Yougangakure was a village located somewhere in the fire country. It's shinobi were once well-known for their fire and earth-type ninjutsu. This village was small, with only about 200 inhabitants, all of them were trained to some degree in ninja arts. Although this village was great, it was not recognized as one of the great five shinobi villages, and did not have a kage. Instead, it was led by a succession of leaders. This village predates most, and had a long line of leaders.


The exact history of the village is unknown. Orriginally, the First leader had led the village at the base of the volcano. It wasn't until the Second leader that the village members could live safely inside the volcano.

Yougangakure has a reputation of always choosing the winning side in combat, many countries have tried to take the village in war, but are always pushed back by the ninja. About a year before the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, the villiage fell apart. All of it's techniques were stolen in a scroll by Kasei Dornmos Gobi and delivered to Konoha, so as to keep the villages' legacy.

Shinobi leaders


  • Name: Enyamaru
  • Rank: S-Class
  • Age: 37 (Deceased)
  • Relatives: Third
  • Unique Traits/notes: Possessed a fire-type kekkei genkai. Ruled the village at the base of the volcano, instead of inside it.


  • Name: ????
  • Rank: S-class
  • Age: Unknown (Deceased)
  • Relatives: None
  • Unique Traits/notes: Only ninja in the history of the village to possess water-type chakra, invented the boat system for accessing the villiage. First leader of the actual village. Name forgotten.


  • Name: Jiankuro
  • Rank: S-class
  • Age: 48(Deceased)
  • Relatives: First
  • Unique Traits/notes: Son of the first, shared the same Kekkei-genkai. First one to be killed by an enemy while serving as leader.


  • Name: Kuromino Aizakura
  • Rank: S-class
  • Age: 56 (Deceased)
  • Relatives: None
  • Unique Traits/notes: Possessed 4 forbidden Jutsu he handed down to the fifth.


  • Name: Jinraiku
  • Rank: S-class
  • Age: Unknown (Deceased)
  • Relatives: None
  • Unique Traits/notes: Used all the forbidden jutsu he knew to end the villiage after the sixth became leader.


  • Name: Gin
  • Rank: S-class
  • Age: 24 (Deceased)
  • Relatives: None
  • Unique Traits/notes: Was killed by the Fifth, was the last leader of the villiage. Possessed at least four-hundred jutsu, and apparently displayed them all in his final battle.


There is only one known survivor of Yougangakure.

  • Name: Aaron Nainto
  • Rank: Jounin
  • Age: 34
  • Relatives: None
  • Unique Traits/notes: Only survivor of Yougangakure, possesses all the jutsu of the villiage. Has a mutated right arm, uses a short sword that can turn into magma.