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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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editYuki Kaneko
Yuki Kaneko

  • Child of the Tailed Beasts
    Yuki of the Tailed Beasts
    The Zero Tailed Demon Child
    Zero Tailed Kamaitachi
    Amorōnagu (天降女子
  • "Girl Who Fell from Heaven")
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Gemini June 18
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 16
Height 157.48 cm
1.575 m
5.167 ft
62 in
Weight 120 pounds
54.431 kg
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan Byakugan
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    Pseudo Jinchūriki
Occupation Traveler
Affiliation Tailed Beasts
Team None
Partner None
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Possesses Tailed Beast Chakra
  • Possesses a unique Byakugan

Yuki Kaneko is a member of the Kaneko and Hyūga Clans with great potential. She was abandoned as a baby by her parents on the far away island Onogoro Island. There she was found by the tailed beasts Kurama and Matatabi who were about to kill her when they felt an interesting sensation coming from her chakra presumably sensing that she was a descendant of both the Kaguya Clan, because of how the Kaneko Clan are descendants of the Kaguya Clan, and the Hyūga Clan. Interested in where this is coming from they decided to adopt her as their child. When the confirmed what they sensed they gave her the alias "Amorōnagu (天降女子, "Girl Who Fell from Heaven")" in reference to how she is descended from two clans whose roots can be traced back to the Ōtsutsuki Clan who are extra-terrestrials.


The first things people notice about Yuki Kaneko's appearance is her height that hides how powerful she is. She is very short for her age and most people she meets will most likely be taller than her. Her height makes her a small target, which adds to how evasive she is. One shouldn't let her height full them because of the harsh Kaneko training that she went through in her free time when she was being raised by tailed beasts and the even harsher training Kurama and Matatabi had her go through has given her physical abilities far above normal. Her toned athletic build is the only clue to this. She is not overly toned, but it is just toned enough to make it hard to miss. In addition to her athletic build she has a couple of scars on her body that can also serve as clues to her harsh training. She has a lot of scars on her back that criss cross and two or three scars on her arms and legs.

Yuki usually carries herself with a simple easy to understand demeanor. Every step she takes conveys the feeling that she would rather be sleeping than doing whatever she is doing at that moment. Underneath this one can see a small hint of pride in her demeanor. The only time she doesn't have this demeanor is when she is fighting at which point her demeanor will turn to an excited an eager demeanor because of her love of fighting and finding a good Taijutsu Specialist to test her abilities.

Yuki has bright curious red eyes and long brown hair that is usually tied in a ponytail. In the front, her hair comes down to cover her forehead and with strands of hair on either side of her face falling down past her face right in front of her ears to frame her face with the hair that covers her forehead. Located behind her bangs there is a small yellow bell and a white ribbon. Faint traces of tailed beast chakra can be sensed from the bell, suggesting that is a protective charm that can create a barrier to shield her.

Her outfit consists of a dark blue hoodie with shoulders and short sleeves that are a light purple, which is over a sleeveless black shirt. Along with this she wears black shorts with bandages wrapped around her knees and elbows, black sandals, and metal arm braces. The dark blue hoodie has a white crest of a fox head on the back. The hoodie also has a seal on it that increases it weight exponentially along with the pair of very small ankle weights. Despite how small they are, the weights are just as heavy as the hoodie to how they have the same seal.

When she is not fighting or training she wears a buttoned up black blazer with some lines running along it connecting to its red cuffs. The blazer is over a white buttoned down shirt with a pink ribbon. The blazer and shirt is accompanied by a short grey skirt, black socks, and sneakers. The seals on her casual attire increase the weight a lot more than the seals on the dark blue hoodie she wears when she is fighting or training.


One of Yuki's most prominent personality traits is how simple she is. Yuki wasn't raised in a human society around all the complicated things that come with it, but instead on an island with her parents in the simplicity that comes with growing up in nature. The only thing she had to worry about what was: where she was going to sleep, where her next meal will be, and what she was going to learn next. She slept when the sun went down and woke up when it came up. In nature she didn't have to worry about things like money, security, or the opinions of others. Growing up, the only thing that mattered was her parents, food, water, and nature everything else she could do without. Her upbringing as made her a very innocent person who is naive about human society. Many of the things she comes across in human societies is still new to her making her a person who is easily impressed especially when it comes to human technology and architecture. At the same time, she also finds human society and human behavior in general to be just as weird proven by how she believes fancy food is disgusting. She finds human culture so weird because of how complicated humans like to make things and believes that the simple life of the wild is much better. For example, living off the land over going to a restaurant, sleeping outside over in an "unnecessary building," or entertaining oneself over finding useless things for entertainment. She is of the opinion that the simple life is the better life and anything extra should go.

