return Orochimaru to his former position of village leader and his true power attacked. The group placed Yoshitsune under a genjutsu that showed Yoshitsune in a life in which he was not his own person or even loved by others, but merely being made into a vessel for Orochimaru, as the Oto-nin thought Orochimaru would want the boy as even they were able to sense the great deal of powerful chakra coming from the boy. To try and stop it, the Hyūga female tried to attack them, but the stronger Oto-nin countered her attacks, and knocked her out completely in the process. Ninigi, his trusted best friend threw a kunai at Yoshitsune in a non-vital area, the pain from it waking Yoshitsune up from the genjutsu just as the enemy ninja stabbed Ninigi. The stress of seeing such a strange dream and seeing his teammate and best friend injured made the Sharingan manifest in both of his eyes quickly. Yoshitsune's Sharingan was born from his unbalanced Six Paths chakra allowing Indra's chakra to fill his eyes first, along with the strong alien genetics in his body, and quickly adapted to this powerful half of his chakra acting on it as Yoshitsune's ancestral clan of aliens normally wield dōjutsu as well. They tried to place Yoshitsune in another genjutsu, but Yoshitsune was able to break it as it was set upon him. Yoshitsune and Ninigi, despite his wound, then quickly defeated the three Oto-nin and put them close to death. Sometime later, Yoshitsune sat confused about his possession of the Sharingan and questioned how he had the power. Musashibō comforted the boy as best he could, telling Yoshitsune that though his true parentage was unknown or why he had such a power, he was seen by Musashibō as his beloved son and student. Ninigi called Yoshitsune his brother, and joked how as Yoshitsune was potentially an Uchiha, they were related somewhere down the line. Yoshitsune embraced the two, and accepted his past is not of his control, but his future is. After this, with approval from Musashibō, Yoshitsune went on to fight in the exams still and earn his chūnin rank alongside Ninigi.

Sometime after this point, Musashibō helped Yoshitsune learn the power of the Rasengan. Proving challenges with it, Musashibō had Yoshitsune focus upon rotation of air, using his own Wind Release to show it. Following this, Yoshitsune followed suit, and started to understand by taking the technique simple rotations at a time until finally, he was able to burst both balloon and rubber ball with his rotating chakra before finally forming a true Rasengan. From there, Yoshitsune added his original chakra affinity before he awakened either of the eyes that gave him an affinity for each chakra nature, the Lightning Release. Working to add it in, Yoshitsune created Rasengan with a lightning chakra nature in it, and then he named the technique the Lightning Echo Rasengan, his equivalent to Naruto's Wind Release: Rasengan, and it works very similarly in general. This is a powerful lightning-based Rasengan, and it exists as a larger Rasengan with a ring of lightning around it that can be slammed into somebody and have it drill into them before bursting into a heavy storm of lightning chakra in a vortex shape much like the standard Rasengan, just with arcs of lightning electrocuting those hit and potentially striking those it passes by. During this training, Yoshitsune's Sharingan also became fully matured, with all three tomoe being present in the eye.

Years later, one of his last team missions with his sensei and father-figure Musashibō, the two were ambushed by Missing-nin originally from Kumo-nin. Musashibō knew that in their state they were both doomed and demanded Yoshitsune to flee while he held the group off. Musashibō proceeded to use his skill to fight them off as best he could, but ultimately died as a result. Yoshitsune would return after hearing the howls of his father-figure's pain and seeing the dead body of his teacher made his Sharingan evolve into his own Mangekyō Sharingan. He then used the technique it granted to him, the powerful and feared Kamui, to avenge his fallen master. Yoshitsune states he believes he gained Kamui as it represents the voids in his life, the things he will never be able to touch or experience. After mastering the power of both versions of his Kamui, Yoshitsune would also gain the power to use Susanoo, one of Yoshitsune's staple techniques. Yoshitsune's Regeneration Ability, which was fairly weak at the time, was also able to repair the damage to his eyes caused by him using these techniques over time, thus preventing him from going blind.

Years would pass and Yoshitsune became a jōnin and even served as an Anbu member for a time. During this time, Yoshitsune and Ninigi would develop the Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique together. While serving as an Anbu towards the end of his tenure, Yoshitsune would lose his dear brother-figure Ninigi, who was lost during a mission. Ninigi was declared dead strangely quick. Yoshitsune attended the funeral and possesses sadness, but it was numbed by his suspicions. Yoshitsune would locate files on many attacks and events done by Konoha. While many were justified, many were also dark and served nothing but to defend the government of Konoha. Yoshitsune would learn of dark events like the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Root, and the true reasons of why Tobirama Senju moved the Uchiha clan, not for protection, but for fear of them. Ninigi's own loss was planned by Konoha as the world feared his power that was becoming on par with Hashirama Senju's, further unbalancing the villages as Naruto and Sasuke both still stood, though they acted as peacekeepers of the world. The fear rested mostly in what he could do should Naruto and Sasuke both pass away and he gain control. Rather than risk war from rising disputes and Ninigi's power, he was sacrificed by higher-ups in the village without the Hokage's approval. Yoshitsune further learned his own story for being brought to Konoha. He would discover how his life was questioned by Sasuke if it was worth keeping, and how Sasuke and Naruto brought him to the village for safe keeping. Moreover, he learned that he himself only narrowly avoided a similar fate as he possessed only a Mangekyō Sharingan and lacked a brother to attain the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, the world being unaware of his Mangekyō Sharingan not losing its light due to the Regeneration Ability he wielded, which further was an unknown fact to most too. Yoshitsune had an emotional breakdown, finally losing his numbness at this point, and cried out in sadness and anger. The unneeded death of Ninigi and his own narrowly held life, these things ultimately pushed Yoshitsune's emotions to their greatest extend and he awakened the Rinnegan as his Six Paths chakra finally balanced itself out in his biology to become perfect in nature, and further making his Mangekyō Sharingan never lose its light through the power of the Six Paths in him. Yoshitsune's Regeneration Ability also got stronger in this process. Yoshitsune grew to distrust his home village after this. Yoshitsune would go before all five of the Kage, and for the first time reveal his Rinnegan to the other villages. Yoshitsune explained his stance, his desire to set out and help better all the villages in a fashion similar to Sasuke Uchiha, but larger scale. With Naruto's blessing, the other kage slowly approved of this, mostly to make it so Yoshitsune was neutral to all the villages and avoid another planned death like Ninigi, fearing the great power Yoshitsune wielded. Yoshitsune also got the officials behind Ninigi's death arrested and sent to the Hōzuki Castle, the infamous Blood Prison, where many of them would eventually take their own lives in shame for their actions. Yoshitsune would be noted for smiling upon hearing this news later on.

With his eye, body, and chakra similar that of the Sage of Six Paths, he eventually ventured out and was able to access the Naka Shrine during one of his many missions to maintain peace in the shinobi world and peace between the village. Yoshitsune, despite his earlier disgust with the dark history of the village, grew to understand a view of why it had happened, and further wanted to maintain peace himself. Here he learned of the Sage's final words, albeit corrupted by the malicious Black Zetsu. The Rinnegan chakra in Yoshitsune reacted to the presence of the tablet's fully read nature, and summoned forth the spirit Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the mythical Rabbit Goddess. She attempted to make Yoshitsune turn his will over to hers, but he sliced through the apparition and cut it in two, causing the spirit of the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, to appear. Hagoromo explained he had performed a small genjutsu to test the will of Yoshitsune. Hagoromo then used his power to repair the corrupted tablet after all the changes created by Black Zetsu to it. Hagoromo would further add information regarding the Sage's mother Kaguya, the Shinju, the Ten-Tails, the Tailed Beasts' origins, and various other secrets now held in the tablet, as well as new additional information he learned through Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha during their battle with Kaguya. The Sage of Six Paths also, using his power to transcend time, revealed to Yoshitsune the truth about his father and mother, revealing that Yoshitsune was a descendant of the Ōtsutsuki clan and had strong amounts of alien DNA in his body, and that Yoshitsune gained the ocular powers of the Sage thus personifying the Uchiha's power with a body more like the Senju and Uzumaki. Further, for his iron clad faith, Hagoromo granted Yoshitsune the Six Paths Sage Mode. Yoshitsune began to take this information to heart and would share this information with the world and begin any surviving information about his alien bloodline. During these travels, on his mission to stop those who seek to conceal the truth, Yoshitsune mastered the power of his Rinnegan and the full power of his chakra.

After this, Yoshitsune would go on to travel to Mount Myōboku to gain a greater understanding of his sage abilities. To be allowed in, however, Yoshitsune had to prove himself. For the toads to agree to train him, he had to defeat their leader in a race to the peak of the highest mountain in the region without the aid of anything other than his Six Paths Sage Mode. He was also disallowed the usage of flight. In his attempts, it took him three separate tries to finally win, learning to mimic a frog's jump more. With this, Yoshitsune stayed upon the mountain for about a year to more successfully use his senjutsu powers, though he never took the time to learn Frog Kata. Shortly after his mastery of senjutsu, Yoshitsune went to work in combining his Six Paths Sage Mode, his Susanoo and its powerful weaponry, and finally his signature Lightning Echo Rasengan to create one of his most powerful techniques, the Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama.

Some years after his training upon Mount Myōboku, Yoshitsune's three ocular kekkei genkai that he held merged into one with the masses of chakra Yoshitsune had absorbed through his numerous adventures, which included several of the tailed beasts' chakra that he had gathered through various missions and journeys across the shinobi world, and the chakra merged with the light on the moon completing it, becoming a powerful set of Rinne Sharingan eyes. With this, Yoshitsune lost the ability to access the Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, or Rinnegan individually. In this process, Yoshitsune's chakra levels increased to an even greater level than before. Yoshitsune maintains many of his various and strong abilities from his previous eyes in his unique Rinne Sharingan's awakening, such as Kamui, Susanoo, and the Six Paths Technique. Further, Yoshitsune gained an upgraded form of the Genjutsu: Sharingan, the far more powerful Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan. Finally, Yoshitsune gained various new abilities, such as the God: Nativity of a World of Trees, which Yoshitsune uses much like the famous Wood Release, and Amenominaka, which granted him even greater dimensional shifting abilities that would merge with the power of Kamui that Yoshitsune had already been using to become one connected ability. Yoshitsune calls the eye the accumulation of his entire life as a shinobi. With his strange, extraordinary Rinne Sharingan and his mastered Six Paths Sage Mode, Yoshitsune would become known as the Sage of the Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼の仙人, Rinne Sharingan no Sennin). Yoshitsune uses these new-found powers and enhanced older powers to continue his path and maintain peace, even by forceful means when and if needed. Yoshitsune, through all he has been through and what he has become, is considered to be one of the strongest shinobi to ever live by many. Yoshitsune has somehow found a way to get to the Ōtsutsuki home world and is trying to bring peace between the remaining hostile Ōtsutsuki clan members and humanity. Yoshitsune has also helped train a new generation to defend the planet, doing so most notably with Iwato Senju.

Following this, Yoshitsune became more concerned about the remaining Ōtsutsuki clan members and any of their possible allies due to several key members of the clan being defeated by earthlings. His time amongst them led to him hearing of plans to attack the planet. Fearing a possible invasion from the powerful alien beings truly happening, Yoshitsune sought the council of the remnants of one of the clan members, the tailed beasts born of Kaguya. Coming across Kurama sometime after Naruto's death, Yoshitsune asked the beast to help prepare defenses in case the invasion came to fruition. Kurama would deny the man, stating his presence would quickly give away Yoshitsune's knowledge of some of them planning to attack and that he didn't trust Yoshitsune fully either. Instead, Kurama offered Yoshitsune part of his power if he could subdue the beast with Susanoo alone, not being allowed to use senjutsu or the Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan during this clash. Kurama said this may fool the Ōtsutsuki about his intentions since many of them are power hungry and would like to turn Kurama into chakra pills for their own enhancement. The fight went on for some time, but during it, Kurama came to realize that Yoshitsune spoke truthfully and wasn't merely trying to gain power like Madara Uchiha or others might. After a final clash in which Yoshitsune batted a Tailed Beast Ball away with his Susanoo's sword, Kurama was struck and fell. Accepting defeat, Kurama transferred a strong deal of his chakra to Yoshitsune to greatly empower him, as to help defend the world and defend himself from being consumed by those aliens out of his own hatred of captivity. This would turn Yoshitsune into a pseudo-jinchūriki. However, as it would turn out, Yoshitsune's strong alien heritage and possession of the Rinne Sharingan caused the chakra of Kurama to believe it was being fused back into the Ten-Tails. With this, instead of accessing the power in a manner like that of the Gold and Silver Brothers, Yoshitsune would incarnate with the chakra with his Susanoo to become essentially a new tailed beast. This also allows Yoshitsune to avoid the short comings of the power of Kurama, such as the shortening of his life expectancy. Yoshitsune would train to get a handle on his new powers as he would seek to find a way to prevent war between the planets of chakra wielders.


