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"I'm darkness which shrouds the world's sins. The tenfold sacrifice worth a hundred lives. I'm the scale which the worlds evils are measured. A thousands souls scream my name in vengeance. Hell awaits my attendance. I dreamed to walk upon the stars and stare from heaven's above. But something beckons my spirit. What was once a duty, has become a pleasure. Where I once turned my eyes from death, they now entice me. But, I do it for future generations. I am the foundation of my empire. Scene 2 Act 4."
— Zenjou reading from EMPTINESS

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Titles Seventh Kazekage (七代目風影, Nanadaime Kazekage)

Seventh God (庚神,Kanoekami).
Sankougotei (三皇五帝,Sankōgotei)
Master of Proxies (代わりの主, Kawari no Nushi)
Zenjou of the White Sand (白砂の禅譲,Hakusha no Zenjou)
Shichisama (死地様,Shichisama)
Zenjou of the Peacock Feathers (孔雀羽の禅譲, Kujakuhane no Zenjou)
Benevolent Lord (Meikun,名君)
Greatest Archer of the Age (一世の射手, Issei no Ite)
God of Destruction (破壊神,Hakaishin)
Sankougotei (三皇五帝,Sankōgotei)
Amakusa Shirō (天草 四郎,Amakusa Shirō)
Grave Shinigami (墓死神, Hakashigami)
The Child-like Emperor (生煮え皇帝, Namanie Koutei)
Desert's White Ox (字砂漠白牛 Jisabaku Shiroushi)

Name Zenjou
Kanji 禅譲
Romanji Zenjō
Personal Status
Birthdate 11/20
Age Part I: 14
Part II: 20-30
Species Human
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
Height Part I: 149.68cm
Part II:180.56cm
Weight Part I: 60kg
Part II: 65kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Sunagakure Symbol.svg Sunagakure
Home Country Great Land of Wind
Clan Kaguya Symbol.svg Kaguya Clan
Family Shira (Adopted Grandfather)
Mahamayuri (Godmother, Mentor)
Toyotamahime (Biological Mother)
Heki (Adopted Father)
Seigetsu Uchiha (Brother)
Senhime (Sister)
Tengai Okasu (Wife)
Miyase (Daughter)
Yamase (Daughter)
Yamada Asaemon (Creation)
Partner Soen (Assistant)
Tsuchi Sugenai
Occupation Daimyō
Eldest Son
Affiliation Sunagakure Symbol.svg Sunagakure
Great Land of Wind
Inaba Province
Nankoku Alliance
Team Nanabake Symbol.svg Nanabake
Winged Mirages Symbol.svg Winged Mirages
Generation of Miracles
Previous Team Team Temari
Rank Part I: Chūnin

Part I:Jōnin
Part II: Daimyō
Part II: Kage

Classification Hakaishin
Ninja Registration 232424
Academy Prom. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku Symbol.svg Shikotsumyaku
Kekkei Mōra Kotsuzui Mōra
Tailed Beast Kukoū
Hiden Techniques Gaze of the Dragon's Veins
Unique Trait Natural Peafowl Tail

Bone Ash Creation and Manipulation
777 Summonings

Nature Type Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release

Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind Release (Affinit)
Nature Icon Earth.svg Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release

Jutsu Arrow of Unholy Exorcism

All-Killing Ash Bones
Blessing of the Peacock Wisdom Queen
Blossoming Bone Flower
Bone Density Manipulation
Bone Malleability Manipulation Technique
Earth Release Dragon Veins Technique: Monsoon Squall
Iron Will Blood Formation
Chakra Exertion Technique
Chakra Flow
Chakra Transfer Technique
Chakra Threads
Corpse Shell Technique
Chakra Suppression Technique
Dragon's Blessing
Dance of the Sea of Trees
Dance of the Sacred Lotus
Dance of the Bamboo
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Dance of the Camellia
Dance of the Seedling Fern
Dance of the Willow
Dance of the Cypress Flower
Dance of the Tiger Lily
Dance of the Red Spider Lily
Dance of the Dandelion
Dance of the Dead Flower
White Secret Technique: Dance of the Monkshood
Dance of the Larch
Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains
Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Dead Bone Clone
Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide
Flying Swallow
Gaze of the Dragon's Veins
Genjutsu: Song of Peacock Feathers
Kotsuzui: Banshō Shikai
Imperial Imprisonment Seal
Heavenly Bone Storm
Heavenly Defense
Heavenly Drill Arrow
Illusion Bell Needles
Resonating Echo Drill
Manipulating Attack Blades
Sand Clone
Blinding Wide Sand Formation: Noise
Shadow Clone Technique
Spinal Reflex Technique
Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
Secret Shikotsumyaku Technique: Curse of the Onryō
Shikotsumyaku: Eight Directional Gates
Silent Fist
Sound Style Archery: Heavenly Drill Arrow
Spinal Reflex Technique
Sound Wave Technique
Summoning Technique (Peafowls,Horse,Gashadokuro,Kokuō)
Third Eye
Transcription Seal: Guardian
Transformation Technique
Time Release Technique
Ryūmyaku Chakra Control
Sage Mode
Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
Ryūmyaku: Great Dragon Fire
Ryūmyaku: Super Great Dragon Fire Technique
Ultra-Fast Regeneration Technique
Tree Climbing Practice
Wicked Seal of the Contract
Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets
Tenrai Shiro Kujaku
True Shot: Majestic Peacock Pheonix Fire
True Shot: Suffering of Ten Thousand Years
Water Surface Walking Practice
Will Materialisation
Wicked Seal of the Contract
Wind Release: Vacuum Blade
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
Wind Release: Multi-Layered Gale

Weapons Bells

Explosive Tag
Flash Bomb
Hidden Kunai Mechanism
Smoke Bomb
Wire Strings
Kokkai no Yumi
Shigeto Yumi
Bone Ash
Magnificent Jewels

Chapter White Moon Night
Movie Zenjou Chronicles: The Bone God and Forgotten Princess
Game Naruto Shippuden: Next Generation
Voice Actors
English Kyle Herbert
Seiyū Junichi Suwabe

"He who lives in the darkness...and conceals a Dragon."
Seven God

Zenjou Kaguya (かぐや禅譲, Kaguya Zenjō) is a shinobi of Sunagakure and the current Shichisama from Kirigakure who was brought to Sunagakure by his fearful mother. After mastering his abilities, Zenjou eventually defeated the Land of Iron's strongest guards. Leading to him single handily taking over their infamous flying fortress. He is the son of two powerful Kirigakure shinobi who secretly belonged to the nigh extinct Kaguya clan. His mother was often regarded as the Kaguya clan's strongest demon until Zenjou matured and gained his own infamy. However, his father's extensive use of Kubikiribōchō made him her perfect match. Both his mother and father served the Mizukage with their lives, wishing to gain retribution for their clan's horrendous actions. Their controversial bloodline truly frightened their allies. And so, she kept her gift a secret. However, suspicions and rumors traversed like wildfire after she accidentally revealed her blessing during a battle. Princess Kaguya realized that escaping Kirigakure was the only option to keep her son safe. At the time, Shinobi actively hunted Kaguya members for their bloodthirstiness and connection to Kaguya herself. This event became known as the Bone-Ash Burnings. The Kaguya clan's nigh extinction lead to hundreds being slaughtered off mere suspicions. So the thought of an actual Kaguya being caught planted pure fear in her heart. The time came. Mobs rose. And set their surrounding forest on fire. Of course she possessed enough power to slaughter them all, but knew doing so would only add fuel to Kirigakure's flaming hatred. She enlisted the help of the Mizukage and had him ship her infant child across the ocean. Where an old friend would take and raise him as their own. The Mizukage, grateful for her service and kind heart, hired a guardian who took her child to the Land of Wind. It was a long and harsh journey across a vast sea, but Zenjou eventually made it to shore. It was there that the guardian met an escort which turned out to become her future husband. They settled within Sunagakure where Zenjou was adopted by the Daimyõ. As per an agreement between the Land of Water and Land of Wind.

After his birth, only Lord Kazekage, the Wind Daimyō and their closest council members had any knowledge of Zenjou's true identity. Each possessed alternative motives regarding his usage. The Kazekage's council hoped to transform Zenjou into Sunagakure's deadliest weapon. The Sixth Kazekage heavily disagreed with such a vote. But it was overruled. They accepted Zenjou and began planning how to raise him as a horrid weapon. However, the Sixth took secret measures to fight it. Throughout Zenjou's life, the Sixth Kazekage spent expensive time with him. Talking to him as a person. Teaching him valuable lessons. If anything, the sixth kazekage played an important role in raising him. Meanwhile, the Wind Daimyō originally wished to groom Zenjou for a secretive set of guardians. Special warriors designated with a single purpose. To protect and hide the ancient etheral weapon known only as Gandiba. However, when Zenjou displayed an unrivaled love for Kyūjutsu at an incredibly young age, Heki actually began to love Zenjou. Who instantly went from the Daimyō's duty, to Heki's only son. The love Heki gave Zenjou, allowed the future Kaguya kage to awaken and utilize Gandiba at unseen levels. Being recognized as Heki's son also caused his life became rather extravagant. Soon, Zenjou was recognized as the Daimyō's only successor and true child. To Zenjou, Heki was his father. Even after hearing about his biological parents, Zenjou still refers to Heki as father, and visits his grave daily. Sometimes, Zenjou even spares tears upon his father's bed as he reminisces.

As a child, Zenjou became known for calling himself an Emperor. With dreams to find his own Land. However, Zenjou also possessed an immature mindset. Leading to those around him to name him the The Child-like Emperor (生煮え皇帝, Namanie Koutei). Zenjou has been surrounded by peafowls since birth. It was the symbol of his adopted families nobility. He also had a fascination with it's magnificent beauty. An aura of splendor as they danced about. Lord Kaguya grew to love this display. So much so, he had special Kimono's fashioned after this new found love. At it's ending was hundreds of the rarest peafowl feathers. White with a red eye of sorts. He also incorporated it's feathers into all of his illusions. Causing Zenjou to become known as Zenjou of the Peacock Feathers (孔雀羽の禅譲, Kujakuhane no Zenjou). A title given to him due to the rainbow feathers which fly during his genjutsu techniques. On the contrary, Zenjou was given the title the Desert's White Ox (字砂漠白牛 Jisabaku Shiroushi) after Sunagakure shinobi watched him hold off an invading armada single handily. His Amatsushi technique, which takes the form as a rampaging Ox, was the main contribution to this title. After conquering the Ancor Vantian and reestablishing it as a city-state under Sunagakure, it's citizens came to call Zenjou the Sankougotei (三皇五帝,Sankōgotei). A title earned from his powe rivaling five gods. And his dabbling into natural arts.

After becoming a Chūnin, Zenjou became eligible to join the Nanabake, Sunagakure's infamous group of Assassins. An ancient sect said to have been behind the death of every Kage besides Gaara and his Father. The Nanabake gained a fear and reputation that went utterly unrivaled. Their reached stretched far beyond five countries. Nanabake agents existed everywhere. And within their base was generations of information. Things long forgotten by man. The Nanabake's extreme network caused their influence to bring fear to wars. Just mentioning their name was enough to stop battles and send warlords into frenzied panics. Shinobi withdrew from war when one heard that the Nanabake had came into play. They possessed the ability to assassinte lords in broad daylight without so much a suspicion. His uncle had groomed him excellently to join this deadly band. And his talent sealed Zenjou's spot upon this team. Soon, Zenjou became known as the Greatest Archer of the Age (一世の射手, Issei no Ite). Shinobi, lords and shogun's throughout all the lands heard rumors of this warrior's might. He possessed a beastly yet refined art of archery. His arrows reached unthinkable speeds. They could kill without making contact. Zenjou transformed into a deadly sniper. His young age made it all the more impressive. At the age of 16, Nanabake promoted Zenjou as their leader. Under his influence, their influence spread farther and wider. And through a more lenient policy, the Nanabake's mission scroll saw immediate expansion. His prowess and asolute love of his subordinates, caused those under the Nanabake title pledge absolute loyalty to Zenjou. They began to refer him as someone similar to the first Nanabake. And soon spoke of Zenjou's potential. That he one day, wil likely surpass him.

Zenjou's time as a Jōnin was relatively short. Heki eventually passed onto the next life. But he left his title, estate and woldly possessions to his son. As Daimyō, Zenjou brought an era of financial success and prosperity. He made sure that his people were kept in happiness. He even demolished the difference between Daimyō and Kage, working together with the Kazekage to further bring Sunagakure peace. The people of Sunagakure love Zenjou as their Daimyō. He is a peaceful lord. One who has time for the poor, and donates his excess riches to those in need. Zenjou is often called the Benevolent Lord (Meikun,名君). A name which can also mean Wise Ruler and Enlightened Monarch. Both of which are relevant titles when asked about Zenjou. People believe him to be a man worth following. And a kind hearted ruler. Through extensive funding, Zenjou was able to introduce complex irrigation systems and agricultural advancements which united the Land of Wind's various villages. Thus also forming various trade routes and supply lines between each. However, Zenjou's role as a peaceful lord is the perfect disguise for his role in the Nanabake. Although he would never even dream of using Nanabake against Sunagakure, he is known for using it's funds to support both the village. Which he then uses to support the Nanabake. An action which the Kazekage of course approved. It is a deal made when Gaara first conquered the Nanabake organizations. Being a Daimyō, Zenjou is often overlooked. He prefers to solve issues peacefully. Or so it is thought. Those causing problems often find that their families or loved one's are usually killed or held hostage.

After the Sixth Kazekage's reign, Sunagakure's elder council realized that Zenjou possessed both the power and fame to rightfully claim such a noble title as Kazekage. And so, he passed on his rank as the Land of Wind Daimyō and became the Seventh Kazekage (七代目風影, Nanadaime Kazekage). Zenjou's extensive usage of ash mimicked the fifth's greatly. Causing villagers and enemies alike to call their Kage, Zenjou of the White Sand (白砂の禅譲,Hakusha no Zenjou) ...Zenjou served a prosperous time as the Kazekage. And once becoming the official seventh, he accomplished a feat desired by Daimyō of the past. Complete unification of a country under one entity. Although Zenjou was officially the Kazekage, he placed a puppet Daimyō in place as a method of retaining control over the position. It is publically known that the new Land of Wind Daimyō answers to the Seventh Kazekage. Ultimately making Zenjou the ruler above all. The ascension caused him to change his title to the Seventh God (庚神,Kanoekami). One of the Kanoekami's greatest accomplishments is the Nankoku Alliance. Which is the assimilation of surrounding smaller countries under the Great Land of Wind's flag. They are able to keep their individual culture, leader and possession but must report back to the Great Land of Wind. And acknowledge Sunagakure as it's major capital.

Eventually, Zenjou recieved a title from Sannoto Senju. One which extended like wildfire across the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Zenjou possesses powers beyond accessing the pinnacle of physical capabilities. Although monstrous in such aspects, he's neither the fastest nor physically strengthened. However, his techniques are often said to be an absolute end for all things organic. Capable of ending organic life in an instant. Turning a vibrant flushed forest into a neverending desert of porcelain sand. Sannoto labeled Zenjou as a God of Destruction (破壊神,Hakaishin). One who could easily end organic life in a matter of seconds. Zenjou's newfound name also tied into his position within the Trimurti formed during his westward journey. Zenjou's conceptual bow is one which repurposes the world's destructive power for beneficial outcomes. Thus making him the group's representation of the cosmic function of destructions. Zenjou's unrivaled mastery over raw destruction gave his title meaning.


Even as a child, Zenjou wore his unique Kimono which had a massive peacock tail attached. Decorating it are his infamous red eyes.

Zenjou was a child of perpetual beauty. From childhood, it was shown that he had stolen his fathers charm for himself. His mother is famous for telling the Daimyō "With golden eyes that are worth more than life. And a smile capable of leading thousands into a false bliss...This is the face that lies beneath that monster..." Zenjou's hair is grey in coloration, as if all life had been absorbed from it. Yet, those who witness his heavenly gift realize that his hair simply matches the bones which protrude from within him. Zenjou's hair is known for growing extremely fast. A period without grooming often leads to a long mane. Crawling behind him as he walks or growing gracefully behind him. Another inherited trait are his father's golden eyes. Said to pierce the night and hold one's soul, they are truly frightful, yet hypnotizing. Those who look upon sometimes find themselves unable to look away. This lead to a spoiled life. People were easily captured by this child. They gave him everything, from sweets to toys. Zenjou's current passion for beautiful Kimono's and peacock feathers has always been. Since childhood, Zenjou was known for wearing extremely expensive kimono's. Rather than tight fitting clothes, he favors loose-fitting kimono's comprised of soft silk. He enjoyed a specific style which leaves his chest exposed. Only his mother knew the true reason behind this. Like father, Like son. Every kimono he owns has a rather large and extravagant tail attached to it. Thousands of peacock feathers trail behind him during Zenjou's journey's. Each one white as snow with a red eye symbol imprinted upon it. Although it follows behind him, it is impossible to dirty these feathers. Another aspect is a fascination with golden jewelry. Believing it to be a symbol of himself, Zenjou grew with various ornaments gifted to him. Golden toys, utensils, even earrings. This obssession remained with Zenjou as he reached his adult years.

As a Jonin, Zenjou's appearance sharpened.

Zenjou continued to sport unique robes as a chūnin. However, Prince Kaguya cut his hair at Senhime's request. He also got into the habit of wearing a smooth white fur jacket over a porcelain Kimono. Zenjou decorated it with brilliant gold chains and links. A method to continue his love of the precious metal. Those privillaged enoough to touch his fur describe it as being incredbily soft. However, very few know which animal his fur belonged to. Zenjou also experienced a growth spirt, allowing him to tower over average shinobi. He also sported fingerless gloves which contrasted completely with his white overlook. Lord Kaguya became known for utilizing white peacock feathers in conjuction with his illusions. Which matched his overall aura. His movements were described like those of a snow storm. Besides this change in appearance, Zenjou also underwent a surprising growth spurt. In a matter of months, Zenjou towered over those his age. He also had his body tattood various names hidden within a deep code. Zenjou became known for showing the most emotion during this period in his life. He smiled when happy, frowned when sad, even cried when upset. It was shocking enough that Sunagakure citizens thought Zenjou had sickened. When at home, Zenjou still wore Kimino's to sleep. They were comfortable kept him warm during the deserts harsh nights. Zenjou also wore the legendary sword he inherited from his dead father strapped to his back.

Due to Gandiba's nightmare inducing energy, Zenjou has gone days without sleep. This has lead to dark rings encircling his eyes. Which he keeps covered in his own special eyeliner. Zenjou suffers from insomnia, and such, often keeps his eyes lowered.

After forming a contract with Peafowls, Zenjou actually grew his own peafowl tail from his tail bone. It is a large tail comprised solely of feathers with his own personal insignia. He has an impressive control over his tail, allowing him to sprout it upwards as a fan freely. After growing his own tail, Zenjou began wearing different colored kimono's without the tail attached. His tail possessess thousands of feathers. It is said to be one of extravegent beauty. Capable of mesmerizing all who gaze upon it. When Zenjou became a Jōnin, he took on a maturer appearance. This also occurred due to Zenjou becoming the leader of the Nanabake. He started to grow his hair longer. His hair gained a special coloring, going from porcelain white to a beautiful silver. Zenjou often claimed it as the Silver lining of a dark cloud.. Women were jealous of Zenjou's incredibly lengthy and soft hair. It remained strong enough to grab without ripping yet smooth and bouncy. Gently breezes sent it flying behind him. Zenjou also added more tattoos to his already impressive painting. Tribal markings that held onto his Kaguya culture. His years as a Jōnin also marked the beginning of his golden death. He wore less jewelry. Instead, his arrogance became apart of a spiritual aura. Zenjou's eyes sharpened. They pierced pitch black nights and peered deep into enemy souls. His golden eyes became valuable to those who studied beauty. As a symbolism of Zenjou's new found power, multiple horns emerged around Zenjou's head. Pitch black, yet stronger then metal. His number of horns depended on his mood. One often meant normal while two appeared when anger. He changed his snow-white theme to an obsidian black cover. The famous Kaguya favored black Kimono's with flowery designs imprinted upon them. Of course, he ditched his fur coats and adopted a large umbrella to cover him from the son. Continuing this process from his days as a chūnin, Zenjou wore his father's blade upon his back. Zenjou represents Normal. One of the Seven Disguises of a shnobi. And so, he is able to act without a disguise. Zenjou prefers his normal black kimono and pitch black horns.

After a couple years of leading the Nanabake, Zenjou switched to silver kimono's covered in delicate yet intricate designs....Zenjou is known for wearing black kimono's during his organization meetings.

Zenjou wearing his unique Kazekage haori while addressing an ANBU. A rare instance where Zenjou is seen without his traditional headpiece.

Sunagakure eventually voiced their wish with extreme passion. Shinobi and citizens alike believed heavily that none other deserved the title of Seventh Kazekage more than Zenjou. And so he recieved the greatest promotion upon his twentieth birthday which he considered a truly wondrous present. As Kazekage, Zenjou's ensemble underwent minute alterations. Rather than battle attire, Zenjou is often seen donning a unique mixture of Sunagakure's Kazekage uniform and his own personal fashion. The customary headpiece and his own personally created haori over an obsidian or silver full-length kimono that is tied with a sash. When wearing his black floral patterned Kimono, Zenjou wears a silver sash. And as he wears his signature silver kimono, Zenjou ties it with a black sash. He is known for wearing his haori in a loose manner due to his bloodline limit. Zenjou's haori is white with two distinctive kanji for Seventh God (庚神 Kanoekami) printed upon its back. A symbolic title linked to both his position in Sunagakure and as Shichisama.

Zenjou transforming into Yuzu during a kill.

Along the way, Zenjou developed a female identity which he uses for personal infiltrations. She is simply known as Yuzu (ゆずちゃん,Yuzu). A mysterious entity who appears from nothingness. Yuzu resembles a teenage girl with purple hair. Her features are sharp, sometimes thought to be the incarnate of darkness. Her voice is darker. Menacing. It is often used in tandom with his enhanced eyesight which is shown by his eyes turning lavender. It is this form where Zenjou's aura becomes menacing. Rather than wear his kimono, Yuzu wears a simple black dress. Decorated with silver ornaments. Yuzu is a form which utilizes stealthy yet deadly techniques. Utilizing her blessing to form smaller yet more gruesome weaponry. Yuzu is also known for utilizing Kubikiribōchō. Which, despite her physical appearance, she can wield it with the utmost mastery. Without wasting a single step, Yuzu is seen as one strongest masters of the executioner blade.

Zenjou's rare gift granted him agelessness. Eventually leading him to an immortal existence. After conquering the southern countries.....Zenjou passed on his title onto the next generation to continue the ultimate goal of prosperity.....

While Zenjou lived the life of a hermit, he decided to change his overall appearance slightly. First and foremost, Zenjou keeps his once flowing mane cut short slightly above his neck...

Amakusa Shiro

Amakusa Shiro is an enigmatic hero who has appeared in times of need.

Amakusa is a warrior of few words, and such, his armor materializes his enigmatic behavior. Whereas most samurai are known for revealing their name and identity, Amakusa's suit completely conceals his identity. Not an inch of flesh is shown when worn with only his actual hair protruding from behind. The suit is a bright silver which reflects moonlight beautifully. It's limbs are connected by a skin tight cloth that allows his skin easy breathability. Ignorant to appearance, its overall construction is not a hindrance to Amakusa's maneuverability. He is able to fight as if wearing nothing but a kimono. Amakusa keeps his signature katana tied to his hip. Although rather long, his sword is positioned in a way where it doesn't interfere with movement. Amakusa is a masked warrior. Its made with the same material as his suit. And uses various miniature holes to allow Amakusa the ability to breath. The mask also possesses two horned appendages. Despite the surface, Amakusa's mask is completely transparent from an internal view. For it only obscures one's face externally. Both pieces are extremely durable. Said to be impossible to break, their extreme strength is combined with a unique flexability. Which, when combined, makes Amakusa a deadly combatant since very few possess blades or abilities capable of piercing him. Amakusa's armor is also resistant to corrosion and is an extremely poor conductor of heat. Allowing Amakusa the ability to survive fiery explosions and other deathly attacks.


Zenjou was always pampered. A child with many orders.

The God of Destruction (破壊神,Hakaishin) is a person who underwent various changes in his life, making it impossible to clearly define him. His birth was the breeding ground for arrogance and blissful ignorance. While also creating a compassion for all life. As a child, Zenjou believed himself to be the beacon for a better future. The hero that would end all suffering among various lands. He saw that his life would involve repairing the damage caused by the Fourth Great Shinobi war. Master Zenjou also swore to protect those who could not protect themselves. A shephard among sheep. Not a day passed that he did not walk through Sunagakure's poorest without gifting them some sort of monetary support. He was an honest child, filled with respect. The Daimyō told his mother that his heart was sweet and innocent yet ambitious and fierce. He had an open minded view towards those of different villages. Welcoming all into his home. This pure heart was revealed to have been inherited from his mother and father. Two cleansed warriors born in a corrupted world could only give birth to a shining star. Besides his natural purity, Zenjou was raised with absolute happiness. His adopted family treated him as their own. Prince Kaguya's mother sang to him during each nightmare and fed him neverending compliments. Surprisingly, Zenjou's adopted father kept Zen in high esteem. He constantly spoke of his child's accomplishments and stood behind him. However, Zenjou felt lost. A tree among spinning sands, Zenjou constantly felt out of place. Deep inside, Prince Kaguya believed his heart to belong elsewhere. As if a hand pulled it outwards. Yet he kept this feeling hidden.

But as with anyone who held themselves so high, Zenjou also started to separate himself from others. He despised friendships believing himself to live his life for others as a tool rather than an ally. An Emperor has no friends. They exist only to set rules for others to follow and fight for their safety. A separate life that only an Emperor could have. Those around him were not friends, rather simply sheep to be cared for. Other children who invited Zenjou to enjoy time together was meant with an empty stare. One void of understanding such a gesture. Wide holes ripped open among his different teams. Rather than work together, Zenjou would venture off alone and try to complete the mission. He avoided learning anything about those he worked along with. Going as far as not asking their names. But he has yet to forget a face. The Daimyō appraised this attitude towards a lonely life, while feeling sympathy for such a child. This was the existence his mother created by lying to her child. Without knowing the circumstances of his birth, Zenjou continued to live in a blissful ignorance. Slowly, he finds himself walking a path similar to his biological father.

Of course, there were moments where Zenjou found himself fighting against it unknowingly. Zenjou held no bias to those around him. Regardless of their bloodline or origin, he judged others by their character. Those who deserved little honor recieved such. If one proved themselves to Zenjou, he allowed them to stand upon his ground, or close. And to do so was equivalent to gaining an ally. However, should one who yet to prove themselves upset Zenjou, he would undergo momentous tantrums. He of course suffered from extreme immaturity at times. From holding grudges to throwing temper tantrums in battle, it was for these actions that those around him jokingly called him the "Child-like Emperor". A name he despised. Zenjou's growth surrounded this horrible ideology forced upon him. For every step destroyed, two had been created. His mother could only hope that this would change as he matured into an adult. Another source of his arrogance came from his own aspirations. Zenjou dreamed to become a star. To unite a land under his holy light and lead it's people to a blissful sanctuary where justice and peace actually exist. He is known for sleeping under the stars of the desert rather than the comfort of his home. The Young Zenjou was also known for never sacrificing an ally. Going as far as taking damage meant for others. One could say that Zenjou had been born arrogant. But in truth, he just believed himself the only person capable of carrying the burden.

Gandiba lead to Zenjou being cursed with the metaphoric weight of Gandiba's darkness. He experiences the visions of all who wield it. Not in chronological order, it is a chaotic stream of memories which he originally percieved as horrid nightmares. From non stop wars to lakes of blood forming. Even Indra's battle against his brother and Kaguya's arrival. It is painful. And such, forced Zenjou to spend many nights sleepless. Leading to dark rings forming around his eyes. However, as he became more knowledgable of Gandiba, he realized that his duty was to purify the ancient weapon. To bring it back to it's original state. The complete seal was broken upon Miyase's birth. His extreme desire, unrivaled wish to protect his daughter, allowed him to manifest Gandiba's pure form in times of necessity. However, it is completely dependent on his emotions....

Growing up, Zenjou pushed away many who attempted to befriend him. Mainly due to their ulterior motives. Most wanted to take advantage of his father's status. That by setting arranged marriages, Zenjou's high rank would bless their own family. But Zenjou, being an intelligent child, saw through such lies. However, Zenjou still possessed two figures in his life who befriended him. The first being his own father, Heki. Despite cursing him with Gandiba, Heki constantly told Zenjou it's true meaning. To protect his loved one's. To utilize the strength of others as support. That Gandiba would never overpower the love Heki possessed for his child. He also protected Zenjou from Sunagakure. When the council wished to involve Zenjou, as a child, in a decisive battle, Heki promised he would remove his funding if they did so. All in all, Heki groomed Zenjou for happiness. Heki became the force which fought against Zenjou's innate bloodthirst. Various instances occurred where Heki had to battle Zenjou's inner Kaguya. But he remained victorious. Their relationship was truly father and son. Even as Kazekage, Zenjou tells that his father saved him as a child. Saved him from death. From hatred and savagery. Heki is perhaps one of few who Zenjou sheds tears for.

Alongside Heki, Zenjou's secondary figure was the Sixth Kazekage. Recently promoted, the Sixth Kazekage wanted Zenjou to enjoy life. To live in Sunagakure as a citizen rather than a weapon. For they understood Gaara's pain. But due to having battled Sunagakure's council vote, the Kazekage's wish went unheard. However, they had not given up. Instead, the Kazekage spent days speaking with a young Zenjou. Even having him put into their Genin team. The Kazekage became someone Zenjou confided in. Someone Zenjou told his deepest fears to. His nightmares. Soon, Zenjou decided to dedicate his life to the path Heki and the Kazekage walked.

Zenjou is a man known for his serenity and tranquility

Zenjou found his Reason rather easily. It happened during a mission where Zenjou had been cornered and his team greatly injured. He dug deep inside and realized that his reason to exist. To protect those close to him and lead those who follow into prosperity. His heart became tied to this belief, and such, his powers reacted subconsciously to it. With such a powerful belief, Zenjou's actions always involved a step forward. As a genin, he found himself constantly worrying about others. His exams were filled with such examles. He made sure that Himiko was protected. And after forcing the volcano to explode, Zenjou ordered his team to go on without him. He even displayed anger towards Daisuke for his mistreatment of Himiko's privacy. All the while experiencing appreciation for Daisuke's presence. This belief caused his parents and uncle to view Zenjou in a different light. People respected him. Honored him. They simply feared his power and such lacked the power to openly express gratitude.

After passing his exams Zenjou became an entirely different person. It began after meeting Senhime, a women who forced Zenjou to bow before her. Doing so broke his psyche further than it already had been. He started to view the world much differently than before. Enough that Prince Kaguya caused those around him to question his medical health. They thought him crazy or an imposter as he no longer berated their every action. And his positive reinforcements sent shocking ripples. But this occurred as humanity changed for him. He realized that the powerful need nought to verbally affirm their strength repeatidly. Instead, those who could force others to believe it, are true warriors. Also, Zenjou understood how deep emotions had immense control of this reality. To gain such power, Zenjou started to openly display emotions. No longer did the prince feign arrogance. Rather, he remained calm in face of danger. Eventually Zenjou lost his horrid poisonous attitude. He only showed arrogance when truly deserved. Alternatively Zenjou began to understand his constant love for battle. A deadly step which lead to his heart becoming corrupted...