Tumblr oeipwoag6L1rmf97co1 500

Yuki overwhelmed

How complicated human culture is compared to her old life makes it very easy for her to be overwhelmed by all the things going on around her. If possible she tries to spend most of her time in forests than in populated areas. When she does need to go into a village she always tries to make her time there as short as possible to prevent herself from being overwhelmed, it always fails because of how distracting everything is.

Due in part to naivety, Yuki is a very kind almost pure hearted person who is overly trusting and wears her emotions on her sleeve causing her to be very easy to fool. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and she is a person who always stays true to who she is and never tries to be someone else unlike other people. She can't understand what good comes from not being yourself and why people do it all the time and she is very good at telling when someone is lying or faking suggesting that she isn't completely naive. However, despite her apparent ability to always see the motives of the people around she still acts overly trusting out of the belief that people can change. Unfortunately for her most people aren't as kind as her and as a result Yuki spends a lot of her time getting out of trouble that she got into because of the trust she put into someone she shouldn't have.

She loves to fight and loves to find strong shinobi to test her abilities even more. She has a bad habit of challenging random people to a fight even people if she thinks they will give her a challenge and rarely will she take no for an answer showing that she is also a very stubborn person. In her fights or any other task she puts her mind to Yuki can be very intuitive showing that naive as she may be, she isn't stupid. She is no tactician, but many of her ideas and plans are at least smart, cunning, or clever and she can come up with them on the fly.

Another of her prominent personality traits is how familiar she speaks of Tailed Beasts, which makes it clear that she thinks of the Tailed Beasts as her family. This is most easily seen by how she refers to tailed beasts such as calling Kurama and Matatabi "father" and "mother" respectively and referring to the other tailed beasts as her aunts and uncles for example "Uncle Chōmei" or "Uncle Shukaku." The fact that she uses their real names instead of the names humans have given them is yet another clear indication of her relationship with them.

When she met Chōmei six months after leaving the island her familial love for tailed beasts caught even a go-lucky Tailed Beast like him off guard since the last thing he would expect of a child is for them to throw themselves at him without an ounce of fear as if to greet a long lost relative instead of running away in fear.

Her last prominent personality trait is how much like most others in the Kaneko Clan she has an incredible sense of work ethic. She is very ambitious and as the will to always want to improve herself mentally and physically. She never for a second falls back on her talent or believes that her talent is enough and always seems to find some fault in herself. If she doesn't find it then she will push herself to the brink of death just to find her limits so that she can train to break past that limit. For Yuki there is no such thing as enough. She doesn't just aspire to become the strongest shinobi, but the strongest shinobi until the end of time. She is the type of person who doesn't try to reach for the stars, but tries to reach beyond that. Although Yuki is certainly talented with Taijutsu her true talent lies in hard work. She is, paradoxically, a genius when it comes to working hard.

This level of work ethic and motivation for improvement doesn't come without its faults. Due to how she will never be satisfied with herself she is easily prone to falling into depression. On the outside she may act cheerful, naive, and full of energy like a child who is ignorant of how harsh reality is, but deep down she is in a constant state of major depression as the reality that she will never live up to her own expectations or the expectations she believes people have for her sinks in further and further with every passing day. Kurama once stated that it is more likely that Yuki's end will not come at the hands of an enemy, but by her own hands and that her mind is more dangerous to her than any enemy she could ever face.


Yuki was born long after the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War when all the Jinchūriki of that era were dead and their tailed beasts freed never to be seen again. She was born on the night of June 18th to a father who was a member of the Kaneko Clan and a mother who was a member of the main branch of the Hyūga Clan. The following morning when the Hokage learned of their child and had the potential to awaken the Tenseigan he went to visit Yuki's parents. He told them how Yuki may one day disturb the balance of power between the nations and break the era of peace in process because of her potential to awaken the powerful Dōjutsu. He told them that for the good of the shinobi world their child shouldn't belong to any nation and taken to an island outside the reach of the nations. He didn't take tell them much about the island only that if his information is correct there should be someone on that island that will take her in and give her a better life than what she would have here in Konoha.

They were hesitant at first, but eventually said yes. Before the Hokage took her they gave Yuki her name, put scrolls containing how to learn their clan's Hiden techniques and fighting styles, and said goodbye. It took a month for the Hokage and a group of anbu to reach the island of Onogoro Island. They placed Yuki with the scrolls on the shores of the island and left trusting that their information was correct. Hours later Yuki's chakra attracted the attention of two large creatures Kurama and Matatabi who have not been seen for decades. When they saw the baby they were about to kill her when a sensation from Yuki's chakra filled them alerting them of her lineage. Kurama thought back to the power he had seen from the Tenseigan he decided not to because he wanted this power to be a force of good this time unknowing that Yuki will awaken the powerful Dōjutsu, but only a Byakugan with unique abilities. Instead, he decided to raise Yuki as his own and convinced Matatabi to help him.