Yoshitsune in his childhood was known to be a kind-hearted child and sympathetic with those around him. When one of his friends was hurt, he would always visit them in the hospital or at their home to make sure they are okay and to cheer them up. This made him rather popular as it showed how he truly cared for others. He was also rather cocky when it came to fighting against others, even going as far as to challenge jōnin despite their superior training and discipline, often leaving Yoshitsune being beaten embarrassingly fast. Despite this, Yoshitsune would take these moments to learn from the jōnin afterward and improve his technique more and more over time with this insight from many people, gaining respect from these jōnin who simply thought him to be a loudmouthed knucklehead.

His time as a genin proved to make his life better. The more he worked, the more he became confident in himself and bonded with his friends and allies. Yoshitsune showed carefulness, to make sure his missions would go as smoothly as possible, though he spoke and appeared brash at times. He also showed care by actively trying to defend his teammates. Yoshitsune soon showed more desire to grow as he pushed for more challenges, showing him to be one not content with easy challenges and simplicity. During the chūnin exams, he would learn that his life in Konoha, though it began it tragic terms, he was still given a good life. He showed his willingness to receive guidance and wisdom though from Musashibō and Ninigi Senju who led him back into feeling like he belonged and strengthened his resolve to become stronger for others.

With the death of Musashibō, who Yoshitsune looked to as a father-figure, he took it quite harshly and awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan. Killing all the men responsible for his death, Yoshitsune would be depressed for some time afterward. It took much guidance from his brother-figure Ninigi, who also loved Musashibō as a father and was Yoshitsune's brother-figure, to get back on track and return to common life. With this, Yoshitsune often helped at local shrines in Konohagakure to honor Musashibō. Through this, people came to see Yoshitsune's heart much more and his caring soul within. He became trusted by many to help with various tasks, often performing odd jobs in the village to help out.

However, once Ninigi was sacrificed by officials without Naruto Uzumaki's consent to appease the fears of the other villages that he could become like Hashirama Senju and disrupt balance even further, Yoshitsune broke down in pain, sadness, and anger. Awakening the Rinnegan and looking into the event to discover the illegal act, Yoshitsune distrusted the village and sought to be free from the village to be a benefactor to all of them so another situation like Ninigi's would never happen. Once he was allowed to leave the village and became neutral to the world villages, his personality changed, as he became more serious and less juvenile. He became less cocky when fighting and kept his various dōjutsu uncovered to deter his foes from fighting him, as many would fear the eye. Now in battles he shows respect to his foes, generally allowing them to speak if they desire to without interruption. Though he is generally kind, Yoshitsune is more than willing to kill if he has to. In battles if he gets taunted by the foe with insults towards what he cherishes, Yoshitsune lets his anger show through at times.

Despite these changes though, Yoshitsune retains his caring nature, truly kind at heart, but also displays egotism and arrogance to cover this fact, and at times he is even called rude and at times immature. Despite this, when the weight of a situation is evident, he shows how serious he can be, dropping his ego aside for as long as he needs to. He extends his true caring nature and friendship to all of the major Kage and other high-ranking ninja from many villages, but still jokingly insults them. He even claims to go as far as allowing his total annihilation to defend the shinobi world he cares so much for. Yoshitsune retains his ability to forgive most people, though can take time for this as well. He was known to be most relaxed around his longtime friend Ninigi, and even made jokes around with him. Yoshitsune recognized Ninigi as his true best friend and was greatly devastated when he discovered Ninigi's death. In battle, while retaining respect, is also known to compliment his foes, which some interpret as him mocking them. Despite his kindness, Yoshitsune is also known to have random bouts of egotism and can become arrogant, due to Yoshitsune still having a prideful nature. Through his travels and seeing how much darkness is in the world, Yoshitsune's willingness to kill has gone up, often performing assassinations that he believes will help bring peace and justice to the world as much as he possibly can as he still believes in the concept. Yoshitsune's drive and will was also enough to impress the leaders of Mount Myōboku allowing him to train in the area to increase his understanding of senjutsu. This made Yoshitsune wiser, and also helped him overcome is strange fear of frogs. Yoshitsune is often described as one who walks the path of Sasuke Uchiha but with the heart of Naruto Uzumaki.

In his current age, Yoshitsune still possesses much of the kindness and charisma of his youth. Furthermore, he has returned to his more gentle, fun loving self, but maintains much wisdom from his long life and many journeys and is willing to share these experiences with those who would listen. Despite seeing much in his life, he retains his belief of most humans being able to maintain peace and harmony, and fights to defend it still from those who wish to harm it. Much like a teacher, Yoshitsune is also willing to help those with vision similar to his own. Yoshitsune is also noted to strongly like things he deems cute.


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Yoshitsune with his short hair and goatee.

Yoshitsune, much like the 'archaic' members of the Uchiha and Senju clans, bears the appearance of their noble birth coursing through his veins strongly. His formerly detached and cold persona immediately translates to the stance he takes in daily life: upright, but with a slight slouch to represent his detached state of mind. One particular portion of his appearance is his figure. He is relatively tall, but holds a lean and trim figure, which, combined with the various experiences he has been through, is highly muscular. This is combined with his spiky black hair that faces towards his right, obscuring a portion of his angular, handsome, face and strikingly cold black eyes, morphing into the image that can only be called Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune would also wear his facial hair in a simple, sharp goatee. He would often be found wearing a light brown kimono shirt with a dark sash. Along with this, Yoshitsune would black pants and wrappings on his legs and feet.


Yoshitsune's appearance with long hair and a beard.

Later on in his life, Yoshitsune's would let his hair grow out much longer, past his neck, and become upper back length, ending right above his shoulder blades. This would be primarily when he was training to master his senjutsu. Yoshitsune's primary clothing style is simple. Yoshitsune would also grow a beard, one he keeps stylized in a fashion somewhat like Asuma Sarutobi's. Yoshitsune also wears red and white short kimono that he keeps tied with a red sash possessing red magatama along the edges of the sleeve and on the bottom edge of the kimono. With this, he wears simple black pants and sandals. He later switches his kimono shirt to a short-sleeved variant of it, with the exception that no magatama were on it anywhere. He wears this shirt alongside the same black pants as before that he has been known to usually wear throughout all his major outfit variations.

By the time he entered his forties, Yoshitsune's black hair gained a few strains of gray from the stress he had endured in life and would cut short once again, preferring it that way as he believes long hair is too annoying to manage. He wears it slicked back, no longer the wild hair of his youthful days. His beard would follow suit, graying in some place, however, it also grew out into a fuller beard and mustache combination. Replacing his old clothes, Yoshitsune wears blue robes with dark pants. However, several people have commented that Yoshitsune appears more attractive with his age.

Yoshitsune has several abilities that temporarily change his appearance. Throughout his life, Yoshitsune possessed several ocular abilities that would change the appearance of his eyes. The color of them would be the biggest change as they could be red or purple in their Sharingan and Mangekyō Sharingan forms, or the Rinnegan form respectively. Each eye would be slightly different, as the Sharingan would produce three black tomoe in his now red eyes, the Mangekyō Sharingan would form a black circle with three protrusions coming off the ring, and the Rinnegan would turn the entirety of his eye purple with rippled rings. Later in his life, these three dōjutsu would give up their individual lights to merge into a far greater ocular power for Yoshitsune: the Rinne Sharingan. Similar to the Rinnegan, they change the entirety of Yoshitsune's eyes into a different color, though they become red more like the Sharingan. Rippled rings form in the eyes with nine tomoe in total, with three on each of the innermost rings. While initially he could turn off neither the Rinnegan or the Rinne Sharingan, his prolonged possession and eventual mastery of them made it so he learned how to turn them off when he desires, changing his eyes back into their natural dark, onyx state. Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Mode would also change his appearance. When using it initially, the image of a purple Rinnegan with nine magatama in three rows of three beneath it forms on his back. As his usage of the form progressed, a silver robe of his own chakra would manifest over his normal clothes with the same symbol on his back forming on the back of the robe, and circle markings forming rings on his shoulders with square protrusions from the rings. He would also form black clothing beneath the robe. When he awakened the Rinne Sharingan, the image on the robe would become the Rinne Sharingan instead of the Rinnegan.


Due to the circumstances of his birth and different events, Yoshitsune has a large amount of powerful, potent, and extremely dense chakra, said to be comparable to that of a tailed beast easily. Made up of Six Paths chakra with fusions of variety of other chakra with in, including chakra from the tailed beast Kurama, Yoshitsune's chakra reserves prove to be overwhelming. Some even claim it transcend the standard Six Paths chakra ignore most and it make him more than capable of learning how to use senjutsu. He is a master of many techniques, many of which are feared nationally and has expert precision with all of them. Though he isn't highly muscular, he is quite strong. Musashibō even says that Tsunade would have been greatly impressed by the physical strength of the Uchiha and can easily lift a large boulder with a single hand. As he was created using Asura's chakra in him, he gained the powerful physical energy, stamina, and life force of the Senju and Uzumaki clans, while Indra's chakra gave him the chakra of the Uchiha clan, being potent and powerful in its build. His already great stamina was increased as he grew older and activated more of the power in his body.

Yoshitsune, while possessing multiple skills, is far from being a master of none of them, and is greatly feared for his skill in all areas he works in, both mastered and simply skilled, which is why Yoshitsune is famously known as Thousand Cherry Blossoms (千本桜, Senbonzakura). Yoshitsune is often considered to be one of the strongest shinobi to ever live, and to some is even as powerful as Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, if not more so. With his mastery of the Six Paths Sage Mode and the Truth-Seeking Balls along with his unique Rinne Sharingan, which holds the powers from his Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, and Rinnegan all within a single eye, making the abilities stronger and sometimes merge to become a connected and stronger power, Yoshitsune has become known as the Sage of the Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼の仙人, Rinne Sharingan no Sennin). Further, after the power granted to him by Kurama merged with his being to make him become a pseudo-jinchūriki, Yoshitsune became known as Yoshitsune of the Nine-Tails (九尾の義経, Kyūbi no Yoshitsune) due to his ability to incarnate with that chakra with his Susanoo to create essentially a new tailed beast as opposed to just becoming a weaker version of Kurama.

Rinne Sharingan


Yoshitsune's Rinne Sharingan.

Advancing in age only led to the ocular power of Yoshitsune increasing. Years upon years of mastering the power of his Sharingan, which he awakened from witnessing his best friend Ninigi Senju being stabbed right as he escaped a genjutsu, the Mangekyō Sharingan, which was awakened by the death of Musashibō, and his Rinnegan, which was awakened by the pain of his own existence and Ninigi’s death, and with it accumulating masses of chakra from various people and various creatures, the eyes increased to a new state of being after the energies were forged together. The three powers of his eyes merged into one, bonded by the chakra Yoshitsune had gathered, and unwittingly held on to, and absorbed the light of the moon, reawakening into a single form, the feared kekkei mōra known as the Rinne Sharingan. Yoshitsune refers to the eyes as the accumulation of his entire life and his story, all the events that shaped him became one. This ocular ability formed in both of his eyes rather than as a third eye upon his forehead, as an effect from the three eyes merging their power. Though he has two eyes, Yoshitsune states his Rinne Sharingan, on a basic scaling of power, is no more powerful than a single forehead one. However, his eyes differ as he still holds the power of the Sharingan, the Mangekyō Sharingan, and the Rinnegan within, allowing him to access their powers or heightened versions. With the unique awakening of his Rinne Sharingan in both his eyes and from the various powers and energies in Yoshitsune merging, he lost the ability to access the Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, and the Rinnegan individually, though Yoshitsune says he is more powerful this way as he doesn't have to play the mental game of which eye is best suited for a task, only needing the fused single set of eyes now.

