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editZetsu Mangetsu
Zetsu (ゼツ, Zetsu)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 177cm
1.77 m
5.807 ft
69.685 in
Blood type B
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Occupation Akatsuki spy
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  • Akatsuki Symbol Akatsuki
Partner Ishidate Mangetsu
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Nature Type

Zetsu (ゼツ, Zetsu) is a member of Akatsuki and one of Ishidate's most loyal partner. He was created of the cells of the founder of the Mangetsu clan by the branch of the clan which lives in Getsugakure. He stayed loyal to his clan to the day his friend and partner Ishidate joined Akatsuki he also followed him becoming Akatsukis main spy and Sensor.


After obtaining the cells of the Mangetsu clan founder, Menma Mangetsu used them to cultivate an alter ego for Black Zetsu, thus creating the white half that would be known as "White Zetsu". It is currently unknown where Black Zetsu comes from. He was supposed to become the weapon for the Village branch to take the lead in the clan over the clans main branch which lived in the country itself, however this was found out and they failed, still the village branch leaders were forgiven along with them Zetsu was allowed to keep living in exchange for his loyalty.


Zetsu is easily distinguished by two large venus fly-trap like extensions that envelop his head and upper body, giving him a plant-like appearance. When his extensions are open and his head is visible, it is revealed that Zetsu has short green hair, yellow eyes, and that his body has two different coloured halves. His left side is completely white and the right side black with small white dots along his body. The black colour doesn't extend all the way down Zetsu's body, as his feet are both white. When he splits into two, the plant-like extensions go down the waist and now have the appearance of spikes, each halve has half of the Akatsuki robe and the missing half is replaced with new body mass.

Unlike the white side, which shows a normal mouth, nose, and eye, the black side shows no visible orifices at all and only shows the iris of the eye. Black Zetsu also has white dots along the edges of his body where the two halves meet; these are not flat markings, but rather protrude from his body, like little white bumps. Zetsu also has unusually rounded teeth. His fingernails are painted pink and his toenails, as seen at his début, are blue. He also wears his Akatsuki ring on the right little finger. In the manga however, Zetsu does not have fingernails. Black Zetsu is also seen wearing standard shinobi sandals and pants, along with bandages on his ankle.


Zetsu as a whole has yet to be seen in battle. The technique he has been shown using the most is his Mayfly technique, with which he merges with the ground to quickly travel to a new location, He is able to use his clans kekkei genkai the Wood Release which is made by combining earth and water style chakra. He is also a very powerful sensor, able to sense Kumogakure shinobi leaving the village multiple countries away.

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