They taught Yuki how to write, talk, walk, and history and other academic fields. They taught her to fight not just like a human, but as a tailed beast as well by teaching her how to use their Tailed Beast Skills. They went so far as to alter her physiology so it is more like their own by having her body be partially made out of chakra. Under their care and tutelage Yuki grew quickly as a shinobi and mastered their tailed beast skills until it was as much of a second nature to her as it was to them.

The years she spent with them were filled with joy and happiness and they acted like any normal human family would. When Yuki was nine she went so far as to sew a crest shaped as Kurama's head as a way of saying that her allegiance lies with tailed beasts and not any clan, village, or the human race as a whole.

One day when Yuki was 14 she decided she wanted to leave the island and asked Kurama and Matatabi if she could leave the island and explore the world for awhile to find the rest of her family. Both tailed beasts wanted to say no at first, but said yes for her sake because they knew that it would be good for her to leave the island and get the chance to see the rest of the world. Yuki left on that day promising that she will one day return with the rest of her family with her.

In the following months rumors about a strange yet powerful feral child who was travelling around the world spread across the Five Great Shinobi Countries quickly. Due to her abilities like using Tailed Beast Skills the rumors caused many to falsely believe that a new tailed beast had emerged and that this one took on the form of a human form, which is where her title, "The Zero Tailed Demon Child" came from. The rumor started by a group of missing-nin who attacked Yuki think that she would be an easy defeat just a day after she had arrived on the continent that the Five Great Shinobi Countries composes. They were wrong and didn't last a minute against against Yuki. The only thing Yuki had to say to them was her surprise at how much weaker they were compared to her parents.

Part in the Story


Kekkei Genkai


Yuki considers herself part of the Kaneko Clan first and the Hyūga Clan second and shows this by how she puts more effort into learning and mastering Kaneko Fist then she does with Gentle Fist. It is for this reason that Yuki's Byakugan appears to be underdeveloped compared to her other Taijutsu capabilities.

When Yuki activates her Byakugan the irides of her eyes are enlarged and become featureless and the veins near her temples bulge. Unlike normal Byakugan who have no coloring or a faint tint of lavender, when Yuki activates her Byakugan the irides along with the rest of her eyes turn white with a very faint Tenseigan-like coloring that can easily be missed because of how faint it is.

The Byakugan provides Yuki with a 360º diameter field of vision with the exception of its blind spot located at the back of the neck. The Byakugan also heightens her sense of sight and allows her to see across vast distances. Due to her lack of practice, the range of Yuki's Byakugan isn't as impressive as it should be, which is why she can only see as far away as five miles away. Her Byakugan can be used to penetrate through any solid objects or obstructions without needing to worry about blinding interferences with the exception of a few barriers that can distort her vision.

Her heightened sense of vision that the Byakugan provides grant her with the ability to see very quick movements, which can be used to help her analyze her opponent to better predict and react to them. Added to her danger sense, Negative Emotions Sensing, grand mastery over Gentle Step, and her ability to use the Eye Mind Reading Yuki can become extremely difficult close to impossible to hit once she has her Byakugan active. There are few who have ever managed to hit Yuki with Byakugan active because of how high her evasive capabilities are augmented. One foe once commented on hitting Yuki is like trying to grab the air. When she has the Byakugan active she gains the ability to magnifying in on small targets and see infrared. The eighth is that Yuki's Byakugan can augment the strength of her Tailed Beast Shockwaves possible due to its own ability to emit chakra pulses.

Yuki's personal Byakugan comes with abilities that are largely absent from normal Byakugan. Its first ability is the ability to telekinetically manipulate matter. Kurama has noted that this ability functions like an inferior form of the Tenseigan's own attractive and repulsive capabilities suggesting that while Yuki has yet or may never awaken the Tenseigan her Byakugan has adapted some of the Tenseigan's abilities thanks to her lineage albeit in an inferior state. This theory is further supported by how Yuki's speed, power, strength, durability, and reflexes receive a small boost when she activates the Byakugan similar to how the Tenseigan grants its user's the ability to enter Tenseigan Chakra Mode that provides the same boosts, but on a larger scale.

The greatest ability of the Byakugan is its ability to see chakra to a higher degree than the Sharingan allowing for feats like finding a person by their chakra signature alone, find weaknesses in barriers by following its chakra flow with her eyes, or discern from clones and real people. The Byakugan's ability to see chakra is acute enough to grant Yuki the ability to see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu, which she can use to use Gentle Fist fighting style that revolves around striking an opponent's tenketsu for various effects and granting her complete control over her opponent's chakra.

Finally, the Byakugan extends the range of her Genjutsu and allows her to tell whether or not she is in a Genjutsu.