With this power, Yoshitsune possesses the ability to be able to predict his opponents’ movements and track fast moving objects, to which Yoshitsune describes as seeing the world as if it were moving slower than he was. It also allows Yoshitsune to visualize chakra, as well as see chakra flow. Also, similar to that of the Straight Tomoe (直巴, Choku Tomoe) Mangekyō Sharingan, Yoshitsune's eyes grant him greater fluidity in his own movements as he can read movements to an even greater degree. Further, advancing on another skill of the Sharingan, which could see and break most genjutsu cast on them, Yoshitsune becomes nearly immune to genjutsu with the eye activated. Yoshitsune can scan and copy most techniques as well, though he can't copy kekkei genkai, kekkei tōta, or kekkei mōra-based abilities that he lacks the genetic ability to use. This further seems to apply to certain abilities within the powers of all the eyes he has ever possessed, as Yoshitsune has seen Amaterasu in use, but he himself has never used it. This is likely due to him already possessing a technique in each of his eyes from when he possessed the Mangekyō Sharingan, filling the role and thus preventing him from copying Amaterasu. The eye gives Yoshitsune the Rinnegan's ability to grant the user the basic nature transformations of chakra, all of which he has since mastered. This is positive, as Yoshitune states that if he had somehow lost the Rinnegan or the Rinne Sharingan, he could have possibly lose access to all chakra natures outside of his Lightning Release, Fire Release and the Water Release, the only natures he held prior the Rinnegan granting him all the natures and thus natures that the Rinne Sharingan did not ever grant him. Yoshitsune can also use the Rinnegan power of viewing things through many sets of eyes under his power, doing so with his shadow clones often to gain a large field of vision. Yoshitsune's visual prowess is absolutely peaked and is considered to have the most powerful eyes in the history of the shinobi world, even surpassing the power of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rinne Sharingan on all possible accounts. Due to its great power and how it merges the aspects of all his other dōjutsu, Yoshitsune appears to somewhat dismiss the basic Sharingan that he himself once had by stating that the Rinne Sharingan is the True Heaven's Eye (真天眼, Shin Tengan).

Yoshitsune's eyes hold the power to cast powerful genjutsu with a mere, momentary glance, which is also nearly impossible to escape once casted. He can use these powerful illusions of various styles and visions to disable foes, interrogate foes, or place them under his control. Some of his illusions are simple, such as the victim in chains, while others can become more elaborate, such as placing the victim in a vast labyrinth that grows smaller and darker. Another is to simply make them believe they are truly blind, taking them out in their confusion. Yoshitsune uses this in favor of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, as it is quicker and more discreet, being able to catch singular victims in an unbreaking genjutsu if he is trying to break into a location and interrogate someone for information. Further, it possesses most of the power of Infinite Tsukuyomi, simply on a smaller scale. Despite the great power of this ability, Rinnegan and Rinne Sharingan users are immune to this technique much like the Infinite Tsukuyomi, however, with the rarity of these abilities, Yoshitsune proudly says it is nothing he ever truly considers. Yoshitsune can use this technique to also take complete control over tailed beasts and force jinchūriki out of their tailed beast forms. It can be used to simply distract someone or entirely break their mind. It is the pinnacle of basic dōjutsu-based genjutsu. This technique completely replaced Yoshitsune's old genjutsu ability with his basic Sharingan, but this doesn't matter as they are virtually identical with the exception being that the Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan is a far more powerful ability. This is nothing Yoshitsune truly ever regrets or thinks about often, and states the usage feels completely identical to him. Due to the advanced nature of the Rinne Sharingan, Yoshitsune has shown that certain applications of his Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan are as powerful as the Tsukuyomi ability of certain Mangekyō Sharingan.


Yoshitsune's Susanoo.

With both of his eyes together, Yoshitsune can also use the Mangekyō Sharingan's most infamous power, the Susanoo. Yoshitsune says the strain on his body is not as significant as other users, possibly from his Regeneration Ability and also due to the Rinne Sharingan relieving the stress. Yoshitsune's Susanoo has only ever been seen in one form, that is simply a large and extremely powerful Complete Body — Susanoo (完成体 須佐能乎, Kanseitai — Susanoo). This, of course, is not counting evolutions from this form due to other abilities that Yoshitsune possesses. It stands at about the same height as Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, or possibly slightly taller. Like all Complete Body – Susanoo, it is a large samurai-like warrior that wears the usual tengu-like armor of the normal Susanoo and it possesses traditional long, tengu nose with a carved-out mouth with two lines that run into the chin along with robes, pointed shoes, and armor on its shoulder and waist. It, as four-armed warrior, has a back, extra set of arms which are plated more than the front set, and extend upwards to give them a wing-like appearance, which Yoshitsune uses in combat far more than other users, who either use them to hold the sheaths of their swords or as wings for flight. Despite only being seen using the Complete Body — Susanoo, Yoshitsune can form single parts of the Susanoo on a whim, such as forming the head of his Susanoo or the ribcage to act as a quick shield against attacks. Yoshitsune can also make the arms of his Susanoo form out of his fists in a manner similar to the tailed beast chakra arms, which gives the punch even greater strength with a farther range. Further, Yoshitsune can create fist after fist in a massive, continuous barrage in a fashion nearly identical to the Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack. This can cause his close-range combat to become more unpredictable as he can form the four arms on to him in a compact form to give him a greater number of limbs for striking and defending as well as release an extremely destructive wall of punches, leaving the act of defense difficult. The Susanoo can form various weapons for the massive entity, such as a sword or a strangely shaped bow that can act as a shield. The weapon he uses most commonly is a massive spear, which often forms in the shape of a trident, a three-pronged spear. His Susanoo sword is even able to destroy three mountains in a single swing. The sword itself normally forms as a tsurugi, a double-edged straight sword; however, Yoshitsune frequently forms a katana as well. Another weapon Yoshitsune may form is a hammer to crush larger regions with great force. Yoshitsune can make usage of a weapon similar in appearance to the Yasaka Magatama, using them as a powerful, shuriken-like projectile weapon that spins rapidly tears into foes with its bladed beads. Despite this, nothing else seems to be special about them. Yoshitsune claims using his Susanoo in this form would be enough to destroy a nation in mere hours. Yoshitsune can also make his shadow clones use his Susanoo as well, making his presence on the battlefield that much more deadly. Initially, Yoshitsune could only use his Susanoo with one shadow clone, as any more and it would become too straining on their weaker builds and forcing them to dispel. However, as Yoshitsune has mastered both techniques and his reserves of chakra have increased in size and density, as well as becoming a pseudo-jinchūriki with a great deal of Kurama's chakra, Yoshitsune could employ several clones to use Susanoo at once.

When using the Six Paths Sage Mode in unison with the Susanoo, Yoshitsune refers to this form as the Six Paths Sage Susanoo (六道仙人須佐能乎, Rikudō Sennin Susanoo). He doesn't need to activate his Rinne Sharingan to access the power of this form in a manner similar to Madara not needing his eyes at all to use his Susanoo. In this form, a Rinnegan mark, and later a Rinne Sharingan mark, forms on the back of the Susanoo with nine magatama beneath it in three rows of three, mirroring the marking that forms on Yoshitsune, and nine massive Truth-Seeking Balls will manifest behind its back as they would for Yoshitsune. Eventually, with the Rinne Sharingan, Yoshitsune would gain a tenth one, and they now unconsciously repair themselves from damage, and reform over time if they are completely destroyed in a manner akin to the Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball. A humanoid being of almighty energy, this is how Yoshitsune describes Six Paths Sage Mode-enhanced Susanoo. Due to Yoshitsune being able to naturally fly when using the Six Paths Sage Mode, Yoshitsune's lack of wings on his variant of Susanoo is made null as he can now make the warrior fly with him with the Six Paths senjutsu. Yoshitsune will often have the weapons that the Susanoo forms normally merge with a Truth-Seeking Ball to become much more powerful. While his Susanoo sword is able to destroy three mountains in one swing, Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Susanoo sword can cut down a mountain range with a single swing. Yoshitsune can also access his tailed beast power through Susanoo, entering a Tailed Beast Susanoo (尾獣須佐能乎, Bijū Susanoo). With this, Yoshitsune can now fire off the incredibly powerful technique of the Tailed Beast Ball. He can also will the nine tails of this form into fists to assault foes in a manner akin to the Top Transformed Buddha. Yoshitsune can use the tails of his Tailed Beast Susanoo to generate massive shockwaves from moving them strongly and quickly, as well as ensnare large foes with them. Yoshitsune says he based the ensnaring ability of his observations of how the giant snakes of Ryūchi Cave fight, which implies he may have spent some time there. Yoshitsune claims that each time he incarnates his Susanoo with the chakra of Kurama to form the Tailed Beast Susanoo, the more intertwined the powers become. This has led Yoshitsune to believe the the two powers will become one permanently at some point in the future. Finally, Yoshitsune can merge this form with Six Paths Sage Mode as well, entering the Six Paths Sage Tailed Beast Susanoo (六道仙人尾獣須佐能乎, Rikudō Sennin Bijū Susanoo), allowing him full access to all of his abilities by balancing his Six Paths chakra, tailed beast chakra, and natural energy into a singular pool of chakra. Yoshitsune typically uses this form over the Tailed Beast Susanoo for this reason alone. In this form, Yoshitsune can further enhance his Lightning Echo Rasengan by merging it with the Tailed Beast Ball and his Susanoo weaponry with lightning chakra merged in the weapons to create the Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama, with which he creates a large Tailed Beast Ball before the mouth of his Six Paths Sage Tailed Beast Susanoo and then uses the hands of the construct to apply the characteristics of the Lightning Echo Rasengan to it. Following this, Yoshitsune fastens to the electric ring a set of the magatama beads, that look similar to Yasaka Magatama, made out of senjutsu-enhanced lightning. When the Lightning Echo Rasentama makes contact with a surface, it will burst into a massive column of lightning, and cut down anything along the way with the magatama beads spinning. The column of lightning rotates and releases arcs of lightning that swirl around it as well. The lightning also heats the air in such a way that it begins to rise and form a vortex that draws things around the column in. It causes high amounts of damage. In this form, Yoshitsune is sometimes compared to the Ten-Tails in ferocity of power. However, with the power of the Rinne Sharingan, Six Paths Sage Mode, and tailed beast power, Yoshitsune says his Susanoo nearly equals the Ten-Tails fully in power. Yoshitsune can further increase the power of the Rinnegan powers he wields with his Susanoo, such as a powerful and deadly push or binding chain to a massive size, or also firing off its hand in a highly destructive manner. In a more common usage, Yoshitsune often turns the back, second set of arms or his Tailed Beast Susanoo tails into a set of Gatling guns to make it rain high speed bullets of energy down wherever they are aimed. At its maximum senjutsu and tailed beast-enhanced power, Yoshitsune claims that with this infamous technique he could destroy the current state of the world in mere moments with several well placed attacks, but obviously refrains from doing so due to his good nature. This could be seen as more of a threat to violent worlds that oppose his. That is the true power of Yoshitsune's Susanoo and is one of the major reasons he is known as the Fierce Deity (鬼神, Kishin).