Zenjou remained dangerous mentally. He preferred to break a person's mindset during battle. His acceptance into the Nanabake only furthered this sadistic view. Suddenly, Zenjou realized that he had been born to kill. He started seeing himself as the dagger used by a King's whim. He accepted his bloodthirst and started utilizing it for the betterment of Sunagakure. As with any Assassin, Zenjou started practicing the art of Yasugari. Duing which, Zenjou began to suppress his emotions completely. He entered a state of tranquility. Allowing him to perform painful task without spiritual and emotional pain. Soon, he could look upon a twisted view sparing nought a flench. Zenjou started to view himself as an evil meant to protect humanity from other evils. Only a great evil could vanquish darkess. Zenjou lost all hopes of becoming an Emperor. Instead, Zenjou saw himself as the darkness that shrouds the foundation of a great tree.

Zenjou possesses a very formal yet demonic appearance.

Eventually, Zenjou's prowess lead to his promotion as a Jōnin. He found himself undergoing another drastic change. His arrogance had greatly smoothed to the point it almost became a subtle hint. Rather than words, Zenjou spoke through actions. He transformed his spoken pride into a magnificent aura. Those within his presence could literally see Zenjou's elegance. They could feel the immense gap upon which they existed. Just staring at Zenjou, he stood at a plateau for which they aimed to reach. Zenjou is only arrogant to those who he believes he can defeat. And even so, Zenjou's hurbis is extremely restrained. Stating his victory rather than continuously boasting his powers as he once did as a young shinobi. Zenjou speaks only words with merit...Zenjou lives as a shinobi with multiple faces. Those around him view Zenjou in a positive light while others who have seen his face of darkness treat his existence as a curse...

Ultimately, Zenjou has become a calm warrior. He lives throughout the day smoothly. Never breaking his character.

Zenjou eventually became leader of the Nanabake. His practice eventually became a way of life. No longer could one tell his emotions. Zenjou appeared as a block of solid marble. Solid. Impossible to see through. And without a readable aura presented. Zenjou no longer existed to some. He simply shifted through the world like Sunagakure's wind. He was friendly when needed be, deadly whe provoked. Loving to some but fear spreading to others. Only few truly have an idea of who Zenjou actually is.

After Zenjou's uncle died, the Land of Wind council decided that Zenjou was best suited to become the next Daimyō. Zenjou had already been promoted as the Nanabake Leader, and such possessed mastery over his different faces. It became absolute impossible to sense Zenjou's emotion. He became a walking cloud. Unable to be seen through.

One aspect of Zenjou's personality is his acceptance of darkness. After becoming an assassin, Zenjou became a demon of the shadows. He kills without remorse and fears none. He has claimed the lives of hundreds of children since most contractors want their targets completely erased. Including their bloodline. But despite this hard, cold view towards life, there are moments when Zenjou requiresa minute. He must regain his composure and assure himself. In most instances, Zenjou emmbraces the innocent in assurance. Allowing them to achieve a peaceful state of mind before taking their life.

In all sense of the word, Zenjou lives a life of a serial killer. Which causes him to possess a key mental ability. He is capable of becoming uncaring and completely apathetic. He has murdered thousands of children without a flinch and ended even more bloodlines. However, Zenjou does possess a conscious. Unfortunately he is a sensitive soul forced into a harsh world of darkness. And such, Zenjou has displayed a kind persona through various instances. Whenever he is tasked with killing an innocent bystander, Zenjou attempts to make their last minutes one of understanding and warmth. He only tortures those who can handle it and will torment those who deserve it. Yet, there exist instances where Zenjou absolutely cannot carry out the required action. In such situations, Zenjou attempts to locate a beneficial alternative...

Zenjou soon came to learn at a young age that his acceptance into Sunagakure was a method of gaining a secret weapon. People who heard of Gaara's battle against Kimimaro ultimately feared Zenjou's potential power. They ostracized him greatly. Going as far as leaving him from personal activities. Children only played because the Daimyō claimed him as his son. However, Zenjou held little anger towards Sunagakure. He understood their intentions. Senhime's introduction into the Kaguya clan allowed Zenjou to understand why Sunagakure had such negative intentions. Zenjou swore to change the view of himself, which would lead to the atonement of his clan's sins. After countless battles and successful missions, Sunagakure citizens started viewing Zenjou in different light. They started referring to him as a hero. And his efforts as the Daimyō went extremely loved. Soon, their love for Zenjou went rivaled by few. People wished to marry him off to their children of both sexes. Even a simple walk through the village is filled with smiles and greetings. Presents. Hugs. Children smiling. People wore peacock feathers in honor of Zenjou. He is known as Sunagakure's greatest hero. This resonated within Zenjou. He loves his village enough to threaten his own life and happiness for it. Sunagakure is perhaps his only other weakness besides Miyase.

Zenjou is extremely poetic. He has written numerous works of poetry, even publishing a book widely accredited internationally as the greatest piece of poetry. A classic titled EMPTINESS. It's a story about a man's decent into darkness with hundreds of smaller pieces.

Despite his sibling relationship with the Senhime of his child, Zenjou has displayed an unmatched paternal instinct over his daughter, Miyase. Perhaps the only innocence left, Zenjou is absolutely protective over her. Twice forsaking those around him to protect her. She is the shining light in his eye. A grand hope for happiness and prosperity. Out of all above and below, Miyase is the only one who Zenjou displays his true emotions to. Even Senhime noticed that Zenjou no longers smiles genuinely....However, Zenjou's protective nature sometimes bothers Miyase. He wishes for his daughter to live a peaceful life. Despite her dream of becoming a ninja alongside her father.

Facing his alternative self, Zennoshi, Zenjou underwent a key personal evolution. He gained a firm grasp of the love which his village felt for him. Originally Zenjou utilized his families love as a source of power. But Zennoshi's twisted ideal invoked an epiphany. Sunagakure itself, had become his family. Wives. Children. Husbands. Uncles. Nieces. Nephews. Cousins. They all sat upon his tree. And after utilizing their love as a strength, Zenjou's reservoir of power gained an extreme boost. His views also changed heavily. His life meant nothing. Instead, it was a tool for others to enjoy peace. One which he would happily toss if necessary. He began to see himself as the bow, as opposed to Zennoshi viewing himself as the arrow.

Afterwards, Zenjou recieved a generous promotion. He became Sunagakure's Seventh Kazekage. As Kazekage, Zenjou's views on himself darkened. He personally involved himself in matters which Sunagakure's council could handle. Zenjou believed that to lead meant abandoning one's humanity. A Kage should exist above all. To burden the world's enormous darkness so none other shall suffer. Zenjou, only using his shadowy subordinates, spent a majority of his time living for Sunagakure. Not with it. Soon his emotions were cast away. An empty shell driven by duty. A machine focused day and night on a single purpose. Never a decision made off personal opinion. Every invasion deferred. Enemies murdered without a single emotional reason. It held a great toll upon his body. People noticed that their eternally young lord's features darkened. They became concerned. As with Zennoshi's, Zenjou's eyes slowly lost color. But before his complete descent into emptiness, his childhood friend grabbed his hand. During a sparring match Minori revealed that Zenjou's arrows, which soared once with passion, flew out of duty. An arrow going where it's supposed to. Slowly, Zenjou was transforming into the arrow. She revealed the village's concern. Worries. People begging for his council to speak to him. Even Miyase, who he had not spent time with, asking about her father. The vision enlightened Zenjou. And once more he regained his power. After which, he held a gigantic festival where he performed a grand speech. He promised to protect the village. As Sunagakure's bow, he would fight by their side while leading them through the darkness. The love experienced by Sunagakure pushed his prowess to new heights.

Zenjou is a Kage who formed a bond with everyone born in Sunagakure's vast sands. Although a being of immense power, Zenjou is not one for unnecessary violence. Often using his agents for information gathering. He wishes to conquer through passion and love rather than fear or desperation. When faced against enemies, Zenjou is known for utilizing his words. Warning them before actually fighting. Which is when he usually reverts to his cold-hearted self. Under his Kazekage guise, Zenjou is a man of vibrancy. Ecstatic behavior. And false modesty. He utilizes his power to neither humiliate nor conquer. Instead, those under him are obediant due to Zenjou's heart. His dream of a near perfect world. Where everyone can love one another unconditionally. Where smiles are plentiful. With the help of Minori, Zenjou has become a Kage truly loved by his people, which fuels his own power. Upon war, it is common for Zenjou to stand before his men. During the Shukaku's outbreaks, Zenjou usually orders his allies to evacuate while he holds the beast off. Rather than selflessly fighting for his village or forcing his village to fight for him, Zenjou fights alongside Sunagakure. As they do for him. He is an inspiration for his people and would gladly sacrifice himself, if it means saving Sunagakure. And Zenjou's time as Kazekage ensured that his citizens would do the same. Ultimately, Zenjou walks a few steps ahead of those within Sunagakure to assure their safety in the world's abyss.

However, Zenjou isn't a leader one would label as innocent and pure of heart. He's indulged in horrific acts. He's done everything from assassination and massacres to conquering surrounding areas for valuable resources. Anything to protect Sunagakure's prosperous future. Zenjou even manipulated a close friend, convincing him to seal his rinnegan into a vessel that Zenjou could monitor. Promising to return it whenever Sunagakure is in grave danger. The Seventh Kazekage has also adapted the Nanabake's signature orphan breeding practice. Whenever his village is involved in a war, Zenjou specifically orders his men to refrain from killing children. Rather, only claim the lives of parents and teenagers who are old enough to choose sides. For they have already gained a loyalty to their village and country. But children who are young enough, Sunagakure will simply adopt and raise them as future shinobi for various wars. These children are given artificial families and false memories. They are also given full citizenship as a Sunagakure resident. During times of peace, Zenjou has sent men into other countries to perform such duties. Undercover agents traverse the night attempting to abduct orphans. Orphanages are offered a tremendous amount for their cooperation. Under Zenjou's reign, Sunagakure's military has expanded greatly during each year due to such a practice. Most children grow into happy adults while others feel a sense of not really belonging. But they cannot die the amazing life provided by the Seventh Kazekage.

Zenjou has a rare mixture of a conqueror's mindset which involves an understanding of isolationist views. He retained his childhood idea that to defeat an enemy is to make them an ally. And that rebellions were almost impossible if he kept them happy and pleased. Before invading countries, Zenjou will send a treaty proposal with terms which state that if they submit to Sunagakure, the countries can retain their own culture. Rulers remain in charge and possess the same power as before. However, they cannot disobey Zenjou's will and must provide the requested resources upon command. Smaller nations simply become constituent countries united under the Land of Wind. Ultimately assimilating them as city states with him as their soverign. They are capable of retaining their culture, leaders and possessions. However, the countries must answer the Kazekage's call and are forced to fight for his cause. Zenjou's pure wish of peace is one that leaders rarely argue against. He shows extreme humility when meeting with future allies. Once begging that they reconsider their initial choice as he would rather dishonor himself than cost hundreds their lives and possessions. Whenever a leader agrees to his deal, Zenjou is also known for throwing massive celebrations. He is also one who favors giving incredibly fair deals. For some citizens are unaware of being under the Land of Wind due to not an ounce of change being seen in their everyday lifestyle. Zenjou promises to only involve himself in situations that require it. Alternatively, Zenjou's kindness does has it's limitations. Whenever his initial proposal is declined, Zenjou is known for involving himself in the actualinvasion. Personally devestating the enemies army greatly. He has had to exhibit extreme might to threaten the more stubborn rulers. And there are times where he will execute them should they continue resistance. Especially in situations of definite lost. But immediately after, Zenjou is known for showing them the utmost respect. Even supporting their remaining family.

Zenjou is an ambitious conqueror willing to demolish all who stand in his path. He is known for performing questionable acts as long as he achieves the desired results. One important trick used to deceive the mass involves utilizing noble causes as a disguise for selfish desires. Regardless if said cause is one Zenjou believes in, he only acts when the benefit is either equal or greater than the effort. Zenjou isn't one to waste energy upon that which he believes is useless. One infamous example is when Zenjoou murdered the previous Shichisama and took over the Nanabake. Although he actually wished to save the Sixth Kazekage whose also his mother figure and protect Sunagakure, Zenjou really aimed to remodel the Nanabake to fit his own individual purposes. During their last meeting, Zenjou simply told the previous leader that the era of greed would end with him. That the Nanabake would become a weapon of something greater. They'd become the literal sword of an Emperor. Killing the Shichisama signaled an important change in Zenjou's personality for he began manipulating others for ambitious gains...Using the Shigeto Yumi to make the previous land of Claw leader support him..

Zenjou's goal is to create the spectacle that ocurred during the Fifth Shinobi World War. As one who studies deep into history, the Seventh Kazekage believes that mankind doomed itself by dividing the land into individual countries and separating one another to such an extent that they view each other as inferior. Although he holds Sunagakure to a high degree, Zenjou's perspective on individual humans are reflected by character, regardless of their home country. He views individual countries as foolish due to the invisible boundaries that they create. That one cannot live in or love another from a specific area solely based on their birth, an event they lacked any control over. And so, Zenjou wishes to create a single shinobi nation where everyone retains their individual culture yet lack the care for a difference as trivial as national origin. A single country filled with humans who are united under a single goal of achieving prosperity for one another, rather than a selfish struggle based off potent hubris. A land where people are free to roam without worrying about invisible borders. For should the land unite under one symbol, Shinobi, there would be less of a reason for wars. Allowing an immediate progression.

Enemies believe that Zenjou is the symbolization of destruction. The incarnation of devastation and chaos. However, those close to the Seventh Kazekage recognize him as the existential representation of Redemption (償還, Shōkan). Humanities greatest sins from both the past and future are sealed within Zenjou. He has suffered through countless lifetimes while experiencing the atrocities committed by humanity. Zenjou's suffering resembles that of a Messiah. By surviving through humanities torture and internalizing it's punishment, he ultimately allows the heavens to bestow divine absolution upon humanity. This aspect was first revealed when Zenjou swore to bring about a great change so that the world may absolve his fallen clansmen. After joining the darkness, he further tainted so others could live in the light. Zenjou claimed countless lives to spare others such a sin. He soon became a sort of corrupted messiah. An ideal of one who lives for others by sacrificing their own humanity.

Zenjou was once a rare breed of human who couldn't experience unfamiliar love or understand it. Zenjou believed that one should only love their family and national allegience. And so, while citizens threw themselves and relatives at Zenjou, they were unable to truly capture his heart. One such explanation came from their wish to merge bloodlines simply to acquire Zenjou's inherited riches as well as share the honor within his family. He began to associate love between humans as a symbiotic relationship. Also, Zenjou wished to fully focus upon the prosperity of Sunagakure rather than himself....However everything change once he met Tengai Okasu...

Zenjou deeply regrets the horrific actions and barbaric nature of his clan. Zenjou feels as if Sunagakure saved him from such a fate. That being born in a land of savagery could corrupt the nicest soul. These regrets transform into an indifference towards honor binded by genetics. Shinobi who utilize their clan to declare success and power are met with a differing opinion by Zenjou. The Seventh believes that true strength resonates from those who love and care about one's self. For Zenjou wasn't raised by Kaguya, he feels no attachment to any who share his bloodline. With an exception of Senhime who mothered his child, Zenjou lacks a connection to his clansmen. Even Senhime occurred due to them spending s massive amount of time and her strong belief in Zenjou's resolve. With such support guiding Zenjou during rough times.

Dark Zenjou

A wounded Dark Zenjou materialized.

Deep within Aokigahara exist an entity of pure evil. One whose power rivals Zenjou entirely. Except, he is willing to perform murderous actions without reason. This mysterious being spawned from his heart. A demon who existed within, growing in power from continuous years of emotional suppression. One would think that Zenjou acquired this darkness overtime. However, Dark Zenjou was born alongside Zenjou. Zenjou initially inherited his clan's immense savagry and unquenchable bloodthirst. However, Zenjou had various figures fight it's emergence. Heki taught Zenjou that a war without reason is one without worth. While Samiya gave Zenjou a constant purpose. To protect Sunagakure. Despite how it's citizens treated him, Zenjou simply bottled his anger, bit his tongue and sheathed his blade. Zenjou understood from a young age that most despised his differences. Samiya instilled within Zenjou a desire for love. To prove himself to all. Resulting in Zenjou following more peaceful alternatives. Ignoring the instinctual anger of his clan resulted in Dark Zenjou growing in power. Absorbing his memories. In a way, Zenjou's mind cleansed itself of hatred by using Dark Zenjou as a scapegoat. Becoming a Nanabake only pushed him further. Zenjou continuously sealed horrid experiences into Dark Zenjou; Unknowingly of course. Alongside Zenjou, Dark Zenjou also experienced Gandiba's negative memories. But while Zenjou simply converted that energy, Dark Zenjou absorbed it.

Dark Zenjou represents every instant Zenjou resisted his bloodthirstiness. His influence grew whenever Zenju denied violence. Cursed to traverse Aokigahara alongside his other feelings. Dark Zenjou and Zenjou are two sides of a single coin. Zenjou represents destruction within reincarnation. The ending that occurs before birth. Zenjou is a necessary darkness. Whereas Zenjou is ther night, Dark Zenjou is an abyss. A crevice which engulfs all for selfish desires. Unable to be reasoned with. Unlike his alternative self, Dark Zenjou simply wishes for battle. For death. To see the world ablaze. It is a sick pleasure inherited by his clan. A hatred for order.

One could say that after defeating his dark side, Zenjou had finally become a whole piece. While Zenjou once constantly suppressed his dark thoughts and denied their existence, by accepting them as a piece of him, he recieved an extreme boost in versatility. Whereas Zenjou would have restrained himself in battle, he is now a person who will use underhanded tactics for victory. From manipulation to massacre, the Seventh Kazekage is one unafraid to actively utilize darkness as a weapon. One such instance is manipulating a close friend into sealing away his eyes. Contrary to popular belief, Dark Zenjou is still unable to heart certain people who possess the light in Zenjou's world. Shown by the literal moon hanging above Aokigahara, certain are the source of Zenjou's happiness. They are the one's who are shown his geniune feelings from pleasant smiles to neverending gifts. However, the harm done to such people often leads to Dark Zenjou resurfacing. A being of vengeance and chaotic justice, he has slaughtered those who threatened his daughter.

Amakusa Shirō

Amakusa Shiro appearing on the battlefield. A mysterious figure thought to be a legend.

Before his conquest of the southern countries, Zenjou performed a test drive while conducting his mission in the Land of Iron. It involved helping peasants and unallied samurai overthrow their noble leader. Zenjou's success not only resulted in the creation of the Inaba Province but also in the birth of Amakusa Shirō; A mysterious samurai who is known as a Hero of Justice. Thought nothing but a myth, Amakusa is recognized for extreme kindness. He is a symbol of justice, fairness and righteousness. He is often thought heaven-sent and has become a tool used to inspire courageous warriors. Many pray to Amakusa in times of worry. Such as when the Land of Iron's general spoke of attacking the Inaba Province. Citizens felt little worry as they knew that Amakusa would appear and save the day. One key feature noted by Hattori is Amakusa's extreme enigmatic behavior. He has only ever spoke to Hattori in private. Even while fans gather to crowd around their hero, Amakusa is known for simply bowing in gratitude. A polite mute indeed; Questions go unanswered as Amakusa will only communicate with gestures. None have heard his story causing Hattori himself to wonder if Amakusa is actually human. Rumors appeared that Amakusa is a supernatural phenomena. That the prayers of the oppressed congregated to such a high degree, it possessed a random suit of armor and gave it life.

Amakusa Shiro is a legendary figure in Inaba Province.

Amakusa also possesses a darker, sinister side to his mysterious air. Those who threaten Inaba meet a brutal demise. He is not above killing unaffiliated criminals and will stand before an army to defend his views. Amakusa believes in an eye for an eye but has accepted unfairness throughout his short existence. Another trait is Amakusa's inability to sympathize. A spirit said to have witnessed the murder of millions, Amakusa lacks a heart. He's fought while his allies have fell. Even killing innocent bystanders who raised arms against Inaba Province. Amakusa is a demon of war. One who enjoys fighting and never rejects a challenge. He has become known for being one without a sense of pain. From having immense structures dropped on him to falling off a cliff, Amakusa never uttered a sound. Amakusa lacks a certain level of honor utilized by samurai. While samurai undergo various rituals before battle, Amakusa has used those moments to launch surprise attacks. Some refer to Amakusa's way of battle as a mixture of shinobi and samurai. Ultimately making Amakusa a disgraceful warrior among higher samurai. But Amakusa's bloodthirst overwhelmed their disgust. The love he possesses for battle easily made him a samurai desired by the Land of Iron's general. But what little honor Amakusa possesses allowed him to decline the offer.

Amakusa left Hattori in charge after establishing the Inaba Province. But Amakusa is a conqueror. And such Hattori is nothing more than a proxy. Hattori's laws and decisions are strictly given to him by Amakusa. Hattori had originally believed the heroic samurai should lead Inaba but understood that other countries required Amakusa's righteous ways. Amakusa asked Hattori to act in his place for Hattori had become a face almost as popular as Amakusa's. For Hattori can lead Inaba Province just as he wishes. But will answer to Amakusa directly. In truth, Amakusa is Inaba Province's leader. He provides them with funding through an extensive import and export system with surrounding villages and provinces. Under Amakusa's rule, Inaba easily became one of the Land of Iron's largest areas. Supporting an impressive population and keeping happiness as a defining trait of their culture. Amakusa also keeps ideas of rebelling nonexistent through more darker means. With eyes which span across the shinobi land, Amakusa can attack a potential threat before it actually arises. But very few plan against Amakusa as his goals are literally for a better, happier and propserous future.


50 Years After the Fourth Great Shinobi War

One could say that although Kirigakure became accepting of those blessed with gifts, there existed a group who could never find retribution. The Kaguya Clan. A clan that stood against divine law and let their thirst for war control them. They almost went extinct. However, in a period filled with destruction, bloodshed and ignorance. The Kaguya were able to make a revival from near death. It was a time where Hundreds to thousands died due to Madara's ignorance and such, held salty feelings towards those with destructive bloodlines. There was a Kaguya women who happily served the Mizukage alongside her husband. She was a powerful shinobi that stopped hundreds of rebellions. A key factor in Kirigakure's reshaping, she used a different alias during her missions. During her pregnancy, the previous Mizukage had sent her a message warning both her and her husband about an upcoming threat. As time continued forward, many Kirigakure citizens began to go on False Kaguya Hunts. Killing all they believed to be Kaguya. Criminals would use their name as a method of spreading fear. Kaguya being deadly warriors, very few had the guts to stop one, despite Kaguya Clan members being nigh extinct. But together, they decided to stay which proved fatal. After saving a neighbor, Toyotamahime accidentally exposed her gift. Despite the kind hearted action, her neighbor told everyone of what they've just saw. Resulting in an angry mob. Zenjou's father fought bravely, using Kubikiribōchō. His status as a Seven Swordsmen granted him excessive skill. Toyotamahime used this opportunity to send her child away. Before so, she placed a special bone inside of his body filled with her chakra and memories. As well as a few messages. She went back to her husband, and that was the last Zenjou saw of his real parents.

The hardest part of this escape was the vast sea this woman had to cross. Kirigakure's forces were scattered, and focused moreso on subjugating surrounding islands instead of defending Kirigakure's main shore. The Mizukage general's arrogance lead to him believing none could cross him. She sailed from Kirigakure to the Land of Wind, choosing not to dock upon the Land of Fire. This trip took almost twice as long had she taken the aforementioned route. But her escape upon a fishing boat made food plentiful. It was sickness and warmth she had to battle. When she arrived, she found herself in a sea-side town.

Staying at an Inn, she ran into a traveller similar to her. A man of golden hair and an aura quite like his real father's. That night, she explained the situation, knowing that this encounter was the last chance of survival. Toyotamahime's friend lacked funds or strength to make it to a major village. And had no idea how they would treat a member of the Kaguya Clan, or whether she should even tell them his heritage. Either way, she struck gold. This man, a close guard to the Heki, offered protection and guidance. Together they rode to his palace and pleaded with the Wind's feudal lord. He called upon the Kazekage and his council to discuss this matter. It was accepted. Zenjou, alongside his false mother, would live with the guard within Sunagakure. Where they would both be treated as citizens. However, Zenjou had been adopted by the previous Land of Wind Daimyō Heki, who he called father.

Upon his second year, Zenjou revealed a special gift to his father that lead to Heki's blessings being answered. Heki witnessed Zenjou's extreme self regenerative capablilities. And such, decided that Zenjou was the next in line to carry on Heki's familiar duty. Upon a moonlit night, Heki gave Zenjou a choice. To choose a Kunai and a Bow. As Zenjou chose the bow, the ancient weapon was sealed within Zenjou. However, Zenjou's familiar difference caused his body to absorb some of Gandiba's dark energy. Haunting the child with horrid visions of the past. Which he percieved were nightmares.

Zenjou's acceptance was kept a secret. Only high ranking council members were in attendance. His biological mother named him Zenjou, and told his false parents to drop his surname. As such a child was not truly his or hers. Zenjou was thus raised in continious lies. Calling the Daimyō his father, Zenjou had been kept under false nobility. But despite these lies, Zenjou's false family loved him dearly. From pampering to special training, Zenjou saw himself as a being meant to lead not to follow. He aspired to find his own land. Soon he was allowed to enter Sunagakure's Shinobi School where he became a Genin at a young age. But an accident reminded his mother that Zenjou would never live a normal life...

Night had fallen, he had failed his first mission due to consistent arrogance. The lecture he recieved caused him to suffer through feelings he had yet to feel before. Guilt for letting his teammate fall victim to a trap, pain for failing, and an ambition to do better yet fear for failing. This mixture caused bones to sprout from his very arms. A painful experience, he cried in fear. However, there was no blood. And after calming down, he was able to make his innards recede back into his skin. After showing his mother, Lady Kaguya simply told another lie. Said it was a gift given by the heavens.

As he realized that Zenjou chose his own destiny, Heki had Zenjou trained in archery rather than Taijutsu. Something Zenjou proved even more talented at. He had excellent marksmanship. Able to pierce multiple targets at once. He practiced two different forms, one which involved constant moving and another that used strength in a stationary position. He also was discovered to use wind release as a chakra nature. Which Zenjou practiced on his own.

Even as a child, Zenjou underwent various training practices.

Zenjou underwent training for becoming a ruler since childbirth. But not an ordinary Emperor. As Heki knew Zenjou would inherit his title as Daimyō, Heki wished to break the tradition of old hags who required others to defend them. A leader should always possess strength, passion and the ability to inspire others. And such, Heki pushed Zenjou through various training exorcises. Including putting him into Sunagakure's shinobi academy. With his time as a shinobi, Zenjou would grow into a Daimyō who could lead an army into war. Although a gifted child, some would say Zenjou was extremely pampered. Servants catered to his every need, even dressing him on different occasions. Heki wished for Zenjou to live a normal life but knew his status would create altercations with regular children. Parents either taught their children to fear, serve or totally avoid Zenjou due to status.

Some exercises involved having Zenjou address the Land of Wind's forces before various battles. Heki used it as a way to teach his love and passion for the Land of Wind. For a true ruler must view no difference between himself and the lowest peasant. They should lead with the goal to inspire and instil courage. They must possess both a kind heart and an iron fist. And require the ability to read into the hearts of their subordinates as well as notice hidden potential. Zenjou lived as a truly soft child for two forces constantly battled the darkness within. Zenjou had inherited his clan's love for battle. Which, when coupled with Gandiba's own evilness, gave life to this darkness...


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60-70 Years After the Fourth Great Shinobi War

Team Ginryū Gaiden

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Zenjou participated in the Chūnin exams held within the Land of Water. This period of time was one where Zenjou exhibited his arrogant persona. Where very few could stand being around such a pompous child. Yet not a soul could deny his potential. Being one of few shinobi to figure out the first test rather easily, Zenjou solved his riddle in record time. However, his arrogance lead him to lose an edge as he miscounted, causing him to initially answer wrong by one number. However, he quickly figured out his mistake and continued onwards. During his team's battle atop the volcanic island, Zenjou displayed unrivaled prowess. Alone, he managed to cause the entire isand to erupt. Unknowingly influencing every other battle as well. If naming the exams heaviest hitters, Zenjou surely secured his spot among the top three.

The Truth Is Revealed

Main article: Zenjou Chronicles: A Trip to Kirigakure Zenjou managed to prove his worth after accomplishing an incredible string of successful missions. His Sensei personally recommended Zenjou's promotion despite his youth. However, grim news cut his celebration short. His mother almost finished her path in life. And although she drew upon her last minutes, Zenjou's mother knew that she could not leave this world without telling him the truth. His false mother called her child before her as she lied dying in bed with glazed eyes. She grasped his hand with all her strength and smiled. The now ancient lady poured her heart out. How proud she was of this man who stood before he. She saw his parents branded deeply upon him. But that lead to a painful truth. His adopted mother began her tale with how she met his parents and lead to helping his parents by defecting from Kirigakure with Zenjou in her arms. Even touching upon the troubles she endured raising him and starting a new life. She told him his parents entire tale. Everything except Kirigakure's view of the Kaguya. Instead, she bestowed upon him a final mission; To infiltrate her former home and visit his grave. Her soul departed as she proclaimed her love and happiness for Zenjou whose tears dropped against her lifeless flesh.

Instead, Zenjou met with his father who also became frailer as the years past. The land of wind Daimyō was deeply saddened by his adopted daughters passing. However, he felt a strong battle transpiring inside Zenjou. A battle of two lands both wishing to be called home. Although his heart rested within Sunagakure, he felt a stronger confliction. That his true home reached out and desired his presence. Zenjou remembered the exams within Kirigakure. Where Zenjou felt the Land of Water pull at something inside as if he drowned in it's very ocean. Heki understood his son's pain of longing to belong. He touched upon Sunagakure treated Zenjou as a weapon and how it's citizens saw a monster. Besides Heki, the Sixth Kazekage was the only other person to actually care for Zenjou as a human. But seeing his son's determination gave him hope. Zenjou would find his own answers and surely return home. And so, he passed on a special map brought by a traveling caravan. With Kirigakure undergoing reformation Heki speculated that infiltration would be troublesome. Also, traversing two idle lands was also dangerous for political reasons; Especially someone directly related to Land of Wind nobility. But Zenjou felt a burning sensation in his arm. As if he knew his mother called his name. Rather than argue, Heki bequeathed the necessary provisions alongside a simple promise. For entering another countries line unknowingly crossed espionage; Zenjou had to hide his village affiliation and kekkei genkai. Thus, Zenjou painfully left his village's forehead protector with Heki as well as a kiss goodbye. Zenjou finally started his jourey of self exploration. Zenjou, still an early teenager, had a long and dangerous trip to Kirigakure. And unlike official Sunagakure missions Zenjou travelled alone.

The Land of Rivers was a country known for being involved in minor encounters. A few bandits. A couple thieves. Easy to dispatch for someone of Zenjou's prodigious prowess. However, he eventually found himself in an even greater scheme which worsened as the nightmares took a violent turn. Zenjou slept during periods of horrid flashes. As if living multiple lives throughout the past, present and future. Eyes that were not his. One specific memory involved shinobi whose bone's ripped through their skin. Savages who were slaughtered like livestock and almost erased from existence. Zenjou recieved various lessons about his heritage from Senhime. But he now experienced their chaotic influence first hand. Yet Zenjou awoke determined to find out the truth of his history.