Kaneko Fist

4adf8de4b5de868dd1ff7ceac8c409aba6d101e6 hq

Yuki using the Kaneko Fist fighting style

Kaneko Fist is a form of hand-to-hand combat that revolves around breaking past the normal restrictions of Taijutsu to perform feats that many would assume can only be done through Ninjutsu such as creating small earthquakes with a single punch, move at instantaneous speeds, absorbing kinetic energy, or delivering a punch of tremendous force. This is done achieved by harsh training to reach a level of physical fitness and martial art skill that is nothing but supernatural and in combat integrating this level of physical prowess and Taijutsu skill with ki to push her hand-to-hand capabilities even further by using ki to grant herself various abilities.

The movements, attacks, and blocks are usually performed with very little movement so that she can easily counterattack and conserve her energy to fight for extended periods of time like when Yuki once fought for several days straight. The attacks of Kaneko Fist usually focuses on two movements so the practitioner won't be caught off guard by a surprise attack.

This fact isn't what makes Kaneko Fist so difficult to fight against. It's the fact that Yuki has had to learn thousands of different martial arts while learning this fighting style in order to gain the ability to incorporate some of their principles to Kaneko Fist. This makes it very difficult to fight against because of how easily Kaneko Fist allows Yuki to switch between fighting styles or combine them with Kaneko Fist to adapt to any opponent she may face. The level of the threat she poses with Kaneko Fist is much more than what any one person should be able to. As an opponent, Yuki doesn't seem like one person, but an army. A One-Woman-Army.

  • Kaneko Punch: The Kaneko Punch is the signature technique of the Kaneko Fist fighting style.
    • Burning Fist: Burning Fist is a variant of the Kaneko Fist will Yuki charge her fist with ki and strikes at the opponent with her fist at high speeds. As the fist travels, she uses her ki to increase the friction between her fist and the air causing her fist to heat up, which allows her to inflict a minor burn on contact as the knock the target back.
  • Tailwind Generation: Tailwind Generation or more simply the Tailwind Arts is a method of attacking and movement that focuses on moving quick enough to generate a tailwind around their body her one of their limbs. The tailwind can be used in many different ways from extending the reach of the attack to using the tailwind itself as an attack by running towards them to use the tailwind to throw a person back. If Yuki were to run fast enough she can even use the tailwind for defensive purposes by using it to repel long range attacks.

Gentle Fist

Tumblr ohnkacRrI61uxybkho4 500

Yuki using Gentle Fist

Gentle Fist is a form of hand-to-hand combat that is practiced among members of the Hyūga Clan. By using the Byakugan to see the Chakra Pathway System Yuki can then attack her opponent's Chakra Pathway System to cause internal damage injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. All that needs to be done to attack her enemy's Chakra Pathway System surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the chakra circulatory system. Yuki isn't limited to just normal chakra, but also fire chakra, wind chakra, and lightning chakra to add additional effects. She can also inject ki for more devastating results. Through striking tenketsu, Yuki can enhance the havoc and control she can impose upon a chakra network. As tenketsu are are key gatekeeping interceptions along the chakra circulatory network, closing and opening them can allow Yuki to control her target's chakra flow whether it be sealing their chakra, increasing its flow, or disrupt it completely to prevent them from using techniques.
  • Wind Release: Gentle Fist: Wind Release: Gentle Fist is an alternate form of Gentle Fist that involves combining Wind Release with the fighting style to allow Yuki to flow wind blades into the body to attack on a cellular level and to attack the chakra circulatory system. If enough damage is caused by this fighting style the opponent won't be able to use jutsu again.
  • Lightning Release: Gentle Fist: Lightning Release: Gentle Fist is Nintaijutsu fighting style that combines Lightning Release with Gentle Fist. It allows Yuki to flow lightning chakra into the Chakra Pathway System to give it an electric shock to speed up, slow down, or redirect the flow of chakra in a target's Chakra Pathway System. She can speed the flow of chakra in an ally to enhance their physical abilities, slow down the flow of chakra to weaken the physical condition of targets, or redirect chakra to burst pathways through the build up of chakra.
    • Physique Drain: Physique Drain is a technique where Yuki shocks Chakra Pathway System to slow down and impair their physical strength or other physical capabilities.
  • Fire Release: Gentle Fist:
Palm Bottom

Palm Bottom is one of Yuki's most used Gentle Fist techniques in her arsenal.

Tailed Beast Arts

Tailed Beast Arts is a fighting style that allows her to activate “stances” that allow her to move, strike, and defend herself just like the tailed beast they are named after. This is made possible by how stances are a series of enhancements brought about with ki or chakra that make alterations toward the goal making her physical capabilities more like the tailed beast's own. For example, enhancing her speed to replicate Matatabi's speed or enhancing her strength and regenerative abilities to replicate Kurama's overwhelming strength and regeneration. So far, she has only learned the Kurama Stance, Matatabi Stance, Chōmei Stance, and the Shukaku Stance. She learned the Kurama, Matatabi, and Chōmei Stances from their respective Tailed Beast while the Shukaku Stance she was able to master on her own.