By accessing the powers of the mighty Rinnegan through the even greater Rinne Sharingan, Yoshitsune can use the Six Paths Technique, the most infamous set of skills the eyes possess. He has unlocked the Deva Path, which gives him power over gravity. This is the path Yoshitsune uses most often in combat. The techniques used by this path, however, often require a recharge before the path is usable again. As such he gained its technique known as Shinra Tensei, which allows him to create a repulsive force that can block projectiles and easily shatter many hard materials. He can also use a large-scale version that can damage the terrain greatly. Yoshitsune also makes use of shadow clones to perform a multiple blast variation, and while the waves themselves weaken, the number can leave a more controlled area of devastation. With this style, Yoshitsune can use to clones to surround a foe and have the multiple waves slam into the foe on all sides, crushing them easily. He also gains the Banshō Ten'in, which allows him to create an attractive force, allowing him to pull objects or people towards him at high speeds. He often uses this technique in combination with another path to absorb their chakra to render them too weak to fight. Yoshitsune can also use clones to perform a multiple pull effect, such as one pull on each side of a foe to tear the foe apart. Yoshitsune also can use the technique known as Chibaku Tensei, which creates a powerful singularity which will be fired into the sky and pulls objects towards it making them compress with each other causing a large sphere to form. Yoshitsune can increase the sealing power of this technique further by merging in the powers of another one of his paths ability to create fūinjutsu and juinjutsu. Yoshitsune can also bounce his Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan off of his Chibaku Tensei satellites to form a limited version of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, creating a light that captures those with a certain area under the small satellite into random illusions. After using a technique from the Deva Path, Yoshitsune requires a cool down period until he can use it again, though the time varies depending on the technique and on the scale of it usage.

Yoshitsune is also able to use the Preta Path, which allows him to absorb chakra, making most ninjutsu unusable on him. Yoshitsune has also unlocked the ability of the Asura Path. This ability allows him to modify his body and make himself a living weapon by transforming part into weapons. The Asura Attack allows him to change a limb into a blaster that fires blasts of chakra that also have an explosive effect, and through time gained the ability to manipulate its path. Yoshitsune can further use the Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability to fire part of his arm as a projectile. The hand of the arm gains a propulsive power from the burst of chakra that separates the limb from the body and flies in a straight line with high levels of force. The hand can easily shatter bedrock and is protected by a layer of chakra, allowing it to resist being damaged. The detached limb can easily reattach itself to Yoshitsune through the chakra of the arm, which acts like a magnet. Yoshitsune can also use the Naraka Path for interrogation and use of the King of Hell, as when he catches hold of somebody, he can make the King of Hell appear and hold them in place by seemingly paralyzing him. Yoshitsune uses the Naraka Path in such a way that while making contact with the foe, should they lie his body will respond immediately by sending a powerful shock into them as a form of torture rather than the conventional use of the King of Hell's, and should they tell the truth they will be let go after having a large portion of their chakra absorbed by the Preta Path. This seems to indicate that those who had the Rinnegan, or in his case, the Rinne Sharingan, need not summon the King of Hell, as they become their own King of Hell. He can also form powerful chains of chakra with the Outer Path, which can bind all who get caught in them and restrict their power, as well as cause pain to them. Yoshitsune also uses his Preta Path with them to siphon chakra off of those chained in them as well.

Yoshitsune is able to use the Animal Path, which allows him to summon animals connected to his powerful eye much like the Summoning Technique. Such creatures Yoshitsune can summon include a strange, golden phoenix-dragon hybrid creature that breathes fire and reforms from any damage and a massive horse-sized wolf with metal fur that can take nearly any physical hit without damage, as well as massive black-colored turtle with a large serpent for a tail that grab things with the tail or by snapping at them with its snapping turtle-like jaw. While used in combat sometimes, Yoshitsune uses these beasts for travel more often than not. As they are connected to his eye, Yoshitsune can control them at will, or he can give them the simple message to perform a certain task which they will then do without any sort of rebuttal as they lack a true consciousness of their own. Yoshitsune can further apply usage of his Asura Path through his Animal Path summons as they are connected to his Rinne Sharingan, allowing Yoshitsune to rapidly enhance and shape them with the machine-like ability, as well as usage of the other paths. This can be seen by Yoshitsune having the wolf summon of his Animal Path gain a large chakra cannon on its back to attack with the Asura Attack or with the turtle-snake summon using the Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability to fire off its tail for a more powerful, long-ranged biting and constricting attack. Under the Rinnegan, this was used through the Summoning Rinnegan, however, under the Rinne Sharingan Yoshitsune simply refers to it strictly as the Animal Path. This distinction comes from how the animals appear to simply come when Yoshitsune wills it, without need for a summoning seal. Yoshitsune appears to be able to give his Susanoo animal-like characteristics with his Animal Path as well, such as using an unknown octopus summon, he possesses the ability to grant his Susanoo eight tentacles to completely ensnare large bodies, such as tailed beasts. Yoshitsune also is able to use the Human Path, which allows him to read the mind of somebody but also tear their soul out in the process. Yoshitsune doesn't use the Human Path in combat often, but when he does, he often employs it as to only remove part of the soul he is targeting it, and then quickly sever that one part, often through usage of a blade created through the Asura Path. After this is performed, the part of the body that lost its soul will begin to rot.

Yoshitsune has access to the Outer Path, being able to use it to form black receivers that can transmit and receive chakra and use them as weapons. With the transmission and receiving of chakra, Yoshitsune can control those who get pierced by the rods and get the rods stuck in their body by exerting his will over them to deadly effect, with only a select few being able to resist him, especially at close range from him. Those able to resist tend to bear a Rinnegan or Rinne Sharingan of their own. Beyond being able to resist the ability by possessing similar eyes, those with tailed beast chakra, senjutsu chakra, or some combination of the two can also resist the power of the black receivers to an extent with sheer force of power alone. By using larger variants of the rods in the form of massive stakes, Yoshitsune can also take control of large summoning creatures, and should Yoshitsune kill the animal, he can convert them into a summoning for his Animal Path. Exerting his will over people and summons, Yoshitsune often makes his enemies or their summons fight their own allies. Among using them like weapons, Yoshitsune often does so by creating swords and spears to attack with, often to gauge foes and get fragments of the black rods within them for various uses later on. Yoshitsune also often crafts senbon with the rods for a small projectile that wouldn't be notice as easily as to allow him to covertly get chakra rods into the target as to begin manipulating their movements at a smaller, but still effective rate. As for both the senbon and fragments from the spears and sword, Yoshitsune often uses it as to make the movements of his opponent sloppy for a moment or many moments as to better act and react to attacks, often when they are taijutsu or nintaijutsu in nature. He also does so in this nature as to keep the opponent unaware of the black receiver fragments in their body for as long as Yoshitsune can. He seems to use these rods in a fashion similar to the Shikotsumyaku, having them grow from his body and act as a defense and offense all at once, merging the bladed rods into his taijutsu for a deadly combination. Yoshitsune can further control the rods remotely and move them telepathically like Madara Uchiha, in a manner that often gets confused with Magnet Release. Yoshitsune's chakra rods are harder than steel and can fight on par with Shikotsumyaku bones due to the hardness that they can be crafted to. Yoshitsune is known to have called the material of the black receiver a Heavenly Metal (天金属, Tenkinzoku) due to the durability and usability they possess. Yoshitsune can also use the Demonic Statue Chains, which are spiked chains of powerful chakra that can latch on to foes and bind them, and with the fūinjutsu and juinjutsu of the technique, it often prevents those binded from being able to fully move. Yoshitsune can then use the chains to throw the foes if he so desires or can use the Preta Path in combination with them to absorb the chakra of the person binded through them. Yoshitsune can also use the chains as a whip, smacking foes with it to cause great damage from the strike and tearing of the flesh with the spikes on the chain.

Another technique that Yoshitsune wields with his eye is the powerful Amenominaka, an ability which allows Yoshitsune to teleport himself and others to other dimensions, or as it often appears, to change reality in an instant for all of those caught in the dimensional shift. This technique comes directly from the Rinne Sharingan and is not inherited from one of Yoshitsune's former kekkei genkai dōjutsu abilities. This ability allows Yoshitsune to have multiple dimensions with different effects and terrains, which grants Yoshitsune more abilities. The first of the four known dimensions Yoshitsune possesses is a dimension made of variously sized rectangular prisms, much like the Kamui dimension. This world is primarily used as to project his Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan throughout the entire dimension to have easy projections of things made and powerful, widespread genjutsu constantly active. This later is revealed to be Yoshitsune's core dimension, and different prisms would show images of the other dimensions, which is how it differs from the standard Kamui dimension. The second dimension is a massive cavern with a floor of lava. The cavern is full of intense heat that dries the flesh of those caught in it and burns over time. This dimension is much easier to around in when one possesses the ability of flight, but there are several large rocks that one can walk upon, despite the greater heat of them, and will also often melt. Yoshitsune can control the lava as if he possessed the Lava Release kekkei genkai, such as making a tidal wave with the lava or making it form into animals to attack on the slabs of stone. Use of Water Release also becomes more challenging due to the great heat often evaporating the water. The third dimension of Yoshitsune's is a dimension with constant, never ending violent storms, which can include heavy rain, hail, blizzards, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricane-scale events with various other atmospheric calamities that threaten the lives of all within the dimension it takes place in greatly. Yoshitsune shows with his powerful control of natural energy with his Sage abilities that he can control the storms greatly to bring out the events he desires or needs, such as the most powerful of hurricanes for deadly winds and the tornadoes that form to accompany it. Yoshitsune can also set fire to the tornadoes for even greater damage. Yoshitsune can also control the products of the storm, such as the hail and snow as if he could use the great power of Ice Release, being able to restructure and reshape it in the air and on the ground for various tactics, or the water to simply drown the enemy or flood certain terrains. This dimension is said to be extremely similar to the Ten-Tails' power known as Tenpenchii, just without the earthen catastrophes and the strange explosion that are also seen within that technique. The fourth dimension is one of eternal darkness and was created by Yoshitsune through the lack of material to make one like the more complex ones that Kaguya Ōtsutsuki created. In this realm, light cannot be created in any form, making it truly a world darkness greater than that of the night. The only beings that can see perfectly in this dark and cruel realm are the ones who possess the Rinne Sharingan, and to a lesser extent, the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Yoshitsune can also allow vision to those without any these dōjutsu by passing on to them a portion of his chakra. Yoshitsune is able to transport himself or others singularly to different dimensions by making contact and can jump between his dimensions more often without using too much chakra. This is perhaps due to Yoshitsune's longer tenure of using it, as the technique was often unneeded by Kaguya in her time due to being the only person with chakra until her children were born. Further, if too much chakra is used, he can use a certain technique to create ways to replace his lost chakra. Yoshitsune can also sacrifice large amounts of chakra from the same technique to create more dimensions, though Yoshitsune says he in disinterested in doing this.