The Land of Rivers differed from his sandy oasis. Once ravaged after reports of the Akatsuki using it as a base erupted, bandit camps and hideouts were littered throughout. Eventually, Zenjou stumbled upon a small shop. And his undeniable wish to continue on caused him to feel that hunger couldn't stop someone as great as he. A belief that eventually lead to him collapsing. The shops owner eventually found the boy laid before their mat. Zenjou awoke in a small village nearby hours later. Before him sat a child and an elder. One whose eye glowed crimson as if piercing through his very existence. He revealed that Zenjou possessed an enormous life force but his mind was in a state of confusion. Zenjou told himself it was due to the weapon passed onto him although Ranmaru saw more. After healing Zenjou they returned to Ranmaru's small shack. Upon which, he revealed that Tanigakure suffered from extensive bandit raids. Being between two major villages who equally suffered greatly from the previous war of grandeur caused Tanigakure to become a target of both environmental and financial value. One such monster being Konohagakure who dispatched a small military unit to monitor it. However, it was lead by a corrupted Captain that hired bandits to raid the village before demanding money for protection. Since traveling at night had become deadly the empathetic Ranmaru offered a warm bed next to his grandson. It touched Zenjou deeply for none had trusted Zenjou near their loved one's before. Zenjou was fed a delicious curry for dinner but a special recipe caught his attention. Together they laughed and joked about it's properties. A few hearty jokes and wholesome quirks at one another. The friendly atmosphere evolved into Ranmaru asking a bit about Zenjou. But he sensed Zenjou's own confusion as the young Kaguya spoke about everything. As a boy with a gift from Kirigakure who was abandoned, Ranmaru understand Zenjou's complex emotions. However, Ranmaru told Zenjou an important secret. That one's heart never leaves home. Words which drove Zenjou into further confusion as he pondered it's meaning. Either way, Zenjou found himself in warmth as he stayed with the happy family. Which, for the first time in his life, allowed Zenjou to fall asleep with a bright smile on his face.

Birds chirping early awoke Zenjou peacefully as the sun slowly rose. However, the joyous morning dissipated as the boys awoke to a crash. Zenjou leapt from his bed and dashed to it's source with his newfound friend following behind. Both were scared deathly for Ranmaru but arrived just in time as Ranmaru laid on the kitchen responsive enough to warn Zenjou about what just occurred. Angered, Zenjou gave chase to the bandits after telling his friend to take Ranmaru to their village. Zenjou ran with impressive speeds until he finally found five shinobi discussing their treats. He overheard their conversation on how Konohagakure's captain would pay a hefty price for this treasure. Upon closer inspection, Zenjou noticed they held a crumbled up paper which appeared ancient. The same paper which sparked Zenjou's interest in the curry of life the night before. He quickly defeated the bandits with a sneak attack. Pinning each to trees using carefully aimed arrows from his bow. Zenjou emerged and interrogated each about their purposes. Although they were initially reluctant, they eventually told Zenjou their mission and even exposed Konohagakure's horrid scheme. Zenjou allowed them to retreat as a warning after retrieving Ranmaru's paper. Leaving Zenjou to returned back to Tanigakure.

Luckily the elder with crimson eyes was fine. Maybe scared but alive nonetheless. He awoke to Zenjou and his grandchild staring at him worriedly. Ranmaru smiled at the sight and laughed as he rustled their hair. Zenjou revealed the good news but asked why it had been so important as he returned Ranmaru's ancient paper. To which Ranmaru referenced the previous night. It held the recipe for a special curry made for warriors. Capable of increasing their power tenfold and reviving them from the dead. Interested, Zenjou wished to try some but was ultimately denied in fear of what it would do to him. It lead to Ranmaru asking Zenjou about his quest. The philosophical questions scared Zenjou but it also brought a deeper thought to the answers he sought after. After revealing Konohagakure's scheme, Zenjou and Ranmaru went to the village leader; Who had expected such treacheries before. But Zenjou served as a viable witness. Together, they gathered a small, reluctant and frightened mob. Meanwhile, the captain knew that if they revealed his scheme, he could potentially face criminal charges. So he gathered his squad and decided a straightforward assault. They gathered bandits. Thieves. Mercenaries. Anyone capable of fighting with a promise of riches. That night they launched their plan. The Captain offered a hefty reward for whoever could kill white haired child.

Forces gathered as night fell with Tanigakure's untrained warriors shaking with fear. Only Ranmaru, Zenjou and Ranmaru's grandchild stood bravely. Zenjou knew they would fall with such feelings so he gave a heartwarming speech. A piece about home and how protecting one's home was the most important thing a Shinobi could endure. To die for a home was to live for a heart. A seemingly ironic statement from Zenjou of course. But Ranmaru knew he had just taken the first step required for enlightenment. The battle erupted shortly after with Zenjou finding himself in front. Taking on his enemies heaviest brutes awoken a demon within. A feeling he despised. Shinobi should only fight to win not for enjoyment. But Zenjou found himself smiling during it's duration. Although deadly, he noticed that Ranmaru was slowly being overpowered. So he quickly switched places with him. Dealing with both forces. Tanigakure seemed cornered. However, the thought of letting these people lose their homes further unlocked his inner gift, Zenjou easily evened the odds. Slaughtering a great amount through his skeletal graveyard. Onlookers awed. Some whispering of an annihilated clan and that Zenjou was their retribution. Even Ranmaru, who only heard rumors about their existence, remained shocked. But Zenou's awesomeness was cut short as the captain arrived. Interested, he offered Zenjou a portion of his spoils if Zenjou switched sides. Disgusted, Zenjou spat at him as an answer. Which furthered angered the captain. His powers outranked Zenjou who knew almost nothing about his bloodline limit. A devastating attack sent Zenjou soaring but Ranmaru revealed his secret weapon. As a last effort, Ranmaru had prepared his unique treasure. The Curry of Life. He quickly made a plate from a travel pot which Zenjou engulfed quickly. Lava. Zenjou felt lava boiling inside his stomach. Enough to knock him unconscious immediately. A weakling. The Captain chuckled as he cornered the two. Tanigakure's fighters found themselves cornered. Ranmaru offered his recipe if it meant his village's safety. But the Captain decided differently. He burned Ranmaru's recipe. And he raised his sword as Ranmaru closed his eyes. But it took longer than expected. When he opened them once more, he saw a red haired Zenjou impaling the captain. His stomach healed. Zenjou's body adopted to the Curry of Life And while the captain taunted, Zenjou had finished the entire pot. Receiving an extraordinary boost in power. He easily overwhelmed the captain and with a few seals, formed osteokinetic cages around Konohagakure's corrupted unit. His hair lost color as Tanigakure's citizens clapped in victory.

Eventually, Konohagakure retrieved it's now criminal shinobi. And paid heavy respiration's under the threat of offering it's gold mines to Sunagakure. Zenjou became a hero. And a festival was held in his honor. He smiled as it's citizens dance in excitement. Ranmaru appeared once more, to which Zenjou apologized for not being able to save the recipe. Ranmaru smirked. Revealing he had it memorized. Showing an entire booklet of curry variations. Ranmaru offered a final piece of advice before giving Zenjou a page entitled The Curry of Home. The next morning, Zenjou was on his way. And as he departed, Ranmaru smiled. He saw himself and Raiga walking into the sunset. Tears dropping as he missed his former friend. But he had placed his hopes into Zenjou. He remembered why Zenjou had bothered his memory. Exactly 13 years before, a women from Kirigakure stumbled upon Ranmaru's shop with a baby who had porcelain hair.

The Land of Fire was a bit easier for Zenjou to traverse. For Sunagakure's treaty with Konohagakure remained strong. Daimyō of the Land of Fire and Wind had constant interaction. Even meeting Zenjou a couple times. So throughout his path, Zenjou only had to flash his imperial seal to wondering shinobi. He even received a free ride towards the seaport. But Zenjou found himself haunted by horrid memories once more. it's inconsistencies ignored him. Gandiba showed nought a single story. But a collage. A random assortment of sequences. Plaguing his juvenile psyche. He found himself screaming in the middle of the night. He feared that his body would automatically react to the subconscious dangers. Essentially revealing his person. He passed monasteries and bounty stations. Attempting to remain hidden from both. His identity had to absolutely remain hidden to those not involved with the Daimyō directly. Not long after, Zenjou found himself before a vast and empty sea. He felt his stomach twist. But the old man's words rang clear with him. He held his back tightly, adjusted his hooded cloak and climbed aboard.

Zenjou's arm flared for seemingly unknown reasons when he first stepped onto Kirigakure. Soon, an image of a man appeared before him. With words whispering to find him, to seek out Yochi who holds the answers. He hated Kirigakure's atmosphere as it felt absolutely disgusting. A violent land comprised solely of murder, rape and riminal syndicates. They had everything atrocious to mankind and Zenjou saw it immediately. He stopped at brothels, gambling spots and even a few organizational locations. All futile Attempts to ask questions about a man named Yochi. None knew and even less cared. Hell, Zenjou's feminine looks got him quite a few invitations. He had to fight his way out of a couple troublesome corners in order to avoid sale. And restricting his abilities from his gift made it nearly impossible. However, an infamous thief eventually gave Zenjou the answer he sought. Yochi was a former ANBU under the previous Mizukage who was now retired and lived somewhere off shore. Zenjou managed to track him down before introducing himself as a traveling nomad. Although cynical at first, Yochi eventually offered him room and board to which Zenjou accepted. Which eventually lead to a kind invitation to dunner. Zenjou decided that such a joyous night was the perfect time. And such he revealed his true identity. Although Yochi was skeptical initially, Zenjou's precise recount of his birth removed all doubts. Causing Yochi to almost break into tears. Seeing the porcelain baby as a teenager made him feel old but also joyous. That the dreams of Zenjou's parents lived on in the warrior before him. Zenjou also revealed the conflicted feelings plaguing the rather difficult journey. Was Kirigakure or Sunagakure his home? And despite their differences, should Zenjou remain in the Land of Water? Try to amend his clan's wrongs and bring about a new era? The list continued but rather than answer any, Yochi lead Zenjou into a massive underground chamber. At it's center was a enormous blade. Yochi revealed that it belonged to his father whose dying wish was for him to take the sword and hold onto it until Zenjou returned as a shinobi. A gift. The only gift a dying father could give his son. Alongside a summoning scroll. Zenjou, who imagined this moment for weeks, expected himself to have drowned in tears...But he ultimately felt nothing. Yochi explained that although his parents loved him, Zenjou knew nothing of them. That their separation severed a sacred bond that goes beyond biology. And so his heart could not reproduce true sadness. Only regret for not experiencing life with them. Zenjou understood what he meant as everything became clear. His heart recognized home all along as the place he longed to return to during his journey. The sands for which he fought. The countless dreams he endured of Suangakure during restless nights away. And such, he recognized Sunagakure as his true home.

Zenjou grabbed his newfound sword and strapped it onto him. He then opened the scroll and read the imprinted contract. After signing with the blood which ran through his veins, Zenjou summoned his secondary beast. A silver horse of unique proportions. A beast grander than any normal horse as it obviously underwent shinobi training. After hugging Yochi once more, Zenjou was on his way home. And as he rode off into the misty night, tears finally fell upon moist grass. For he saw his mother and father riding before him.....Unknown to him that his mother still lived.

The First Kill: Becoming a Nanabake

Zenjou's first kill was both messy and enlightening.

Lone Wolf Meets Cub

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Prince of Darkness Gaiden: Nanabake Awakening


Zenjou's time as an ANBU was relatively short. Rather than a normal Jōnin, most of his actions were covert assassinations with the Nanabake. His time was more involved in the darker operations. It was during his Jōnin career that Zenjou really rose above the ranks alongside his newly acquired ally, Tengai Okasu. He also took on a darker appearance, wearing a mask and cloak whenever he left Sunagakure. Zenjou became a Jōnin at fifteen and the Nanabake leader at eighteen...

The Feathered Shinobi's journey begins when Zenjou turned seventeen. A mysterious Sage appears in a dream where he utilizes Gandiba's seperation from time to show Zenjou a possible future. Memories of parasitic humans hunting murdering all before them. Loved ones forced to live in safehouses in order to avoid a ferocious war. Children. Shinobi. Leaders. Kage. Daimyō. Citizens. All differences were destroyed by the horrific monsters. Soon an entire world was united under one Queen. A mother who fed her children one another and wished to only spread. She was a beautiful parasitic virus that had evolved beyond humanity decades ago. Zenjou understood the message's meaning. That despite what occurred he must halt fate's flow and stop humanity from destroying itself. Before reaching the destination, Zenjou was introduced to two other Shinobi chosen by the elder Sage. They were to accompany each other without a lead. A team meant to meld their compatible skills into one. To stand side by side with a common goal and halt the world's destruction. Although they've crossed paths before, destine would surely create a bond like none other...

Rekindling an Old Flame

Main article: An Unheard Whisper in the Wind Years after inducting her into the Nanabake, Zenjou and Tengai was selected to embark on a joint mission in Takigakure. A contract which involved killing a councilman and ending his lineage completely. Previously, Tengai was openly accepted into Sunagakure thanks to Zenjou's ties.

Conquering The Land of Iron: A Shadow Leader

Main article: Zenjou Chronicles: The Birth of the Inaba Province

Zenjou underwent a physical alteration before donning his legendary armor.

Zenjou began his conquest with a unique test. Rather than conquer an entire nation without experience and potentially fail, Zenjou utilized his extensive network to create a rather ingenious plan. Zenjou's time as a jōnin had tied itself with his position within the Nanabake. He found himself performing assassinations, sabotage and espionage as well as information gathering. One such contract took place inside the Land of Iron. While killing his target, Zenjou realized that the land of samurai's was an excellent location. For its distance and isolationist policies ensured that none could actually identify Zenjou. Also, Zenjou overheard talk of an oncoming rebellion in one of its poorer locations. The perfect opportunity. He began by traveling to the small village and paying close attention to what transpired. From what he gathered the local noble had been greedily increasing taxation. Taxation without representation caused the locals to coerce. However, they lacked actual manpower and enough weaponry to oppose the unholy noble. Yet one brave soul publicly voiced his opinions. Attempting to incite courage into the people, he constantly brought hundreds to the square with words of an uprising. While the noble originally found it amusing, he now saw it as a threat when others started to join his protest. Zenjou knew that fate had blessed him. The young rebel had a cause but lacked the support Zenjou possessed. Being the son of a Daimyō came with rather extensive and unique perks. His financial status matched the noble title he held. When coupled with the rewards acquired from successfully accomplishing his shinobi duties, finding a small rebellion was of no trouble. He just needed time to meet with the young warrior. And it came.

The appearance of Amakusa Shiro; Inaba's Guardian.

Annoyed with the constant protest, the noble ordered the guards to perform a public execution. And in no less than a day, the crowd gathered in fear. Their hope slowly drained by the second. The rebel continued on obviously unaffected by the swords near his neck. Each word brought an ounce of hope back to the peasants. But the time for his death slowly arrived. Or so the Executioner thought. He swung his mighty blade towards Hattori's neck who watched fearlessly. For he had already accepted death. But another silver blade had become a wall between the executioners and Hattori's neck. When Hattori looked upon his savior, he only saw silver armor with a metallic mask. The silver phantom proceeded to cut Hattori's restraints before grabbing him and killing the noble's guards. A long battle followed as well as a daring escape. They rode carts, dashed through bathhouses and even hid in horse stables while a small legion gave chase. But the hero displayed masterful skill in traversing foreign areas.

They finally came upon the hero's hideout. A small cabin hidden just outside the town. The hero introduced himself as Amakusa Shirou. Savior of humanity and hero of justice clasped in silver armor and wielding an Ōdachi almost his length in size. Hattori decided against probing deeper. For Amakusa made it clear that he wanted his history to remain private. Rather,, Amakusa focused on the task at hand. He offered funding, men and weaponry for an overnight rebellion but had a sole condition. Akamusa wished for Hattori to become the leader of the new land and watch over it's people. For Akamusa had other lands to save and he needed proxies to become his eyes. Of course Hattori accepted the offer which created a new hope to believe in. The hope he provided to others had finally returned. Meanwhile, Zenjou's plan for conquest took a step in the right direction.

Weeks passed since Hattori's failed execution. And the noble guard attempted to subdue all who spoke Amakusa's name. Amakusa quickly became a household figure. Those who originally witnessed Hattori's rescue went home spreading rumors of an oncoming revolt. That their prayers had finally been answered. What better weapon for conquest than religion; A question which Zenjou discovered to be true. By having the people place their belief in Amakusa, he could easily rise above the ranks. Eventually taking over area and placing it under his control. Doing so required pushing Amakusa into a situation which rivaled deity. Rather than a man in a suit of armor, Amakusa utilized his shinobi origins to appear rather mystical. Whenever the head of the village attempted a step forward, Amakusa would appear and sabotage his forces. From killing high profile samurai to persuaded officials to join his side. Unfortunately, Zenjou usage of the Shunohako armor was extremely limited. Due to severing his bond from the physical realm, Zenjou would lose access to the nigh infinite chakra he drained from the earth. And such, the armor fed on Zenjou's own reserves. Although impressively large, they were still limited. While normal shinobi would last a few hours in the armor, Zenjou could don it for an entire night without fatigue. And so, Amakusa handled business during the night while Zenjou kept his ears to the streets during daytime. While plain clothed, Zenjou traversed freely throughout the village without attracting too much attention. Of course Zenjou hid his tail, sword, and headband when in public. He also kept his actual identity secret from Hattori. Daytime was the perfect time to enlist mercenaries and wandering samurai for a makeshift army. Although Amakusa could provide sufficient weaponry, peasants wielding swords would make not a difference in the face of a naturally trained army. And there was little time for him to actively train them. They required a platoon strong enough to repel the noblemen's forces. And Zenjou acquired one in under a week. A little bit expensive but worth the efforts for when the final battle occurs.

Meanwhile, Amakusa had Hattori become the prominent figure in the revolt. Rather than having citizens follow Amakusa and believe him to be it's leader, Amakusa gave Hattori strict manipulative directions. He told Hattori to speak up in public. To provide others with a resolve and the confidence. Hattori also began corrupting the public image of the village's head using corrosive rumors. Working in synchronization involved Hattori speaking of a specific trade route or supply line being attacked. And Amakusa destroying it during his appearance. Doing so created a specific level of confidence in his efforts. For the first time, overthrowing the village's head seemed very much possible. However, they had an even greater threat approaching. The villages head managed to contact the general of the Land of Iron in hopes of receiving support. Amakusa knew that all hope of uprising would fail if they arrived before Amakusa could bring down the villages leader. Variables which Amakusa had no hope of predicting of course. But far too much effort was put in this operation for it to be wasted. Instead, Amakusa told Hattori that they'd need to revolt immediately. He ordered him to take more than half the mercenaries and mix it with the regular citizens. They'd storm the leader's manor while Amakusa will handle his reinforcements. Although hesitant, Hattori obeyed and began weaving the tale of revolution.

Winged Mirages


Zenjou spent two years as a Daimyō before receiving the title of Seventh Kazekage. However, Zenjou's time as a feudal lord was when he forced the Land of Wind through it's greatest change. The unification of it's villages under one ruler as well as a better interconnection between the various towns within the Land of Wind. Zenjou's time as a Daimyō is infamous for scientific and agricultural funding. Noticing a rather large setback created by it's desert conditions, Zenjou had researchers focus primarily on desert farming techniques and enhanced irrigation systems. He also implemented the prototype versions of his outsourcing laws. Due to his familiar connection with the Sixth Kazekage, Zenjou made it illegal to request shinobi from other countries for missions....

Curse of the Ambitious Revealed

Main article: An Ambitious Evilness Zenjou ascension to the Land of Wind's throne resulted from= a terrible lost. The man who raised him, the person he knew as a father and support had unfortunately died. Although Zenjou recently mastered his inner-self, Heki remained a sensitive topic for him. Subordinates remember tears falling from his golden eyes whenever Zenjou felt alone. Ironically, Zenjou produced his greatest literary works during this small era of sadness. However, Zenjou's lost also resulted in a tremendous gain. For Heki left Zenjou his dynasty and the title of Daimyō. After official recognition, Zenjou's ambition awake with an undying flame within his stomach. But his accomplishments as a Daimyō traversed the light of the Land of Wind. For he also made tremendous progress within the world's' darkest shadows. The previous Shichisama and Zenjou had a close relationship. But the leader also possessed a certain fear and awareness of Zenjou. He sensed the incredible ambition and dream of conquest born within Zenjou. However, the leader's arrogance thought he could guide Zenjou to become the ultimate tool of destruction. The Shichisama also conspired to seperate Sunagakage's involvement with the Nanabake even further. He despised the treaty created by the Fifth Kazekage and spoke of revolt; Which included killing the Sixth Kazekage who was also Zenjou's motherly figure.

When word reached Zenjou, he was absolutely appalled. Although he served the Shichisama and is one with seven faces, Zenjou's true allegiance belonged to his father's legacy which involved dedicating his life to Sunagakure and the Land of Wind. Such betrayal angered Zenjou greatly and the ambition deep within received an exponential growth. Resulting in Zenjou emotionlessly murdering the previous Shichisama during a private meeting. The Shichisama figured that Zenjou did so to simply protect Sunagakure from the Nanabake's wrath. He also thought that Zenjou's allegiance was more so to the Kazekage than anyone else. However, Zenjou revealed that such an idea was only half correct. Zenjou always felt that the Nanabake had foolish policies and desired change. In truth, Zenjou's own ambitions lead to his betrayal and corrupted hostile takeover.

The Fire Burns Brighter

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Meeting the Darkness that Should've Been

Main article: White Awakening: The Death of Peace A revolutionary battle for Zenjou and an alteration to his view towards life, Zenjou was faced with the ultimate enemy...himself. Born in a parallel line, Zennoshi was created when he failed to save everyone he loved from a catastrophic disaster. Instead, Zennoshi decided to protect the village over those who trasured him most. An action he had no control over as Senhime unknowingly manipulated his body to do so. After becomining the Kazekage, Zennoshi began to view his position in life in a darker manner. For his acceptance into Sunagakure was a method of creating a weapon. He was raised in battle and forced to kill without a reason. Witnessing their death's caused Zennoshi to succumb to the darkness within. He saw himself as Sunagakure's puppet; An ironic statement birthed from watching Samiya train. He realized that every Kazekage has suffered in a similar manner...

Play of Ten Directions

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Zenjou is perhaps one of Sunagakure's most influetial leaders as he is quoted to be the strongest Kage since the first, if not surpassing all others. A feature which stems from Zenjou leading his village into an age of unfound prosperity. Perhaps the greatest advancement arose during Zenjou's time as a Daimyō; Where he united the entirety of the Land of Wind excluding Sunagakure. However, inheriting the title of Kazekage marked the first time in history that an entire village existed under one lord. Such an event lead Zenjou to change it's name from the Land of Wind to the Great Land of Wind as a method of differentiating it from his predecessors. Zenjou's reign is one of love and respect. Citizens are constantly shown how much he'd sacrifice for his land throughout various instances. Whenever a battle erupts, Zenjou is known to personally lead his army into battle. He takes daily strolls throughout Sunagakure and surrounding towns to check their status. Which includes spending time with random people. He isn't one to remain noble as all citizens, regardless of rank, are the same to him. Zenjou also imposes fair laws such as freedom of religion, fair taxation and various other popular issues that had arisen in the past. One favoured became the outlawing of outsourcing shinobi. Zenjou believed heavily in his village's power and wished to keep it's economy booming. And such made sure that Sunagakure and surrounding villages hired Sunagakure citizens. Also, surrounding countries could only employ Sunagakure shinobi unless instructed otherwise. If such a rule was broken, Zenjou proposed the penalty of death. One of the many instances that showed Zenjou's usage of corrupted methods of controlling those around him. Zenjou only conquered surrounding countries to assure that Sunagakure and the Great Land of Wind had required resources. Also, since surrounding countries are rather small, they often needed shinobi for protection and performing difficult duties. Outlawing both outsourcing jobs and hiring other shinobi nations, allowed the Sunagakure council to gain hire tax revenue from completed missions. Also, they formed treaties which stated that shinobi of smaller villages are still apart of the Sunagakure shinobi system. Increasing their overall earning exponentially. Using multiple faces allowed Zenjou an almost omniscient awareness of nearly all rebellious attempts. As well as giving him the ability to keep a close eye upon the civil aspect of his society. Under Zenjou, the Nanabake became an official force of Sunagakure. He swayed most opposers with a promise of allowing them to retain their freedom of duty. However, very few opposed Zenjou's wish since Gaara had already made them Sunagakure's covert operations team and Zenjou only solidified it. But only a fool believes that a village has reached a true utopian society...

Another trait of Zenjou's reign revolves around him conquering the lands which surround the Great Land of Wind. Doing so by taking heed the advice given to him by his late father, Zenjou often began his invasions with words rather than swords. Zenjou would send a treaty to leaders detailing a wish for him to assimilate them instead of completely overwhelming forces which would give his land a brutal name. Although many resisted, Zenjou's original offer of protection, extensive trade and supply lines while allowing them to keep their individual culture and religion sounded rather pleasing. Some lands even kept their original leader; Only having them answer to Zenjou before making any large decisions. Eventually the Nankoku Alliance was formed after Zenjou unified the southern countries of the shinobi land.

Creating the Nankoku Alliance is marked as one of the beginning sparks that created the great flame known as the Ten Directions Era (,).

Safeguarding the Sage's Eyes

Main article: Exhausted Eyes Perhaps one of Zenjou's more darker conversations, he called Kisui for a private meeting. Although Kisui had sworn allegiance with Sunagakure under the provision Sixth Kazekage, Zenjou had an uneasy feeling about Kisui's nomadic lifestyle especially since he possesses the Sage's heavenly eyes. Zenjou felt as if Kisui's allied status could potentially allow an easy betrayal. Although he trusted Kisui greatly, should an enemy manipulate Kisui's mind, body, or spirit, they could potentially utilize Kisui's ability to easily traverse the countries lines unhindered; Essentially allowing an easy infiltration. Ad once inside, they would be able to utilize those eyes to bring about an unforeseen destruction of Sunagakure. However, sealing Kisui's eyes provided Zenjou with the ability to monitor their usage and Kisui's movements...

But Zenjou is a fair ruler who believes that love and appreciation is the best tool for control. And before all else, Kisui has been a trusted ally of Sunagakure. So rather than imply send him empty handed, Zenjou allowed Kisui to take control of a land with large sentimental value. Fromt hen on, Kisui ruled the Land of River's in his place...

First Strike Against The Earth

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Meeting Under The Moon's Eye

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The Sankougotei (三皇五帝,Sankōgotei) is a man who has earned his titles through both trials and tribulations. Growing strong with age, he easily became one of the shinobi world's major forces. Zenjou is hailed as the most destructive shinobi in history. With his title stemming from such a mastery over both his bloodline and pure prowess. Sannoto Senju, a shinobi whose word occasionally transcends law, titled Zenjou as a God of Destruction (破壊神,Hakaishin). The moniker perfectly describing Zenjou's destructive power. Zenjou's name eventually became synonymous with such a catastrophic title within the Five Great Shinobi Countries. A single mention of that title has stopped various wars from progressing and even occurring. It it a title he has earned in both his normal and transcended forms. Shinobi have speculated that Zenjou is close to surpassing Gaara as Sunagakure's greatest Kazekage; If he had not done so already. As a God of Destruction, Zenjou managed to single handily slaughter an army of nine thousand shinobi. A feat seconded in history by only the Third Raikage. He is also a key component in sealing Shukaku. Enough that they address one another on a first name basis. The Shukaku, although defiant and disrespectful, has acknowledged Zenjou's power. Commenting on his ability to subdue his sibling. Zenjou's prowess expanded enough that he could tame Kokuō. Enduring a week long battle with both combatents fainting afterwards. A member of a now extinct clan, Zenjou's emergence caused Kirigakure, a land which he rarely affiliates himself with, to cease hunting those with Kekkei Genkai after recieving a letter of violence. Sunagakure's Sixth Kazekage has called him Sunagakure's greatest weapon. Despite his young age, many have said he has surpassed Shinobi's who fought in previous wars. He is also further identified by the arrogant attitude, although Zenjou has repeatidly shown clear rite to his word. From defeating armies to conquering his own land, The Sky Emperor established a kingdom in under a year. Zenjou eventually succeeded the current Kazekage and became the Seventh. Making him the second youngest kage to date.

Zenjou as he trained to become a stronger Archer.

Zenjou lived his early life in a cleverly fabricated lie. And such, had little idea of the potential he possesses. Yet it failed to hinder his development as a Shinobi. After becoming a Genin, Zenjou believed his unique bloodline to be nothing less than a gift. At the time, Zenjou could only utilize it's basic abilities consciously while his subconscious mind used more defensive mechanisms to protect him. However, even as a Genin, many called Zenjou a spectacle in battle. His exposure to Kyūjutsu at a young age caused Prince Kaguya to prefer mid and long distance battles. He constantly displayed a strategy which involves feigning retreat in order to gain adequate spacing. The young Kaguya also chose battles at a considerable distance. Forcing enemies to endure a slaughter of attacks while attempting to reach him. Leaving their bodies littered with fatal wounds. Opposingly, the young Emperor still had a natural knack for Taijutsu. Even as an archer, Zenjou rather enjoyed close range battles. Hand to hand combat to the young Zenjou became a hidden passion. One that blossomed secretly until his years as a Jōnin. Battle makes him feel absolutely alive. Steel delt little damage to him, hands broke and kicks bent against his solid body; He describes this feeling as exhilarating. He also enjoyed personal kills. Besides his barbaric nature, Zenjou's sensei noted him to be a very strategic Genin. He believed that one's quickest battle involved forcing an enemy to subjugate themselves under him, and then treat them as his own. To kill an enemy is to transform them into an ally. A philosophy he followed deeply. Zenjou had exceptional chakra reserves for someone his age. However, he lacked the ability to fully control it. He was only able to stream chakra through his arrows due to their composition being similar to his own bone. Zenjou's power as a Genin still easily become a top tier candidate when group with those participating in his exams. A primary example being when he caused a volcano to erupt with two arrows. Leading to destroying an island at fourteen years old.

Zenjou releasing his fiery red chakra before firing.

After successfully becoming a Chuunin, Zenjou learned the truth of his gift. And thus was able to fully utilized Shikotsumyaku. Although it took quite a while, Lord Kaguya managed to create his own style. Still focusing on his bow and arrow, he incorporated a special form of Taijutsu not quite different from masters of before. Lord Kaguya was sent to single handily dispatch an uprising rebelling in the Lord of Wind. Which he managed rather easily. Zenjou left various battles without a scratch on him. Alongside his mastery over Shikotsumyaku, Lord Kaguya also furthered his understanding and control of sound based techniques. It was here that he delved deeper into Sonic Style Kyūjutsu. An art which grants his arrows an impressive illusionary boost, area of effect, speed increase and strength increase.....

Zenjou's power lead to him single handily claiming the Land of Sky fortress as his own. Fighting the rival Land of Iron, it is said he did so without a losing a single drop of blood....