Matatabi Stance

The Matatabi Stance is a quick Tailed Beast Art taught to her by Matatabi. The first stance she learned was the Matatabi Stance, which involves getting on all fours and continuously flowing ki to her feet and hands to bolster her speed by extreme proportions to grant her Matatabi’s immense speed. In this stance, Yuki was once able to keep up with Matatabi’s very quick movements and in a fight with a Swift Release user easily keep up with them. Her Matatabi-level of speed makes her offensive capabilities overwhelming due to how hard it is to keep track of her let alone keep up. The fighting style that goes along with this "stance" allows Yuki to fight like a cat would or more specifically like Matatabi would. It does so because the fighting style from focuses on quick movements and evasive maneuvers to imitate a cat's reflexes and when striking it has Yuki strike with her nails to deliver cuts that can vary greatly in severity depending on the speed or the scratch.

  • Bisection of the Savage Beast: Bisection of the Savage Beast is a variation of Bisection where Yuki uses her nails instead of a sword. It is used by using her chakra temporarily enhance the normal growth in order to extend the length of her nails on one hand so that they are a couple of inches long. From here, she flows chakra to her nails and condenses the chakra flow around her nails to the point where it seems like Yuki has created metallic layer over her nails resulting in a dramatic increase in her nail's cutting potential. Following this, Yuki uses the nails on that hand to make a blinding quick strike and with her nail's cutting potential enhanced she is able to cut down multi-story opponents with great ease.
Kurama Stance
Yuki Kurama Stance

Yuki using the Kurama Stance to easily match the powerful blows of a Raging Demon user blow for blow

The Kurama Stance is a powerful Tailed Beast Art taught to her by Kurama. The Kurama Stance is performed by using ki to grant Yuki with the ability to use every muscle in her body and improve her regeneration ability to Kurama's level. The ability to use every muscle in her body instead of just 20%-30% pushes increases her strength to overwhelming levels and shortening the gap between her own strength and Kurama's by quite a lot. Her increased has allowed her to perform amazing feats like knock back a Tailed Beast like Matatabi with a single punch, throw Kurama over her shoulders, and overpower a Chakra Enhanced Strength user with a single finger and with this level of strength any strike she throws has the potential to be devastating. The Kurama Style focuses on teaching Yuki how to descend her mind into a feral rage to allow her to go on a deadly rampage free of rational thought or any emotions that may get in the way. It is extremely destructive, wild, and unpredictable not to mention the remarkable regenerative capabilities that the “stance” offers. The movements and strikes of the fighting style are surprisingly fast on top of this making it seem as if Yuki is attacking with not just two or four limbs, but with nine. As a result, this is a fighting style that many will find difficult to deal with and down right terrifying because when one fights Yuki in the Kurama Stance it will not seem like they are fighting another human, but a bloodthirsty monster concerned only with death and destruction. The Kurama Stance does have several weaknesses. The first is that it tires Yuki out very quickly even with her enhanced stamina, which prevents her from using it for no longer than 20 seconds. The second is that Yuki due to how well she imitates Kurama's mental state she isn't just acting like a monster, but she truly enters a feral state of mind. She will attack anyone in sight friend or foe and due to her inability to think rationally she can be easily outsmarted.
  • Kurama's Tail: Yuki jumps into the air and twirls her body of in the air to swing her leg at the opponent like Kurama would his tail with unimaginable force.
  • Nine-Tails Twister: In her Kurama Stance, Yuki infuses wind chakra to her nails and slashes at the empty air to create a tornado which could possibly do massive damage.
Chōmei Stance

Chōmei Stance is a Tailed Beast Art taught to Yuki by Chōmei herself and it involves using chakra to fly. The fighting style that goes along with this stance uses the Flight Technique to perform remarkable aerobatic maneuvers to overwhelm one's opponent with the complete freedom in movement granted by this stance.

Eight Gates

8fa76db5d0f4f84ab260f34858becd1ef5f35aba hq

Yuki opening the first gate and concentrating the power to her legs granting her a sudden burst of speed

Like many members of the Kaneko Clan, Yuki was able to open the first at a very young age and now at the age of 15 she is able to open seven of the Eight Gates and can do so instantly with a very fast recovering time. She has even learned how to open the first gate without suffering from the side effects. Her master doesn't stop there. Unlike most other users of the Eight Gates she has learned how to focus the effects of the Eight Gates to one body part by opening a gate and using her skill with tenketsu to keep other tenketsu closed to direct the power to one body part so that the boost and drawbacks is only contained there allowing her to open gates more freely than other users.