Prior to gaining Amenominaka, Yoshitsune possessed Kamui with his formerly held Mangekyō Sharingan. This power would be merged with his Amenominaka upon his acquisition of his Rinne Sharingan, and Yoshitsune would reveal the core dimension in his usage of Amenominaka is truly his original Kamui dimension, explaining its appearance and further why it is the core one, as it predates the others in terms of Yoshitsune's possession of them by years. As he is still able to use Kamui, Yoshitsune can create portals with which he can capture his enemies in and send them to any of his dimensions. This in turn makes it so Kamui acts as his replacement for Yomotsu Hirasaka. Further, Yoshitsune can place himself in his central dimension and become intangible to the outside world. Yoshitsune can maintain this for seven minutes with the advancement of the power. Yoshitsune can use Kamui to open portals to his various dimensions and bring them into the real world or other dimensions, such as summoning forth lava from his lava dimension in the regular world and control it like he normally can in the lava dimension. Another tactic Yoshitsune uses is creating Susanoo weapons within this dimension and then firing them out at extremely high speeds to attack the enemy. With advancements to Kamui's power with the Rinne Sharingan, Yoshitsune can also will multiple portals to open at once for his needs. Yoshitsune can simply lock on to someone to make the space collapse around them to draw them into the Kamui dimension as well. While Yoshitsune mostly uses Kamui for portal creation and phasing purposes, as he possesses both of his eyes, he can use Kamui in a manner that looks surprisingly similar to Amenotejikara and the Flying Thunder God Technique. With both eyes, phasing into the Kamui dimension is nearly instantaneous, and jumping back out, Yoshitsune can choose his location to reappear in, making it as though he shifted his location without delay as it appears to move from one area to another so rapidly. Further, Yoshitsune claims it to be superior to the Amenotejikara in some aspects as it does not have a limited number of usage as it uses the dimension's time limit in such an insignificant way that he can use it so long as he has the chakra for the two jumps, and the range of the technique as well has no real known limit, again, so long as Yoshitsune has adequate amounts of chakra for the length of the jump. Yoshitsune further based his usage of Kamui off of Amenotejikara in some respects, as he can use it to open multiple portals to shift the location of objects and other people, placing them in strategic locations. This is most often done by locking his gaze upon a target and will open to portals, one to draw him into Kamui and the other to draw the target into Kamui, and then the portal that pulled in the target will release Yoshitsune and vice versa. Yoshitsune can also use this to switch two different objects with each other. The process, with both eyes, is extremely fast as well. Yoshitsune can also fire weaponry from the portals and does so with Susanoo tools and black receivers. This gives a much more powerful launch; thus, makes them faster and deadlier. As the Kamui dimension is his central dimension, Yoshitsune can warp himself into it to conserve chakra, and can absorb chakra here captured by another one of his techniques from either people entangled in it with the Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan or from the Earth with the connection to the Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku), and can also push those caught in this dimension to the prisms containing images of his other dimensions. This transports them to this world without Yoshitsune having to use a mass of chakra to do so. Even though Yoshitsune believed this before, with Kamui becoming his central dimension, he has complete certainty that he alone can access this version of the Kamui dimension, and that other users of Kamui connect to a separate version of the dimension.

By combining the power of his Amenominaka, Chibaku Tensei, and Kamui, Yoshitsune can use one of his most destructive techniques, the God: August Star of Heaven. By forming a Chibaku Tensei and infusing it with the power of his Kamui to act as a gateway to the lava dimension of his Amenominaka, Yoshitsune can allow the core to gather lava and then throw it into the sky to begin acting as any other Chibaku Tensei. The burning Chibaku Tensei gathers material as it grows, such as the terrain and other material, which will be melted down into more lava or fuel under the heat of the orb. All who get caught in the technique will likely burn to death from it, but should they survive, Yoshitsune can make the lava rapidly cool into stone, imprisoning the unlikely survivors. Yoshitsune can also make the core release and make it rain lava over the terrain violently. Yoshitsune, as the lava comes from the dimensions he commands like a god, changes the properties of the lava to not harm him but only others. While it is not required, Yoshitsune will only perform this technique in the Six Paths Sage Mode as to lessen the strain on his body, eyes, and chakra reserves.

Yoshitsune can also use the God: Nativity of a World of Trees ability, which allows him to manipulate the roots of the God Tree. However, Yoshitsune can also use it to temporarily form god trees from either preexisting trees or by forming new ones instantly, and Yoshitsune shows that it can be used much like the Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees. In fact, Yoshitsune bases his usage of the technique off of his childhood friend Ninigi's usage of that famous and feared Wood Release technique. The trees have a chakra absorption ability to protect themselves from damage, as it being able to consume fire to prevent major burning, but high-speed wind and water techniques can cut through it before the trees can react quickly enough. Yoshitsune can break of branches of the trees and throw them as spears, which will violently erupt into spikes to skewer the larger and absorb their chakra and blood to grow into yet another tree, making this like a deadlier version of the Wood Release: Cutting Technique. The God: Nativity of a World of Trees can further be merged with his Six Path Technique powers, which he notably does with the Asura Path, with which he turns the masses of trees in the godly forest, organic extensions of himself, into weaponry such as chakra cannons which can be used to obliterate armies and devastate the ground. It can also be merged with the Preta Path to greatly enhance its chakra absorption, being able to consume massive techniques with it this way and entangle foes to absorb chakra directly from them. By using a tree to grapple multiple targets, Yoshitsune can use his Deva Path to turn the tree into a core for Chibaku Tensei, capturing those ensnared in a powerful seal, and can later reconnect the tree inside with the rest of the trees to steal chakra from those stuck in the small satellite. It can also be used to ensnare those captured by his Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan and absorb their chakra, and then when it is all taken, they will be released from the trees' grasp. Yoshitsune also uses this technique to have the roots of his trees reach the Dragon Veins, an ancient source of chakra, as to absorb chakra directly from them as to produce chakra fruit, a lower quality version of the fruit eaten by Kaguya, to give Yoshitsune more chakra should he need it by eating said fruit. Yoshitsune can sacrifice a mass of his chakra fruits along with his chakra to create more dimensions for his usage of Amenominaka. He also ensnares the worst of criminals caught in the Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan with this to drain them of their chakra and destroy their network and change their bodies, turning them into the pre-chakra humans of the era before Hagoromo's spreading of chakra to all people.


Truly, ninjutsu is where Yoshitsune shines in battle, which is ironic considering he is essentially the successor of the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, who opposed ninjutsu. As previously stated, Yoshitsune has very high levels of extremely potent and dense chakra due to him being fed an aged chakra fruit by his Ōtsutsuki father, resulting in him having the chakra similar to that of Indra and Asura that would eventually merge to create Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's powerful chakra within his hybrid body. This would later increase even more after he acquired chakra from Kurama to become a pseudo-jinchūriki. As a result of this, Yoshitsune's chakra has been compared to that of a tailed beast on numerous occasions. Yoshitsune's chakra allows him to use many high-level techniques in succession. His powerful Six Paths, tailed beast-enhanced chakra also enhances the power and usage of his various techniques. Yoshitsune further has the stamina to keep up with this usage of ninjutsu. Yoshitsune possesses a power once held by Hashirama Senju, a highly potent healing ability that allows him to heal his wounds rapidly, causing scratches and bruises to be erased from his flesh in mere seconds, and broken bones within minutes. Reforming limbs takes longer, however, Yoshitsune can quicken the process by using a large amount of chakra at once or by entering Six Paths Sage Mode, as the natural energy-enhanced chakra, or Six Paths senjutsu chakra, makes the process far stronger. Yoshitsune can also make usage of the powerful and iconic Rasengan, with which he takes chakra to its absolute shape transformation and spirals the chakra rapidly for a powerful attack that causes vortex damage to whatever it strikes. Yoshitsune can control the size of the Rasengan for a smaller or larger one, as well as being able to do all of this with one hand and incredibly fast. As such, Yoshitsune can also form two Rasengan simultaneously, or hit with one Rasengan and form a second Rasengan to hit with last second. Yoshitsune also possessed the rare ability to add his own chakra nature into it, using his primarily used and favored lightning-affinity to create powerful new techniques, which have become two of Yoshitsune's signature abilities to use in combat.

Nature Transformation

Yoshitsune's natural affinity prior to awakening the Rinnegan, and later the Rinne Sharingan, was Lightning Release. He great knowledge on Lightning Release and how to use it and has been shown to use multiple strong techniques with it. Yoshitsune's largest scale lightning technique,with neither senjutsu or his dōjutsu, is the Lightning Release: Whisper of the Gathering Clouds Technique, with which he kneads lightning chakra within his body before releasing it in a massive electrical burst of energy. The lightning branches out and forms a massive wall of lightning. The wall moves incredibly fast, destroying most of which is crosses over with incredible power. The wall itself takes multiple wind-users to stop. Despite this extremely powerful technique, Yoshitsune's main usage of lightning comes with his signature technique, the Lightning Echo Rasengan. This technique was created when Yoshitsune was able to simply and successfully add lightning chakra to a Rasengan. With it, it is a powerful Rasengan merged with lightning chakra and has a ring of lightning around it once Yoshitsune completely forms it. Possessing the speed of the Chidori, it is considered better in that, due to the Rasengan-base of it, it structurally stronger and it does not cause the same tunnel vision as it can be moved as freely as the Rasengan. It can pierce through foes like a drill, but can and most often be willed to burst into the iconic vortex damage of the Rasengan in a massive storm of lightning in a vortex fashion, which is a much larger vortex than before and it releases arcs of lightning from it which can strike others. This makes the technique extremely effective when used against a group as it can catch those behind the original target of the technique and draw them into the vortex as they are launched forward, and the lightning can great hurt those it strikes who evade the main force of the vortex. The technique can also be thrown for similar effect, and it considered the lightning version of the Wind Release: Rasengan. Yoshitsune has also furthered his usage of the Lightning Echo Rasengan with his Susanoo and Six Paths Sage Mode as he created what is known as the Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama. With this technique, Yoshitsune has made it known he possesses a high caliber of lightning usage. With it, Yoshitsune forms a Tailed Beast Ball and applies the characteristics of the Lightning Echo Rasengan with his Six Paths Sage Tailed Beast Susanoo (六道仙人尾獣須佐能乎, Rikudō Sennin Bijū Susanoo) and fastens sharpened magatama beads infused with lightning chakra as well on to the lightning ring of the technique. Yoshitsune can then fire large, electric Rasentama at rapid speeds that will explode into a powerful explosion and form a massive column of lightning that pierces into the sky on impact that spreads out in streams of lightning in a spiraling mass. Anything caught up in this massive tower will be destroyed by the lightning. The column causes wide-scale damage as well. Yoshitsune notes that, while it is not his strongest technique, it is his favorite as it merges nearly every aspect of his major skills into one powerful ability. It is also considered to possibly be the pinnacle of lightning chakra techniques and one of the most marvelous ninjutsu in general. Yoshitsune shows he can also just form it by simply summoning forth the hand of his Susanoo. Yoshitsune has hinted at a weaker, non-senjutsu variant of this technique, but has never been seen using it, likely as it is unneeded with the general superiority of the senjutsu usage.

While lightning is Yoshitsune's main element and original affinity, he also possesses the ability to use the Fire Release and wields it with great skill. He was able to burn down a medium size base with his Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, a technique that creates a large ball of fire that can break through harder substances as well. He supposedly learned this technique from Sasuke Uchiha, though Yoshitsune doesn't comment on this often. This technique can be used to shatter some defenses with relative ease, burn the surrounding area of Yoshitsune, and incinerate those unlucky enough to take a direct hit. He can fire multiple fireballs as well, and often uses shadow clones in a large group to make a large barrage of them to form a powerful wall of fire similar to the Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation, possessing the same properties of being widespread and difficult to put out, but just simply made of multiple smaller attacks rather than a single large one. While this variation of the attack is not quite as powerful as the true Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation, it still is a powerful offense and can also be used to form a curved wall of fire to add variation, which can be used to make evading it more difficult. This technique is one of Yoshitsune's more used and favored techniques in general, due to its simplicity yet strong nature, despite not being his affinity nature.

Thanks to his eyes, Yoshitsune can also use Earth Release, Water Release, Wind Release, Yin Release, Yang Release, and Yin–Yang Release. He does not usually use these transformations in combat as he is not as skilled in their use as opposed to his other natures. Yoshitsune is known to use simple chakra flow to put wind-chakra into weapons, namely his chakra rods, to increase their cutting ability greatly. Yoshitsune's use of wind also includes flowing it into his fire-based technique to increase their power. Yoshitsune helped develop the Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique, with Ninigi Senju, and it is a very powerful water technique due to its piercing and cutting strength by acting as a water jet cutter and how it causes massive torrents of water to form upon contact with its target, bringing them down as the water flows rapidly. Yoshitsune often enhances this water technique with lightning chakra, giving it stronger cutting abilities and a painful, even deadly, shock. Alternatively, Yoshitsune also may use lightning techniques after using this technique as to make the lightning conduct better with the water. However, the cutting edge is difficult to maintain and is mostly used to ensure it reaches its desired target. Yoshitsune also can produce the water for this technique with just his chakra, without having to use an external source of water, showing he has a strong connection to the water chakra in him. With Earth Release, he can use the Earth Release: Sandwich Technique to cause to slabs of earth, of various sizes depending on how large he wants it, to slam into each other, catching anything in between with tremendous force. This can be used to capture foes as well should Yoshitsune not desire to kill them, squeezing them just enough to keep them strongly held in place. Yoshitsune can use wind chakra to form the Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere to exhale a large amount of wind bullets that cover a large range to make it difficult to avoid and can easily pierce the flesh and bodies of those struck by them. Further, Yoshitsune can set them on fire to make powerful bullets of fire-enhanced by the wind chakra in the attack, with each becoming as large as a fireball in this process with the cylindrical length of the bullets, making this a deadly technique that Yoshitsune falls on often with large groups of enemies. Yoshitsune is able to create water and earth with his chakra if need be. His Genjutsu: Rinne Sharingan is yin chakra-based as well, and it allows him to create powerful genjutsu by making eye contact with his foe. The illusion can be anything he desires, and it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to escape.