After becoming a Chuunin, Zenjou trained extensively to strengthen his two eyes. Making them extremely sharp, increasing his vision to inhumane levels. Some compared it to that of a hawk hunting across a desert. Even without his third, Zenjou is able to see incredibly large distances. He views colors and objects with extreme clarity. As well as being able to pierce through illusions casted upon him. His eyes dilate during activation. As Zenjou began to travel throughout, he started to utilize three eyes. Using his Third Eye technique to create an eye out of bone. Similar to previous Kazekages, Zenjou mastered his ability of creating an extra eye. At first it began as a conscious effort. When Zenjou requires long distance viewing, his third eye scouts kilometers ahead. Even stretching miles on various occasions. Zenjou utilizes this method to create multiple traps, manipulate his surroundings and plan in advance. He created immense blueprints which allowed him to appear to have seen his enemies future movements. And with precise firing, Zenjou manipulated their battlefield from extreme shots. As he truly mastered his Shikatsumyaku, Zenjou's third eye transformed into a subconscious function. Zenjou's third eye equalled his other two in terms of efficiency, actually surpassing their receptors and vision based prowess. Zenjou's body morphed around this newly developed organ. Optic nerves formed in a small space within his skull's parietal bone. Granting his newly formed optical nerves physical connection to the center of his brain. Performing as a signal receiver to his external third eye. Which fed information directly to his pineal gland. The pineal gland used this connection as a method of deciphering visual information. Doing so essentially gave him a third eye as he could utilize Sunagakure's Third Eye technique without closing either eye. Also, Zenjou's control over his body reduced sustaining it to where it required almost nothing in terms of chakra. Limitless usage paired with a spiritual connection transformed his vision beyond human capabilities. As Zenjou walks about, his third eye is constantly activated. It hovers behind him and around him, keeping constant watch on his surroundings. He is able to watch those hidden behind him, and effortlessly dodge sneak attacks. He can thoroughly infiltrate enemy holds or scan tight areas. This eye's small form makes it nearly impossible to spot instantly. Using it, Zenjou also becomes an exponential spy. He is able to hide it and watch events undetected.

Zenjou's third eye.

After achieving such a level of chakra control, Zenjou managed to integrate the once external organ into his forehead. A symbol of enlightenment and understanding, Zenjou posesses a third eye which is connected to a third optic nerve. Although it is now connected, Zenjou is able to create an external eye which acts as a satellite, relaying information into his third eye. Allowing him to retain all three eyes open while he performs it's normal fuction of long distance spying. Zenjou's third eye is constantly active due to it's nearly non existent chakra expenditure. Lord Kaguya percieves the world at a extremely higher resolution than the average human. It was shown after a Yamanaka had tried to possess his body, that his perception could drive one mad. For which it caused his invader to escape back into their own body. The combination of all three eyes enhances his own vision exponentially. In terms of clarity, he is able to see individual strands in a grand spider web. As well as each glob on which the spider walk. Every drop of rain, every ray of light, each last breath is recorded. Zenjou's sense of sight has shot through complex illusions and figured out weaknesses of grand structures. Without manipulating his eye, Zenjou's sight is able to cover extreme distances naturally. His higher resolution transfers into night. Lord Kaguya's eyesight is known for adjusting in darkness and such can nearly see perfectly at night. However, it takes a while for his eyes to adjust between both. Zenjou's third eye can manuever farther at incredible speeds. It can scour across kilometer's.

Zenjou's assassin's once called upon.

Zenjou the hidden leader of an infamous assassin and spy organization known solely as the Nanabake. He has become referred to as perhaps the greatest leader to date. The Nanabake's existence spans across numerous generations, reaching before Sunagakure's initial creation. The Nanabake are behind numerous key murders that have occurred for centuies. Lords and leaders to simple maids have found themselves victims to Nanabake. They've played a hand in every Kazekage murder before Gaara's father, who had been slain by Orochimaru. After Gaara's victory in the fourth war, he created a deal which caused the Nanabake to become a force mainly contracted by Sunagakure. Being the leader of the Nanabake a the largest assassin sect to date. Hundreds of assassin's are scattered throughout every country, in thousands of different positions. From cleaners to generals, it is known that Nanabake can surround one without their target ever knowing. Entire villages have fallen because of this intricate design. They are masters of disguises that are capable of hiding in plain sight. Such an extremely massive network grants Zenjou an abnormally grand influence. Zenjou often boast that he has power over a portion of enemy militaries. When not on a contract, these Agents perform other duties. They are sleeper agents, spies, masters of espionage and sabotage. Nanabake's off duty also perform other jobs a a way of supporting this massive organization. From Mercenary work to thievery. Agents also utilize humble methods while others delve deep into the black market. The Nanabake's extensive reach is well within the black market. Gifting plentiful weapons to Nanabake agents as well as their leader, Zenjou. He possesses an unrival access to intricate and delicate information.

As Nanabake agents exist in numerous lands, he has the ability to call agents at his leisure. Unlike previous leaders, Zenjou's immense charisma, love for his subordinates and determination has left a deep imprint upon those below him. They vowed their life to him, and such, are willing to follow his orders to death. Due to their background as orphans, Nanabake agents lack true emotional connection to others. They are bred without emotions. Taught to become nothing less than an empty shell. Transforming them into disposable tools for Zenjou's cause. However, his vibrant display and enormous dreams has changed Nanabake agents. They now fight for his wishes and will. To create a land for Zenjou to rule happuly. Zenjou has yet gone ignored. Although he prefers small amounts ranging from one to three, Lord Shichi has summoned entire platoons to perform task. Zenjou can summon Nanabake from each of the seven hundred and seventy seven disguises. Giving him access to an unlimited amount of purposes. He has summon Nanabake of the Homeless Child Disguise to perform infiltration and street performers to distract those around him.

Agents of the Nanabake are trained in extensive shinobi arts. They have mastered the basic Shinobi techniques as well as various individual abilities. For this, various individual Nanabake are summoned for different purposes.

Zenjou is a person who can easily alter his existence. Through extensive usage of The Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Disguises, Zenjou can manipulate how he's percieved by others. A wondrous actor. He has transformed from a lowly servant to a distant traveler. Followed by a feared nobleman. All in a single showing. Through these nigh infinite facades, Zenjou creates different persona's. Ultimately making it impossible to track him. A man of a thousand names. A thousand stories. Often times, his bingo book entries are tied to others who share his false rank. A master of disguise, it's complimented by a feared mastery over his emotions. Very few know who Zenjou really is. And even less are shown genuine emotion. Everything is carefully crafted. Each word. His expressions. Actions. A fabricated lie. A painted portrait covering an actual image. For such reasons, battling Zenjou is increasingly difficult. For he isn't one to outright display his prowess. Instead, he prefers trickery and deceit. And once enough information is gathered, he'll exhibit his immense might. As he favors quick and efficient victories over obnoxious shows of one's strength. However, Zenjou will proudly show his unrivaled skills if the situation calls. Manipulating his emotions, Zenjou's heart appears as an abyss. Not of purity or corruption. Neither good nor evil. He appears neutral to life. Even if he has chosen a specific side, one would only see Zenjou standing in-between. It is the emptiness within which spreads fear into his enemies hearts. A state of absolute tranquility. That when angered, Zenjou's smile is true. Void is a more horrid state than death. To exist outside space and time. That is Zenjou's exisitence. He appears as a colorless spirit. One who could kill a thousand children without flinching. Or watch a child's birth without shedding a tear. A man without emotions is a demon to fear. Coupled with his ability of hiding his energy. Zenjou can become a commoner in a matter of seconds.

As expected with one who runs a monstrous assassin organization. Zenjou is extremely skilled in the art of stealth.

Zenjou's tail sprouts from his tailbone.

Zenjou possesses a natural peafowl tail. One of absolute grandeur and beauty. It is a gift given to those deserving of forming a contract with Peafowls. The tail is comprised of a thousand feathers with a unique insignia. A crimson eyespot which is also utilized for a majority of his illusions. It is the sign of absolute nobility. Zenjou's tail allows him to naturally glide long distances, and even float rather than falling by adjusting it's form. He can manipulate it freely, using it as a shield or a form of constraint. Streaming chakra into it allows him to expand his tail far beyond it's natural length. With an increase in length, Zenjou is able to also increase it's strength and durability. Also, it's ability to guide is also increased as well. Doing so, his can eventually gain a function similar to flight by dashing upwards and stretching out his tail. Zenjou's control over his tail rivals that of his control over an arm. Making it an appendage he can use subconsciously. A huge function involves increasing it's density to form a shield capable of blocking incoming threats.

Due to being apart of Zenjou, he is also able to stream elemental chakra through it. He can give his feathers a deadly increased in both speed and cutting power by adding wind release. Or cause them to incinerate anything they land upon by streaming fire release. Earth Release grants them a durability which rivals metal. Allowing him to cut through weapons and defenses using his tail. Yin Release chakra is used to cast illusions of grandeur. One which stuns all who look upon it. Zenjou possesses a connection to all his feathers. And should one escape with one, he is able to track it to it's location. Allowing him to create his own tracking device.

Political Power and Leadership

Zenjou's true political power blossomed after becoming a Jōnin. Unlike others of his rank, Sunagakure officials mostly sent Zenjou on darker missions. During which, he'd gather as much information as possible. Often accomplishing two goals; Completing a successful contract and preparing for his own advancement. And although Zenjou seemingly lost his childhood arrogance, his dream of becoming an emperor remained as strong as ever. His involvement in one of the shinobi world's greatest assassination networks allowed for nigh instantaneous information. Contracts allowed Zenjou to infiltrate other countries rather easily. Where he would spread a subtle influence through various rumors and horrific actions. Zenjou's first seed had been planted within The Land of Iron. In a few weeks of continuous planning, Zenjou secretly infiltrated the Land of Iron and conquered a considerable portion before placing a proxy in place.. It was done rather quickly by choosing a low class area and providing funding to it's people. Also, Zenjou's own personal power allowed him to protect his newly acquired land from immediate invasions. From then on, Zenjou furthered his influence through killing a nearby noble who owned a rather rich area. The young Emperor used their fortune to fund his previously acquired land. Allowing them to combine into a single area. However, Zenjou recruited a powerful samurai to rule as a proxy for Zenjou. As well as keep an eye on the foreign land in his absence. Zenjou often refers to those events as practice for when he became a Daimyō and eventually the Seventh Kazekage.

Zenjou is perhaps the only shinobi to have been given the Daimyō rank. He recieved the hereditary promotion from being Heki's only child. During which, Zenjou underwent less missions and focused on improving the Land of Wind. As a Daimyō, Zenjou immediately worked on unifying the country. Opposing the kage, a Daimyō ruled over the country as whole. But few possessed the power required to subjugate surrounding villages. The Land of Wind also provided Zenjou an even greater advantage. Citizens accumulated and formed villages around oasis's due to being a country comprised primarily of deserts. As a child of such an instance, Zenjou had the knowledge needed to overcome obstacles. Those who surrendered were welcomed under warm arms. While towns that rejected Zenjou's proposal faced an overwhelming force supplied by Zenjou's wealth and own personal strength. However, he used enough political knowledge to perform hostile takeovers with minimal casualties. He kept his hands clean and made sure act from the shadows. Involving the usage of various proxies who completely subjugated themselves to him. Eventually, Zenjou managed to unite the Land of Wind, excluding Sunagakure, under the Daimyō's law. Of course the Kazekage and himself continued their agreement of conversing one another in times of despair. Villages inside the Land of Wind experienced the same freedom as Zenjou's Inaba Province. For they could exist with absolute individualism. Most leaders refrained from telling their citizens that such an occurrence had transpired. Taxation was fair and supply lines were made between towns. Allowing for a more prosperous network. Whereas certain areas could cultivate different crops, by uniting them, Zenjou brought on teamwork that quickly increased their survival rates and power as a whole. With the villages existing in happy and prosperous times, Zenjou found the threat of resistance to shrink. Also, conquering surrounding lands grew in ease with each successful expansion. For he'd send carriers to other villages detailing how much happier they are. In some instances citizens willingly welcomed Zenjou's forces for occupation. Since Heki was a Daimyō, Zenjou also inherited a certain positive familiar image. He also used methods such as repaying loyalty with gifts, assigning ranks and various noble titles based on merit rather than family ties, and encouraging an enemy's to subjugate themselves by being lenient and not killing them. One infamous story includes a battle where Zenjou noticed a foot soldier who fought endlessly to protect an injured friend. Although Zenjou had nearly killed most of his allies, Zenjou halted the battle and offered the soldier a commanding position under him. Commenting that any man who fights so valiantly for a friend represents what Zenjou desired for the future. Zenjou's honorable cause lead to the remaining forces to understand the true situation. That they fought for their leader's honor. While Zenjou fought for his people's honor. And such they were easily swayed and essentially joined his ranks.

Eventually the Sixth Kazekage decided to pass on the title. And Zenjou's efforts as a jōnin had left a considerable mark upon Sunagakure's citizens. He is a man able to inspire those to follow. And someone many are willing to die for as he is for them. Zenjou's love makes him the perfect political weapon. Rather than blindly accept Kazekage, Zenjou proposed an unprecedented offer. That he would accept the reign as Seventh Kazekage but pass on his title of Daimyō to a specific person. Following Zenjou's every rule, he gained an unrivaled control over the Land of Wind. Uniting Sunagakure with other villages within before creating various trade routes and supply lines. Zenjou decided to abandon the title Kazekage for God....Tanigakure...Land of Focus...

One of Zenjou's greatest political stratagems involves the usage of proxies. Unlike conquerors of old who desired to single handily control an entire empire, Zenjou is comfortable with ruling his dynasty from the shadows. Even if an entire country is unaware of his influence, as long as Sunagakure is treated as its capital, he cares little. Almost every country which he overwhelms utilizes a proxy to handle his orders. Zenjou is very careful with who he places in charge in his place. Only choosing close friends, shinobi who share his absolute ideal or people who he can easily read and predict. The latter of which often refers to leaders who initially rebelled his influence. If Zenjou can easily predict their movements, he will allow them to retain power and place various traps in case they intend to break any promises. And such Zenjou is often titled as the Master of Proxies (代わりの主, Kawari no Nushi). Having so many people rule under his word allows Zenjou to preserve mental energy towards more important matters.

Zenjou is known for extraordinary leadership. Those under him often tell that Zenjou is an easy person to follow. His demands are extremely high but will help others reach them. Zenjou takes into consideration the potential of his surroundings. Doing so, Zenjou only assigns high profile jobs to his subordinates that he fully believes in. As such, receiving difficult task from Zenjou is perhaps the greatest form of encouragement. He is a charasmatic leader; A feature he keeps sacred by hiding his darker actions. Those below Zenjou view him in a determined light. Despite being an assassin, Zenjou has released certain secrets into the public. However each secret holds two purposes. They instill a level of trust between Zenjou and those below him. So whenever Zenjou makes a decision, it does not invoke revolt or refusal. Another trait is Zenjou's manipulation of nationalism. With the Great Land of Wind's ever expanding power, citizens have began to view themselves in a higher light. A powerful tool for Zenjou as it allows him to sway personal opinion rather easily. If it is for the betterment of the Great Land of Wind, it shall occur. It also instills an unrivaled power within Sunagakure's military. For they will lay their lives down to protect their home. Another form of leadership involves direct battle. Zenjou never lets another general lead his army into war. The Seventh Kazekage fights before all else and often risk his life to assure minimal casualties.

Chakra Prowess and Ninjutsu

Zenjou's chakra reserves have reached the highest tier of Kage level. They are large enough for him to perform taxing techniques without showing any hinderance. And due to a large portion of his Kekkei Genkai having a natural stem, a majority of his enhanced functions are performed without requiring his energy. Through extensive training, Zenjou's arrows and basic osteokinetic constructs require little to no chakra during creation. His energy cap has allowed him to subdue the five and one tailed beast. Rather than unreasonably immense, Zenjou's chakra is extremely potent. When released, being within it's presence is enough to completely ossify an entire manor in a matter of seconds. And transferring it into a persons body will transform them into an osteokinetic statue nearly instantaneously. As Sunagakure's Seventh Kazekage, his chakra is said to have surpassed his predessecors. However, Zenjou's extreme usage of chakra control allows him to hide it. Zenjou's mastery over chakra is an absolute skill in Chakra Flow and Nature Transformation yet a severe lack in elemental Shape Transformation. Zenjou only possesses an unrivaled control over his osteo-based structures and creations. He can manipulate his chakra to do his bidding and continously flow it through his constructs. For this he is able to possess a constant mastery over his osteokinetic structures. Zenjou's ability to utilize chakra flow allows him to cast techniques without utilizing hand seals. He is one of few shinobi capable of invoking jutsu at almost subconscious levels. They are activated through mostly mental commands and physical gestures. This causes him to possess unnamed techniques which are simply performed. Techniques which normal shinobi would find extremely taxing to perform require few hand seals. Another aspect of his chakra control involves nature transformation. As one of few capable of utilizing four natures, Zenjou is possesses extreme versatility. Zenjou's main affinity is for wind release, which he uses to effortlessly control and amplify sound based techniques. A trait which is done with an unseen ease, he can launch devastating sound style techniques with incredible range. However, he is unable to actually utilize his other nature transformation as external techniques similar to his sound base style. Rather, Zenjou can only incorporate his other elements into his own personal attacks. This involves streaming chakra through his bones, his peafowl tail and especially his bow and arrows. Overall, increasing his own personal attacks by adding secondary effects. Zenjou's chakra, although not at a level capable of being compared to that of a tailed beast, possesses an extreme intensity. It is an energy which draws it's source from his genetics. And such, his chakra contains an extremely potent ossifying effect. When introduced into a foreign body, his chakra will begin ossifying everything it passes. Only with Zenjou controlling it, could he potentially temporarily halt the inevitable ossifying effect. Zenjou's ossifying effect is the ultimate fail safe against nearly all absorption techniques. When facing against Samehada, once the chakra entered it's masters body, it began's to rapidly ossify. Showing that regardless of the medium, Zenjou's intense chakra will ossify foreign bodies. Although this prevents Shinobi from stealing his chakra, it also makes it impossible for him to transfer his chakra to his allies. To overcome this weakness, he is known to carry Military Rations Pill for his teammates. However, Zenjou can transfer his chakra to other Kaguya who possess his gift. Yet they must focus on converting his chakra to their own before it goes haywire.

Zenjou's main attributes are Chakra Flow and Chakra Control. As such his usage of hand seals are unrivaled. Compared to shinobi of old, Zenjou can perform chakra taxing techniques efficiently with a single seal upon one hand. Those which would completely drain a shinobi only cause slight irritation on Zenjou's reserves. A trait gained through his extreme chakra manipulative abilities is his usage of single handed seals. A single seal performed on one hand allows him to combine ninjutsu and elemental natures with his Kyūjutsu. A popular example is his endless barrage of arrows. Zenjou can easily transform a single shot into thousands continuously. Doing so creates an endless rain of arrows hailing down upon his target. And through a single handed seal, it is done nigh instantaneously. As well as with minimum chakra expenditure. Combining this maxed attribute with his Kekkei Genkai leads to montrous bloodline limit techniques that expand unimaginable distances. Such as bringing his own personal dimension into reality. With such a control over his energy, Zenjou can cast a wide variety of techniques without seals. He has created towering constructs, manipulated terrains, destroyed battle fields, and brought both complex and simple constructs to life through mental command alone. All of Zenjou's elemental techniques only utilize chakra flow. Allowing him to create devestating, chaotic attacks without hand seals. Blast. Waves. Elemental constructs. Done simply through streaming. It reached a level where Zenjou can achieve this effect without physical contact.

As previously mentioned, Zenjou's chakra is unimaginably potent and incredibly massive. However, being such a demonic force is counter productive to an assassin. His chakra controlling abilities allows him to constantly suppress his energy. When looking upon Zenjou, those before the Kazekage only see an empty void. Even masterful sensors are unable to peek pass the skillful veil embracing Zenjou. Without his Kazekage robes, opponents foolishly see a simple archer who poses not a threat. On one occassion, Zenjou evaded his guards due to their sensors being unable to differentiate him from a group of civilian signatures. Through continuous usage, hiding his energy levels has become subconscious. Which also allows Zenjou to only unleash the required amount of energy for his techniques. Rarely does he release his inner power. Only situations where he wishes to intimidate, subdue or end conflicts rather easily. In truth, Zenjou has an unrivaled control over his chakra reserves. Although his chakra is at Kage level, he is able to manipulate what is sensed. It is continuously kept at a civilian degree. However, when fully released, Zenjou's chakra can completely ossify his surroundings, transforming a mansion into a large osteokinetic structure. Zenjou often notes that it takes more power and stress to refrain from transforming his enemies into statues. It is a feat combined with the ability to rapidly release his chakra at full power before returning it to a civiliain measurement in a blink of an eye. Leaving opponents utterly confused. Also, Zenjou is known for playing mind games with his enemies. Rather than completely hide his aura, Zenjou will match his chakra to those before him. Another benefit of Zenjou's unimaginable chakra control is through his techniques. Zenjou is able to find the perfect amount of chakra usage for each technique and apply it, ultimately allowing him to maximize damage without wasting excess chakra.

Amakusa Shiro is an enigmatic figure impossible to detect. When donning his legendary armor, Amakusa's chakra signature vanishes from existence. Instead, he becomes a symbol of mystery. Something that is completely unnatural and that shouldn't exist. For it, many believe Amakusa Shiro to be but a living suit of armor fighting for the dreams of the fallen. Whlle others claim that Amakusa Shiro is a spirit brought back for vengeance. Either way, he is viewed as a machine outside of time and space. Outside of existence. And such, sensing Amakusa Shiro is ultimately impossible. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that the special suit actually possesses a barrier which keeps energy within. It acts similar to that of the earth's own atmosphers..

Zenjou is one of the shinobi world's greatest seal weavers. Extreme chakra control allows him to cast catastrophic techniques with a single handed seal. But such a trait is usually unseen as Zenjou is able to perform destructive techniques without seals. Due to his unrivaled chakra control, none of Zenjou's gifted techniques require seals. And in doing so, he is able to utilize it with the exact amount of energy required for his desired outcome. With not an ounce extra or under. However, Zenjou's mastery over seals allows him to use elemental techniques, such as his unparalleled sound manipulative prowess, with single handed seals. And through chakra flow, Zenjou can activate techniques upon conscious commands. Even pure ninjutsu techniques such as creating clones are casted without seals. Which makes it easier for Zenjou to focus upon his Kyūjutsu. A simple thought is it's only requirement as his chakra obeys his will. Seals no longer become a factor in his techniques. He has made clones appear while having his hands tied completely. This impressive feat evolved into Zenjou discovering an art long thought impossible. Only Kumogakure's previous Raikage achieved something similar. The art of casting two techniques simultaneously. It's accomplished by forming two different seals on each hand. Each is used to mould the chakra needed for the respective techniques. Initially using it caused a dramatic decrease in their overall power. However, Zenjou perfected it. Allowing him to perform two different techniques without sacrificing strength. Although useful, Zenjou's lack of hand seals make this an ability rarely seen outside of dire situations. However, it leaded into a trait which Zenjou is known for constantly displaying. The ability to stream different elements at once. It creates attacks which work in perfect collision with one another. Although it is a trait thought useless due to Zenjou's lack of elemental shape transformation, streaming dual element is an excellent skill to utilize in tandem with both his weaponry and person. Zenjou has held two blade, one surrounded by wind and the other engulfed in lightning.

Zenjou, who reached the pinnacle of hand seal knowledge, understands that seals are only necessary for moulding chakra. And so, being able to manipulate the amount of energy required through pure chakra control eventually removed the prerequisite seals. First and foremost, Zenjou can perform techniques stemming from his kekkei genkai without utilizing any seals. However, his level of finesse revolving around chakra flowing and controlling allows him to apply this trait onto pure ninjutsu and genjutsu applications. Zenjou can perform genius transformations, create multiple clones and perform other useful techniques without forming seals. An ability gifted through masterfully manipulating his chakra. It gives an illusion that Zenjou is able to cast techniques through his mind. Although higher strained techniques capable of catastrophic damage will require a single seal at most.

Although Zenjou is unable to perform external elemental shaping techniques which go beyond sound manipulation, he is perhaps the greatest master over chakra flow. He can infuse his elemental energy into his weapons, whether projector or close combat. He can increase the length, speed, range, lethality and cutting power by coating weapons with wind. Unlike regular fire release, Zenjou infuses his enhanced liquid flame creating weapons which burn with the power and consistency of Napalm. A force which creates an unimaginably large firestorm when in contact with a highly flammable source. His flame's consume oxygen for self preservation as well strengthening. It's flames burn hotter than water, evaporating water release techniques meant to dowse Zenjou's passion. And ultimately, Zenjou's strongest elemental infusion involves utilizing sound. He can transform his chakra into sound wavs or use his chakra to manipulate existing sound waves for various purposes. Creating effects limited by only his imagination. Zenjou has mastered the Flying Swallow. Using it in conjunction with various weapons, they become the epitome of the selected element.

Cooperation Techniques

Despite his arrogant behavior, Zenjou is a shinobi who is willing to cooperate with others. Regardless of their abilities, he is able to find the perfect synchronization possible. Perhaps Zenjou's greatest collaboration techniques stem from his status as a phantom. Three spirits connected through their link to conceptual ornaments, the Winged Mirages are individually the representation of a specific universal ideal. First and foremost, Zenjou is the embodiment of destruction and devestation while Kazuhide represents creation. Leaving Mukūro as the symbol of preservation. Although a perfect description of their individual powers, it's the synchronization of his title with the others that makes them a flawless team. A trait most evident in their personal encounters and interactions among one another. Elevating the Winged Mirages to a level which makes them a group thought impossible to oppose. Unlike other teams who only join forces for their individual might, the Winged Mirages focus their existence upon the amalgamated abilities created when together. And such, each member possesses a specific role. Zenjou, who often considers himself the frontline warrior, performs his duty willingly and without fault. Primarily, Zenjou's mastery over distanced battle makes him the perfect sniper. While Kazuhide and Mukūro engage the enemy, Zenjou is usually a considerable distance away providing both ariel and area of effect support with his arrows. It is perhaps their most basic formation which rarely fails. However, there are situations where they encountered a completely unknowned enemy. Usually such a situation calls for their secondary formation. Zenjou's secondary position in the Winged Mirages is identified by various names. For example, although he often refers to himself as the Winged Mirage's frontline, Mukūro titles him as bait. Meanwhile, Kazuhide calls Zenjou the test run of battle. With Zenjou's unrivaled regenerative capabilities, limitless energy source and savage enjoyment of battle, he is able to face off against the toughest enemies without worry; A trait which his other teammates lack. Allowing Kazuhide the chance to utilize his devestating analytical skills to deduce the opponents offensive and defensive aspects before rapidly formulating a ingenious strategy or counter. Meanwhile Mukūro acts as a secondary line of defense in case an opponent manages to overcome Zenjou or provides backup to Kazuhide directly. The Winged Mirages have also evolved throughout time and created different formations depending on the situations. They possess such synchronization skills that they are often able to communicate without words. Often speaking in a unique code that is usually mistaken for idle chat. They've become so accustomed to one another that their individual energies have mixed. Creating and summoning a new realm in which they become nothing less than gods.

Zenjou has also showcased various other collaberations which seemingly doubles a techniques original usage. When fighting alongside his younger brother, Zenjou uses specialized arrows marked with Seigetsu's signature to increase the range of Seigetsu's influence. A combination that once allowed Seigetsu to leap miles across into an unexplored area as well as cut a targets escape rather short. Another combination involves battle with his wife. Although more gifted in the art of wind manipulation, Zenjou and Tengai are able to release devestating storms of whirlwind when in one another's presence. Also, she can increase the force and sharpness of Zenjou's arrows to exponential levels. Forcing them into hypersonic speeds without requiring a specific design. Zenjou has created various techniques which work in perfect tandem with theirs during battle.

Mental Prowess

Zenjou is known for being extremely perceptive and strategic. His first demonstration of this ability was during his chuunin exams when he realized only after failing once, the true mechanics of the riddle...

An aspect of Zenjou's immense mental prowess is his mindscape. After becoming a true Nanabake and indulging himself in the murders of hundreds if not thousands, Zenjou's healing factor reacted to the rapid deterioration of his human mind. Zenjou's suppressed emotions and detachment of human life slowly burned his psyche. The Land of Wind Daimyō's death served as an extremely powerful fuel as well. Day by day, hour after hour, Zenjou found himself going mad. Without a way of expressing his emotions, they began to rip through his spirit. However, Zenjou's extreme healing factor reacted. Whereas humans usually possess a mindscape, Zenjou's body produced an inner world, a sort of pocket dimension connected directly and exclusively to Zenjou. A realm known as Aokigahara (青木ヶ原, Aokigahara). It is a world without sunlight. Only a single porcelain moon which illuminates the massive bone forest. Dead and wiltered trees spread as far as the eye can see. An infinite land of rot, those caught within are constantly hounded by spirits of despair, solitude and lost innocence. It is here that Zenjou's true emotions are sealed. Force to wander without end, it is an eternal hell. It is eventually revealed that Aokigahara is a projected realm built from a blueprint of Aokigahara Forest. An ancient forest Zenjou and Seigetsu once stumbled upon as children. It became a symbol of happiness. Of Peace. Without pain. And such his mind utilized it for safety.

However, those who Zenjou have held a personal connection with are also spawned as apparitions. Phantom's of their actual selves. Within his demonic realm, is a spirit riding among a skeletal horse....

Zenjou is known for his indomitable will. A trait that is said to have been passed on by Heki. It takes an unnaturally large army to change Zenjou's mind. He is incredibly stubborn yet mentally powerful. This allows a psychological defense against specific techniques. He has shrugged off mind control, fought mental infiltration, and ignored psychological torture. Naturally, Zenjou's stubbornness makes him a formidable opponent mentally. However, mastering Yasuragi boosted Zenjou's immense wall exponentially. In truth, Zenjou's indomitable will is actually a form of unrivaled stubborness. For he believes himself to be greater than all. And although he doesn't portray himself in such a manner externally, he possesses an internal imperial view of himself. His stubborness reject persuasive energies and influences. Genjutsu commands are simply dismissed. It is said that manipulating Zenjou becomes nothing less than impossible.

Even as a child, Zenjou possessed an andvanced level of intelligence. For every year he lived, his mind existed a stage above. He could figure out advance riddles in a matter of seconds; Zenjou was one of the only few capable of understanding the meaning of the Chūnin Exams puzzle before answering it correctly. Eventually as he aged, Zenjou became an adaptable fighter in terms of strategics and tactical warfare. As an archer, he learned to manipulate his opponents movement. Forcing them into various traps. Halting their advancements completely. Zenjou is a master of stratagems. He can form complex maneuvers with a single glance upon the battlefield. He is capable of utilizingforces of darkness and light simultaneously without either crossing the other. Completing the trinity, Zenjou is a man known for controlling Sunagakure's military in various instances. Under-which, they've experienced nought but victory. Besides chaotic battle, Zenjou is a master of psychology. He is able to manipulate those around him to follow his bidding. His psychotic tendancies can send fear rippling throughout enemy forces. He can craft elaborate lies which mask who He really is. Once such instance tricking his eternal rival into believing his supposed capped limit.

Clairvoyance, Retrocognition and Precognition

Zenjou is spiritually morphed with the ancient ornament known as Gandiba. An ancestral bow birthed during a time of never ending war. The time before Kaguya's arrival. Blood of the fallen spawned an entity of unrivaled proportion. However, their spirits became magnetized to one another. And as they united, it's attraction grew. Fusing the fallen souls of those who suffered. Instilled with their hope of a peaceful era. Soon, it amalgamated into a symbol. A weapon capable of protecting loved one's. An object strong enough to stop wars existence. And forcefully bringing peace to chaotic times. Such a potent mixture originally lead to it accessing the memories of those who suffered before. The bow became a weapon of holy and unholy destruction. A weapon powered by absorbed memories and raw emotion. Each arrow composed of passion. Love. Duty. Hope. But also of pain. Suffering. And lost. And as time progressed, it's forceful attraction grew. The memories shaved upon their deaths, further blending into Gandiba. Becoming a weapon which grew in power through time. Various warriors utilized this weapon. Including the grandchild of Kaguya herself. However, as tyrants and conquerors acquired Gandiba, the bow's absorption of negative energy outmatched it's positive intake. Tainting it's existence. The bow had become sentient, and eventually retreated outside the space-time contiuum by entering a pocket dimension. Due to it's ability to absorb the emotions and spiritual energy of the fallen, it gained access to both the past and future since it existed outside it's stream. Eventually the first of Heki's line of guardians, an elder sage, stumbled upon it's pocket dimension. A small rip in time and space where it sat. Absorbing all it could from distorted time. Within, the sage saw visions of the future. Especially of a white haired warrior with a feathered tail who possessed a distant linkage to the Rabbit Goddess. Whose heart was pure light surrounded by darkness. It was a prophecy. For only he could untaint the bow. So he sealed it into his pure hearted child. And passed on various seals to protect it from being fully utilized until the Child of Peacocks could access it.