This may leave one part of body greatly harmed and useless for a while, but at least she can still use the rest of her body as if she never opened any gates. At the same time, since the power that usually would affect the entire body is being concentrated to a single body the benefits of opening a gate are made more extreme. Her skill with this method is so great that she can concentrate the full power of seven gates opened into her pinky, shattering its physical limits and enhancing every physical attribute in that pinky more than 20 times over. A simple pressure wave that comes from flicking that pinky would be enough to deal devastating damage. In one spar with Matatabi where she opened seven gates and concentrated the power to her finger the powerful pressure wave that was fired by the finger flick was enough to send the likes of Matatabi flying back and utterly destroying the area in the process. However, Yuki's pinky was so destroyed that it took months to heal even with her regeneration.


Yuki's Ninjutsu capabilities are fairly average and nothing special similarly to the rest of the clan. The only exception is Tailed Beast Skills and techniques like Níðhöggr or Nintaijutsu techniques that directly relate to Taijutsu.


Níðhöggr is a powerful short range Wind Release technique that is described as "harnessing the power of hurricanes into one's fist." Yuki quickly weaves the techniques four hand seals and after the fourth and last hand seal slides her left hand down to her right wrist and grabs a hold of it to steady her right hand with her left. Chakra is channeled to her right hand which she clenches into a fist. The chakra is kneaded and converted into a mass of wind that cloaks the fist the chakra was channeled to. Applying shape transformation, the mass of wind is slowly rotated around her fist to mold the mass into the shape of a small compressed vortex of wind. In the process of molding the wind around her fist into this shape, chakra is channeled into the mass to increase the speed of the wind. In a few moments the vortex of wind will reach speeds of 157 miles per hour that emits a loud roaring sound as it moves. When the fist connects to something the impact releases the wind from the her fist and slamming to the target to cause significant damage. The power of the punch can easily break bones, damage internal organs, cause serious blunt force injuries, and rocket its target away from Yuki. The destructive power of the powerful currents make the technique very hard to defend against because of how easily it can blast through some defenses. It can demolish small homes, uproot or destroy trees, break through strong metals, or turn small objects into dangerous high-speed missiles if Yuki targets these objects that can cause serious damage if it were to hit.

Sonic Punch

Yuki using Níðhöggr Storm to release Níðhöggr in in every direction

Through her mastery of the technique, Yuki has learned and developed many variations. She can use Níðhöggr to unleash a powerful gust of wind from her fist, use Níðhöggr through one of her feet instead of her fist, use a more powerful variant of Níðhöggr, use Níðhöggr to punch the ground and channel wind chakra into the ground to have a gust of wind shoot out of the ground, use Níðhöggr to perform a slashing strike, or release the winds of in Níðhöggr in every direction allowing her to affect multiple enemies.
Skyward Wind Fist


Hiten (飛天, lit. Flying Heaven) is a variant of Níðhöggr that uses Níðhöggr Storm with Taijutsu. It is performed by running at the opponent while kneading a lot of chakra to convert it into wind and striking with a powerful uppercut. On contact, Yuki uses the wind to release Níðhöggr in every direction so as to form a large vortex of wind around herself that knocks away nearby opponents and launches the shinobi that was hit by the uppercut clear into the sky with a ton of force allowing it to be great force both offense and defense.

Tailed Beast Skills

Tailed Beast Rage

Yuki firing a Tailed Beast Ball as a wave

While under the care of two tailed beasts Yuki learned many things from them. She learned how to not just talk, write, and read but also how to fight and use their exclusive technique. As a result, Yuki has learned and mastered a wide variety of Tailed Beast Skills from her parents, despite not being a Jinchūriki. She knows how to use some of the general Tailed Beast Skills such as releasing a shockwave of chakra or creating arms made out of chakra as well as Tailed Beast Skills unique to her parents like Kurama's Negative Emotions Sensing and Matatabi's claw techniques, ability to create blue flames, and her Cat Flame Roaring Fire.

She was even taught how to use the Tailed Beast Ball albeit on a smaller scale than her parents. This allows her to launch powerful spheres, beams, waves, or blasts incredibly dense chakra at her opponents. She can also create a Tailed Beast Ball in her hands and use it in a similar manner as a Tailed Beast Rasengan. Her Tailed Beast Ball may not be as powerful as a Tailed Beast Ball, but it shouldn't be underestimated since it holds tremendous destructive power nevertheless. Despite its immense power, Yuki doesn't use Tailed Beast Ball all that often. Presumably it is because of how much chakra it takes to use it. One other reason may be how the technique feels very much like throwing up just like an actual Tailed Beast Ball.