Yoshitsune is capable of streaming all five elements at once, and with the usage of his shadow clones, Yoshitsune can use the streams in various formations to attack his opponents. Yoshitsune can also merge his chakra natures together in a few ways. Yoshitsune can also merge the power of wind and water to make a makeshift ice-based ability known as Fusion: Frozen Breath of the North Technique. With it, he can expel a cold dog that rapidly builds up into a large mass of ice. While it isn’t as powerful as the true Ice Release, Yoshitsune’s ice proves to be strong enough to hold physically strong opponents and be a quick surprise attack. Yoshitsune can also merge all of the chakra natures he possesses with Six Paths senjutsu to form Truth-Seeking Balls, which are malleable orbs of powerful senjutsu chakra. These orbs can be shaped into various tools, behave similarly to other chakra natures such as Dust Release, and negate ninjutsu. These orbs are only weak to senjutsu chakra, making this a powerful weapon to their core. As such, they are amongst the powerful and flexible abilities in Yoshitsune's arsenal. Yoshitsune originally possessed nine of these orbs, but with the awakening of his Rinne Sharingan, he gained a tenth Truth-Seeking Ball. The Truth-Seeking Balls also now, with Yoshitsune's possession of the Rinne Sharingan, unconsciously repair themselves from damage, and reform over time if they are completely destroyed. This may be from an unconscious variation of the Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball, but as of this point Yoshitsune has claimed that he lacks this ancient ability. This allows Yoshitsune to always have his Truth-Seeking Balls on hand, unlike Naruto Uzumaki, who lost his during the course of the Fourth Shinobi World War. After gaining power and chakra from Kurama, Yoshitsune can also instantly transform his Truth-Seeking Balls into deadly, senjutsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Balls to make use of their destructive power.


Dual Rinne Susanoo

Yoshitsune using Susanoo alongside a shadow clone.

Even in the academy as a child, Yoshitsune showed skill with clone techniques. Quickly discarding the Clone Technique, Yoshitsune learned the famous and common ability of the Shadow Clone Technique. This technique, unlike the regular Clone Technique, forms tangible clones by dividing the user's chakra into equal parts that can experience things an intangible clone or some other variety if clone can not. When the clone bursts, the chakra disperses and returns to the caster which gives him all the knowledge the clone gained. Yoshitsune further uses this to create hundreds of shadow clones to form an army of himself and so he can hide among them if needed, as well as to get ready for a technique or some other tactic. Yoshitsune further uses the army of clones to attack the enemy from all sides with taijutsu and ninjutsu in a massive barrage. Making so many clones is dangerous for many, but Yoshitsune's large reserves of powerful and dense chakra make it safe for him to do. Yoshitsune has commented that he also bases his usage of the Shadow Clone Technique on that of how Naruto Uzumaki employed it. Yoshitsune can make usage of four shadow clones to release all five basic elements at once, which he uses in various formations. Yoshitsune's shadow clones can also make usage of his Complete Body — Susanoo (完成体 須佐能乎, Kanseitai — Susanoo). While initially he could only have one other shadow clone using it due to the strain of the technique, Yoshitsune can now have several clones all use it at the same time due to his mastery of both techniques and the size of his reserves increasing drastically after gaining chakra from Kurama, as well as being able to enhance them further with Six Paths Sage Mode. Even without these abilities, Yoshitsune's shadow clones are incredibly strong and are far more durable than the average user of them, being able to take a longer beating before they are dispelled.

When combined with the power of Six Paths Sage Mode, the strength of his clones increases greatly as they reflect Yoshitsune's own power increase. With their sheer strength alone, they can tackle down even giant foes, such as Susanoo and the tailed beasts. However, this is merely by rushing them with full-speed and strength, as Yoshitsune doubts his clones' ability to fight such large beings on his own with other abilities, such as the Truth-Seeking Balls. His shadow clones could also use the enhanced perception of the Sharingan, and the Rinne Sharingan, to allowing them to more easily track movements of Yoshitsune's enemies, as if they were moving in slow motion to him. Further, Yoshitsune can merge his ability of using the Rinnegan, and later the Rinne Sharingan, with his clones. In a manner much like how Nagato was able to use his Six Paths of Pain as a means to give him six extra sets of eyes to see through to give him six separate fields of vision, Yoshitsune can see through the eyes of his clones at will. This is due to all of them sharing the same chakra, allowing them to connect to each other. With his Rinne Sharingan, Yoshitsune can use these abilities simultaneously to have multiple separate fields of vision and the slow motion-like vision tracking. When using this, it becomes incredibly difficult to hit Yoshitsune as he can see such a great range all at once with the utmost clarity.


Like many shinobi, Yoshitsune has been trained in the usage of various weapons. From a young age, he was taught the handling of many weapons, such as the very basic shuriken and kunai handling. He excelled in the marksmanship, as was able to pierce the many targets dead-on or close to it. Yoshitsune also knows how to counter many tools and reverse them against their wielder. Using one of his abilities from the Rinnegan he once had, Yoshitsune can create makeshift weapons on the spot, and as such does not carry any weapons on him on a regular basis. Yoshitsune can still use this ability with his Rinne Sharingan, which he notes also increased the strength of his black receivers greatly. He often uses this to make a baton, staff, or most commonly a sword or a spear. While he is in Six Paths Sage Mode, Yoshitsune can further his weapon creation ability with his Truth-Seeking Balls, and can make such as swords, spears, shields, bows, crossbows, hammers, and maces, and can even create black receivers from his Truth-Seeking Balls should the need arise. Yoshitsune can further form any weapon out of his Six Paths chakra through the power of the Susanoo, making massive versions of his weapons to use with the chakra colossus that mimic his normal usage of weapons, and often uses this agaisnt other massive constructs or creatures. These Susanoo weapons also get improved in Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Mode and can be merged with his Truth-Seeking Balls for deadly effect. The weapon Yoshitsune most often relies upon with his Susanoo is a spear in the form of a trident, a three-pronged spear. Yoshitsune seems to start most fights with his black receivers to gauge his foes' style before using his stronger abilities.

Yoshitsune shows great fondness for fighting like a spearman and seems to prefer spears over using swords in combat. Using his ability to manifest black receivers that he could produce sometime after he awakened the Rinnegan, and continued to do so with the Rinne Sharingan or by using his Truth-Seeking Balls, Yoshitsune will create a rather long rod with a pointed, bladed head. He can use the spear like a bō staff, smacking people with the blunt body of the long weapon, as well as using it to attack. As a spear, Yoshitsune can use it to maintain a level of distance in closer range combat, as all who enter within the range of the spear will be swiftly pierced through with the polearm. By allowing fragments of the spear to break off, when used as a black receiver that is, it allows Yoshitsune to further take control of the foe. Yoshitsune can also throw his spears, and possess remarkable accuracy, being able to hit a target dead that was at least a mile away with his chakra-enhanced throw. Combined with his telepathic control of his black receivers or Truth-Seeking Balls, Yoshitsune can control multiple spears around him as they revolve around him waiting for him to throw or fire them out with great power. For more simple maneuvers, when surrounded, Yoshitsune will grip the spear's body further away from the head to spin with it extended, cutting through many around him in the process, and often on the neck to cause foes to bleed out more quickly. Yoshitsune can also summon forth the arms of his Susanoo to wield a spear that can cause more wide-scale damage with its larger body and greater blade size and can empower the spear more by merging it with a Truth-Seeking Ball. Yoshitsune often uses the spear in quick lunges to make as many wounds as he can quickly for multiple weaker points on the body to attack, as well as use the shaft of the spear to slam into foes to form large bruises and break bone.

Yoshitsune would eventually make usage of swords in combat more often, with which he uses with great skill, and produces his swords from his powerful chakra rods once more. He imbues his fire and lightning chakra into the sword to increase its effectiveness, so he can both burn foes or electrocute them, and also the vibrations of the lightning chakra make cutting through people or objects faster. With it he was able to fight against powerful swordsman such as various high-ranking samurai and defeat them. He has also defeated many members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and claims to have bested each sword of the group, though this may be simple boasting, however, it would not be shocking for this to be reality. After manifesting the Rinnegan once more, Yoshitsune stopped carrying his sword with him. He used the ability it granted of manifesting chakra rods to form a blade more durable than most ninja tools, easily slicing through kunai and shuriken while leaving damage on regular swords. He also flows his wind-based chakra through the rods to increase their cutting power, and mostly throws them like javelins. Yoshitsune can form even more powerful swords by summoning forth his Susanoo's hand with a sword ready to use in a longer range slash as the hand can get further away from him body and cause a quick slash with great damage output, and can do something similar with his Truth-Seeking Balls if he is relying on senjutsu. When used together, Yoshitsune often merged his Susanoo sword and Truth-Seeking Ball into one blade for greater power. His main style seems to be high-speed slashes mixed with motions meant to disarm his foe if they are armed and attempt to disable them.



Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Mode cloak with his Truth-Seeking Balls.

As the successor to the will of legendary Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, acting like his avatar in some ways, and bearer of Asura Ōtsutsuki's legacy, Yoshitsune's iron clad will and faith caught the eye of the Hagoromo in their meeting on a mental plane. Passing knowledge on the power of his senjutsu to Yoshitsune through his ninshū, Yoshitsune would gain the ability to merge natural energy into his chakra to form his own Six Paths senjutsu chakra to enter the Six Paths Sage Mode. To increase his usage of senjutsu, Yoshitsune would visit the toads of Mount Myōboku. When in this form, the image of a Rinnegan with nine magatama in three rows of three beneath it forms on his back. Unlike other Six Paths senjutsu users who just gain the ripples of the Rinnegan with an occasional unique flair to it, Yoshitsune's seal has his colored in like a standard Rinnegan. As his usage of the form progressed, a silver robe of his own chakra would manifest over his normal clothes with the same symbol on his back forming on the back of the robe, and circle markings forming rings on his shoulders with square protrusions from the rings. The robe was closed in the middle but opened up more towards the tail of it. Alongside the chakra cloak, a black body suit of chakra forms over his body much like how Madara's Six Paths senjutsu form is. Later in life, the Rinnegan in the marking would be replaced with a Rinne Sharingan, when that very eye became Yoshitsune's only dōjutsu. Yoshitsune originally would have to take time to safely gather natural energy, often using shadow clones to accomplish this while in combat. At his current level, however, Yoshitsune can gather natural energy himself in the blink of an eye and enter Six Paths Sage Mode nearly instantaneously, and no longer needs clones to gather natural energy for him.

SPSM Rinne Susanoo

Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Susanoo.