One of Zenjou's first trips into Gandiba's immense reservoir.

Eventually, Heki passed Gandiba onto Zenjou. And as previously mentioned, Gandiba's seals snapped. Altering the sealing process. Causing it to awaken within him. Of course Zenjou underwent psychological torment. The instant influx of memories driving him mad. However, his enhanced healing factor caused his mind to evolve after six days of insanity. It created a massive dam. A reservoir to hold these memories. And while he slept, they seeped through in tiny droplets. It was the sage's way of removing the tainted energy of Gandiba. As only Zenjou's mind could continuously heal itself from it's damage. As Zenjou grew older, he learned to withhold his horrid visions. Keeping them far and few between. However, Zenjou stumbled upon meditative control. While meditating, Zenjou can cypher through Gandiba's immense reservoir for specific memories. Which he can use for gathering knowledge. He has learned of techniques, strategies and even predicted enemy movements through this method. But these visions are far from specific. Often, Zenjou can view occurrences which have yet to transpire. And by believing they have happened, find himself in a problematic situations where his actions actually caused the undesired situation to happen. It is for this reason, Zenjou fears looking into Gandiba's memories. Instead, he uses it to gather knowledge about certain aspects. And even doing so is troublesome. As he must pace himself, and cypher through intense memories. In some instances, finding the exact knowledge is nigh impossible due to other vast memories. He cannot locate specific actions due to knowing neither if they have happened or not. Instead, Zenjou uses a lesser variation when wishing to view previous events.

The earth possesses a string of veins which courses ancient chakra through it's roots. In cases, one could say that the world is alive. That the World (世間,Seken), is the collective memory of all who passed. It is the energy which has predated both the Shinju and Chakra itself. As their body deteriorated, their chakra dissolves into the earth alongside their physical body. Where it is recycled through a short process before being instilled into newborns. As energy courses about, the world experiences itself. This energy soon coursed through the Source of the Ryūmyaku. Zenjou is one of few capable of manipulating this ancient power. Let alone traversing his own energy through earth's veins. Temporarily fusing his sight with it. However, with greater concentration, Zenjou could also experience it's memories.

Zenjou often keeps an unknown amount of people branded.

The Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku) are his personal expressway. A network accessible to him, capable of channeling his chakra at incredible speeds. Zenjou can meld his personal chakra with Dragon Energy. Allowing him to expand his own power forward through the Dragon's Veins. His energy can freely enter or exit these underground channels. This grants him a plethora of potential assets. One such is visual sharing. A sub-ability of his Gaze of the Dragon's Veins. Zenjou requires a target connected to the earth or a medium which connects his targets to the ground; With the latter having a certain earthen composition requirement. Zenjou marks his targets by transferring his chakra within their body. A unique seal appears. After doing so, Zenjou is able to send his chakra through the dragon vein's towards his target. Where it enters their own network and connects to their optic nerves. Utilizing the dragon veins as an expressway, Zenjou's chakra rapidly transfers visual information back to his own optical nerves. Similar to his Third Eye. Thus allowing him to see through the vision of others. Zenjou can instantaneously apply this mark through physical contact or his bloodline limit. Once inflicted, Zenjou's chakra latches onto his targets. Which magnetizes his energy through the dragon veins. Allowing him to connect his vision despite distance. Zenjou infused his personal mark into various Nanabake agents. Allowing him to see through his eyes. Normally, Zenjou possesses an impressive amount of shinobi who brand his mark. Granting him external eyes at any given time. He is also known for branding it upon animals. Allowing for enhanced stealth tactics. Entering battle often involves preparations in which he places his personal seal upon living creatures. Especially potential enemies. Due to utilizing optic nerves, Zenjou can choose which eyes recieve information. Allowing for different perspective. He is known for initially utilizing a single eye at a time. Which leaves his normal vision unhindered as well. And in some instances, he can split perspectives with up to three people.


An arrow fired by Gandiba possesses enough power to halt a tailed beast in a single shot

Zenjou is the current and strongest master over Gandiba. The ancient weapon often titled as the First Bow (初弓,Shokyū). The conceptual weapon was binded to Zenjou's soul as a child. And such had a heavenly influence on his existence as a whole. Originally, Zenjou possessed the natural affinity for his physical abilities. Yet, Heki realized that from a young age, Zenjou's soul called for the ancient art of Archery. This revelation lead to Heki blessing Zenjou with the cursed weapon. Gandiba's long line of corrupted wielders left the bow tainted with evilness. The pent up dark nature plagued Zenjou's psyche. From birth, he experienced nightmares, which in truth are visions from Gandiba's past masters. He's lived life times through different eyes. Even witnessing one of Indra's battle against Asura. However, Gandiba gave him a few unique advantages. First and foremost, he created his own conceptualized bow. An infamous bow of unprecedented design which symbolizes his own existence. In truth, it is Zenjou's own soul materialized. Zenjou also gained an inhuman growth rate in regards of Kyūjutsu. Zenjou's growth in his Kyūjutsu is absolutely inhuman. As a child, Zenjou surpassed masters who spent their entire lives sharpening their skills as archers. Advanced techniques which take years to master, Zenjou acquired in days. He can learn new styles, adjust his own formation and even create new techniques in a matter of minutes. A simple glance of a bow allows him to analyze it. Fully deciphering it's usage and weaknesses in seconds. He is capable of understanding a bow's draw weight, it's durability and even it's firing speed at first sight. Zenjou eventually boosted such an ability beyond it's previous heights. Granting him an understanding of long ranged projectiles in general. Upon a single glance, Zenjou can identify the speeds which they are fired as well as their trajectory. Making bukijutsu an art extremely difficult to utilize against him. A feat which completely shocked Heki as it went unheard of since Gandiba's initial sealing. Heki speculated that it was due to Zenjou naturally possessing an unrivaled love and desire for an Archery based existence. Even when he was just a year old, Zenjou would never cry when in a bow's presence. That from birth, he fought destiny and set a path meant to involve Kyūjutsu. A love for an art is a source which increases said art's ability. Zenjou was always meant to be an archer. And his love for Kyūjutsu melded with Gandiba and granted him supernatural capabilities over it. One such feat is his ability to learn a bow's function, design, and structure upon sight. Zenjou can deduce every feature of a bow by coming into contact with it, and even visualize it's weakness, draw weight and arrows trajectory. He is capable of understanding an opposing style in an instant. After awakening Gandiba, and fully breaking the seal, Zenjou learned how to sort through the memories. Sealing them within his inner world. However, materializing the bow is still quite taxing upon his body. He is known as Gandiba's greatest master due to his ability to use it's purified golden form. Yet, as with all who controls it, Zenjou's emotion heavily influences Gandiba's abilities. When angered, or experiencing extreme darkness, Zenjou takes on an obsidian, demonic appearance. But due to Zenjou's immense emotional control, Gandiba's corruption is quite rare, almost impossible. Those aware of Gandiba and Zenjou's usage often speak that, due to his soul binding with the bow, Zenjou's extreme abilities in Kyūjutsu would remain even if it were to be removed. If not, surpass it entirely.

An arrow detonating on a single target. Completely decimating a forest in the process.

Gandiba itself is a bow noted to be the epitome of destruction and peace. A poetic line that emphasizes the connection between both forces. That without destruction, man could neither understand nor appreciate. And so, it's arrows utilizes man's desire for peace to cause destruction. Causing Orochimaru upon witnessing Zenjou's usage to note it as the Bow of Irony. However, the Gandiba exist in two forms. Golden and Obsidian. It's golden bow draws upon the power of the past, present and future warriors. And utilizes their dreams and aspiration as a source of power. It transforms these ideas into literal arrows of passion. Capable of spreading destruction upon it's masters command. The arrows are etheral spears, large javelins launched at speeds which easily surpass hypersonic. Zenjou compares these arrows to a comet falling from the sky. The same stars which his ancestors looked upon, being called down to serve him. And so, the result of a single arrow is simply catastrophic and terrain altering. The opposite to Gandiba's pure form, is it's obsidian transformation. A bow which uses the pain and suffering of all as a power source.

Unfortunately, Gandiba possessed a curse most heavy for all but few to bare. The accumulated darkness within humanity is also connected to Gandiba. The constant generations of bloodthirsty battles within centuries of war follow alongside Gandiba. It has corrupted it. For Heki describes Gandiba as a single cup being filled with two different liquids. One dark and one light. Sealing Gandiba achieved only keeping it's immense power from humanities grasp. However, it still remained actively connected to the world. From Kaguya's intial defeat until Naruto's recent victory, war plagued humanity. And such, Gandiba actively absorbed the darkness. Forgotten memories. Lost loves. Pain. Suffering. Depression. Utter chaos. Currently, the bow is stuck in it's chaotic form. An obsidian bow. Should one had wielded it besides Zenjou, their soul would have blackened instantly. A pen exploding upon paper. Soaking it in black ink. Such an effect took place with Zenjou. Upon initial sealing, Zenjou went mad for seven nights and six days. Heki thought it would kill the young lad. The neverending memories. But on the final night, Zenjou suddenly calmed. It had been revealed that his extreme healing factor applied to his mind, body and soul. Every dark thought which deteriorated his psyche, instantly healed. Such a quick healing and destructive process lead to an evolution. Zenjou's mental grew extremely powerful. It learned to limit memories in such manners that it only passes through his conscious upon time's of weakness. Within Zenjou's subconscious is a dam. Heki describes it as a dam withholding an ocean. When he sleeps, this dam breaks and releases the immeasurable horrid memories. And upon awaking, his mind repairs the broken barrier. This lead to Zenjou having countless nightmares as a child. Eventually developing insomnia. However, Zenjou also learned to utilize these memories to his advantage. He is able to consciously release the barrier to ward of mental infiltration. For those who attempt to read his mind are greeted with infinite scenes of death. Of murder. Rape. Suffering. Chaos. Unfairness. Looking into Zenjou's mind is peering into an abyss. For which, Zenjou describes his mind as darkness, to a single shadow.

Zenjou's defining attribute is his unrivaled skill in Kyūjutsu. It is the foundation of all his techniques and abilties. At the age of 16, shinobi began to fear Zenjou's name. His ability to kill a target from 20 kilometers away while retaining his legendary precision earned his title as the Greatest Archer of the Age (一世の射手, Issei no Ite). Without utilizing a vacuum, Zenjou's arrows are able to reach 15 kilometers. Erratic high speed targets have a range of 4-7 kilometers for extremely accurate shot. Zenjou created his bow using his blessed gift. Rather than a wooden bow, Emperor Kaguya's weapon is morphed from his own body. And such possesses traits comparable if not greater than steel, while being flexible enough to bend back. It is a bow with unprecendeted speed and precision. Despite being young, Zenjou invented a new type of bow which eliminated the disadvantages of traditional long bows. Instead, Zenjou's bow is a weapon of incredible crafting. A recurve, the Kokkai no Yumi focuses moreso on speed and strength rather than precision. Although he is a precise shot, as with any recurve, Kokkai no Yumi gives him a higher percentage of missing his exact target by a few centimeters due to it's outrageous strength. The Kokkai no Yumi is a bow connected to Zenjou's very own soul. And thus impossible to recreate, even through abnormal means. Heki described it as that could one identify an existence by a symbol, Zenjou's would be the Kokkai no Yumi. The Bow of Bone Ash is Zenjou's soul utilizing his heavenly gift to materialize in the physical realm. While the Gandiba is a gift, the Kokkai no Yumi is Zenjou. And such can never be separated from him. This bows power is enough to send an arrow soaring 10 kilometers with natural ease. The Kokkai no Yumi is not one single bow but a concept. A physical representation of everything that Zenjou exist for. It is a bow that Zenjou can command and heal and even call from nothingness. The Kokkai no yumi is an obsidian bow covered in crimson markings similar to the tattoo's upon his body. It is for this that enemies believe it to be metal. However, the Kokkai no Yumi is bow made of bone much harder than metal. It is a bow which stands at five feet tall. Yet, is as light as a feather for Zenjou. Upon dropping the Kokkai no Yumi, it was revealed to actually have an immenee weight. Creating a rather large crater. Zenjou flows his chakra through his bow, causing the ends of his limbs to create a complex string formation comprised purely of chakra between the two. Doing so, Zenjou is able to utilize a specific method which fires arrows unrivaled strengths. The Kokkai no Yumi's power is labeled as Infinite Draw Weight (無限引量, Mugen Inryou). When pulling back, Zenjou changes his threads properties so it is at a 0lb draw weight. This allows for an instantaneous nock that moves faster than one's eye can follow. Even gifted eyes cannot track his movements. Before release, Zenjou instantly changes his threads properties once more. The string is given an unimaginable increase in tension. In truth, the Yumi no Kokkai has an immeasurable draw weight, as it's strength depends solely on his will. He has exceeded thousands of pounds in a split second, and boast it as 25% of his maximum output. Which is a lie fabricated to manipulate the enemy. In truth, Zenjou lacks a maximum output. Giving him theoretically an infinite draw weight. He can control his strings properties freely. From 0 to a thousands, to ten thousands and beyond. His draw weight has limitless potential. It follows a simple pattern controlled by Zenjou's subconscious similar to how it commands his hand. It is a process which moves as fast as the communication through synapses. When the chakra thread automatically returns to 0lb's once he fired his arrow, or arrows if firing multiple at once. When Zenjou reaches a full draw, his string instantly transforms to his desired draw weight, with it's maximum being an immeasurable number if not infinite. Once he releases, the string returns back to 0lbs. This absolute control over his bow's draw weight allows Zenjou to manipulate his arrows strength. They can pierce absolute defenses, cause catastrophic damage, or simply pin an object to a wall. The rate Zenjou can perform these conversions is subconscious which causes it to be similar to an order between nerves. Allowing him to fire five different arrows at completely different speeds faster than a Shinobi's blink. Zenjou's arrows are crafted in a way where it does not produce drag. Air resistance becomes nonexistent. Doing so increases the power and speed of his arrows tenfold without relying on any form of wind release. His arrows strength and speed at incredibly high draw weight gains a tenfold increase due to it's absolute lack of air resistence and drag. Allowing his arrows to reach instantly supersonic speeds without chakra expidenture. Zenjou can increase this incredible speed to higher mach levels by streaming wind release chakra through his arrows. Doing so causes his arrows to reach levels up to mach five. And by charging specially crafted arrows, Zenjou can fire hypersonic projectiles that reach mach 10. Manipulating his draw weight is a subconscious command which grants him a huge amount of freedom in his bowmanship.

Zenjou's second bow is simply known as Shigeto Yumi. This legendary weapon is infamous for it's immense subjugation abilities which is prophesied to grant Zenjou the power to unite sixty four countries under one rule. It revolves around the concept of God's Will (天命,Tenmei) or better known as the Mandate of Heaven. Humans are all born with an instinctive will to follow a higher force. Regardless if it's an abstract idea or an aspect of nature, humanity has built entire societies around such beliefs since it's beginning. And such, humans often proclaim that the heaven's bestow powers and undeniable rights to thrones upon dynasties. Even warriors who reject such an existence possesses the potential to fall victim to it. Zenjou describes it as the little voice which constantly ask What if? or Maybe god does exist? it's the conscious's defense mechanism against uncontrollable times; That a higher force most likely possesses a greater plan for oneself. The Shigeto Yumi is a tool meant to neither approve nor disproval a religious belief. Instead, it's a weapon which manipulates the genetic desire to follow a gods will. It's arrows appear whenever the bow is fully drawn as black arrows without a definite shape. An amorphous energy constantly shifting about. Shigeto Yumi lacks the power of it's sibling and cannot inflict physical damage. Instead, it simply phases through all nonliving objects until either piercing a target or disappearing into nothingness. It's true power appears after making contact. Those who are struck by Shigeto's arrows simply become Zenjou's subordinate. It transfers an extremely powerful and potent influence into them. Ultimately bording mind control, they see Zenjou as the holder of God's Will the Emperor chosen by destiny itself to progress further. Armies betray their generals, lover transform their hearts, all pierced by Zenjou view a heavenly light in his presence. It's strength is enough for him to have completely subjugated a country's highest council. The effect is continuous until one expels the energy from within their body; A rare occurance for they must first become aware of what is truly happening. Another unique trait is Zenjou's ability to seal the influence into his targets subconscious. They began to unknowingly serve his purposes as subliminal pushes will guide them to Zenjou's goal. One infamous example involved a training practice between Zenjou and Mukūro. After piercing Mukūro, the winged mirage found himself hesitating whenever he went to strike Zenjou. Who explained that it was impossible for one to strike down he who they believed to be god. Ultimately the arrows removes all sense of independence from it's victims. Unfortunately, Zenjou can only inflict a certain amount of targets at a time. For he loses a bit of his own drive per target. Potentially causing Zenjou to sacrifice ambition in the long run. Making utilizing this power to subjugate an entire nation impossible. However, Zenjou uses this power on key figures which has given Zenjou armies, countries and allies thought impossible to attain without sacrifice. Allowing him to continue his rule as an extremely ambitious emperor. This is done by manipulating those who have won the hearts of a countries citizens or those in extremely high places of power. A concept resembling manipulating the head of a body. When used upon tailed beast, Zenjou is able to gain control over them for a limited time. Unfortunately, using such a power against Jinchūriki has exhibited great difficulty. For the tailed beast acts as a second conscious within his targets mind. Allowing the demon to literally destroy Zenjou's influence. Similarly, shinobi who can enter the mental plane can also vanquish the heavenly influence. Zenjou has shown the ability to infect animals with arrows, causing them to fall under his subjugation. However, doing so does not pose the same threat as hitting a human or tailed beast. Allowing Zenjou to even control summonings upon infliction.

Zenjou is known primarily for creating his own arrows from his body. He is able to create them instantaneously and subconsciously. All of his arrows, regardless of their utilized techniques, require an almost non existent amount of chakra expenditure, making them the ultimate technique to use in battle. He has fired hundreds of arrows in a single bout without spending a noticable amount of energy. Only during his exams was it difficult to create arrows due to Volcanic gases interfering with his own body. Due to his mastery over Shikotsumyaku, Zenjou's arrows are created with various designs. Designing their appearance is incredibly simple. They follow his will and come into existence accordingly. Zenjou's complex and advanced arrows require a miniscule amount of mental energy, almost appearing subconsciously. His basic arrows are entirely subconscious in nature, sometimes appearing without Zenjou being aware. He often compares to his arrow creation as moving his body. One cannot manipulate their body without consciously commanding it. His arrows are harder than steel yet flexable as necessary. Their designs make them strong enough to easily puncture metal and demolish rocks. Even without techniques, his arrows are extremely fast.

However, Zenjou has an extreme mastery over his wind release manipulation. Rather than utilize it as an external technique, Zenjou is able to imbue it into each shot. This causes wind surge around each arrow at anarchic speeds. Through it's flight, a slim vacuum is formed around it. The vacuum is nothing more than a second skin to each arrow, allowing for surrounding air to dance chaotically around it. Zenjou can fire each arrow silently as they cut through the air. Transforming him into an utterly silent sniper. He has fired an entire barrage which went completely unheard by his target's force. Zenjou has become the first person to fire arrows wchi don't produce drag by utilizing his extensive wind release control. These arrows can clealy slice through steel. Losing only minimum speed, they can continue onward considerable distances. The speed which these arrows fly are supersonic. Silent assassin's, their increased speeds slices through all in it's path. Zenjou's ability to effortlessly fire supersonic arrows without chakra expenditure has lead to many abandoning their missions at word of his approach. Since Zenjou can fire an arrow farther than blessed eyes can reach, the wise understand that Zenjou is the epitome, an urivaled master, of long distance battle. And his appearance usually means he chose to let one live. Zenjou is also able to increase the air pressure of each arrow. This increase causes a violent cyclone that contains enough force to knock away all nearby. One arrow is enough to completely alter the battlefield. Destroy a forest and even split a sea. Those struck by Zenjou's arrow compare it to getting hit by the hammer of god. Zenjou can also fire False Arrows (,Niseya). False Arrows are simple razor sharp vacuum blast shaped to appear as arrows. Although weaker than his actual shots, Zenjou's False Arrows can easily pierce through humans. Through sheer chakra flow, Zenjou can achieve effects which rival actual techniques. One of his more popular instances involve firing tornado's at opponents. Zenjou can manipulate the vacuum around his arrows to create small whirwinds around each shot. And as they soar, their winds grow in power. Creating a massive blast capable of devestating armies. Zenjou's wind specialization allows him to bypass lightning release techniques. He can neutralize lightning based blast, negate powerful waves, and even on multiple occasions, pierce those coated in the ultimate armor. Besides completely masking their sound, Zenjou can also hide them within the wind itself. Through bending the wind around his arrows, Zenjou can essentially mask their appearance.

Another major aspect of Zenjou's elemental arrows involves utilizing his unique fire release which revolves around transforming Zenjou's chakra into Napalm. Ironically possessing two complimentary elements, Zenjou makes masterful usage of both. Zenjou can channel engulf his bones in the extremely powerful liquid which erupt into a firestorm upon impact. During such shots, Zenjou's arrows usually melt everything in it's path, leaving a rather devestating trail. When fired, the surrounding rushing wind also adds fuel to the upcoming firestorm which is created, ultimately adding strength to the flames and increasing their temperature into thousands. Zenjou is known for utilizing various flammable substances in tandem with his napalm creation. Another deathly aspect of napalm is it's rapid deoxygenating property. The resulting firestorm can consume the surrounding oxygen leading to enemies ultimately suffocating. Zenjou has subdued entire forces using this method of battle by creating a large ring of napalm induced flames.

Zenjou unleashing a barrage of arrows, capable of destroying a massive summon, from a single shot.

Zenjou is able to infuse various ninjutsu techniques into Kyūjutsu arts. His strongest application involves the art of Shadow Clone Technique and it's weaponized variation; the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique. Since Zenjou reached the maximum level of seal weaving and chakra control, Zenjou is able to perform techniques without hand seals. And such, combining ninjutsu with his Kyūjutsu becomes exponentially easier. He can fire split second arrows and utilize them alongside ninjutsu without seals. Allowing him to release barrages of ninjutsu enhanced arrows. Zenjou can continuously fire hundreds to thousands of arrows at once. Completely decimating enemies. Even defeating targets which tower above him. It is performed by streaming his chakra through the arrow as he nocks it. Because of Zenjou's unimaginable mastery over seals, he is able to perform the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique without hand seals. Meaning, his projectiles will multiply instantaneously or upon his conscious command. In an instant, thousands of arrows will appear mid flight without losing it's initial speed. Thus combining a rapid attack with increased pressure from massive numbers. Thousands of supersonic arrows hailing towards a single target. All the while capitalizing on the element of surprise due to the sudden increase. In an instant, Zenjou erased an entire squadron with a single shot. Zenjou has created a deadly technique as one of his more basic combinations of Kyūjutsu and Ninjutsu. Performing such a technique has become second nature. As he can fire a single arrow before transforming it into a barrage of thousands instantly with minimum chakra expenditure. Zenjou has become known for doing so when toying with opponents or wishing to end battles quickly. It is performed in a swift motion. . A single archer capable of creating thousands of weapons. This endless blast of arrows was strong enough to completely decimate the Shukaku's left arm.

During his exams, Zenjou had become a reknowned archer. Said to be a true hunter, his skilled granted him various feats. He could split another arrow in mid flight, fire multiple arrows at once and nock an arrow before firing faster than one could flicker away. Causing enemies to reappear with an arrow already flying towards them. As a Genin, he also developed the skill of catching enemy arrows and reusing them as his own. Something he did in such a swift motion, he made it appear as if it was his arrow itself. Zenjou however had two positions. Firing stationary granted him higher accuracy without sacrifing strength. While maneuvering with his bow caused a minor percentage of his shots to miss it's target by centimeters. Yet, Zenjou's maneuverability remained impressive. He could keep up with shinobi who seemingly disappeared and reappeared without losing his form. A product of high discipline, Zenjou constantly showed an impressive mastery over his own bow.

Zenjou has incredible control over his firing speed. He is able to nock and fire multiple arrows in a single blink. A testament to his speed and precision occured during a horse riding session. Zenjou fired ten arrows mid gallop. Eight arrows hit their target perfectly with the remaining two only missed by less than an inch. When truly putting in effort, Zenjou is able to fire multiple arrows before an enemy is able to obtain a grasp on what occured. As a Genin, Zenjou practiced this skill constantly. He found himself aiming at falling leaves, counting how many holes he could create in a single leaf before it touched earth. During his exams, a massive tiger had caught his team by surprised. But before they could face their enemy, an arrow had pierced through it's heart mid leap. Followed by Zenjou appearing a few steps ahead. His skill over firing speed only increased with time. As he grew older, even Shinobi who mastered cursed eyes find it troublesome to follow his movements. They count four arrows when seven had been shot.

Another aspect is his percision. Zenjou can pin a butterfly to a tree an incredible distance away without kiilling it. An arrow per wing. His shots are absolutely miraculous. Zenjou often boast that he has never truly missed a target. Which is further shown through his constant off target shots which possess secretive, hidden purposes. Zenjou's naturally enhanced eyesight makes a missed target nigh impossible. He can calculate external interference almost instantly. Utilizing attributes such as wind, gravity, and even earth rotation to strengthen his aim. Even when combined with his rapid firing, Zenjou's arrows rarely miss. Zenjou is a master trickster. Able to fire multiple arrows at once, Zenjou can utilize simple tricks to mask his true shots. He often makes use of creating a larger arrow slightly above a smaller, thinner yet sharper shot.

He is capable of increasing both their speed and power, to points that make them impossible to truly defend against. Once fired, they have ripped through mountains, easily destroyed fortresses and even leveled a forest. Zenjou's mastery over Kyūjutsu has made his arrows so powerful, that enemies and allies alike have deemed them an Absolute Offense (絶対罪, Zettaitsumi). It is often said that he inherited this Absolute Offense from his families immense ambition and derermination. Like his arrows, Zenjou's dreams and aspirations will pierce all.

Zenjou possesses a powerful link to osteokinetic structures. Including internal and external skeletons. Doing so grants specific properties unseen by others. One feature involves establishing a link between himself and others. Once his chakra enters an opponents body, Zenjou's own energy can resonate from within. Similar to a magnet, Zenjou's bones will follow his satellite source of energy. When used with arrows or projectiles, it causes them to literally track his enemies. Unlike other attacks, Zenjou can create this effect through simple contact with his bones. Upon touch, Zenjou's energy enters his opponents body and acts as a targeting system. Drawing his projectiles towards them.

Zenjou's basic arrows are almost infinite in supply. As long as he has the sufficient energy to create them. These arrows are mostly used in combination with his ninjutsu and genjutsu. By flowing wind release within these arrows, he is able to create basic sound based illusions to confuse those who hear. Also, his current usage in wind release, has lead to him to develop a series a enhanced arrow techniques. Those who witness this practice has seen his prototype techniques blast impressive defenses. They often predict they will become a form of absolute offense. If given the time.

Zenjou also possesses creative trick arrows. while his most basic arrows are usually morphed from his body as he draws back, he has also managed to create multiple quiver sets he keeps sealed into a scroll. As of his Genin days, he has only five different sets. Unlike his more basic arrows, he has only a limited amount of these quivers until he makes more. This action was done after Zenjou watched Puppeteers in battle. Seeing the value of tricks, Zenjou added it into his own arsenal. Because of their careful crafting, these arrows are used separately than his illusions and wind release. Zenjou's trick arrows, as of his age during the exams are still impressive;

Senbon Launcher Arrows: These arrows are built with machine gun Senbon launchers. When fired they are capable of releasing a barrage of senbon either mid flight or after landing. This is often used as a trick as enemies often believe his arrows to be the main attack.
Scorpion Tipped Arrows: An exception to Zenjou's general summoning technique, he actually keeps this set hidden deep within his sleeves. It is tied to him by a mechanicle device which allows him to launch an arrow into his hands. Making it appear as if it appeared from thin air. The extreme rarity of the scorpion used in it's making garuntees rare treatment. It is a species found only in Sunagakure's deepest deserts. Each arrow is capped to prevent it from stabbing Zenjou by accident. But after removing it's caps, one can see the deadly liquid. These arrows are dipped in a powerful paralyzer known for causing extensive pain. Enough pain to make one wish for death.
Napalm Arrow: Perhaps Zenjou's most inhumane arrows, these arrows are known for causing excruiciating pains to those it cut. Within their tubes are long syringes filled with Napalm. Once fired, they inject this dangerous chemical into the victims body causing horrific pain from withn. Zenjou also has a set wrapped in explosive tags which is used to enhance the explosion. A small, instant firestorm is released from these arrows. And such a few must be shot at once to achieve this effect.

Throughout his life, many hoping to take Zenjou's head wish to do so using outstanding numbers in close quarter combat situations. However, Zenjou has repeatedly proven that it matters little. He uses a unique style of bukijutsu which involves physical combat. As enemies attack, Zenjou is able to easily evade attacks as if moving with the wind. Simple movements at impressive speeds. Acrobatic actions. Masterful steps which are not wasted. Zenjou combines his maneuvers with his bowmanship. His ability to fire arrows at unrivaled speeds allows him to attack with an enemy inches away from him. And by dodging an attack, Zenjou's counter is one which aims for his enemies plentiful openings. His draws are nigh instant. Zenjou is capable of firing three arrows in a single step at an opponent to feet away. He refers to this style as Rapid Fire Shooting. Where he uses a quick pull method of firing. Zenjou transforms his attacks into a consecutive dance. Hundreds believing that by attacking at once, they could overwhelm him are ultimately proven wrong. They soon realize that Zenjou is actually able to draw and fire while in close quarter combat due to his unique firing method. Another aspect is his bows physical form. Zenjou often uses it to parry and inflict serious damage. From cutting limbs to actually piercing through their body.


Zenjou riding one of his favorite horses during an infamous battle

Zenjou is a master in the art of utilizing horses in warfare. From spears to swords-Even casting devestating ninjutsu atop his horse-Zenjou is a shinobi who can become one with equestrian beast. He is infamous for reviving the art of Yabusame within the shinobi world. Zenjou's horses are shinobi bred. They are capable of nigh instantaneously reaching extreme speeds for continuous duration. Traversing entire countries in a matter of hours. Speeding across oceans. And easily covering kilometers with powerful leaps. Zenjou's riding skill increases their potency. As a horses ability is measured in tandem with it's rider. He can tame a wild stallion. Figure out it's riding style. And adjust to it mid-battle. However, Zenjou is dangerous when utilizing a bow. It stems from an unrivaled control over his body. Aiming almost perfectly while his beast rapidly cross various terrains. Their powerful legs stomping obstacles. Yabusame allows for quicker battles.


Zenjou is able to form weapons of revolutionary design, yet exceptional power.