As to be expected of one who is descended from not one, but two great Taijutsu clans Yuki uses these Tailed Beast Skills to assist with her Taijutsu. Some examples are using Negative Emotions Sensing to improve her danger sense and using Tailed Beast Shockwave in a similar manner as Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven.

  • Tailed Beast Union: Tailed Beast Union is a Collaboration Technique that Yuki can use with another tailed beasts. It involves Yuki and the other tailed beast continuously transferring their chakra to one another. In moments the chakra of the two become impossible to distinguish from one another. Their chakra signatures and potency of the two are muddled together and due to how they are constantly flowing chakra back and forth the reserves of the two no longer seem separate. The tailed beast benefits from the chakra control that comes with sharing chakra with a Tailed Beast while Yuki benefits from the potency of the tailed beast chakra and the size of their reserves that she can easily tap into. This sharing of chakra appears to be very similar to the one that occurs between a Jinchūriki and a Tailed Beast allowing her to enter any of the tailed beast's respective Jinchūriki forms from their initial transform to their respective partial transformation. However, the technique is deactivated the moment she is no longer in direct contact with the tailed beast.
  • Cat Flame Roaring Inferno: Cat Flame Roaring Inferno is a Collaboration Technique between Yuki and Matatabi. The technique combines the techniques Cat Flame Roaring Fire with Wind Release: Great Breakthrough to turn the fireball expelled from Matatabi's mouth into a massive wave of flames. Similarly to Fire Release: Great Flame Annihilation, the intense heat and size of the flames makes it extremely difficult to put out more so than Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. It would take dozens of Water Release shinobi or a Water Release shinobi of the highest caliber to put the flames out.

Summoning Technique

Yuki's summoning animals

Yuki with her summons

Having formed a contract with Matatabi, Yuki can summon cats. The small cats she summons are better suited for stealth missions due to how agile, quick, and stealthy they are. Furthermore, small cats are very proficient with Genjutsu and know dozens of Genjutsu techniques most notable of which, is their trademark Cat Genjutsu. Some cats are skilled enough to use the powerful Dream Eater Technique. The larger cats she summons, called Bakenekos, are not as proficient with Genjutsu, but are better suited for direct combat. They are extremely strong creatures with a high affinity for Fire Release. Their flames are very intense and they are able to create them in large quantities as shown by how some are able to use the great Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. Yuki very rarely summons bakenekos because of how hard it is and how much chakra it takes and the number of times she attempts to summon Matatabi is even less than that. So far, she has only tried to summon Matatabi twice and the reason for this is that she has over an 80% probability of failing and wasting a large amount of her chakra. She does, however, summon small cats quite and judging by how many cats she can summon at once and how in most cases she has at least one small cat by her side as a companion it appears that summoning small cats doesn't very little chakra. She either will use these cats for stealth missions or to cast Genjutsu or she may summon dozens of them and send them at her enemy to have them all scratch her enemy at once, which makes for a very painful and slow way to die.

Fire Release

Yuki Fire Release

Yuki using the Star Pearl Technique

Fire Release is a nature transformation that allows Yuki Kaneko to create and manipulate blue flames by molding superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth as blue flames that normally cause combustive or explosive. Her blue flames that she creates are a bit more intense than normal fire used by the average Fire Release user, is slightly more resilient to Water Release, and its reactions with Wind Release is a lot more intense. Yuki does have a little control over fire chakra and the blue flames she creates shown by to apply shape transformation to release a fireball from her mouth or release blue fire as other simple shapes and control the heat of her flames to a certain extent.

Her lessons with have taught her how to use Fire Release in a few more ways as well. She has learned how to superheat chakra to turn into fire when the chakra is in other parts of her body allowing her to use techniques like the Flaming Kick that involves kicking a target with her foot engulfed in flames, the Incineration Technique and Fire Release: Palm Bottom where she flows fire chakra into things that she has come into contact with to heat them up or burn them, create a ball of flames in her hands with the Star Pearl Technique, and can even transform her body into blue flames through the Flame Body Technique that she learned from Matatabi. She has also learned from Matatabi how to withstand her own flames, which allows her to use Fire Release for Nintaijutsu with a bit more freedom than normal.

Wind Release


Yuki preparing to use her trademark Wind Release technique: Níðhöggr

Wind Release is Yuki's nature affinity that allows her to use chakra to create wins. Although her long range uses are limited, she excels at combing Wind Release with Taijutsu and knows hundreds of different Wind Release Nintaijutsu techniques. She can use Wind Release to increase the range of her melee attacks, enhance the power of her blows, release powerful blasts of wind from her limbs, or use wind to improve her movement speed or agility. Her skill also allows her to easily use other chakra natures. She can use Fire Release to heat up the wind, combine it with Lightning Release to flow and electric current into the wind to enhance its destructive potential, or combine it with Yang Release to create living constructs out of wind.