In this form, Yoshitsune's strength, stamina, durability, speed, reflexes, and the power of his techniques are greatly heightened. Yoshitsune also states the training at Mount Myōboku made his strength greater. Further, Yoshitsune goes on to say that his reflexes in this mode are to the point that he rarely even acknowledges an attack or threat of any sort. As such, his reflexes are essentially automatic. The chakra robe that Yoshitsune forms can split on the tail into the four skeletal arms of his Susanoo at will. With it, Yoshitsune further gained the ability to naturally fly and to form nine Truth-Seeking Balls. The Truth-Seeking Balls are formed from all of the basic chakra natures of earth, fire, lightning, water, and wind, along with the powers of Yin–Yang Release and natural energy as well. This ability takes the concept of shape transformation to the utmost limit. With his Rinne Sharingan's awakening, Yoshitsune further gained a tenth Truth-Seeking Ball. These Truth-Seeking Balls float behind his back in a circular formation. Yoshitsune further has his Truth-Seeking Balls connected to the power of his Rinne Sharingan, so should one get out of range from where one is, he can summon it back him instantly. The Truth-Seeking Balls, with the Rinne Sharingan, now unconsciously repair themselves from damage, and reform over time if they are completely destroyed. Yoshitsune is far faster in this form than his basic form, comparable to some as teleportation. However, Yoshitsune uses Kamui more often for fast travel still as he says it is superior, especially with the double eye aspect of Kamui's nearly instantaneous teleportation on usage and range scales. Yoshitsune is known to be able to use the technique more times in succession in the Six Paths Sage Mode than in his non-transformed form as well, increasing it from five times to seven times without needing to recharge. Moreover, the recharge time between heavy usages of the technique is shortened as well. Yoshitsune could also form a colossus of chakra in this form, but his ability to do so is linked to his Susanoo. By merging his Six Paths Sage Mode and Susanoo together, Yoshitsune enters a form he calls the Six Paths Sage Susanoo (六道仙人須佐能乎, Rikudō Sennin Susanoo). Yoshitsune does not need to awaken his Rinne Sharingan to use this form, much like how Madara was able to use his with no eyes at all. The marking that forms on Yoshitsune's back manifests on the avatar's as well, and massive versions of the Truth-Seeking Balls form behind its back in a circular formation. Some have said that in this form, Yoshitsune is the Ten-Tails reborn, due to the massive power it possesses. Yoshitsune himself says in this form that his Six Paths Sage Mode and his Rinne Sharingan become perfectly linked, increasing the power of each other in the process. Yoshitsune's Susanoo also has a sword in the form of a tsurugi, a double-edged straight sword, and a trident, a three-pronged spear, though both of these weapons often get merged with a Truth-Seeking Ball to become stronger and more powerful than ever before. Yoshitsune can use the Truth-Seeking Balls to form powerful weapons and can only be damaged by senjutsu-based abilities. Yoshitsune can cause the Truth-Seeking Balls to transform into Tailed Beast Balls as well with his tailed beast power, being able to use it in the cloak form alone if he lets all his power flow together. Further, Yoshitsune can merge his tailed beast power with that of his Six Paths Sage Susanoo to access the even stronger Six Paths Sage Tailed Beast Susanoo (六道仙人尾獣須佐能乎, Rikudō Sennin Bijū Susanoo). The power of the Six Paths Sage Mode also greatly lessens the strain of using God: August Star of Heaven on Yoshitsune's eyes, body, and chakra, and as such, Yoshitsune will almost always use the technique in this form. Yoshitsune rarely uses this ability, but he will activate it should there be a large army or massive threat. With his senjutsu and tailed beast power, Yoshitsune can further use the Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama, with which he creates a Tailed Beast Ball and merges it with the Lightning Echo Rasengan and the power of his sage-enhanced Tailed Beast Susanoo, and then stings magatama beads that are greatly sharpened and made out of senjutsu-enhanced lightning on to the ring of lightning. When the Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama makes contact with a surface, it will burst into a massive explosion and a column of lightning. This column rotates like a twister and releases arcs of lightning that dance around it, causing massive amounts of damage with the area it covers.

Tailed Beast Power

Tailed Beast Susanoo Yoshi

Yoshitsune using his tailed beast power through his Susanoo to create the Tailed Beast Susanoo.

Fearing the arrival of an army of Ōtsutsuki clan members, or similar groups wanting to take the power of Earth, Yoshitsune sought the council of the tailed beasts on how to be able to deal with the great power of the threat of the stars. In doing so, Yoshitsune came across Kurama, the strongest of the tailed beasts, some time after the passing of Naruto Uzumaki. After completing a trial for Kurama to prove his worth, honesty, and that he was not heading down a path like that of Madara Uchiha, Kurama agreed to help Yoshitsune. However, the beast did not want to be contracted or sealed like it had been in the past, and instead gave Yoshitsune a great deal of its chakra to aid him, all while Kurama could rest and prepare for a possible event due to the likelihood of the beast being targeted. This would make Yoshitsune become a Pseudo-Jinchūriki. However, instead of accessing the powers like others of this status, such as the Gold and Silver Brothers, Yoshitsune can incarnate with it to from essentially a new tailed beast. Kurama speculates that due to Yoshitsune's eyes and his strong Ōtsutsuki heritage that the chakra attempted to recreate the power of the Ten-Tails, the beastly form of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. As such, despite being a pseudo-jinchūriki, his existence is somewhere between a mortal and that of Kaguya's existence in reality.

SPSMTB Susanoo

Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Tailed Beast Susanoo.

With his tailed beast power, Yoshitsune's chakra grew exponentially greater, in terms of volume, density, and power. Further, he can use abilities associated with the tailed beasts. To fully access his tailed beast power, Yoshitsune instead uses his Susanoo, which becomes a vessel for the power and morphs into a Tailed Beast Susanoo (尾獣須佐能乎­, Bijū Susanoo) by incarnating with it, in a manner akin to Kaguya incarnating with the God Tree to become the Ten-Tails. This makes his Susanoo form into an armor around a form reminiscent of the Tailed Beast Mode Naruto possessed, though Yoshitsune says this is just the state of Susanoo when he accesses his tailed beast powers as opposed to being distinctly a separate power, stating the avatar merely reacts to the state of Yoshitsune's soul. Yoshitsune also comments that each time he does this, he feels the two powers become more and more the same. This makes him believe that one day he will lose access to his regular Susanoo and only be able to access the Tailed Beast Susanoo and be more akin to a pseudo-tailed beast as opposed to a pseudo-jinchūriki. Though the form loses the second set of arms, Yoshitsune more than makes up for this with the ability to shift the nine tails of the form into arms, much like the Ten-Tails could. With this, Yoshitsune also became able to perform an attack much like the Top Transformed Buddha, striking foes repeatedly with the eleven possible fists. When in this form, Yoshitsune can access the mighty Tailed Beast Ball. This allows Yoshitsune to gather a 8:2 ratio of positive black chakra (+の黒チャクラ, purasu no kuro chakura) and negative white chakra (−の白チャクラ, mainasu no shiro chakura). By gathering and balancing this chakra in the mouth of his Tailed Beast Susanoo, Yoshitsune can fire it as a destructive ball that makes a magnificent explosion on impact. Yoshitsune can fire several Tailed Beast Balls rapidly and bring a Tailed Beast Ball back into the mouth of his Tailed Beast Susanoo to release as a destructive beam, depending on what he needs in a situation when he needs to use it. He can also give the balls a cutting edge by breaking off his Susanoo swords within it, allowing the blades to tear through the earth as they travel across the surface. Yoshitsune can further amplify this power by merging it with his Six Paths Sage Mode, entering a form known as Six Paths Sage Tailed Beast Susanoo (六道仙人尾獣須佐能乎, Rikudō Sennin Bijū Susanoo). In this, the mark of his Six Paths Sage Mode, the Rinne Sharingan with nine Magatama beneath it, forms on the Tailed Beast Susanoo's back along with a halo of ten Truth-Seeking Balls. Yoshitsune can use the Truth-Seeking Balls to form enhanced Susanoo weaponry or instantly transform them into Tailed Beast Balls, making this become a deadly surprise attack when used this way. Merging his tailed beast power and snejutsu together, as well as his ocular abilities, Yoshitsune was able to create the Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama, with which he creates a Tailed Beast Ball and applies the principles of the Lightning Echo Rasengan to it with his sage-enhanced Tailed Beast Susanoo, then Yoshitsune stings sharpened magatama beads, similar in appearance to that of Yasaka Magatama, made out of senjutsu-enhanced lightning on to the ring of lightning around the Tailed Beast-Rasengan hybrid. The beads, which Yoshitsune uses more as a shuriken-like weapon, sliced through the ground and constructs it passes. When the Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama makes contact with a surface, it will burst into a massive explosion and a column of lightning. This column rotates like a twister and releases arcs of lightning that dance around it, causing massive amounts of damage with the area it covers.

Chakra and Physical Prowess


Yoshitsune visibly releasing his chakra.

Born to a woman of Senju descent and of a man with a bloodline from another Ōtsutsuki clan alien who served Hagoromo and gained part his chakra, Yoshitsune was born already with strong reserves of chakra in the realm of greater possibility for him. However, gaining the chakra of Indra and Asura Ōtsutsuki assured his chakra dominance, and gave him the powerful chakra of the Uchiha clan and Senju clan's massive reserves of chakra. Yoshitsune naturally produced both of these chakra signatures along with his own. Their two chakras eventually merged into one, which further gave Yoshitsune the ability to naturally produce Six Paths chakra, the legendary chakra of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths. This Six Paths chakra completely overrode his own original chakra signature, which was in and of itself a lesser form of Six Paths chakra from his alien ancestry. This powerful chakra is nearly unrivaled. Yoshitsune possess massive quantities of chakra. Quantities that make many of the Senju look like drops compared to his own. As such, Yoshitsune's chakra, in vastness, potency, and denseness, often gets Yoshitsune compared to that of the tailed beasts. Further in life, when Yoshitsune's Six Paths chakra merged with the chakra of the various people and creatures Yoshitsune had fought, including all nine of the tailed beasts, his chakra became that much more terrorizing. Further, his strong chakra reserves and strong body allowed Yoshitsune to merge natural energy into his chakra to produce the great senjutsu chakra unique to those with the likeness of Hagoromo, the Six Paths senjutsu chakra, which allows him to enter the Six Paths Sage Mode to empower his techniques and fly. His vast chakra levels allow him to maintain the various dōjutsu he has held in his life, be it his Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, and Rinnegan, or his standalone, merged eye power of the Rinne Sharingan, and keep them active for long periods of time without ill-effect on him. Yoshitsune's large reserves also allow him to use multiple large-scale techniques in a row, such using multiple Sage Art: Tailed Beast Lightning Echo Rasentama in a row when he had fought a large cell of missing-nin who were attempting to overthrow Sunagakure. It is well noted that Yoshitsune can continue to use chakra for a whole day nonstop and still have chakra remaining. Further, Yoshitsune can gather chakra with his ability of God: Nativity of a World of Trees through those he captures with it like Wood Release, from those entangled in it when they are under his most powerful genjutsu ability, or by connecting the roots of the trees to the Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku) of the Earth to gather an ancient and potent chakra from the planet itself, and absorb the chakra gather by the trees from any of these sources into himself in his Kamui dimension of his Amenominaka ability, which is his central dimension. He can also conceal his chakra well and is able to mask him massive volumes of chakra from even high-level sensors. His chakra would become even more powerful after it fully contain the chakra granted to him by Kurama, making Yoshitsune become a pseudo-jinchūriki.