Zenjou's gift is really the Kekkei Genkai, Shikotsumyaku, inherited from his father and mother. However, due to constant lies, Zenjou lived the early years of his life unaware of this ability and all that it truly possessed. And such Zenjou could only perform it's most basic functions during his Genin exams. Consciously, Zenjou used it to create, reform, and even duplicate his legendary bow. It was also the source of all his arrows. Since then, Zenjou has learned to invoke these abilities both consciously and subconsciously. And although Zenjou has since gained an absolute control over such feats, there are also a lot of techniques which are done as subconscious defense mechanisms. Ultimately, Zenjou has retained these abilities throughout his life. His body hardens when physical threats are made appearant and under times of stress, bone blades and spikes rapidly emerges through his skin where damage is sensed. As a younger shinobi, Zenjou had little control over to the point where Zenjou truly feared physical contact with others due to constantly harming them. During Zenjou's childhood, Osteokinetic weapons would spread as far as the threat was felt, spawning numerically depending on the threat felt with sharpness also varying deeply. Some were meant to utterly destroy their attackers while others formed defensive formations such as shields and deflective arrangements. Zenjou eventually mastered these defense mechanisms and could both activate them and restrain them upon conscious command. Yet even as an adult, Zenjou often finds his body reacting to situations before he is actually aware of what is occurring around him. Zenjou also possesses plenty of subconscious internal defense mechanisms. These mechanisms of course evolved as he did. From Chūnin to Jōnin and finally to those he currently possesses as an Emperor. But, as a genin, his defense mechanisms were greatly hindered by a lack of training and understanding as well as an immense amount of fear. Zenjou's strongest line of defense is a natural bone armor underneath his skin. A complete mask which is layered around every inch of his body said to be exponentially harder than tampered steel. Removing all gaps and protecting Zenjou's innards from external damage. This incredible armor has protected Zenjou during various instances. From falling off a mountain to literally being crushed by tons, Zenjou is able to stand unhindered right after. And true to Shikotsumyaku's name, Zenjou's invulnerability grants him an immense boost in taijutsu. Those capable of landing their swords against his skin find it snapping under the force. As a secondary mechanism, Zenjou has a subconscious access to his Heavenly Defense. An inherited trait which forms osteokinetic constructs from his body in response to danger.

Zenjou learned of his Kekkei Genkai during his Chuunin Exams. After which, he began to train harshly to gain a true understanding. His natural talent allowed him to make impressive progress without a teacher but lacking a true experienced guide hindered his development. Only a Kaguya could train a Kaguya as only one could heal another. Luckily, Zenjou's name passed across various lands. His success in the previous exams followed by the exposure of his gift caused people to whisper tales about him. Prince Kaguya started on a path to become a famous ninja. This new found fame brought Zenjou the answers he searched for. A Kaguya, like himself, appeared one moonlit night. That night transformed into a rough awakening quickly. What shocked him most was how easily she overcame his attacks. Master Senhime's mastery utterly overpowered his own entry level abilities. And as he laid there, every bone broken within him, he realized a harsh truth. Yet, it could not stop him. Zenjou, in a pain he never experienced before, managed to stand. It was this determinatin that brought Zenjou under Senhime's wing. And from then on lead to a true evolution.

During practice, Lady Senhime taught Zenjou about both their clan's history and abilities. He indulged in philosphical discussions which covered a true meaning of battle. His Sensei's guidance lead to revolutionary discoveries. He gained a nigh absolute knowledge over his clan's true meaning. What it meant to truly utilize one's skeleton as a weapon as well as it's connection to the art of war. Doing so lead to increase mastery over shikotsumyaku. Soon, he learned how to create bladed, spiked and projectile weapons at nigh instaneous speeds. And once spawned, Lord Kaguya could freely manipulate their shape and form. Zenjou trained his subconscious to create osteakinetic structures as a defense mechanism. This marked the creation of his greatest defensive technique. Enemies find it incredibly challenging to attack him physically. Just as quick as his osteokinetic weaponry appears, they can disappear. He also began learning how to not only create bones externally, but also, how to manipulate already existing osteo-structures.

Zenjou's constructs are both fearsome and massive. Capable of completely decimating armies.

Senhime sparked the beginning of Zenjou's mastery over Shikotsumyaku. And after reading various tales about the Fifth Kazekage, Lord Kaguya became both inspired and ambitious. Zenjou abandoned the usage of hand seals in favor of learning to freely create and manipulate external osteokinetic structures with both mental commands and physical gestures. He only requires minimum seals for techniques which demand tremendous amounts of chakra. A single seal could create a neverending forest of bones. He can cast other techniques with his hands still within his pockets. Or even subconsciously. His lack of hand seal usage is inspired through his extreme mastery of chakra flow. Doing so allows him to cast techniques almost instantly and subtly. He has kept his hands tied and activaley shifted the terrain without a single seal. However, Zenjou's arrogant aura ofen leads him to manipulating his osteokinetic structure with his arms across his chest, causing his opponent to lower their guard as they do not expect him able to manipulate his abilities as well as he can. Another aspect of this total disregard of hand seals involve his Kyūjutu abilities. Enenmies believe him unable to cast technique du to his bow and arrow requiring both hands. However, using this method of technique usage, Zenjou is able to manipulate and create his bones whilst firing his arrows. Doing so can hinder their movements greatly, even stopping them from dodging his arrow completely. It is a skill which allows Zenjou to freely manipulate the possible movements his enemies can take by forming simple and complex osteokinetic structures around them. Zenjou's constructs vary in size depending on his specific usage. Their physical shape and the distance in which they appear are dependent on Zenjou as well. They are only truly limited by his imagination. Zenjou utilizes Senhime's unique technique to manipulate the density of his created bone structures. Causing his creations to range from being light as a feather to stronger than a full powered defense. Lord Kaguya is also able to apply this technique to bones he created from a distance. By channeling his chakra through the connection established between himself and his bones, he can continuously manipulate his osteokinetic constructs even without physical contact. The Kaguya warrior has a telekinetic control over his constructs from incredible distances. Doing so allows him to constantly change his osteokinetic structures freely. Even shifting their form completely upon will. This cause his constructs to appear living and capable of thought. Continuously acting upon his command. A promiment demonstration of this power involves manipulating his Third Eye technique by mentally controlling both it's direction and movement. When used in combination with his Archery, Zenjou gains an exponential boost in sight. Whether created or not, forgotten or new, his skeletal creations are susceptible to his mental power. During various battles, he has stopped his arrows before they reach their targets as a way to demonstrate fear. It is also through it that Zenjou can manipulate his arrows trajectory. Zenjou is known for favoring constructs similar to parts of a skeleton utilized for both attacking and restraining enemies. A snap of his fingers results in spikes protruding around his target which constantly grow blades from their surfaces as a surprise attack. Massive arms which tower Sunagakure's largest buildings. An army of skeletal golems to do Zenjou's bidding. And more. As mentioned before, his constructs depend are only limited by his imagination. Giving him access to both simple and complex creations. And due to it's lack of hand seals, Zenjou can do so almost instantly. These constructs can appear from any surface, including his own body. He has wrapped a large skeletal arm around his own to increase both his reach and power. The external range easily reaches a few kilometers if not focused. No matter the distance, Zenjou can create his constructs from his targeted location. He enjoys using surfaces below his opponent as a method of surprise. However, when in enclosed location, using every surface from behind his opponent works as well.

To those he deem unworthy of both his bow and physical power, Zenjou prefers stationary battle. Rather, he attempts to skewer or destroy his opponent using spontaneous creations. He often lets opponents within range before causing bone spikes to emerge from their surounding. Their instant creation ofen leaves his enemies without a form of defense or counter. Zenjou lacks a necessity for physical movement. And such, his osteokinetic constructs have an aura of surprise. At any moment or location, they can sprout out to his will. Sometimes going beyond to subconscious reactions. When placed alongside his archery, Zenjou can greatly hinder his enemies movements. While they attempt to escape, he can create obstructions to their paths or even halt their movement completely.

Zenjou grew to become perhaps one of the strongest Kaguya warriors to date. A warlord, his powers have lead to armies halting at a mention of his name. He has created bones from his surroundings that completely manipulate the terrain. At a minimal cost of chakra, Zenjou can utilize his Dance of the Seedling Fern to create sizeable woodland areas. Zenjou's dance sends massive waves of bone spikes ripping through his surroundings from below, skewering everything in their path. They are strong enough to reduce an entire town to rubble rather easily. For those who find method to survive, these bones can continously alter in shape and size, as well reform instantly. Zenjou has the ability to morph through each bone gaining a form of enhanced transportation. The Prince of Golden Sands has also achieved an impressive level of refined control. For he can create localized spikes an incredible distance from him. By completely controlling their size, he has created a deathly forest within a small room, a hall way or even a few feet radius at the center of a village. He can create these spikes at sizes that allow him to harm gargantuan summonings. Zenjou reached a plateau that rivaled legends of old. Soon, he evolved his Seedling Fern, transforming it into an entirely separate existence. One which those who possessed his gift could only dream of achieving. Zenjou is known for his ability to transform the entire battlefield into his own landscape, which he titles as Aokigahara (青木ヶ原,Aokigahara). In an instant, Zanjou can bring an enourmous yet intricate osteokinetic forest into reality. Those who witness it comment that it appears neverending. Zenjou's forbidden dance creates a deathly trees that are monstrous in size. It's trees are able to rise above the heavens while remaining strong enough to repel extraordinary burst of power. Zenjou boast that his forest had restrained a demon for a complete night before he collapsed of power. The height of his trees block out a majority of sunlight as well as the sky itself. And their density silences all wind, creating an eerie atmosphere. Because of their source, Zenjou can manipulate these bones to his will. He can sprout them further and constantly expand his overall domain. Prince Kaguya also retain completely control over their shape and size. As Zenjou pursues the hunted, more bones sprout outwards in the direction he is heading, making it appear neverending. Another importance to this technique is it's connectivity. Each bone is a line within an even larger chakra network. Since they are made from his body, each bone is connected to him. Allowing for him to cast techniques from a distance. Due to their structure, they lack the weaknesses ordinary forest possess. His bones are able to completely mimic a trees physical behaviors. They twist and turn, forming in an unlimited amount of shapes and sizes. However, they retain his bones extraordinary strength which surpasss steel.

Zenjou utilizing two of his favored constructs.

The Kaguya's blessing is one which has been shown to rarely require seals. Zenjou's creative ability belongs to a single technique; Ishikikajō. Ishihkikajō stems from his bloodline limit's subconscious connection. It utilizes Chakra Flow to transform Zenjou into the ultimate blacksmith and architect. He has a free manipulative and creative control which is directly linked to his imagination. From complex structures to simple constructs, Zenjou is able to create it both externally and internally. He has spawned entire buildings from beneath him. Brought skeletal cannibals comprised of a massive skull connected to the top of a skeleton to life before they attempted to devour his enemies. Gigantic spines to entangle his targets, or created a larger version of a skeletal body part which he controls masterfully. Weapons. Skeletons. Partial skeletal limbs. Golems. Walls. Armors. Objects. Creatures. Regardless of their purpose, if Zenjou can imagine it, he can bring it forth into existence. He's brought forth gigantic rib cages to work as a shield and massive arms to attack and defend.He also possesses the ability to freely control their size. Gigantic constructs to miniature models. Doing so allows his weapons to possess revolutionary design as he can freely morph his weaponry. Many state his mimicry prowess is such that seeing it once allows him to recreate it. Giving them an element of surprise. Contrary to popular belief, his blessing does not transform chakra into bone. Rather, it overclocks the cells responsible for bone manipulation to it's masters wish. Doing so causes his creations, regardless of complexity, to actually exist. Making each immune to chakra absorption. As seen against his various battles agains those who possess extreme chakra draining techniques, Zenjou's creations aren't the slightest hindered by their efforts. His creations are eternal. And can only disappear upon his will or if he transforms their state. These constructs can appear from Zenjou's body to his external surroundings. Allowing him an unrivaled control of the battlefield.

A massive partial construct in the shape of a skeleton surrounds Zenjou. Granting extraordinary defensive power.

Zenjou's constructs, including his internal creations, are known for being harder than diamonds, while remaining as flexible as needed and sharp enough to cleanly slice through steel with extreme ease. Bones are naturally stronger than the majority of materials. They are even considered naturally stronger than steel. However, those gifted by Shikotsumyaku are blessed with extremely enhanced bones which transcend human capabilities. Enough that a sickened warrior could withstand the force of being submerged completely by a desert and compressed at liquefying levels. Emerging almost unharmed. When utilized by a Kaguya such as Zenjou, the durability of both his body and constructs far surpasses such levels. Giving him an unrivaled form of invincibility. His skeleton and constructs reach an unimaginable level of strength, hardness, and toughness. Calculating it's cap is almost impossible. Zenjou has fallen from the top of his flying fortress without sustaining any damage. Been stepped on by a tailed beast and even hit full force by a terrain altering technique without exhibiting hinderance. He simply stands and continues forwards. They are strong enough to easily cut and smash through diamonds, but can take a shape solely dependent on his will. It's extreme flexibility allows Zenjou to craft weapons of revolutionary proportions. Despite being flexible enough to bend upon his will, they retain their extreme levels of durability. A defining trait for his bones are their flexibility and unbreakability. When faced against force, Zenjou's bones bend enough to evenly redistribute the opposing energy. Significantly reducing it's power. When faced against an opponent of extreme strength, Zenjou's bones will bend great amounts without snapping. Reducing their impact force greatly.

Zenjou can create his osteokinetic structures at varying sizes. One such example is crafting an enormous version of his spine.

One major aspect of his blessed gift is Zenjou's mastery over his body. He can create external and internal constructs willingly. He can shift his innards accordingly and cover his organs as needed. His basic constructs gain an exponential boost in power. Whereas a normal Kaguya can craft and manipulate spinal structures, Zenjou is able to create enormous versions of such creations. Imposing his imagination upon each. Due to his bodies natural defense, Zenjou can manipulate it as he pleases. His skin rips open to reveal his bone twisting and turning. From simple constructs to complex structures, Zenjou's osteokinetic constructs can reach far and wide while spawning from his body. He has created large skeletal arms from his own shoulder blade which stretched across kilometers, catching an escaped enemy. The structures formed and their properties are only limited by his imagination. He can control how strong they are to how flexible. Certain situations demand specific requirements. Which Zenjou utilizes expertly. Externally, Zenjou is able to create unlimited structures and constructs solely dependent on his will. And as previously mentioned, it does not require hand seals due to his excellent unrivaled level of chakra control. By doing so, he can create complex constructs, IE: Appendages, golems, items, objects etc, almost instantly. By utilizing his unrivaled chakra flow mastery, Zenjou is able to cast his osteokintetic creation and destruction ability into the bodies of others freely.

Zenjou's mastery over osteoblast and osteoclast cells are utterly magnificent. Enough that he can use his chakra to mimic the process externally. Which allows him to create, manipulate and destroy osteokinetic structures outside his body. However, it ascended to levels involving hijacking his opponents skeletal structure. They become an empty canvas with Zenjou as it's master. First and foremost, Zenjou is able to manipulate a person once he infuses his energy into one's skeleton. A simple sliver is enough to imprint his commands. To continuously maneuver their skeleton in a manner similar to puppetry. Since he is manipulating their infrastructure, combating Zenjou's influence becomes nigh impossible. A deadlier aspect involves both using his osteoblast cells after transferring them or by seizing master control over his opponent's own osteoblast cells. Feats achievable by transferring his energy into a person's body. After doing so, Zenjou can spawn osteokinetic creations from within his enemies. A gruesome, cruel method of damage as they are literally ripped apart, skewered by Zenjou's imagination. Zenjou has created entire trees from his opponents skeleton. Small demonic hands which grasp his enemies heart. Essentially, this trait falls under his creation ability. Once his bones are within an opponent, he can freely manipulate their bodies natural osteo-based production. As Zenjou can manipulate bones in all three forms, he can literally graft his own special bones upon a targets skeleton. Which takes the form of a ossified liquid attaching to them. Containing his chakra, Zenjou can locate them from various distances. By addming ossified matter, Zenjou is able to stiffen an opponents body. Making it impossible for them to move. On the destructive side, Zenjou's energy is able to hijack enemy osteoclast cells directly or transfer his own, which leads to them controlling his target's cells. Simply allowing Zenjou to deteriorate their bones completely. He can make the strongest warrior's arm snap like a twig. Eventually leading to paralyzation, hinderance in battle and even death.

Zenjou's gift uses chakra to create actual osteokinetic structures. Creating a structure or object which is impossible to absorb due to actually being bones; Rather than a simple chakra construct. However, Zenjou excelled in both dead bone creation and actual living bones as well. Living bones are bones which are still susceptible to growth and further manipulation. As long as Zenjou's bones possess chakra within, they are technically alive. He is able to induce extreme growth or destruction upon his will. Including bones which he lost contact with. From shooting, to breaking off a piece. He is able to simply manipulate them as if they are still apart of him. Zenjou describes it as the same concept used for Shadow Clone Technique. Whereas even if there is a sliver of one's chakra outside of one's body, it will follow the orders of the base or the original source of energy. Causing excellent resonation. An extreme danger for enemies as if one fails to remove his bones from their body, he is able to activate techniques decades later. Utilizing living bones allows him to produce extremely sharp spikes from within his targets and victims. Skewering all he pierces.

Zenjou can utilized his bones as a method of teleportation. Regardless of the construct, Zenjou is able to morph his body into it. When two constructs exist, Zenjou can use them as a sort of pathway. This is usually seen in grand techniques when he creates a forest of bone. However, on a minor scale, Zenjou can create a spike near his position and sprout another at his destination. Allowing him to instantly manuever between both. As a sword is nothing but an extension of one's body, Zenjou is able to apply his mastery over osteokinetics to his unique sword. He can spawn bones from his sword, manipulate their shape and even craft other weapons from these bones. Zenjou is also able to coat his sword in an exterior layer of bones.

True to his title as Sunagakure's strongest Kaguya, Zenjou managed to excel his mastery over osteokinetic structures to unprecedented levels. It occured after witnessing the Shukaku awaken. During which, he had become infactuated with it's sand abilities. The refine shape, it's texture, and it's beautiful golden texture. From then on, Zenjou dedicated time to mimicking such an ability. He realized that bones were constantly used in it's ashen form as a method of creating unique China. However, he could potentially weaponize it, even reach a level of Bone Ash manipulation which rivaled that of the Shuakaku's Jinchuuriki. Soon his desires became reality. Zenjou can create osteokinetic structures in the form of bone ash and manipulate it similar to how he would it's normal form. Both mentally and physically. However, it's refined structure makes it extremely fluid and light. Allowing him to utilize it without hand seals. His bone ash bends to Zenjou's very will. Forming protective walls and formation almost subconsciously. His lady once told her council that Zenjou's control over bone ash rivaled that of the Shukaku's Jinchuuriki over sand. Zenjou's key aspect is his ability to mimick sand techniques without actually performing seals. He can create simple and complex structures almost instantly without conscious command. Massive tsunami's to large hands and even cages of incredible patterns. Zenjou's bone ash is extremely sharp. He is able to flay an enemies flesh off of their bones.

Another aspect of this ability allows him to convert bones, both created by him or naturally, into bone ash and back freely. One would think that such a source is rare upon the battlefield. But a land littered with corpse grants Zenjou even more ammunition. His bone ash has an incredible defensive purpose as well. Bone ash has an extremely high thermal stability. It only melts at levels rarely achieved by shinobi, which when enhanced by Zenjou's chakra, becomes impossible to reach. By forming defensive structures from bone ash, Zenjou gains an extreme immunity against fire based offensive. He can coat others and himself in bone ash as well, to extend this powerful defense. Zenjou's bone ash and regular osteokinetic structures bless him with an immense immunity to both fire and lightning. Due to it's natural melting point, Zenjou's extremely powerful bones are capable of withstanding massive waves of lava without damage. And through utilizing his bones as defense, Zenjou can neutralize lightning based techniques. When used as pure blast or without a concentration, lightning cannot travel through his bones. However, should one focus it through direct channeling, they can overcome such a defense.

The Kaishakunin arrive to finish their duty. The current Samurai upfront and his minions.

A testament to Zenjou's might is the unique ability to create servants and warriors who follow his every will. Using his intense chakra, Zenjou implants a piece his consciousness into the skeletal structure. The skeleton possesses a body which uses ossified tissue as a basis to mimic a human's actual body. Due to his chakra limits, Zenjou can only use his deathly dance to create a single Samurai of immense prowess. Said being is considerable to that of an ANBU in terms of abilities. After it's spawning, Zenjou's other warrior minions are of a considerably lesser power. However, they are still considered Jōnin in strength. The samurai is often referred to as Zenjou's General, who is responsible for creating an army to obey his every will. And due to the General being nothing more than an extension of Zenjou's consciousness given shape and life, Zenjou is gifted with his own force of deadliness. The General is perhaps Zenjou's strongest creation. It is a skeletal demon capable of smashing through boulders easily. It's immense physical capabilities allows it to move almost instantly and vibrantly. Disappearing and reappearing upon command. There exist little it is unable to break through. Unlike it's creator, the General is a swordsman. True to it's name, it is capable of spawning minions similar to Zenjous. However, it's minions are of course weaker than it's masters. Shichisama's current general is known as Yamada Asaemon. A demonic creature with a bull skeleton as a head. Every minion created is simply an extension of Zenjou, hence allowing him to control their movements and actions using simple mental commands. He can also connect his senses to various minions as a method of furthering his presence. Through careful chakra control, Zenjou can create minions of varying sizes. From gigantic titans to small insect sized warriors. This gives him the freedom to tackle on different obstacles.

Shikotsumyaku follows the concept of creation and destruction with the first aspect constantly being displayed by common Kaguya shinobi who possess this unique gift. However, very few have traversed into the art of destruction. One infamous user is it's creator herself, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. After visions of Kaguya's destructive might, Zenjou dedicated himself to fully exploring the aspects of destruction. One could say that Zenjou's passion for the devestating might of Shikotsumyaku was the prerequisite for him to acquire it's ascended form. By manipulating and overclocking osteoclast cells, Zenjou is able to perform the opposite of the aforementioned. He can destroy osteobased substances as quick as he can create them. Regardless of their creator, Zenjou is capable of doing so by streaming chakra into his target. One infamous usage allows Zenjou to literally destroy a person's skeleton upon piercing them with a construct. Which increases in deadliness exponentially when combined with his extreme kyūjutsu. Creating an arrow as a medium allows Zenjou to destroy various enemies at considerable distances. Zenjou can also perform it through simply touching a target. He can hasten or slow it's effect, allowing Zenjou to either rapidly defeat an enemy or perform torturous interrogations over extended periods of time. Zenjou has elevated his destructive skill to also effect enemy constructs. He can essentially destroy the creations of those who share his same blessing. Although a Kaguya's body is considered nearly indestructible, Zenjou is able to easily cut through them and cause great concussive damage by infusing his attacks with this ability. Continuously deteriorating their prowess over the course of battle allows him to revert them into normal shinobi. He's destroyed the osteokinetic constructs of other Kaguya's rather easily.

A factor of his unique bloodline is an abnormal healing factor. From birth, Zenjou's healing factor has been extremely enhanced. As a child Zenjou could recover from near death in a matter of hours without any sort of assistance. Completely subconscious, Zenjou often found himself in situations where he should have died but lived onwards perfectly. His healing factor has been incredible since birth. Zenjou's body healed at a faster rate than trained humans, but his genin body still required rest. Only Zenjou's bones regenerated instantly during battle. Flesh and other non Osteo-based substances required time. It had been first stated to be more than three times faster than others his age. Zenjou's skeletal manipulations left no harm upon his body. Hundreds of bones would rip through his skin and appear to almost split him apart as his rib cage skewered all before him. But in an instant, it would disappear back inside, and Zenjou felt not an ounce of pain. Nor did he seemed to suffer from any after effects. If anything, Zenjou thought it was normal for gifted shinobi to do so. During his battles, Zenjou has recovered from fatal injuries which killed various teammates. However, to truly regenerate from damage, Zenjou required to retreat. His body had to focus more so on healing rather than battle. As he aged, this drawback eventually disappeared. He has had swords stabbed straight through his heart, his neck snapped and spine utterly destroyed. Only to stand once more.

Once he became aware of his heavenly gift, Zenjou's healing factor went unrivaled. It reached levels that made Zenjou seemingly immortal. His aging has halted, causing Zenjou to appear eternally young while remaining in a physical stage of physical perfection. Zenjou's healing prowess lead to an immunity to drugs, toxins and diseases. As all cells are created from bone marrow, Zenjou's body began producing specially enhanced white blood cells meant to stop foreign bacteria and substances from entering his body. These extremely powerful blood cells are even capable of fighting back poison and venom. Zenjou has inhaled massive amounts of toxic substances without feeling the slightest hinderance. For this, many Puppeteers are known for testing out poisons on him, which Zenjou gladly agrees to. It takes unimaginable amounts of concentrated toxins to truly effect Zenjou. Even so, his body is still able to fight off invaders rather easily. Zenjou's body uses it's bone mastery to control his bone marrow's cell production. When harmed, whether self inflicted or from another, his body creates an influx of white blood cells and stem cells which instantly work to repair any damage. Zenjou's cells are evolved enough that they can heal damage instantaneously. By mastering it's bone marrow, Zenjou's body is also able to reproduce enough blood to counter blood lost. He has bled for days without fainting. Zenjou's subconscious control over bone marrow has lead to him perhaps one of histories greatest healing factors. As his body possesses an unimaginable speed in healing.

Zenjou's healing prowess has earned him fear throughout various lands. For since he became a Chūnin, there exist little which Zenjou cannot regenerate from. He has been ripped apart, stabbed by hundreds of blades, lost organs and was even burned alive. But in a matter of seconds, Zenjou stood just as he did before. Fully healed and without scars from his tales. Certain death injuries become small hinderances in a matter of seconds. Zenjou's enhanced healing factor has lead to him regenerating nigh instantanously, both subconsciously and consciously, from almost any and all damage. Tissues to entire limbs even his eyes, they are reformed in a matter of seconds. Zenjou can regenerate organs after having them completely destroyed. He is known for also surviving and healing from extreme situations such as incineration or other fatal theats. The Land of Wind Daimyō has allowed enemies to supposedly claim his life countless times. It eventually became his main method of moderating his Bingo Book entry. Zenjou eventually transformed into one who has suffered hundreds of deaths. Not from weakness but due to an assassin's necessity for the element of surprise. His bodies healing factor is known for it's incredible speeds and adaptability. Unlike other similar healing factors, Zenjou's is completely natural. Rather than consuming chakra, it works similar to a normal healing factor. Allowing Zenjou nigh instantaneous healing without chakra consumption. Essentially, Zenjou has reached a level of immortality brought upon his unrivaled healing factor. Having the ability to recreate bone at lightning speeds, as seen when Zenjou rips out his spine and recreates it instantaneously, Zenjou's body undergoes a process similar to a reptile shedding. Since bone marrow is where cells are created, Zenjou is able to essentially create his innards from nothingness. Medical shinobi who examine him describe it as Zenjou periodically recreating a new body to exist in. His body constantly recreates that which is destroyed. Although originally thought to slow Zenjou's healing factor, it ultimately removed the factor of aging physically entirely. Zenjou's body is also accompanied by an enhanced mammalian Osteoderm. A layer of dermal armor which overlays his skin. Giving it not just a rugged feel but also a smooth appearance as well. Accompanying his natural horns, this dermal layer allows Zenjou's skin to handle damage which would rival a sword striking his body. He has deflected kunai and stopped a sword by holding his palm outwards. A blessing granted by Zenjou's osteoderm is the ability consciously regulate his temperature. Allowing Zenjou to freely survive extreme heat or cold. Another feature involves appearing invisible to those who can sense body heat.

Zenjou's healing factor also created mental defense mechanisms to protect him from inner dangers. Psychological trauma's are purged from his mental. When combined with his assassin training, Zenjou transformed into an emotionless warrior.

Some refer to this heavenly gift as a blessing. But Zenjou titles it a Beloved curse due to it's tormenting aftermath. As his body only heals, Zenjou is not immune to pain. Even after healing, The Land of Wind Daimyō is known for feeling phantom pains for months on end. Another side effect involves constant critical damage. Zenjou's body is programmed at the genetic level to ensure his survival. His ability to naturally heal from any damage instantly can range to scenarios which would be ranked as impossible for those without his gift. A full powered, sage induced Rasengan does almost minimal damage to Zenjou. And the damage which he recieves is instantly healed. Even an hatred fueled flame can only hinder Zenjou's natural healing factor for a matter of seconds. However, there are rare situations where entire portions of his body have been obliterated. Completely erased, thus overwhelming his lightning-quick healing factor due to a source no longer existing. Such as missing his entire chest cavity. There are also rarer situations where the instantaneous damage is life threatening. Such as having his chest cavity completely blown to pieces by an unimaginably powerful blast from within, which of course includes no longer possessing lungs and a heart. In such scenarios His body automatically activates it's genetic survival mode and forces it to heal. The Genetic Survival mode is an enhanced form of Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. A disease which the body's repair mechanism causes fibrous tissue (including muscle, tendon, and ligament) to be ossified spontaneously or when damaged. In many cases, injuries can cause joints to become permanently frozen in place. It is known that most Kaguya's who train their enhanced healing factor are cursed with this disease. A curse which will eventually lead to their death unless mastered. The few Kaguya who reach this level end up having their entire body ossified to the point they are killed by their own healing factor. However, those who rival Zenjou in power, are able to control this Genetic Survival. When hit with attacks rivaling bijuu-dama or obliterating blast, Zenjou's body will instantly regrow his missing tissue and muscles (including organs), before instantaneously ossifying it as a method of further, thorough healing. Organs, tissues and muscles which were completely erased are instantly reformed. Recreating it's basic function to continue it's life sustaining ability. But his body transforms it into bone as a method to further protect it as it heals it more thoroughlghly. This causes parts of his body to actually become bone. Even showing spikes and other osteokinetic structures morphed into his body itself. These bones are nigh indestructible, and protect him from further damage. During their duration, his body also constantly streams chakra into this defense mechanism causing it to heal if damaged further. Removal of the extra bone growths causes the body to "repair" the affected area with more bone. However, it causes him extreme pain, as well as limit his mobility within that area. After completely healing, the bones disintegrate, revealing a completely healed area. This genetic extremity was seen heavily during his initial battle against Shirotsuchi. A Dust Release master capable of obliterating entire battlefields. During their first battle, it was revealed that Zenjou is perhaps the only person capable of withstanding his attacks. His unique survival trait instantly reforms the erased portions of his body before transforming the tissue and muscle into bone which could withstand almost all attacks. After a while, his body revealed itself completely healed. Allowing continous battles to occur. However, this healing factor is extremely painful. Zenjou describes the feeling similar to having pins stabbing every cell in the initial area.

Zenjou actualizes a medical legend. One which stemmed from an ancient war where Kaguya warriors seemingly fought for days. Enemies noted that no matter how many times they were cut or smashed, the Kaguya's bones would return stronger. Zenjou possesses this horrific trait which is a perfect conjunction with his advanced healing factor. When the rare spectacle occurs, that his bones are broken through or damaged, they will return stronger. Due to his instantaneous healing factor, it becomes a continuous evolution that leads to a complete immunity. Zenjou often comments that prolonged battles against strong opponents will inevitably cause his victory as his body becomes immune to their damage. Zenjou often allows his opponents to damage his body before shrugging off it's influence. It also increases his enemies expectation. His enemies must possess greater power than the previous. As it is a permanent enhancement. As of yet, Zenjou's body has reached a level of nigh invulnerability, giving only Kage leveled combatants any hope of truly harming him. A level which is continuously advancing. The unimaginable power of his allies sword has left three areas believably indestructible....Another aspect goes to his osteokinetic structures. Wheneevr they are broken through, Zenjou is capable of reforming them at an eve greater strength. Utilizing the trait allows Zenjou to create almost invulnerable defenses.

