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Zenith [1]

(天頂, Tenchō, Literally meaning: Zenith)

  • Zenith Squad
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Zenith (天頂, Tenchō) is a group comprised of Missing-nin which aims to cause destruction on the five great shinobi countries and it's allies as a means to keep them from fighting each other and unite them under one common enemy once more, thus mantaining the balance and achieving peace.


The team, as led by Gekihen aims to attack the five great shinobi countries and their allies as a means to prevent them from fighting each other and thus shifting their focus to them. This is aimed to cause the five great shinobi countries to bond and be at peace once more. Furthermore, the team aims to obtain the powers of the tailed beast and wreck havoc, forcefully mantaining peace. This was an ideal similar to that of Pain.

Additionally, Gekihen has revealed his desires to make that permanent by capturing the tailed beasts and merge them into one entity to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi. However, that is only known by the main members of the organization. Those affiliated with it do not know of these plans.


Gekihen assembled shinobi from various parts of the world to aid him in his quest for peace. Due to his paranoid nature, he placed mind barricades in each and every single member to prevent information from being extracted.

Higher-ranked members are granted power over a specific field, and the group (most prominently, Fukkatsu) has multiple sleeper agents within the ranks of the Five Great Shinobi Countries and their respective hidden villages.

Name Role Home Village Status
Gekihen Leader Kirigakure, Konohagakure Active
Fukkatsu Treasurer Sunagakure Active
Takeya Ogami Spy Kirigakure Active
Rokuro Iwagakure Deceased
Reikon Representative, Ambassador Konohagakure Active
Tsukihime Uchiha Assassin Konohagakure Active
Shikizaki Hyuga Hired Mercenary Kumogakure Active


Each of the members are separated into specific teams in various assignments they partake, with the exception of the Leader, who performs the desired mission alone or, if the threat is too high, with the entire organization.

Team Crimson

Named due to their respective red eyes, the famed Sharingan and the lesser known unique eyes which were first seen in Ranmaru, the team is comprised of a boy-girl duo; Tsukihime Uchiha and Takeya Ogami. This team is special due to their interrelated skills. Takeya's skill in espionage and spying allows Tsukihime to obtain the necessary information to perform her assassination.

Team Fukkatsu

This is a team led by Fukkatsu, which is comprised of her own "living puppets" who fell prey to her genjutsu. These puppets, despite being alive and living like normal beings, abide by Fukkatsu's every command, and execute a mission with perfect attention to detail.



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