Yoshitsue is fairly skilled with taijutsu and hand-to-hand combat and has a powerful body from his Senju-based abilities from Asura's chakra. Using is above average strength and and great stamina, Yoshitsune can cause great physical damage. With his strength, Yoshitsune can move objects several times his size and weight, though around the size of three of himself is when he truly starts straining himself physically. His great stamina also allows him to fight for days without succumbing to exhaustion, being seemingly perfectly fine even after battling a group of missing-nin, using a large amount of ninjutsu in the process as well. Using his basic speed, Yoshitsune is able to give a wide range of physical assaults with barrages of strong punches and powerful kicks. Yoshitsune's body is also quite durable, taking several attacks without showing too much wear and tear from it. Yoshitsune's body seems like it would be capable of surviving the Heavenly Transfer Technique. However, this could be thanks to his Regeneration Ability and Six Paths Sage Mode holding him together. Yoshitsune also uses more unorthodox methods, such as slamming his head into foes with a powerful headbutt and then showing no noticeable pain after the fact on himself. Like Naruto Uzumaki, Yoshitsune also enhances his taijutsu through the usage of shadow clones, and creates deadly barrages of taijutsu by creating hundreds of shadow clones to attack the enemy from all sides nearly constantly, and combined with his large amount of chakra and control of it, Yoshitsune can use this method just as effectively. Yoshitsune can merge his Asura Path abilities with his physical prowess and does so by turning his arms into mechanized versions of their normal self. The robotic arms flow chakra in a superior fashion to the fully organic limbs and heats the chakra to expand it, in a process similar to the Boil Release: Unrivaled Strength ability, giving Yoshitsune the same massive strength and speed increases, should he use it in his legs too. When combined with his Six Paths Sage Mode, Yoshitsune physical abilities are increased massively, making his strength, speed, and durability increase massively, allowing Yoshitsune's physical body to become much more like a weapon, and often times, he doesn't even truly need ninjutsu, the Truth-Seeking Balls, or his Rinne Sharingan in this form to devastate his foes, being able to when solely with physical prowess. Yoshitsune seems to be fairly knowledgeable in single handed seals, which he uses often to use techniques more quickly or to use two separate techniques at once. Yoshitsune also possesses great natural speed and has shown himself to be able to only fall behind masters of the physical body and taijutsu in terms of non-chakra assisted speed.

Life Force

Yoshitsune is also blessed with a powerful life force from the power of Asura Ōtsutsuki within him, making his life force similar to that of the Senju and Uzumaki clans in its abundance. With it, his body can handle stress greatly and it shown to function at full capacity even during long stretches of time without rest and great activity, as shown with Yoshitsune being able to fight with chakra and physical ability still after a whole day's worth of combat against powerful foes. Possessing the Regeneration Ability, from his brimming life force, much like Hashirama Senju, Yoshitsune can continue to heal and fight from physical wounds easily and shows a strong pain tolerance as well in this process. Scratches and cuts on him close within moments of being inflicted with them and can regenerate his limbs if the need should arise. Yoshitsune notes this takes up a large amount of chakra to do and is much easier to do when he is in Six Paths Sage Mode. In Six Paths Sage Mode, unless one aims for his brain itself, Yoshitsune will likely be able to heal himself. If he should not fall to unnatural causes, Yoshitsune's life force will allow him to live an extremely long life. Yoshitsune even claims he could, in theory, still be fairly active when he is around the age at which Ōnoki finally passed, which is an extraordinary claim as Ōnoki lived an extremely long life.


Yoshitsune is also quick to discern the nature of a person, if they are friendly or hostile, if they mean to help of do nothing. As Yoshitsune doesn't care for violence, he also possesses great reasoning skill to try and evade unneeded conflict. Yoshitsune is also perceptive, being able to analyze and break down a technique quickly. Yoshitsune can also deceive others well, as well as see through deception. Yoshitsune can quickly plan for a battle too, by analyzing his foe he quickly formulates a plan suited for them. Yoshitsune is also a skilled and adept learner. This is also seen through his breaking down of the power of advanced natures such as Ninigi Senju's Wood Release, and another man's Dust Release, the famous kekkei tōta, and learn all the elements granted to him by the Rinnegan and the Rinne Sharingan, for a few examples. He further could use his Rinne Sharingan to access powers from the Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, and Rinnegan, a feat never before seen, which when combined with the skill he has in his Six Paths Sage Mode, has made Yoshtsune become famously known as the Sage of the Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼の仙人, Rinne Sharingan no Sennin). Yoshitsune also knows information on many bloodlines, such as the blind spot of the Byakugan, which he uses to his advantage to better combat Byakugan wielders he comes across. Further, Yoshitsune expertly adapted to the multiple powers of his many eyes and learned to merge their powers, such as Susanoo and the Six Paths Technique powers such as the Deva Path, the Asura Path, and the Outer Path, as well as Kamui and Amenominaka into a single, cohesive ability. He also made usage of his abilities to make up for lack of, such as using Susanoo's fists like the Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack.

Yoshitsune's knowledge of history is also expansive. Yoshitsune has studied the history of the great nations like Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, and Iwagakure, as well as lesser villages like Otogakure, Takigakure, Uzushiogakure, and Amegakure, among others. He also holds strong knowledge of the great Land of Iron. He applies this history when fighting foes of these different places to try and predict what their fighting style may be. Being free to roam and help the world, Yoshitsune would also see these places first hand as to gain a firsthand account for himself how these places and the people from them tended to fight and act, and as such would combine it with the historical accounts for an even better understanding. Yoshitsune also has explored at least one of the three major sage regions, which are the Mount Myōboku, the Ryūchi Cave, and the Shikkotsu Forest, homes of the toads, snakes, and slugs respectively. The location he trained in was Mount Myōboku, due to their peaceful nature and connection with the Six Paths prophecy, in which he gained a deeper understanding of his abilities.

With the activation of his Rinnegan, Yoshitsune went on to read the tablet hidden in the Naka Shrine and gained the knowledge it possessed of the Shinju, the theft made by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, better known as the Sage of Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin), and of how he defeated the Ten-Tails, made the tailed beasts from the beast's chakra, imprisoned the body in a rock formation made by his Chibaku Tensei that would become the moon, and gave the human race chakra. He also learned the story of the elder son and the younger son of the Sage of Six Paths and how the younger was chosen, causing the elder to be fueled by hatred, and how from the elder came the Uchiha clan and from the younger the Senju and Uzumaki clans were born. To a lesser degree, Yoshitsune also learned of the Sage's brother Hamura Ōtsutsuki and his relation to the Hyūga clan. Yoshitsune also knows the names of all the tailed beasts, and he is one of the few to refer to them by said names out of respect, having learned them from Hagoromo himself in his mental plane. This tablet also had new additions from Hagoromo after he fixed the errors added in by Black Zetsu, information he learned through Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha during their battle with his mother Kaguya, as he was still residing in their bodies at that point. With all this, Yoshitsune decided to spread the truth that normally only bearers of the Rinne Sharingan family of eyes could read to the entire world.


Mangekyō Sharingan Yoshitsune

Yoshitsune's former Mangekyō Sharingan.

Rinnegan Rings

Yoshitsune's former Rinnegan.

  • Yoshitsune's name translates to "righteous sutra" (義経).
    • Yoshitsune was named after Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a famous samurai and military commander from Japanese history.
    • Yoshitsune's moniker, Thousand Cherry Blossoms (千本桜, Senbonzakura), is a reference to Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura, one of the first stories from Japan his author learned about that was not an anime or manga.
    • Yoshitsune's name also fits the Ōtsutsuki clan naming theme of being named for mythical and folklore characters. This was unintentional, however, as Yoshitsune was created prior to the reveal of the Ōtsutsuki clan.
  • Yoshitsune's moniker of Fierce Deity (鬼神, Kishin) is a reference to wrathful deities, which are deities who defend enlightenment.
  • Yoshitsune's author has stated that if Yoshitsune had a voice actor, Junichi Suwabe would be his ideal voice actor in Japanese, and Jensen Ackles would be his ideal voice actor in English.
  • Yoshitsune's ninja registration number is a reference to the author's former high school identification number, as Yoshitsune was created when the author was in high school.
  • Yoshitsune's infobox does not list his Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, or Rinnegan despite Yoshitsune once possessing them. This is because he can no longer access these eyes due to the strange nature of his Rinne Sharingan, and as such his author does not desire to list these abilities that Yoshitsune does not technically have any more in an individual sense or place something such as "sealed" or "inaccessible" next to each ability.
    • Yoshitsune's former Mangekyō Sharingan did not go blind as it was repaired by his Regeneration Ability prior to his Rinnegan being awakened. Later, the eye was fueled by his Six Paths chakra, making it essentially an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.
    • Yoshitsune's former Mangekyō Sharingan is a simple circle with three spikes coming out of it along with a normal, black pupil. His Rinnegan was just the standard Rinnegan appearance that Hagoromo possessed.
    • Yoshitsune's author intended to get rid of Kamui on Yoshitsune altogether after giving him the Rinne Sharingan and Amenominaka with it, making it as though he never possessed it. However, the author believed that merging the two separate abilities of Kamui and Amenominaka into one with the circumstances of Yoshitsune's Rinne Sharingan would be more interesting and fun to work with, and thus kept it.
  • Yoshitsune's lava dimension with Amenominaka is a reference to the fact Yoshitsune once had the ability to use Lava Release. The storm dimension is a reference to Yoshitsune once possessing the power of Storm Release and the ability to cast Tenpenchii at separate times, though the ice control references a formerly possessed ice dimension that the author cut due to wanting to condense Yoshitsune's dimensional abilities a bit more. Yoshitsune's tailed beast powers are a reference to him once being a jinchūriki, but now presented as them being an evolution of Yoshitsune into becoming more akin tailed beast in a manner similar to Kaguya Ōtsutsuki becoming the Ten-Tails.
  • Yoshitsune lacks access to the specific abilities of the different tailed beasts as when he absorbed their chakra, he did not gain conscious, living parts of their beings in the chakra before the energies were pulled into his powerful eyes.
  • Yoshitsune enjoys relaxing, music, swimming, reading, history, and training.
    • Yoshitsune enjoys singing to himself and out loud at times and possesses a strong baritone voice with a fairly large range. Most who hear him sing note that he sounds quite good.
  • Yoshitsune's favorite foods are steak and salmon in terms of meat. Yoshitsune enjoys potatoes and mushrooms alongside those meats as well. Yoshitsune also likes to eat pineapple, raspberries, and cheesecake in regard to fruit and dessert. For a more specialized dish, Yoshitsune is known to enjoy tonkotsu ramen with black garlic oil. Yoshitsune's least favorite foods are kale and pickled vegetables in general, though overall Yoshitsune is not a picky eater. Yoshitsune also enjoys drinking tea, usually green or jasmine. Yoshitsune is also known to partake in alcohol from time to time, and when he does so he tends to drink whiskey.
  • Yoshitsune fears geckos and frogs, though Yoshitsune eventually overcame this strange fear of frogs when he received help from the toads at Mount Myōboku when training to use his Six Paths Sage Mode better. With geckos, however, Yoshitsune still hates them.
  • Yoshitsune has completed 798 official missions: 105 D-rank, 231 C-rank, 210 B-rank, 151 A-rank, and 101 S-rank.
  • Yoshitsune's favorite word is "future" (未来, mirai), as he wants to make the future better than the past has been.
  • Yoshitsune wishes to fight Madara Uchiha at his full power of being the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, along with his own Rinne Sharingan. This is due to them possessing many of the same abilities but opposite ideals. This is also a reference to Yoshitsune once being the descendant of Madara.


  • "Immortality is a pathetic dream that the weak cling to in hopes of gaining respect and fear. The Sage of Six Paths, Madara Uchiha, and Hashirama Senju are all examples of this, death comes to even the most powerful of beings. Many supposed "immortals" have died time and time again. As shinobi, we fight, and we die to finally rest. In that rest, we watch our friends and family persevere and continue in life until they, like us, die and join us in rest. We continue watching their children, their children's children, and so on until a time finally comes were all this senseless violence stops on its own."
  • "What makes a monster and what makes a man?"
  • "Do not confuse me with him ever again. I bear his will and his powerful abilities, but I wield my own mind. I walk his path, but I walk it armed. I believe in his ideals, but at the same time I believe in the death of one for the many. I am Yoshitsune, not Hagoromo. I am no 'Sage of Six Paths', but its wrathful god."
  • "Sometimes I feel as if I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking care not to break something, to break someone undeserving of punishment. Never allowing myself to lose control even for a moment, or an innocent person could die. It is my burden to bear, to always hold myself back unless all the measures are made clear that I can finally go all out."
  • "While I do what I do proudly, to create and preserve the peace of this world, I am merely a conduit for a dream that has existed since the dawn of this world. It is a dream that will outlive me."

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