Zenjou's anatomy is absolutely alien to humanity. A great scientist was unable to even grasp a sliver of understanding regarding a Kaguya's body. Essentially dooming the skeletal warrior to death. Since Kimimaro's sacrifice, another Kaguya hadn't been seen publicly in ages. Although they existed, Kaguya clan members who escaped the massacre lived in complete secracy. Creating a situation where the Kaguya body becomes an unstudied area. As medical ninja are used to human bodies and creatures built similarly to normal humans, their skills complicate and ultimately become void when used against Zenjou. Whether offensively, defensively or for supportive usages, shinobi are unable to utilize medical based techniques against Zenjou. Regardless if its for positive or negative outcomes.

Kekkei Mōra

Zenjou's mutation causes his physical appearance to undergo changes.

Eventually Zenjou's mastery over his bloodline limit lead to an evolution most rare among the sands of time. Once thought a myth told by old hermits, it was eventually proven true by chakra's progenitor. Her reemergence confirmed certain storied ornaments of history; Such as the creation of tailed beast. However, one artifact involved a higher tier of bloodline manipulation. To fully understand this ascension, it is imperative to delve deeper into it's root. A shinobi's Kekkei Genkai (血継限界, Literally meaning: a technique limited to inheritance by blood" or "Bloodline Limit) is the product of biological inheritance. Meanwhile, a Kekkei Tota (血継淘汰, Literally meaning: a selection of blood inheritance" or "Bloodline Selection) involves passing teachings onto a student. In most cases, a Kekkei Tōta utilizes merging three elements into one devastating, catastrophic form. After witnessing the Thirds destructive prowess as well as Kaguya's demonic destructive aura, many began experimenting with nature fusion. Under the false pretense that to access a Kekkei Mōra (血継網羅, Literally meaning: Bloodline Encompassing), one must combine all five elements into one. However, such an idea is regarded as foolish. For many of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's abilities fall under such a category, yet possess not a single elemental nature. Eventually, it became apparent that Kekkei Mōra required not elemental mastery, but an unrivaled control over one's bloodline limit. Which explained why the only beings capable of using a Kekkei Mōra were originator's of such abilities. Zenjou's entire arsenal stems from his mastery over Shikotsumyaku. In a way, very few techniques are cast without Zenjou's heavenly gift. Also, possessing such a pure strand of his clan's blood, one undiluted due to years of familiar inbreeding, allowed him to easily achieve higher levels without rigorous training. Ultimately, he had a sort of advanced growth rate in regards to his bloodline. Zenjou's spiritual connection to Gandiba granted him memories of Kaguya's Kekkei Mōra, which combined with his advanced growth rate. And through constant training, Zenjou managed to obtain a state of kekkei genkai evolution. Reaching a level where it literally encompassed everything that is the Shikotsumyaku. This evolution is described as Zenjou forcing his bloodline to temporarily evolve into a Kekkei Mōra. Granting him an immeasurable boost in power over his bloodline limit. This temperory state is known as his Kotsuzui Mōra. A forced genetic mutation which grants him access to a power which rivals Kaguya Ōtsutsuki herself.

When describing such an ascension, Zenjou is often seen as a fish who lived it's life in a river before finding an ocean. In a sense, he lacked knowledge of the differences over a considerable amount of time. Instead, as with other genetic enhancements, it relied heavily upon his emotional levels. Upon times of extreme stress or trauma, Zenjou's body would overreact. Zenjou's Kotsuzui Mōra revolves around an even deadlier shikotsumyaku variant. All of Zenjou's osteokinetic creations are spawn from a single source. That which his bone pierces starts to deteriorate at a cellular level, rotting the victims and reducing their bodies to nothing more than a pile of ash. All organic life becomes nothing but ash before him, once transforming entire lush green forest into porcelain wasteland. In short, his bones gain a disintegrating touch. Piercing an enemy causes parts of their body to crumble into ash alongside his bone. And in some cases, he could disintegrate an entire person upon contact. The catastrophic damage dealt by his bones are directly linked to his emotions. When emotionally stressed, the bones simply emerge from his body. However, extreme stress causes a variant of the Dance of the Seedling Fern to instantaneously emerge. Each bone deteriorating that which it cuts. Initially, utilizing such a technique on a large scale stressed Zenjou's reserves greatly. However, he eventually learned to use it through osteokinetic structures which he no longer possesses a physical connection to. This is through the chakra within his structures. One activated upon his body, the chakra within his own constructs resonate and gain the trait which he exhibits. Even constructs created before entering the ascended form gain the evolved status.

After continuous training, Zenjou gained free access to this form freely without emotional triggers. Initially, he had a specific limit on how long it remained activated. And after it's duration, Zenjou reverted to his normal state while his body recharged. Once completed Zenjou became able to activate his transformation again followed by a recharging period. A repeated process. However after each deactivation, Zenjou's next duration increased. As Zenjou trained, it's activation time expanded dramatically while his required recharging period shortened. Eventually, Zenjou could utilize it for extended periods of time with a minimal recharging requirement. He speculates that soon enough, he will be able to acess his Kotsuzui Mōra form indefinitely without needing rest. He also gained the ability to stream his All-Killing Ash Bones through techniques which cover cover an increased range. Entire forest capable of producing branches which deteriorate it's victims. One of Zenjou's main mixtures is between his extreme Kyūjutsu mastery and his Kotsuzui Mōra. Each arrow possesses is spawned from his usage of All-Killing Ash Bones. Turning all which they pierce into a pile of dust.

  • Kyūjutsu: Zenjou's kyūjutsu is heavily effected by this transformation. In this form, his unique bow takes on a paler appearance. It's shape is also similar to an eastern bow rather than it's normal western design. It retains it's normal properties; Especially it's ability to freely manipulate it's draw weight through it's unique string. However, the arrows created by Zenjou in this form differ in purpose. Whereas Zenjou's normal arrows balance power, speed and precision, those created under Kotsuzui Mōra focuses mainly on speed and precision. Each arrow is able to easily reach supersonic levels. Piercing through the air in absolute silence. Their main purpose is through All-Killing Ash Bones. Areas which they pierce are turned into piles of ash. And if multiple arrows hit a single target, their entire body undergoes such an effect. Zenjou's extreme mastery skill in archery creates a deadly synergy. As he has turned entire squads into ash in a matter of seconds without them being within his presence.
  • Amatsuhoneyari(Variant): Zenjou's created weaponry gains the influence of his All-Killing Ash Bones...
  • Osteokinetic Constructs:Unlike his predecessor, Zenjou exhibits a higher tier of All-Killing Ash Bones brought about through his bloodline specialization. Rather than constructs which are physically connected to him, Zenjou is able to channel this ability through all his creations. Weapons. Golems. Walls. Shields. Armors. Anything his mind may imagine. Making it a deadly yet versatile technique. Although limitless, Zenjou's reserves aren't. And so, complex constructs shorten the duration of time he has remaining during each activation. Normal, simplistic creations are normally exceptions to this rule. Zenjou often keeps track on the cost of each complex formation. As he ages, it's expenditure shortens. Eventually leading to complex structures losing it's effect on his activation time.
    • Sound:The epitome of destruction. Zenjou learned to remove the deteriorating aspect from his bones, and infuse it into sound waves. Transforming it into pure chaotic energy. Doing so in tandem with his monstrous wind release creates a blast capable of catastrophic annihilation. Also, while transformed, Zenjou's body constantly radiates a ghostly wisp. Which is it stemming from his person. He can also inflict his celluar disintegration through physical contact by streaming his sound through a person's body. While activated, Zenjou's body continuously pumps this destructive force throughout his person. Destroying foreign bacteria and poisons. Purifying him. Granting him immunity from such toxins, sickness and other organic ailments.
  • Kubikiribōchō:

Sensory Perception

The various horns on Zenjou's head serve as antennae.

Zenjou's horns serve a secondary purpose from their frightening appearance. They are sensitive to chakra and are basically relay points for external energy sources. Zenjou's sensory perception is rather secondary as he is only capable of locating signatures and discerning distances. He lacks the refined sensory perception which includes deducing exact specifications of targets. However, partially entering sage mode allows Zenjou to enhance his ability to sense with an impressive boost. While under sage influence, Zenjou can identify a person a considerable distance away by focusing primarily upon them.


Kaguya Clan shinobi are naturally blessed warriors of battles who once almost united the Land of Water. Said to be monsters of battle, conquerors of land, and demons capable of razing countries, the Kaguya name became widely feared throughout. Some speculate that it was the Kaguya's revolution that brought Kirigakure to it's infamously povershed levels. The fear they brought and unquenchable love of death lead to their premature destruction. Yet, among this warrior tribe, there are those who possess a greater potential. Those gifted with Shikotsumyaku. Kaguya warriors received a tremendous boost from such a bloodthirsty bloodline. As such a member, Zenjou is naturally talented in Taijutsu. Even from a young age Zenjou was untouchable. He could evade shinobi twice his age while effortlessly switching to an offensive stance. Although a master Archer, Zenjou possesses an unnatural passion for physical battle. He absolutely enjoys thrashing his opponents. Lord Kaguya's naturally hardened body granted him extraordinary strength. Even as a Genin his attacks could break guards. But his strength is greatly enhanced by impressive speeds and an impressive form. Within Sunagakure, Zenjou is known for being exceptionally skillfull in hand to hand combat within his class. He could take on multiple students at once with few steps. From a young age, Zenjou understood the preciousness of steps and such he wasted none. His fighting style although nowhere near his mastered form, involvs evasion and precision. He chooses to utilize counter strikes rather than overwhelming his enemy. However, against opponents he felt superiority over, Zenjou enjoys brutally pummeling his opponents. Deadly combos to grapples, bringing out his inner bloodlust had proved rather easily.

After discovering Shikotsumyaku's history as a Chuunin....

Zenjou's taijutsu levels are absolutely frightful. His spontaneous maneuvers make it nigh impossible for blessed eyes to efficiently follow his movement. Ultimately, it isn't a fault of speed since such powers are able to track attacks that almost enter light speed. Instead their lost of predictive capabilities stems from Zenjou's chaotic fighting style. It's a style of absolute randomness which is enhanced by Zenjou's ability to literally attack from any point on his body. As such, when coupled with graceful movements, Zenjou becomes a whirlwind of unaimed strikes. It breaks the dance which is known as battle. Some refer to Zenjou's dances as a form of breakdancing or an amalgamation of different styles. Perhaps Zenjou's deadliest skill is his immense adaptability. The Dance of the Dead Flower isn't a particular style but rather the ability to create one dependent on a situation. A major example involves Zenjou fighting two different warriors. Whereas one might warn their teammate of Zenjou's style of battle, they will find it shocking that the recieved information is false. Rather, Zenjou recreates a fighting style in response to his opponent. His dances have progressed through various purposes. Some are soft handed while others focus on power.

Zenjou's natural strength and speed are also enhance beyond human capabilities. Before all else, Zenjou prefers flickering from his locations. And in doing so, is capable of almost appearing instantly at his location. He incorporates this fighting style with a constant use of Body Replacement Techniques. From Bone ash to Sand, Zenjou rarely battles physically. He often utilizes his clones as a method of discerning his opponents abilities. Without flickering, Zenjou's speed and agility are nothing short of a spectacle. Every movement is a dance, nought a step wasted. He can appear before and behind an opponent in a single motion. His body is under his absolute command. Even mid movement, Zenjou can adjust instanstly as needed. Naturally, Zenjou is able to almost appear instantly despite the location he travels. And due to his steps being completely silent, Zenjou can traverse great distances without alerting his surrounding enemies. Zenjou has kept master taijutsu users on their toes without breaking a sweat. He has easily outran a speeding train during a mission. And on one occasion caused one to think he had the ability to teleport. Accompanying his enhanced speed is an unrivaled strength. Zenjou's physical power is capable of impressing shinobi with enhanced strength although ultimately paling in comparison. However, he is able to easily wield his great sword as if light as a feather. Zenjou is known for his capability of destroying bodies with single strikes. His strength is a factor which rivals his invulnerability. And thus has been known for punching through crystal structures rather easily. An angered attack is known for producing craters. Zenjou's strength is absolutely feared. His weighted training involves manipulating increased draw weights and leg weights. He often boast not a body exist which can survive a single strike from his fist. Zenjou is not a shinobi of flight, instant speed or teleportation. Instead, Zenjou prefers pure acrobatics. He combines high speed movement with extreme maneuverability to reach his destination in impressive time. Although nowhere near those capable of teleporting, Zenjou can perform impressive bodily feats such as transfering from movement to movement simultaneously. Regardless if Zenjou is on land, air or water, he can access a specific movement rather easily. Zenjou's kimonos possess a rip that allows him to move freely as he wishes.

Zenjou possess a unique fighting style. The Daimyō describes it as the interruption of all awars. The false step within one's battle. His fighting style revolves around spontaneous actions and an unreadable form...

Often, Zenjou's allies believe his inability to externally mould elements into grand techniques is a weakness. However, it served as powerful motivation for him to master his control over energy. Zenjou has reached a point where he is capable of streaming the various elements and pure energy through every inch in his body. In doing so, he imbues himself with the power of sound. By streaming energy through his body, Zenjou is able to increase his speed exponentially. Zenjou describes it as riding along sound waves. Becoming one with sound itself. He can run at the speed of sound for increased periods or perform instant jumps. Instant jumps are utilized for extraordinary distances and produce a defeaning boom. Capable of sending whirlwinds around him. It is this speed, which compliments his lond distance fighting capabilities. In an instant, Zenjou can appear kilometers away. When accompanied by natural forces, Zenjou's speed recieves an even larger boost. He has ran across an ocean's surface without kneading chakra through his feet. Zenjou, on one occasion, raced his own arrow after firing it. It is this incredible speed which causes him to be feared fr his physical prowess. Deadly combinations faster than one could follow. A physical attack enhanced by such speeds increases it's deadliness and force as well.Eventually, Zenjou learned how to overclock his Idaten. Allowing him to break the sound barrier upon dashing.

The Silent Arts

Zenjou is the adopted descendant of Shira, perhaps one of Sunagakure's greatest Taijutsu masters. Before his death, Shira recorded his secret techniques and training methods onto a scroll. Which was then passed down his familiar line. Those who proved skillful in Taijutsu had the privilege of reading from the scroll as they became of age. But very few achieved such an honor. It wasn't until Zenjou passed his exams that Shira's great grandson who is also the current Land of Wind Daimyō and Zenjou's uncle, decided that his nephew possessed Shira's ambition. And such, upon Zenjou's success, the Land of Wind Daimyō bestowed Shira's scroll upon him. A high honor which Prince Kaguya accepted with extreme joy. Alongside training with Senhime, Zenjou worked day in and out to master one particular technique which stood out. Shira's famed Silent Fist. A technique that created an owl aura comprised of chakra around one's body. It's formation removed all sound from the user, turning them into silence incarnated. Although invisible, those capable of seeing chakra saw massive wings and a peacock's tail engulf Zenjou. As a Chūnin, he required to toggle between activation and deactivation. He used it to remove an enemy sense against him. Their sense of hearing. They could no longer hear anything within his immediate person. Even holding bells produced little sound. It was only after they were thrown did it send a song. A perfect assassination technique, Zenjou approached with night. He slaughtered entire platoon's without a sound released.

As he grew, his mastery ove thtis technique followed. After a while, he could utilize it for lenghty durations without chakra expenditure. As the wielder of Kubikiribōchō, Zenjou's Silent Fist could be seen as his method of Silent Killing. He could engulf this aura around objects and people, removing their sound as well. Zenjou's uncle told his bodyguards that Zenjou actually perfected this technique. Adding applications which Shira died before achieving. A feat easily achievable due to Zenjou already being skilled in Sound based ninjutsu. He is able to create an aura large enough to silence an explosive tag....

Currently, Zenjou's Silent Fist aura has reached a state of active activation. His movements are silent. Only words and actions which he wished to be heard reach the ears of spectator's....Zenjou's range also increased. Although tiring, he was able to surround his entire fortress with this aura, allowing safe and silent passage over enemy territory.

Sound Style

An arrow fired by Zenjou can split the heavens.

Zenjou's monstrous usage of sound is achieved through an affinity for wind release. A gift passed onto him by his mentor. Refined by his determination It's potency easily rivaling his bloodline limit. An art which he utilizes without seals. It's a style which relies on Zenjou's immense energy manipulating abilities. Zenjou constantly converts his wind release chakra into sound before imposing his absolute influence on it. For such reason, he is unable to utilize normal wind release. Zenjou's control over sound manifest itself in his daily interactions. In truth, Zenjou's voice is constantly amplified as he only speaks in whispers. His words are increased a few decibels to sound as if he is talking normally. And whenever he needs his words to reach, Zenjou can amplify the sound. Essentially holding conversations from incredible distances away. Unlike his other nature transformations, Zenjou is able to utilize his sound base techniques externally without incorporating it into his archery based skills. He can transform his chakra into soundwaves and increase their range and power. Even streaming it through objects for various purposes. Creating intense blast, or subtly inducing his dangerous illusions. Zenjou reached a level of sound manipulation which allows him to create, amplify and manipulate it without seals. A simple tap of his fingers creates a violent wave. Which he can ultimately guide to his desired location. He has Zenjou is able to channel sound through various mediums. Over the three phases, his sound gains an additional boost due to traversing any medium. He can utilize external matter to further increase it's intensity. He has condensed blast of sound, sent his energy through surfaces, and even utterly disrupted an ocean's surface tension upon a single step. He is able to manipulate it's frequency. Ranging from high to low, Zenjou's immeasurable reach has proven fatal to enemies. Zenjou's level of control extends over external sound. Meaning he is able to manipulate control an enemies vibrational output. Their words, voice, even weapons. He can alter them for his liking.

Zenjou possesses an extreme command over sound. Which transitions into vibrational mastery. He can cause, manipulate, and amplify vibrations. Through gaseous mediums such as the air, his vibrations are incredible blast of power. However, they gain an exponential increase with liquid and solid mediums. He can emit signals during cooperative missions. With focused control, Zenjou can induce fear, hypnotism, sleep, sickness, confusion and ultimately death. His chankra travels among vibrations. Leading to subtle illusions from simple taps. Also, specific mediums cause an unrivaled increase in his vibrational intensity. Especially when focused upon a single target. Intense vibrations allow Zenjou to utterly destroy objects. Ranging from small items to entire buildings. And by aiming it into an organic creature, Zenjou will shred them apart. Ripping through them completely. Eventually leaving a gaping hole. A major purpose involves his ability to cause massive earthquakes by shooting his arrows into the earth. These earthquakes are easily enhanceable to incredibly devestating level. Zenjou has created earthquakes which devestated entire terrains. During one of Sunagakure's invasions, Zenjou shot an arrow from a distance. Allowing the Land of Wind Daimyō to stop an army before they approached by creating a cataclysm. At the age of 13, Zenjou single handily detonated a volcano, resulting in the destruction of the island on which his exams were being held. This magnificent power only evolved. As a Jōnin, Zenjou could easily split entire battlefields into pieces. He can alter terrains, send massive tsunami's and utterly destroy his surroundings. Zenjou's control over vibrations lead to other's believing that he could eventually destroy the earth. This vibrational ability is also usable on other surfaces. Demonstrating his power before the Kazekage, Zenjou shot only two arrows. His first shot split the ocean while his second caused a massive tsunami. Due to the immense vibration generation, Zenjou is able to utterly destroy everything his arrows pierce from the inside. By generating enough vibratons, surfaces pierced by his arrows burst upon activation. A single arrow has caused an entire castle to collapse upon itself. Those who witness Zenjou's power often say he has the power to destroy the world. Sending vibrations through the earth grants him the ability to shift it to his liking, or create canyons on his whims. He is able to send village destroying tsunami's towards his enemies. Because his vibrations can travel through any medium, there exist little that can truly stop his techniques. When utilized as a defense, Zenjou can disperse techniques. Chakra based structures are turned into nothingness when faced with his arrows. Unlike his other elemental techniques, Zenjou is able to utilize his vibrational abiltiies outward. From his hands onward.

Zenjou's sound style Kyūjutsu is praised throughout the lands. An art of subtle deadliness, it has evolved throughout his life into multiple stages. Sound Style is lethal to both animate and inanimate objects. Although Zenjou is able to create sound based techniques from his person, it gains an exponential boost when used in tandem with his arrows. It's incredible distance spreads his message far across the land. Zenjou's sound style was first used as a method of destroying physical objects. By sending vibrations from an epicenter, his arrow, he could demolish large rocks, soften earth, or send a sickening sensation through enemy bodies. As a genin, his Sound Style Archery became known throughout. His arrows actual damage meant little as it always had a true purpose. He started to miss his shots on purpose, feigning a horrible or tampered shot to lower his opponents guard. Doing so allowed his sound based techniques to cause considerable damage. He often prefers creating high pitch sounds which cause opponents to faint, lead to bleeding ears or a complete lost of balance. Doing so robs those dependent on physical battle of their strongest weapon. He has droven animals and humans mad with his arrows as they continuously emit sounds, even after landing into their target.

Once Zenjou recieved his Jōnin promotion, he refined this unique style of archery. The Daimyō's arrows reached supersonic speeds rather easily. This gift allowed him to utilize sound for various offensive an defensive purposes. Even without physical contact his arrows cause sound waves to course through his enemies bodies. Soft or powerful vibrations shaking their very core. One's body loses equilibrium. They undergo extreme sickness, fatigue and even began vomiting. Some fainting where they stand. Hallucinations become vivid. By channelling soundwaves from his arrows into solid objects, Zenjou is able to utterly destroy objects. Which is also applicable to organic creatures. Training lead to Zenjou firing arrows at hypersonic levels capable of causing catastrophic damage. These arrows are comprised of an incredibly harder composition...Different levels...Strong enough to decimate structures that tower over him...Single handily split the earth below him...Pierced through a tailed beast...No wind resistance...Zenjou's sound profiency allows him to cause deadly damage to living creatures. A single shot, or even a missed arrow can lead to armada's falling from a loud shriek. Zenjou can also manipulate the soundwaves produced around his arrows. Leading to outwardly attacks. Loud shrieking blast or a single arrow shot above one's head capable of inducing unconsciousness. Zenjou's arrows do no require physical contact. Even if one dodges an attack, it's aftermath is usually felt immediately.

Another aspect of his supersonic arrows is their ability to travel as fast if not faster than sound. This makes it impossible to hear them coming until they actually make contact. The few lucky enough to survive battle against Zenjou often describe it as being hit, and then experiencing the sound flying past them. There are instances where the sound of the arrow comes seconds to minutes after making contact. When combined with the extreme speed, sensing these arrows become nigh impossible to those not blessed with gifted eyes. And even so, fewer are fast enough to react.

Zenjou is able to utilize his mastery over vibrations to increase the sharpness of his arrows. A technique without seals or a proper name, Zenjou's arrows can potentially pierce anything, depending on his vibrations strength. He is known for firing test shots to determine how strong his arrows must vibrate in order to destroy his oppponents defense..

Ryūmyaku Mastery

Zenjou explaining the Dragon Veins to an onlooker.

Zenjou is an unparalleled master of Dragon Energy. The natural chakra which flows throughout the earth, wind and water. A force which nourishes all living creatures. Naturally, Zenjou is able to feel and visualize the networks in which this energy traverses. It is a mutation created from the love Mahamayuri developed for his biological mother. A blessing which passively absorbs ancient chakra from earth's Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku). Zenjou has the ability to continuously absorb such energy. As long as he remained contacted to the earth, his chakra will instantly recover. Replenishing as it depletes. Allowing Zenjou to recover from exhaustion in a matter of seconds to minutes while others required hours to days. Zenjou's tail became an appendage which allows him to easily store an external reservoir in case he disconnects from the earth. Nanipulating Dragon Energy converts the natural chakra, moulding it to his own type. Essentially making the earth's chakra his. Due to being the natural chakra which courses through the world, Dragon Energy gives Zenjou potentially an unlimited power source to feed off. It is easily to mistake Zenjou's reservoir as infinite. However, those capable of visualizing his chakra circulatory network note that his reserves, albeit impressive, are Kage level at best. Instead, Zenjou is able to continuously draw energy from the ground. Which in turns replenishes his chakra reserves almost instantly. Essentially creating an instantly refilling cup of water. Whereas the cup of water is still less than a gallon. However, it will never run out of water. Zenjou can link his body to the earths celestrial network. Granting him infinite energy to replenish his normal reserves.

Taught and mastered by his adoptive mother, The Peacock Wisdom Queen Mahamayuri herself, Zenjou is perhaps one of the strongest masters of the Dragon Veins. The Dragon Veins (龍脈, Ryūmyaku) or Ley lines are earth's expressway for it's chakra. Any shinobi capable of utilizing them can cast incredibly ranged techniques with minimum chakra expenditure. However, the Seventh Kazekage has reached unprecedented heights in their usage. First and foremmost, Zenjou's body is constantly absorbing chakra from the ground and converting it into his own energy. And therefore, he is able to synchronize with the earth's own chakra. Allowing him to become one with it. This allows Zenjou the passive ability to create and manipulate his osteokinetic structures kilometers away by using such principles. Zenjou has achieved feats involving everything from terrain influence to connecting his chakra to opponents who are unimaginable distances apart. Zenjou has delved deep into the art of utilizing Dragon Veins and ley lines. Although capable of performing actions that rival miracles, Zenjou is known mostly for his instantaneous energy replenishing. Zenjou is able to utilize the thousands of dragon veins beneath him to enhance his prowess and fight for an indefinite amount of time. And upon reaching a source, Zenjou gains an unrivaled level of power said to be endless. His energy signature melds into that of the celestial body known as earth. Also he gains access to any Source which he has visited before. Another trait is his ability to seal and unseal sources freely.

Zenjou activating his eye under his Yuzu disguise.

Zenjou's Gaze of the Dragon's Veins is a hiden created by Zenjou which allows him to visualize the dragon veins located within land, water and air as well as the circulatory network of all things which contain energy. It grants a full and unrivaled understanding of ley lines and Dragon Veins. It allows one to see everything from the highest mountain to the lowest valley, and even underground structures that would remain hidden to all. When used without purpose, Zenjou can call upon the dragon energy as a force strong enough to release obliterating blast as well as gift an unnatural healing factor to his allies. The celestial body known as Earth possesses the original circulatory network which humans are based. As humans have tenketsu, there are locations where multiple veins link together. Creating a pool of energy where gathers in abundance before spreading forward through the veins once more. Zenjou is able to access these pools and even synchronize his mind, body and soul with them. Granting him an even greater access to the unlimited power coursing through the earth. Also, he these points become vital locations for powering external constructs such as fortresses, cities and weaponry. Another aspect is Zenjou's ability to teleport between sources.

Zenjou absorbing massive amounts of Dragon Energy.

Upon usage, Zenjou's eyes gain a lavender hue around his golden irises. During activation, Zenjou is able to visualize the ley lines scattered across the earth. These lines a geometrically symmetrical. They continuously pump the earth's natural chakra throughout as if actual veins. They split, cross and even flow near one another. Sometimes linking to increase the natural flow. The dragon veins are embedded into the land, water and air. However, the earth has a higher concentrated of energy. Making it easy to passively absorb energy from it. Yet masters such as Zenjou are able to replenish their reserves by drawing in the natural chakra from both the wind and water. As long as Zenjou's body is connected to the land, he is able to passively replenish his energy. Whereas shinobi require hours to days of rest, Zenjou only needs seconds to minutes. When combined with the unnatural healing factor given to him by his bloodline limit, Zenjou can return to perfect health in minutes. During times where his energy depletes, Zenjou is known for stalling until he is back at perfect health. However, such a feature isn't to be confused with an unimaginably large reserve. His energy peaks at around Kage level. Instead, the continuous flow of energy constantly recovers his used chakra. Giving the illusions of unlimited chakra. Zenjou describes it as a glass that is constantly refilling after being drunk. When flying about, Zenjou is severed from his connection with the earth. Making his passive ability useless in airborne opponents. In such cases, Zenjou is able to utilize osteokinetic structures to bridge him to the ground. Allowing the energy to course through them since they are simply extensions of his body. Another counter measure involves his tail. Although Zenjou's reserves are naturally impressive, Zenjou possesses a secondary reserve as well. His peafowl tail fills with dragon energy when not in use. And when in airborne situations, Zenjou's tail is able to replenish his chakra upon will. Another key aspect is his eyes ability to locate dragon veins in all three terrains. Dong so, he can essentially link himself with an airborne ley line. By doing so, the energy being pumped throughout the earth is instead pumped directly into Zenjou. It is during such action he is given true infinite power. Also, because it's directly connected to Zenjou, he is able to recieve such energy without a connection to the ground. It is shown as Zenjou's attacks being used without his energy levels depleting an ounce. Zenjou's gaze is similar to those capable of visualizing human circulatory networks-yet-his is on a grander scale. Such a trait allows Zenjou to view the circulatory network of all living organisms which possess chakra. Although nowhere near the Byakugan's clarity, Hyūga have complimented on Zenjou's eyesight.

When near a source, Zenjou's chakra replenishing rates are nigh instantaneous. They rival that of actually being connecting to a vein. The sources can also be used for various external purposes as well. One such usage involves teleporting between sources. Allowing Zenjou to traverse lands in a matter of seconds. Also, he can seal and unseal sources willingly. Zenjou can follow dragon veins in order to discover sources; Even if it has been dormant for centuries. Unfortunately, continuous absorption of Dragon Energy is deadly to humans. Zenjou's unnatural healing factor is the only reason he can handle unimaginable levels of the concentrated energy. Zenjou notes that rivaling levels of tailed beast is his limit. Going above that leads to his skin and flesh decomposing. If Zenjou stops and rest at that point, his body will heal and continue to passively absorb chakra. Yet, If Zenjou continues onward, he'll eventually transform into energy itself. This only occurs when Zenjou connects himself to a source due to the intense potent chakra entering his body at instantaneous speeds. Zenjou's passive absorption excludes him from such an ending as his body only absorbs until it's peaked. From which, Zenjou's excess energy will simply exit his body. Zenjou's ability to absorb chakra from the earth allows him to eaily transfer energy through objects. A key aspect when manipulating his opponents osteokinetic structure. However, he is also able to absorb energy from the willing. When in need of more power, Zenjou can ask living organisms to lend him their energy.

Zenjou is able to utilize dragon energy in a concentrated form which takes the appearance of purple flames that dance with an extreme intensity. When asked, Zenjou refers to this rare energy as Dragon Fire (龍火, Ryuuka). He is able to freely manipulate dragon fire due to its connection to chakra. Thus achieving feats such as changing it's form, engulfing himself or constructs in an aura, or freely utilizing it for offensive and defensive purposes based on his imagination. However, Zenjou's dragon fire is an entirely different energy from fire release. Rather than chakra, Dragon Fire is a force comprised solely of Senjutsu chakra. It is formed when Zenjou absorbs Natural Energy from his surroundings and balances it with his dragon chakra. It often takes the form of pure fire coating both his weaponry and person. And in battle, he can use it as blast of pure power. As an element comprised of senjutsu chakra, Zenjou's flame produces heat at a level above masterful fire release techniques. Allowing it to even melt constructs made of metal. When condensed, Zenjou's dragon fire gains an extreme concussive boost. As with his other elemental natures, the Skeleton Archer is known for infusing Dragon Fire with all his constructs. Creating flaming arrows meant to spread hell across a terrain or a sword meant to engulf a fire release blast. Even Zenjou's spear can evaporate large torrents of water. However, Zenjou's dragon fire does not recieve a boost from wind release. Due to being concentrated senjutsu rather than actual chakra disuised as fire. Secondly, Zenjou's Dragon Fire possesses an even subtler effect. Being a flame comprised solely of senjutsu chakra, Zenjou's fire feeds off of natural energy by using it for both fuel and sustenance. Thus allowing Zenjou to literally destroy the natural energy used by enemy sages. Eventually creating an imbalance which forces them out of their enhanced mode. When faced against Sage Art techniques, Zenjou's dragon fire ultimately consumes all the natural energy utilized. Creating an imbalanced ratio. Leading to their technique either losing considerable power or being dispelled completely. Kazuhide describes it as "A candle being lit within a jar".