The wind Yuki creates with Wind Release has great power unlike her Fire Release. Her mastery over Níðhöggr has shown that she is quite capable of wind that can reach speeds that can match the speeds of a category two tornado. When she decides to put effort into performing techniques she create winds that can reach speeds of 318 mph as demonstrated by her Njarðarvöttr technique to make quick work of most opponents. This makes her Wind Release Nintaijutsu techniques very deadly as it has the potential to devastating damage to whatever it hits.

As for supplementary Wind Release techniques that do not involve Taijutsu or Nintaijutsu, the only supplementary Wind Release of note is her use of Wind Release: Wind Assistance Technique. Due to the attributes of her flames and the technique she can easily use the technique to enhance her flames to the point where it is as powerful as the flames seen in Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation and just as hard to put out.

Lightning Release

Yuki Lightning Release

Yuki using the Electrocution Technique

Lightning Release is a nature transformation that allows Yuki to generate lightning and electricity by increasing the high frequency vibrations of her chakra.

Yin Release

Yang Release

Yin-Yang Release


Yuki's Genjutsu prowess is downright laughable. The only thing more pitiful than her Genjutsu prowess are people who are weak enough to be caught in her Genjutsu for even Academy students should have an easy time breaking out of her Genjutsu. The only reason why her Genjutsu capabilities have any substance whatsoever is because of her Byakugan because without it she may not be able to cast Genjutsu at all.

Chakra Reserves and Control

There are many words people use to describe the amount of chakra she has when her tailed beast chakra isn't taken into consideration and "normal" and "ordinary" are the among the most common. She is certainly not lacking in chakra nor is the amount of chakra very little. She has been shown to be able to use Níðhöggr and its variants quite a number of times, despite how its chakra cost is a bit high. However, this may have more to do with her near peerless mastery of the technique than anything else.

The potency of her chakra is a different story as it is indeed great.

  • Tailed Beast Ascension:

Tailed Beast Chakra

Ki Reserves and Control

Yuki's ki

Yuki's ki


Other Info

Physical Abilities

Altered Physiology

During her training with her adoptive parents they flowed some of their chakra into her body to alter her physiology. The alteration caused her body to be partially made of chakra, but not fully like a Child of Chakra. This improved her physiology in every way making it more like a Child of Chakra than a human and extended her lifespan to make it limitless. Her chakra coils were influenced the most because the result of their change is how they are able to create both normal chakra and tailed beast chakra. However, in order to create tailed beast chakra it does need the help of a powerful emotion, preferably rage meaning that Yuki can't use tailed beast chakra whenever she wants. She needs anger to create tailed beast chakra because under normal circumstances her subconscious holds back this immense power because it thinks the power is too much for Yuki to handle on a day to day basis. When she gets angry her subconscious is unable to maintain its control as well letting a little bit of the power slip through thus allowing her to create tailed beast chakra. The angrier she gets the more tailed beast chakra she creates and can uses and the stronger she becomes.

  • Lifeforce and Regeneration:
Immense Physical Abilities
Tumblr oku107SUgh1uxybkho4 500

Yuki's colossal strength for her age

Mental Abilities

Martial Arts Intuition and Talent

Yuki has a deep complex innate understanding of martial art thanks to her Kaneko Clan lineage. Martial arts and Taijutsu comes very easy to Yuki “like a fish to water” allowing to use Taijutsu as if she has dedicated dozens of years to the art and putting her skill well above that of normal Taijutsu specialist. Yuki can fully understand a Taijutsu technique or style after observing it once. She is a very adaptable martial artist because of this since it is very rare for any Taijutsu technique or style to work on her twice because seeing it just once is all that she needs to learn exactly how to combat it. She can understand a Taijutsu technique or fighting style so fully by looking at it once that she copy nearly any Taijutsu technique or style she sees and due to her immense talent do so perfectly and this has led her to have dozens of martial art styles and techniques in arsenal outside of Kaneko Fist and Gentle Fist. She is able to use her talent to know when, where, and how to take out principles or aspects of a fighting style or integrate principles and aspects of one martial art style into another in order to customize any of the dozens of Taijutsu styles she has mastered to better suit her opponent.

After honing her ability to copy Taijutsu techniques and fighting styles, she eventually obtained an adoptive muscle memory allowing her to copy any movement or action she sees whether it is acrobatic or martial art. One of her more notable uses of this skill is her Mirror Image Style, which revolves around mirroring every single movement her opponent makes to create openings, drawn the battle out if she has superior stamina, or end a fight in a draw.

Danger Sense


  • "The difference between talent and hard work is talent has its limits." - Yuki
  • "There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." - Yuki's supposed Nindō.


  • Tailed Beast Union was inspired by Soul Resonance from Soul Eater.
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