Zenjou's Blessing of the Peacock Wisdom Queen grants him a unique appendage. A massive peafowl tail emerging from his tail bone.

Zenjou can use his ability over Dragon Veins in tandem with his Nature Transformation. Despite not being able to use external elemental techniques, Zenjou can supplement it by utilizing his arrows. The arrows act as a medium for Zenjou to send his elemental chakra through the chakra veins. By streaming earth release chakra through his arrows before firing it into the dragon veins, Zenjou's arrows will channel an even larger eaurthquak than the one's sparked by his sound based chakra. Instead, this arrow will ultimately destroy the battlefield and all earthen constructs.

Upon activation, Zenjou's blade gains red lines.

The earth's ancient energy is both potent and concentrated. It has a destructive level of power which could easily destroy it's wielder. However, should one control it's flow, their own prowess will recieve an exponential boost. Zenjou's tail gives him such an increase. Through his unique blessing, Zenjou's construct, techniques and even his own body gain a boost in existence. Their purpose is redefined. A swords sharpness, durability and resistance is strengthened. A shields defensive power is boosted. His hearing can reach farther. Eyes cover longer distances.


Zenjou's sage mode is very much fearsome. As it also incorporates elements from his shikotsumyaku.

Zenjou's connection to the earth grants him an easier access to Sage Mode. Essentially, Dragon Energy and Natural Energy are separate name's for the same force. Naturally occurring chakra that courses throughout the earth. Since Zenjou's body is constantly absorbing dragon chakra, he is also intaking natural energy. Thus granting Zenjou a continuous flow of natural energy which is converted into chakra he is able to utilize. When it enters his body, it attempts to undergo a conversion by moulding to Zenjou's specific chakra type. A feat achieved through Zenjou's unique blessing. However, he can halt the process. Leaving the natural energy in it's purest form. And by doing so, Zenjou's chakra and the natural energy within his body achieve a perfect balance. Creating a resevior of senjutsu chakra for Zenjou to call upon. This extreme synchronization allows Zenjou to instantly enter Sage Mode without having to remain frozen in place. And since his body is continuously absorbing this natrual chakra, he can force it to remain as natural energy upon his will. Activating Sage Mode with a simple seal. Unlike previous sages, who utilize a connection with an animal, Zenjou's connection is with the earth itself. A celestial body, Zenjou gains an enormous influence from it. When activated, Zenjou's body mutates similar to his own kekkei genkai. Demonic claws and destructive gauntlets attached to fearsome armor made of extremely dense bone covers his arms. Also, his body grows more muscular and Zenjou appears to age. He gains a dragonic aura. A demonic appearance with sharpened teeth. His chest seemingly rips itself open before revealing an osteokinetic liquid which erupts into various jagged spikes. An obsidian orb emerges from his chest cavity in it's center giving it the appearance of an eye.

While activated, Zenjou has displayed an extreme level of sensory. He is able to locate chakra signatures great distances away as well feel attacks despite being out of radius. Essentially the Seventh Kazekage gave an active description of a nearby battle despite being out of sight. When refined, Zenjou could even deduce a person's nature affinity. However, Zenjou's sensory perception pales in comparison to those who are sensory classed Shinobi. While Zenjou can locate a signature and figure out their nature affinity, he is unable to truly pinpoint an exact location. Also, Zenjou's signature sensing only targets an individual at a time with focus. Zenjou's sensory perception is perhaps Kazuhide's exact opposite. For although Kazuhide possesses unrivaled detail analysist when in a targets presence, he is unable to locate a target from afar. Which Zenjou usually does in such occasions. Ultimately, Zenjou has developed a secondary purpose for entering sage mode. Although he lacks an active mastery, Zenjou created a method of increasing his kyūjutsu skills exponentially. Zenjou describes it as a radio tuning into a single airwave despite hundreds passing through. Zenjou basically silences all else in the world and focuses upon one target. With such a refined focus, he is able to follow their locations countries away without worry. Which ultimately allows him to fire arrows unimaginable distances away. The drawback is that by withdrawing from the realm, Zenjou's other senses become extremely dull. He is unable to see, hear, smell, taste or even feel. Instead, Zenjou enters a form of grey sight where only he and his opponent exist.

Zenjou partially activating his sage mode.

His osteokinetic structures transform into indesctructible constructs; Ultimately granting them the ability to withstand a full powered blast from the Gobi without retaining a scratch. Zenjou also recieves a tremendous boost in physical power. He was able to throw Odokuro an impressive distance, actually flippling him over his person. An action which suprised the legendary beast himself. Although nowhere near shinobi of old, Zenjou gains a boost in speed which is often noted as unstoppable rather than untrackable. For he moves gracefully from opponent to opponent, striking them down before they are able to counter. Zenjou eventually learned to balance enough natural energy to obtain a continuous level of partial transformation. Due to freely controlling the natural energy intake, Zenjou can balance it with a portion of his reserves. Creating a set amount of senjutsu chakra that neither overflows or dries rapidly. In this form, Zenjou's eyes sharpen and his visage takes on it's demonic influence with tribal markings marking him. However, he remains similar in terms of body transformations. Zenjou accesses this form mostly for an enhanced sensory perception since his normal sensory skills are simply generic.

Genjutsu and Yin Release

Zenjou weaponizes Yin Release against others. It is the source of his extraordinary genjutsu manipulation. Causing Zenjou to master the illusionary arts. Seen early during his Chūnin exams, Prince Kaguya displayed an unrivaled talent in Genjutsu. From a young age Zenjou has used his Sound Style Kyūjutsu as a medium for Genjutsu. Lord Kaguya's arrows are made with miniature holes in positions which do not hinder their flight path. Each arrow streams wind in such a way that it produces sound waves for him to manipulate with his chakra. This is usually shown by a silent whistle through the air. As he trained further in this art of sound based battle, he learned how to utilize difffent pitches of sound depending on how much chakra is fed into each technique. Their volumes and pitches can range from a low hum to a shrieking whistle. During his exams, Zenjou's illusions were basic and rather easy to pierce through with enough concentration. However, by combining such illusionary arts with his arrows, Zenjou's Genjutsu became incredibly lethal. One had little time to decipher his illusions while multiple arrows flew towards their head. He became a fan of using distractions. His third or fourth arrows are often lethal but hidden in an illusion while others fly towards dummy targets. Areas of an enemies body which cause considerable damage, but not as much when compared to his others. This shinobi trickery claimed many lives.

After becoming a Chūnin, Zenjou learned to further enhance the sound used during his illusions...

Zenjou's mastery over illusions recieved an exponential boost after he was promoted to Sunagakure's Jōnin ranking. As they did during his earlier years, Zenjou's main trigger involved his manipulation and control over sound. Of course due to it's ability to travel through all mediums, making it nigh impossible to avoid. The subtle invocation causes opponents to undergo entire battles under Zenjou's illusions. Some of which, are implanted from the start for later activation. He is able to manipulate their five senses to control how they percieve the world. However, Zenjou utilizes it in a manner where he creates small changes. Short glitches which go unnoticed, but hinder his opponents nonetheless. It is also his failsafe, as Zenjou can vanish from his opponents percieved existence. Zenjou is known for hiding his attacks within illusions, utilizing a small glitch like change. Similar to a Shinobi referred to as an unrivaled master of Genjutsu, Zenjou's sound based illusions can trap enemies from outside their sensory range. He has fired arrows hidden within darkness from a considerable distance away, causing enemies to fall victim to his illusions without knowing he has appeared upon the battlefield. He has even caught his enemies in Genjutsu before making his presence known. Zenjou can mimic instrumental based illusions using his sound based techniques.

Another aspect is utilizing the eyespots on his tail. By streaming chakra through it, Zenjou can cause opponents to freeze. Rather than fear, victims are completely frozen with infactuation. Unable to hit a being comprised with such perfection. His tail's illusionary prowess resembles that of a Peafowls Mating dance. For which it is capable of halting and mesmerizing all in it's presence.

The sign of falling feathers from Zenjou's fletching is a signature signal that Zenjou has caught one in a devestating illusion. From it, Zenjou earned his third title, one that brought fear to opposing enemies. Zenjou of the Peacock Feathers (孔雀羽の禅譲, Kujakuhane no Zenjou).

As a master of Genjutsu, Zenjou taught himself how to see through Genjutsu. This is often used through his third eye which is always activated. By doing so, he can see through illusions when activated. However, it does not stop it from being cast.


Zenjou training with Kubikiribōchō as a Jōnin

Despite being a master archer, Zenjou has proficient skill in Kenjutsu. As his body is just one gigantic blade, he is able to manipulate blades as his own. His blade works usually involve his primary sword, Kubikiribōchō. A weapon which has brought fame throughout all five lands. Zenjou utilizes a kenjutsu style similar to his taijutsu. Random motions, linked manuevers and clever plots. His swords flip from hand to hand as he flips about. Zenjou's control over Kubikiribōchō has gifted him an impressive reputation among swordsmen throughout. Those who witness it's usage often cite it as being one with the Land of Wind Daimyō. When Zenjou wields Kubikiribōchō, his aura changes drastcally. He is longer seen as a rational tranquil warrior. Instead, he becmes a demonic berserker hellbent on utterly destroying his opponents. Kubikiribōchō is Zenjou's method of connecting with his inner Kaguya. His bloodthist is amplified tenfold. Some believe it to be the combination of both blade and master. Kubikiribōchō is known for being a sword which heals from blood, some calling it the embodiment of barbarous behavior. Accompanying this blade's monstrous thirst is Zenjou's own ferocious nature. A true son of the now extinct clan comprised of savages, his own gentic inheritence is one of war. These two sources fuse together inside of Zenjou's arm. It resonates before integrating, leading to Zenjou feeling two heart beats become one while holding Kubikiribōchō's handle. Zenjou's strength grants him command over it's movement. However, it's massive size caused Zenjou to craft a unique fighting style. When holding Kubikiribōchō, the Skeletal Samurai uses one hand, which often drags Kubikiribōchō's tip. During battle, Zenjou has complete control over Kubikiribōchō's actions. He can stop an attack inches bfore impact. Flip it about and switch hands rather easily. Zenjou's fighting style is filled with powerful impacts and cleaving blows. Those hit by this deadly weapon lose body parts. The strength behind his attacks are strong enough to send blast of wind flying behind it. It is a blade capable of creating shockwaves. And similar to it's kin, Kubikiribōchō is one that can break almost any defense.

Zenjou's favored weapon is his bow. As the Kokkai no Yumi represents his existence. So Zenjou established a form which utilizes it's demonic appearance. He is able to use his bow both defensively and offensively. It's extreme durability can deflect and completely halt a majority of weapons. Also, it's limbs are sharp enough to slice through human bodies. Ripping their limbs apart. Creating a form filled with random attacks.

Amakusa Shiro is a samurai who wields an incredibly long ōdachi. It stemmed from Zenjou's utilization of Kubikiribōchō. For mastering such a large blade made it impossible for Amakusa Shiro to wield anything less. Amakusa's fighting style is simply wild. It releases restraint and honor and substitutes each for bloodthirstiness and mercilessness. Causing Amakusa to murder without hesitation and to utterly enjoy battle. Amakusa's battle style involves chaotically dancing about while holding his ōdachi with two hands. Swinging in a manner which would butcher an opponent. And should they block, Akamusa utilizes his enhanced strength to break their guard or wear it down until it is no lnoger appearant.


Although Zenjou is quite proficient in the art of swordsmanship, Zenjou shows a mastery in Sōjutsu (槍術,Sōjutsu). Zenjou's skill utilizing spears almost rivals his Kyūjutsu abilities. Heki once speculated that he was born to utilize spears and lances. Yet Zenjou's love for bow and arrows overwhelmed his destined usage of this bladed weapon. However, it still possesses a strong influence in his life. Zenjou's seconday conceptional weapon is a spear he titled as Amatsuhoneyari. A massive pole arm with three blades atop it's obsidian shaft. Despite being light as a feather for the Demon Peafowl, Amtsuhoneyari is actually extremely heavy. Capable of creating a small crater upon being dropped. Zenjou's connection to his spear is what makes it light for him. Zenjou's style of Sōjutsu involves relentless assaults. Constant acrobatic movements including spins, flips and even maneuvers involving utilizing his spear as support. Zenjou often uses it as a tool for altering movements mid-action. A single hand to propel his body high above the ground using his spear as a stand. Combining it with extremely powerful strikes creates a ruthless onslaught which is known for breaking defenses. It follows a philosophy of suffocation. That by using murderous strikes, enemies will lose their abilities to breath peacefully. His enhanced speed allows for increased pressure. That they are unable to truly follow Zenjou's movement. Or even track it. Zenjou uses his spears extraordinady length to pressure swordsmen. They are unable to come within sword's reach without receiving a strike. He is also a fan of using his spears blunt strength as weapon of incredible destruction. Capable of destroying various defenses. A single strike piercing cleanly through his enemies. Against Samurai of considerable skills, Zenjou prefers using his legendary spear as oppose to his mystical bow. Another aspect of Zenjou's spearmanship involves long distance battle. He is able to throw his spear as a javelin. A spear which cuts cleanly through the air. The distance at which Zenjou can toss his weapon varies for his situation. In some instances, he has hit a target kilometers away. Pinning an enemy without harming them or even simply scaring them. During a mission, Zenjou managed to pin three enemies to a tree through their stomach. A deadly shot, Zenjou's ability to throw his spear rivals that of his Kyūjutsu practice

Zenjou rushes through an enemy a top a horse.

By combining it with his horses, Zenjou can rush through entire platoons, impaling all before him. Utilizing his spears extreme length, Zenjou can cover defenses for both himself and his horses. And it's reach grants him increased offense. But even upon a horse, Zenjou possess a precise hand. Capable of striking an enemy as he wishes. During battle, Zenjou uses a spear to cause whirlwinds. To attack surrounding enemies and in dire situations, launch both him and his horse great distances. Zenjou is able to stream his elemental energy through his spear to grant it specific affinities. Simple streaming causes him to ossify areas upon which it strikes. Fire can lead to devastating burns or even spreadig wildfire. While wind increases both it's range, sharpness and overall speed. Making it a deadly combination. Zenjou can control his spear mentally. Calling it to his side, or even manipulating it's projectile.
Whirlwind: Zenjou can conjure up poowerful winds by spining his blade within his hands. Upwards creates a standard tornado while Zenjou can increase it's range by streaming wind release through his spear. Pointing it towards an opponent releases a powerful wind blast capable of easily shattering stone. Unlike normal wind release techniques, Zenjou is simply using wind release chakra to direct natural wind currects. Creating a naturally occuring wind storm. Reducing chakra expenditure exponentially.
Demonic Slicing:
Backwards Strike:
Reverse Step:


The Shunohaku is a mystical armor from the Land of Iron which Zenjou stole during his first mission. It's origins are widely unknown. Some believe it to have belonged to an alien race who visited long before the shinobi villages founding. Others claim it to have been cursed by an ancient witch in spite of an unfair trade. Either way, the Shunohaku is one the Land of Iron's most sacred treasures. Due to Zenjou's Amakusa Shiro persona, the Lanf of Iron currently lack an idea of who stole it. Amakusa's ghostlike ability to appear and reappear has made it nearly impossible to track. However, there is an extremely high bounty placed upon Amakusa's head. As the Land of Iron's General refuses to believe the local tales about him. That it's a ghost possessing the ancient armor. Reclaiming it from those who failed it. Shunohaku is ultimately a sentient armor whose only purpose is to drink. It survives off the energy of it's master in exchange for an extreme power boost. Most warriors who donned Shunohaku have found themselves drained in a matter of hours. But Zenjou's unrivaled healing factor has allowed him to continuously wear it for entire nights. Also, once he takes off Shunohaku, Zenjou's chakra recieves an instant refill from the earth. Allowing him to continue on without requiring the rest other wearers suffered through.

Shunohaku's primary ability is often seen as a double edged sword. For it's one which greatly inhibits the warrior while increasing their overall abilities. Simply put, The armor is a physical embodiment of a certain intention that it has been given by the wielder, while suppressing everything else about them. The Shunohaku becomes it's user by replacing them with it's own unique signature. However, due to being a suit of armor, Shunohaku lacks any form of living presence. Eliminating body heat to chakra and various forms of personal sensing. However, by severing it from external usage, Shunohaku nullifies it's masters own external usage of chakra. It's a selfish armor that claims it's master's energy as it's own. When Seigetsu attempted to jump towards Zenjou, he was met with an unfortunate dilemma. For it was almost as if Zenjou's chakra signature, which he linked ages ago, no longer existed. He noted that it felt as if Zenjou seemingly vanished from existence despite unknowingly staring at his brother cladded in his unique armor. Usually users are drained of their energy and require days to recover. And as such, the armor becomes a deadly tool for it could potentially kill it's user. However, Zenjou's kage level chakra allows him to wear it for entire nights without worry. Also, once he disrobes Shunohaku, Zenjou recieves an instantaneous energy refill from the earth.

Summoning Technique

Zenjou is one of few shinobi who possess a signature animal and secondary beast. This relationship represents the connection between both sets of parents. Zenjou's primary summoning and greater contract was forged after accessing the Source of the Ryūmyaku. It sent him across space and time into a pocket dimension where he encountered Mahamayuri. Although frightened, The Peacock Wisdom Queen had seen his arrival ages before. Due, of course, to her guardianship over the earth's ancient energy. Zenjou always possessed a connection to Peafowls. An absolute love and admiration. Their majestic behavior spawning similar habits in Zenjou. He gained fame from incorporating them into his techniques. In a sense, Zenjou's spirit had taken form of a peafowl. Despite her other blessings, Zenjou became a guardian of Peafowls. Gaining an almost unrivaled control over his birds. Around him, they follow his will. He can understand them telepathically. Allowing for various peafowl oriented skills. For such a reason, Zenjou has various peafowls wondering Sunagakure. While his home is constantly surrounded by peafowls of every color. Contrary to those already within Sunagakure, Zenjou can summon peafowls in various situations. For specific purposes. They have been used for travel, to transfer messages, and even in battle. He is able to manipulate their feathers through chakra and fire a barrage towards enemies. His named peafowls possess a higher humanly intelligence. However, Zenjou's equestrian and avian summons are nothing compared to his main contract.

Zenjou managed to locate and tame a legendary creature known for it's fearsome and horrific might. It is the source of various nightmares and the cause for various tales revolving around evil energy. Traveling at night is nearly impossible for fear of one appearing and decapitating victims for mindless bloodlust. Zenjou has access to a unique contract with a Gashadokuro. A demonic skeletal creature fifteen times taller than the average warrior, created from the amassed bones of shinobi. Only three have been created in the history of mankind, with two being contracted for a summoning. Gashadokuro's are the signature animal of Kaguya's who mastered their unique bloodline and such there have been instances where clansmen attempt to artifically create them through massacres. After the Kaguya clan riot and their nigh extinction, their bodies were ironically piled atop one another. The blatant disrespect shown to the clan's decomposing body ultimately provided the necessary requirements for a Gashadokuro's creation. However, beings of such power and mindless savagery cannot come into existence overnight. And even after their creation, only a warrior with exceptional potential is able to forge a contact with one.

After learning about his heritage, Zenjou began to research personally about the Kaguya clan history. He brought books upon books and read during every chance. From the time between training sessions to before bed. He had to learn absolutely everything involving his clan. He searched through countless journals until he stumbled upon a certain entry. Shortly after the founding of Kirigakure, a war broke out which lead to Kirigakure and Iwagakure being at ends with one another. The Second Mizukage found himself in a heated rivalry against the Second Tsuchikage. It was a battle destined to occur due to their countries being lands apart from one another. However, this also traversed to their subordinates as well. One of which had been a high ranking Kaguya clansmen who displayed fearful mastery over Shikotsumyaku. During their final battle, the Second Mizukage's right hand summoned a beast which totally erased the Tsuchikage's forces. Before them stood a Gashadokuro filled with anger and bloodthirst. That night it massacred an entire platoon while consuming each. From then on a Gashadokuro hadn't been seen in decades. Yet Zenjou remained hopeful in capturing one himself as he believed it could eventually lead to him becoming the divine Emperor.

After visiting his father's grave, Zenjou decided to take one more trip before actually returning to Sunagakure. He rode to the ancient island where the Kaguya clan was said to live in search of a few clues. Their old camp was an absolute ghost town. Ransacked for their stolen possessions and destroyed to remove all trace of their existence. Zenjou felt as if his efforts were futile due to the lack of acquirable information. However, Zenjou remembered the ancient told in the scroll he read. That the Gashadokuro would appear only at night accompanied by a ringing of bells. And so Zenjou awaited until the moonlight kissed his porcelain skin and hair. Which he followed with a gental blow of a flute made of bone. His energy manipulated the wind carefully altering the notes to resemble bells. Just as expected, a gigantic skeletal demon appeared from behind him. And as it attempted to consume Zenjou, the Kaguya survivor revealed the bloodline which exhibited his right over the legendary demon.

Unfotunately, Gashadokuro's aren't creatures who appreciate being tamed. And so a deadly battled ensued. Zenjou often describes it as one of few instances where he was supposed to die. As the Gashadokuro literally ripped the spine from his back. If not for his kekkei genkai, Zenjou would have surely left the world of the living. However, Zenjou knew that it was a test and directed his focus upon healing and evading. After an entire night of battle, Zenjou revealed the reason for acquiring the Gashadokuro for a summoning. To assure that he could protect those precious to him. A good enough reason, the beast introduced himself as Odokuro and offered a contract. To serve as Zenjou's summoning as long as he remained honest to himself. And although they often bicker, there isn't a summoning stronger than Zenjou and Odokuro. Becoming something as siblings. Later it is revealed that Odokuro was created from the bodies of the Kaguya clan being burned and left to scatter. Explaining Odokuro's emphasis on regrets and fighting for a purpose.

Odokuro has two major features which makes him ideal in devestating situations. First and foremost, he is a summoining which dwarfs almost all others. Capable of towering a tailed beast, Odokuro is able to withstand battle against multiple creatures at once. His immense size grants him incredible strength and speed as well as indestructibility. Odokuro has lifted up gigantic summonings before easily tossing them a considerable distance away. Also, his impressive size allows Odokuro to guard Zenjou's fortresses rather easily. Another trait Odokuro possesses is an ability to turn invisible....


Unlike Shinobi tools, Equipment are special objects that Zenjou occasionally carries alongside him. However, all of his items are sealed inside of summoning scroll which he can call upon request.
Flying Thunder God Arrows: Although Zenjou is not a practioner of Konohagakure's ancient space time ninjutsu, Zenjou possesses an entire quiver of specially marked arrows. These arrows are actually meant for his youngest sibling, Seigetsu Uchiha. When used in tandem with Zenjou's bow, the Kazekage is able to give Seigetsu an unimaginable increase in accessible range.
Radio Communications Headset: This multi-band radio transmitter-receiver is constructed to be worn on one ear. It enables hands-free communication between anyone on the same frequency. This military-grade coms gear has been treated to survive heavy abuse, even full submersion in water.

Hooked Arrow Head Arrows: This is a unique type of arrow given to Zenjou by Temari, which naturally possesses a hook in the head of the arrow, one that punctures the body. The reason for the hook is simple, as it penetrates the flesh and clenches deep, tightly. Removing the arrow is not normal, for the hook hooks around the inside of the flesh; surgery and advanced medical procedures is the only method of removing it safely for if one pulls the hook out quickly, the hook takes up the flesh that it hooked leaving a untended wound. When using these arrow heads with hooks, Zenjou coats them in a poison that targets the nervous system and distorts the senses, eventually leading to complete hallucination. The main sense that this poison distorts is the sense of sight, causing things to become blurry and faraway things aren't able to be perceived. In addition to this, he may also coat the arrow heads in an acid that burns the flesh. Another common thing that he does is that he will attach an explosive tag to the hooked arrow, giving it explosives properties.

Grappling Hooked Arrow Headed Arrows: This is a unique type of arrow that is utilized by Zenjou. Using the hook, it penetrates the object it hits, getting lodged within. What is unique is that it has a Metal Wire connected on the back of the arrow, allowing one to zipline down the metal wire.

Utility Gear: The length and place of their mission dictates that Zenjou carry with him a variety of useful tools and items to aid him during the exams. On his back he carries a large red weather-proofed umbrella for protection from the rain. Residing on his person he has rain gear sealed away in a sealing scroll, such as an water-proofed overcoat, gloves, slacks, boots and additional articles of clothing. He also carries a basic medical kit for on-site injuries, gauze, etc.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Overall 5 5 4 4 4 5 4 5 36


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Alternate Dimensions

Besides the current Zenjou who exists in the main continuity, there are unlimited versions of Zenjou. It is said in each universe, his life follows a similar path with small minute changes. They possess the same power and are known for various feats.

  • Dreamscape Zenjou: The major difference is that Zenjou remains the Land of Wind Daimyō. Unlike his main continuity, Grand Arcana does not relinquish her title, which leads ot him becoming the Kazekage...
  • Mebina: Mebina is a unique exception. Unlike the other dimensions, Mebina is the only version of Zenjou which actually possesses a personal relationship with him. Due to being trapped in his own realm, they have grown to become close friends, rivaling siblings.


  • (To The Fire Daimyō)
  • (To Kōsei)
  • (To Shikaniku Nara) "Well...A village lives longer in prosperity when the second in command has a bouquet, instead of a dagger behind their Kage's back."
  • (To Senhime) "Don't worry this is awkward for me...But...After spending this time for you big sister, I won't let you die. Even if that involves sacrificing my life or enduring endless humiliation."
  • (To Miyase) "You're the guiding light which guides my every step. I fight within darkness so you can bask in sunlight. I wish only for your happiness...I love you Miyase, and as your father, I shall give my life to protect you ten thousand times."
  • (About Miyase) "I've performed despicable actions over the course of my lifetime. From murdering children to massacring towns. But through it all, I have a small ounce of honor left within this world...And until I die, I plan on protecting it..Even if it cost me everything else."
  • (About Sunagakure (Kai))"Regardless of where my Clan comes from, my home will always be among the high sands."
  • (To Izanami no Mikoto)
  • (To Seigetsu Senju)"I don't understand this feeling...But I want to destroy it. It's like when you build a beautiful sand castle...Watching the tides take it away....Such a satisfying feeling!"
  • (To Kazuhide)"You who mastered a thousand weapons shall never surpass my skill with one!"
  • (To Council)"Conquering the Land of Fire with minimal casualties is impossible. It'd involve risking the lives of hundreds and compromising a long standing treaty. Besides, a kingdom which grows to large often collapses under it's own weight."
  • "I exist only to propel Sunagakure into a neverending realm of prosperity and bliss. Even if that means plunging the rest of the world into darkness. If you wish for your people to enjoy such pleasentries I suggest surrendering your rule to me."
  • "Only a fool attempts to live by the creed of righteousness!"
  • "Your first mistake was forcing people to fight for your honor and glory. As Emperor's, our only duty is to protect the honor and glory of our country and it's citizens. Even if that means our head might roll."
  • (To Shikaniku Nara) "I appreciate the flattery...But I am nothing more than a simple archer."

Creation and Conception

Zenjou has been a project in works for over a few months now. Almost half a year, I came up wth Zenjou after becoming quite a skilled archer myself. Zenjou is modeled after my new personality. One with extreme confidence and arrogance. In a way, I am able to write as Zenjou much easier than any other characters. Zenjou is the truth which i wished for Muzai. A Kaguya, my favorite clan, conformed to my own desires. His interest, his weaponry are all things I am into. I'm an Archer first and foremost.

Zenjou is the epitome of strongest character archetype in every manga. He is the Sinbad, the Broly, the Whitebeard, the Akira, and every other char im too tired to think of. He is the god I aspire to be and represents the conquerer I believe myself to be. In essence, I see myself through Zenjou's eyes as he is the reality I escape into. If some high being offered me three wishes, one would be to possess the powers that Zenjou does.


  • Zenjou's spelling translates into the abdication by an emperor in favor (favour) of a more virtuous successor. He symbolizes such a process through his claims to acquire a new land a lead further. However, Zenjou's name is also a play on his personality. Zenjou (前情) literally translates into Before Emotions, Before Passion, and Before Feelings. Three aspects that tie into Zenjou's emotionless view towards ruling. That emperor's should rule from a different source than human nature and shinobi can only exist when they remove or surpress their emotional connections. Also, Zenjou (全上) translates to All From the Standpoint of. Another play upon Zenjou's destiny of ruling.
    • Also, Zenjou's place in the Trimurti is that of Shiva from Hindu myths. A being of great destruction, draws much inspiration from her.
  • Seven is a symbolic number which appears multiple times throughout Zenjou. His most known association is being the Seventh Kazekage. Also, his Nanabake title Shichisama, which means "A place to die" can also be interpreted as Lord Seven.
  • Zenjou's life revolves around a Messiah concept. Due to possessing the world suffering inside, Zenjou's plight resembles the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Zenjou suffers so others cannot, he experiences the worlds sins as a method of cleansing humanity.
  • Zenjou's first love was..
  • Zenjou and Dan Inuzuka are related through marriage. Signaling the first time two of my mains have ever possessed a family tie.
  • Zenjou was made to be Itachi Uchiha's Kaguya counterpart. A personal favorite of mine, I used Itachi as a skeleton for many things. This is shown by his stats actually being only a point higher, done artificially, than Itachi's.
  • Zenjou's disguise as is both a play on words and an actual reference. Amakusa Shirō (天草 四郎) also known as Amakusa Shirō Tokisada (天草四郎時貞) led the Shimabara Rebellion, an uprising of Japanese Catholics against the Shogunate. They were defeated and Shiro was executed at the age of 16, his head displayed on a pike near Nagasaki. This parallels Zenjou's involvement in the creation of the Inaba Province where he helped overthrow the local noble before establishing his own land. Also, Shiro can either mean white (A play on his suit of armor) or Good Guy (A play on his perceived persona).
  • Zenjou is also inspired by Sinbad. A character I can easily identify myself with.
  • Zenjou as a conqueror draws inspiration from the Mongol Empire which ruled over 33.0 million kilometers during it's highest days. A lot of Zenjou's policies draw from both Ghengis Khan and Lord Cao Cao. The Nankoku Alliance draws inspiration from the Cao Wei Dynasty. From which Zenjou was originally conceived during a game of Dynasty Warriors.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Zenjou's favorite hobbies are Archery and playing with his daughter, Miyase.
    • Zenjou wishes to fight Shikaniku Nara.
    • Zenjou's favourite food is steak and seafood, while his least favourite is Miso Soup
    • Zenjou has completed --- official missions in total: --- D-rank, --- C-rank, -- B-rank, --- A-rank and --- S-rank.
    • Zenjou's favourite phrase is "Stumbling seven times but recovering eight." (七転び八起き,Nanakorobi yaoki) and "Good and evil are but two faces of the same coin" (善悪不二,Zenakufuni).